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Minor Warning for Maturity. Also reminder that Crimsonpyre is Phoenix's Father-in-Law.

"I'm Phoenix: A selfish, arrogant, ignorant bastard. I'll do anything to get my way and only my way. I give zero fucks about what everyone else wants. I'll deny any and all possibilities except for the ones I desire. No matter how badly the odds are stacked against me. No matter how many people I have to kill, torture, and enslave. And no matter who else in the world cares."
~ Phoenix boasting about himself to Dark Valentina

Phoenix Runihura, commonly known as Phoenix, is a reincarnate who entered the Ark world alongside his wife, Valentina Runihura, with the sole intention of becoming powerful and influential in this next life to make up for his lost time on Earth. He is the founder of the Bloodlust Party, best-friend of Shirayuki, and apprentice of the current Nibiru.

Although Phoenix was formerly a friendly, caring person, after coming to Ark, he began to rapidly change in morals, personality, and pretty much everything else. Like Cynthia, Phoenix experienced many unfortunate events before and during his fantasy adventure. But unlike Cynthia, he proved to be a lot more sensitive and unstable in response to these traumas, resulting in him building up a mindset driven purely by revenge. Revenge against the world that had been doing him wrongly. That, combined with him becoming the Nibiru Apprentice training under Rosa Ferre, ended up converting Phoenix into a psychopathic, brutal, downright horrible person. And he's only shown to be getting worse from there.

Being the Nibiru apprentice, with one of the mightiest mentors in the world, Phoenix is expectantly powerful - to the point of dwarfing most of the other "main characters" of the verse. He has access to all of his phoenix-class abilities, changeling powers, and leviathan inheritance, along with many of the techniques learned from Rosa and authorities absorbed from Witches, all of which are incredibly broken even compared to some of the stronger abilities in the Ark universe. This makes him someone of formidable and terrifying status, as not only is he a terrible, disgusting person, but a terrible, disgusting person with a shitload of power.

Phoenix will do absolutely anything to get what he wants, which he's shown on multiple occasions as he tortures, enslaves, and beats people into submission, all in a strive towards his goal of becoming the ultimate villain, one which no one would have any hope of facing.



Before being reborn in the Ark world, Phoenix was a humble, honest, and friendly person. He had a lot of friends, and was always pushing himself to be better. Living by his own words: "The me of today should be twice as good as the me of yesterday". He was extremely outgoing and selfless, the type that would bring you a cup of coffee during work and buy you the gift you actually wanted on your birthday. He'd carry around this aura of confidence and acceptance that anyone could join in on and feel good about. People commended him for his effort, and he was wildly considered an extremely great person among his friend groups.

However, his family had a very different depiction of him in their minds. His mom and dad in-particular thought he was a failure. He'd never get good grades in school or even mention any college or prestigious school he wanted to enroll in. He'd always seem to be doing much more "unimportant" things like playing games or hitting the gym, and he had this strange obsession with the military that they absolutely hated. Phoenix grew to dislike his parents, as he felt like to them, he was nothing but a money-making slave. He was constantly judged for his hobbies and the fact that he'd still worked at a fast-food joint at 17.

Beneath the surface, he had a few interesting hobbies that not many people knew about, the ones his family despised. He enjoyed gaming and watching anime, which was usually a shock to his close friends, as he'd always seem like the alpha chad, gym-bro type. And even more, he'd regularly cosplay and even cross dress as some of the male and female characters from his favorite games and stories, posting his best works on his active social media accounts. All the while, he was constantly training himself physically and mentally to one day join the military. Which he eventually did after moving out from his family's place. Where he went on to meet the love of his first life.

During his time as a soldier and personal guard of the German scientist, military leader, and entrepreneur Valentina Feuerdrache, Phoenix proved himself to be an extremely brave and assertive person. Someone people could get behind and trust to keep their lives in check. His immense amount of studying and practice in military tactics made him extremely great at coming up with complex plans to keep him and the team's lives safe. A trait that'd later come in handy during his reincarnated life.

Ark: Roleplay

Upon entering Ark, Phoenix's personality immediately began to change. He had just lost everyone he cared about and his closest friends and allies had all died. Just for him to be teleported to a place he had no connection to at all where his wife Valentina was stuck inside his head for eternity. Although he didn't let it show on the outside at first, he was deeply hurt by this event, and it was the start to his steep downwards path to darkness. Ark was full of random surprises like monsters that'd just come out of nowhere and attack him for no reason. This lead him to become progressively more angry and aggressive as he continuously killed them in worse and worse ways. And since he had no connection to anyone in this world, he felt no need to be polite with most people, so long as they didn't seem overly powerful or important. Phoenix was a lot more forward and aggressive with the people he met. He'd yell and insult them when talking, and would often demand or ask people for things even if they didn't have them, threatening to harm them. He was also a lot more hateful and problematic in general, to the extent where he'd go out of his way to harm innocent creatures who'd bump into him during his journeys. At one point he even brutally killed a fairy simply for making a joke during his walk through a forest.

Not long after his departure in Ark, Phoenix managed to make some real friends in the Ark world after enrolling into a prestigious magic school, and for a time he seemed fairly normal. He started to take the new world and what it had to offer a bit more seriously. He was more polite and honest to people, and really seemed to open up a bit. He practiced fire magic and got used to his newfound abilities alongside his friends, and he was having a blast overall. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. As over the course of the next few periods, Phoenix went through some of the hardest, most devastating struggles he'd ever faced, eventually molding him into an entirely different person altogether.

Phoenix had gone mad. He was relentless, angered, and absolutely obsessed with obtaining revenge against the entire Ark world.

Now, Phoenix retains a lot of the man he once was, but some traits such as his confidence and pride are amped to the max thanks to how drunk on power he got over his time on Ark. Phoenix is an overwhelming narcissist, believing he is better than most, if not everyone around him. And he makes it known just how much he couldn’t care less about everyone else, as he enslaves entire countries, murders millions, and manipulates governments into worshipping him like some kind of god.

Even still, Phoenix remains extremely charismatic despite his awful behavior, as he continues charming even the toughest and densest people into working and siding with him. Even those with completely opposite moral compasses seem to just ignore Phoenix’s history when speaking with him. He’s managed to turn even the most peaceful pacifist into killing machines. Phoenix is aware that his actions are evil, but he gladly takes the role as a villain in Ark, hoping that one day someone will challenge his power.


Being a changeling, the appearance of Phoenix isn't that simple. He can technically be whatever person, animal, or thing he wants, and he often changes his appearance on impulse depending on the situation at hand. However, despite this, he does have an instantly recognizable "true" or "main" form that he uses the most often; well, two forms: One male, one female.

Phoenix's main - male form is tall, confident, and robust. He holds a head of red hair above his massive 6'3 stature. He has broad shoulders, a large, defined neck to hold up his familiar face. His hair is quite long, sharp, and slick, often worn straight with a small ponytail at the back, with slight bangs covering his forehead and eyes at the front. Its color is the brightest, deepest red with faint yellow-orangish hues at the ends. It would seem almost like flames were fuming above his head, matching his firey theme. Though Phoenix finds his hair to be spectacular, stylish, and unique, it often serves as a median for others' insults, as it makes him appear more feminine than most guys. Due to this, many people, including even his master Rosa, mock and tease him as being a "femboy". An insult that never fails to get on his nerves as a man.

Valentina describes her husband's eyes as either being an endless sea of blue or a moon painted in bloody red. They change depending on the setting, alongside his emotion, either being the prettiest universe of blue or the deadliest singularity of red. Blue is the main shade, and red is his enraged, serious look. Despite his fierce glare, it's a challenge not to get lost in Phoenix's pretty eyes. Both are specific, bold colors that strike fear into those Phoenix looks to, reminding them of the authority he holds above them. That's nearly always their purpose to Phoenix, given his degrading personality. He uses his looks like a weapon against his peers, and his eyes are an essential part of that arsenal.

Another of his necessary armaments and one of his most prominent features is his smile. Like his wife, Phoenix nearly always wears one, no matter how he's feeling or who's around him. Although his expression is quite a bit different than Valentina's: Instead of a cheerful, happy smile, Phoenix often wears a chaotic, sometimes even sadistic, narcissistic grin reminiscent of his deranged and terrifying persona, nearly always derived from the frightful acts he commits daily, of which he enjoys deeply. Not surprisingly, this often disturbs those around him, especially those who witness his acts of terror, as they wonder how someone could be so incredibly deranged as to feel accomplishment and satisfaction from such performances. However, his facial appearance does change a lot, as both he and his wife relish the act of manipulating others, often giving them false senses of security with smiles, laughs, and specific body language. Sometimes they even send mixed signals on purpose to confuse those who might be trying to get a read on them.

As one might expect, Phoenix has an incredible charm and oozes charisma, at least when he tries to. It's to the point where Ark classifies it as an actual ability Phoenix possesses. His superhuman charm is so in-natural he can persuade people with entirely opposite ideals and morals into thinking him to be a great and remarkable person with just a single conversation, even after they've experienced Phoenix for who he is. It doesn't stop there, as Phoenix has shown to continually be capable of manipulating entire villages, cities, and even countries. Solely with the use of intelligence and charisma, even when they have full knowledge of what's happened to the other societies when he's embarked on them. Whether this is due to the sheer ignorance of some Ark residents or if Phoenix's charm is just that mesmerizing is unclear. However, it is indisputable that he has an incredible amount of charisma.

Alongside his aura, Phoenix matches his atmosphere with the ideal body to go with it. He's quite tall, even more so than his wife, standing at just over 190 centimeters (6'3), with a broad, strong structure to match, filled out with lean muscles. However, Phoenix alters his height to match the current setting a lot of the time, often making himself appear slightly taller if there's someone near or above his stature in the room. He always feels the need to have dominating prominence over others, though this seems to be different when he's acting as a female. His skin is warmed to a slight but noticeable tan with sharp composition, having nothing but a smooth, clear coat of it. After gaining the witch's power, Phoenix's skin tends to light up from the inside, glowing bright colors when he uses a large amount of his mana, caused by his overloaded mana channels.


Valentina Runihura

Valentina is Phoenix’s wife, ally, friend, and supporter. They go together like bread and butter. Due to having been together for many, many years, they know the insides and outsides of both of each other's personalities like the back of their hand. Their relationship is one cemented in trust, communication, competition, and power. Both of them share quite a lot of traits. They’re cocky, bold, and strong people capable of holding themselves together individually during even the most terrible and overwhelming situations. When together, they are truly an unrivaled force. Valentina usually plays the role of Phoenix's boundaries. She keeps him in check when he starts to get out of hand and makes them both seem a lot more presentable and professional in person. She is also his technician and planner, who organizes most of his daily plans, routines, and fight strategies. While Phoenix is their gateway to success and power, as he continues to fight through enemies, gained connections, and advances further and further to the top. In a sense, she's Phoenix's brains, and he's the power.

As Phoenix's personality developed and he continued down his dark spiral, his mannerisms and treatment towards his wife began to get out of hand. Although he claimed to love Valentina more than anything (including himself), he'd seem to show little to no care for her wellbeing at times. He was abusive, manipulative, and obsessive. His 'love' became dangerous and eventually completely psychotic. Despite this, Valentina stayed loyal to Phoenix, almost like a dog. She believed that Phoenix was her only reason for existing, and for that reason, she continued to love him. It was only when she was given the second half of her personality that she finally became fed up with it all. Post-Dark Valentina's defeat, and after gaining the complete memory of the original Valentina, alongside the hatred she had for her husband, Valentina Runihura would no longer put up with Phoenix's bullshit. Although they continued their marriage, for a while, she simply stood by him as a mutual ally, rather than a lover. Claiming that she'd stay that way unless Phoenix proved himself to be someone worthy of her love like he did the first time they'd met.

That time would eventually come, as Phoenix not only saved her life again (nearly exchanging it for his own) but also managed to bring her out of the horrible mindset she'd managed to cement herself in over the coming periods during their fight against the Apollo forces. The two then started back right where they left off, but instead of an abusive and manipulative relationship, they used their personalities to commence a form of sweet competition within their relationship. They raced each other to become better and better, stronger and stronger individuals, while still relying on each other for support when it mattered most. Both of them deeply love one another and believe the other to be their very source of existence and meaning. They view each other as both their greatest friend and nemesis. It is a rather obsessive relationship, but one both they and the people around them have come to cherish and respect.


Phoenix and Umami have a rather complex relationship. Although Phoenix finds them to just be good friends, amazing allies, and training partners, Umami seems to think of them as more than that. She's often tried to get in on Phoenix and Valentina's relationship, not seeing a reason why they wouldn't want her to. She considers herself to be Phoenix's girlfriend and Valentina's 'partner', even if they both see her as more of a half-sister than a lover. When outside of the battlefield, the two share a very close connection with each other, with Phoenix even claiming that Umami knows things about him not even his wife does, and Umami saying that she's never opened up to anyone as she has to him. They've seen each other at both their best and their worst, and aren't afraid to get in and dirty with the other if they are in need. Though, both of them stated they wouldn't die for one another. Umami also plays a role as Phoenix's mentor and training partner, as well as a coach of some sort. She constantly pushes him to be stronger, faster, and more on-guard than he is, acting as his teacher when he really needs it. She isn't afraid to embarrass him or hurt him severely if she believes he's not doing good enough, which is a significant part of why Phoenix's developed so fast as a warrior and combatant after meeting her.

Rosa Ferre

One of the few people Phoenix holds in good memory. Rosa Ferre was both Phoenix's trainer and mother figure before he became Nibiru. She was the first person to really show him any kind of gratitude in Ark, and for that, he holds a great amount of respect in his heart. She is the one who taught and guiding him through the world, and also the one who ultimately gave him purpose in life. Rosa and Phoenix were master and pupil, and for good reason. They both shared the same insane, psychotic way of thinking. A Nibiru was meant to be insane, crazy enough to take lives and murder thousands when it mattered, all in hopes of keeping the world in check. Something they both had in common. Both of them were merciless savages who'd laugh in the face of death, which showed on their adventures together, as they played around seeing which one of them could be the biggest douchebag of Ark. They had a rather competitive relationship during their training arcs, seeing who could kill the most people, terrorize the most children, mentally break the husbands and wives of man relationships... and in totality raise the most fear across the world as a whole. All the while Phoenix was taught multiple techniques and skills that made him the beast of a Nibiru he eventually became. Phoenix loved Rosa and considered her to be his third most important person of all, behind both his wife and himself. He respects everything she did for him while she was a life, and still deeply mourns her passing.


At the beginning of the series, before Valentina had been reborn, Emerald was the woman in Phoenix's life. Not in love, but in heart. She was his caretaker and his shoulder to lean on when the time mattered. She gave Phoenix a real, physical person to look at and talk to while he slowly went insane with his dead wife constantly lingering around in his head. She was his partner in crime, and one of his first allies. Phoenix considered her to be his first real friend, and cared for her immensely. After Valentina eventually gained a new form and body, things between them started to get complex. Over the time they spent together, Emerald had developed romantic feelings for Phoenix, and would often make moves on him when his wife wasn't around. Although Phoenix admittedly wasn't interested, he wasn't opposed to the idea of another lover either. Which led to him leading Emerald along a long ride, which eventually ended in Valentina stepping in and severely harming her. The two then shared a simple friendship (And sometimes sexual relationship) in which both lived to gain from each other. Eventually, Emerald willingly became Phoenix's first servant, in hopes that'd give Phoenix an even bigger opportunity for success (She believed that if Phoenix decided everything she did, it would advance both of them at a far greater speed). However, not very long after, Emerald died at the hands of Dark Valentina. He still mourns her death to date.


Phoenix's rival. (WIP)


Phoenix's "friend". (WIP)

Aisha and Daiki

Servants Phoenix collected because of his fetish for cow girls. (WIP)


A dumb bird Phoenix stole an enslaved because he wanted an achievement. (WIP)


A giant servant Phoenix enslaved due to her crimes against him. (WIP)

Combat Statistics

Key: Pre-Power Overhaul | Nibiru Apprentice | The Apollyon

Tier: 7-B, higher with Skills | 7-A, higher with Skills and Ryukama. 6-C with Telekinesis | At least High 7-A, likely 6-C, 6-C with Skills and Ryukama. 5-C with Telekinesis and Ayamatsu

Classification: Reincarnate, Psionic Phoenix, Hybrid (Leviathan x Changeling), Sage | The Apollyon

Powers and Abilities:

Magic, Non-Physical Interaction (All magical skills can interact with spiritual and intangible beings and essences just as they would a normal person), Elemental Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (Possesses an inclination to fire element magic and can use it to an even greater degree than an average mage due to his multiple inherent traits), Water Manipulation (Leviathans are inclined to water element magic. Can create and weaponize water at a basic level), Shapeshifting & Transformation (Changelings can alter all physical aspects of their identities, from the pitch of their voice to the texture and shape of their skin and appendages. Though this ability is limited to only things they have seen and properly understood), limited Power Mimicry (Through changing into various organisms, changelings can gain their basic traits, such as water breathing or venom injection), Can see the name, level, and basic statistics of entities with Observe (Additionally, he can see the fears of others), Subjective Reality & Creation (With Valentina’s Projection, Phoenix can create and project things out of his mind, so long as he has an innate understanding of the objects core function and structure), Deconstruction (With Valentina’s destruction magic he atomically break down small objects), Martial Arts (After training for hours on end with his mentor, Phoenix learned the basics of Rosa’s fighting style), Durability Negation (Rosa’s technique allows him to hit organs, such as the heart, directly. Stated to work on nearly every race. Phoenix can create holy weaponry with Projection, allowing him to negate the defense of some specific species, such as leviathans), Can create pseudo-black holes with Mana Singularity, that manipulate the very fabric of reality, Breath Attack (Can expel toxic gasses from within his physiology), and Summoning (Can summon his familiar, Sirius, to fight alongside him)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, limited Immortality (Type 2, 3, 4, and limited 8; Phoenixes will be reborn from the ashes they are reduced to after living out their full lifespans. Reliant on The Creator, who will resurrect him up to 3 times after he dies. Fought with Rosa even after having his heart blown to pieces. Claimed he could survive as long as he’s able to think), limited Resurrection, Abstract Existence for his mind (His mind is abstract and exist alongside his soul in a dimension outside from the physical domain), Longevity (Has a lifespan of 5000 periods (3200~ years)), Regeneration (Low-Mid; Regenerated his busted heart and ribcage in seconds. Adapted and regenerated after having his insides reduced to mush by poison and venom), limited Adaptation (Phoenix has a slight but passive mutation factor that allows him to adapt slightly to things his body is forced to experience for extended periods of time, such as poisons or diseases), Aura (Glow passively burns others around him) Poison Manipulation (His blood consist of purely proteins and other enzymes similar to those present in venoms, due to being bitten and poisoned by so many venomous organisms that his blood turned into it, causing his body to adapt and evolve until he began to produce and live off this kind of blood. A single drop of it could kill off 15 leviathans), and Rage Power (Phoenix becomes more powerful the more emotion he feels), Damage Reduction (Has a base damage reduction of 67%, and a damage reduction of 50% against demons, angels, and birds by 50%. On top of this, he halves the damage inflicted by magical skills), Damage Boost (Inflicts double damage against insects, fish, snakes, and humans), Flight, Enhanced Senses (Phoenix can sense and see movement on an atomic movement and can accurately assume the number of mana particles in a 10 meter area), Extrasensory Perception (Automatically detects all dangers within a 25-meter radius of himself with Danger Sense), Water Breathing (Extracts oxygen from water just as he does from air), Accelerated Development (Leveling; Physical Stats, Intelligence, and Abilities; Reincarnates develop at an even faster rate than humans, and automatically possess magical potential. Was instantly able to grasps fire and water element magic, and quickly mastered all of his traits extremely quickly)

Unconventional Resistance to Power Absorption, Power Modification, and Power Nullification (Skills are inscribed into the soul which resist any outside interference unless the interference is stronger than the soul's resistances), Soul Manipulation (The souls of Reincarnates are stored in a dimension separated from the tangible plane of existing, untouchable unless an attack can bypass the barrier between worlds), Mind Manipulation (Phoenix's mind shares a similar trait to his soul, but is even more inaccessible due to its abstract and higher-dimensional nature). Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4; Can resists attacks to the Concept of Phoenix Runihura, which is kept in check and protected by The Program), Conceptual Erasure, Information Manipulation/Data Manipulation (Information, and thus Data, is inscribed within the concept of one’s source and being, unable to be interfered with unless the interference can bypass one’s conceptual resistances), Plot Manipulation (The plot of the Ark universe is ultimately dictated only by The God, who blocks out any and all forms of narrative altering powers from ever affecting anything), Magic (Reincarnates possess an innate (weak) resistances to all forms of magical abilities. Leviathans half the affects of all magical skills, including any debuffs that stem from them), Elemental Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Reincarnates naturally possess resistances to many status effects and witchcraft), Death Manipulation and Curse Manipulation (Resists a wide variety of witchcraft), Law Manipulation (Can resists magical laws that prevent the usage of magical abilities), Radiation Manipulation (Immune to the immensely powerful particle radiation aura of his wife. All Ark entities have adapted to resist their sun Lalatina's large amount of gamma radiation), Pain (Has an extreme amount of tolerance for pain), Sleep Manipulation (Can stand in the presence of Aisha without falling asleep. Resists Sleep), Paralysis Inducement (Resisted White Man's Motion Stoppage. Resists Paralysis), Corrosion Inducement (Resist Decay and Rust), Fire Manipulation and Heat Manipulation (Phoenix is immune to all forms of fire), Ice Manipulation (Resisted various ice element techniques), Fear Manipulation (Changelings are resistant to fear), Water Manipulation (Leviathans are resistant to water element magic), and Betrayal (Friends are incapable of betraying Phoenix)

As before but enhanced and much better on some abilities; Precognition (Through experience and skill, Phoenix can predict a person's movement by analyzing multiple factors, such as one's mana channeling, breathing, and body language. Predicted the movement of multiple combat robots with supernatural cognitive and intuitional abilities), Teleportation (With Teleport he can instantly return to any place he's previous been), Light Manipulation (Can infuse his fire with light-element magic), Radiation Manipulation (His fire produces large amounts of both gamma and particle radiation that can melt people thousands of kilometers away), Plasma Manipulation, Resistance Negation (His fire negates even infinitely-layered resistances to fire-element magic), Soul Manipulation with Abstract Fire (Can destroy souls), Instinctive Reaction & Statistics Amplification with Zero Null (Is a state of mind where one's instincts are honed to pure perfection. He can instantly counter, attack, and definitely simultaneously. His speed becomes unfettered as his control over her own body increases to the point where she can reach her top speed without even moving. Zero Null increases Phoenix's speed by 1000%), Whip User (Ingenius in his usage of The Demon Whip, Ryukama), Chain Manipulation with Ayamatsu, Chains of Hell (Can summon magical, abstract chains to bind opponents), Telekinesis (Is a master of various psychic abilities), Air Manipulation (Through telekinesis, Phoenix can suck the oxygen out of the air, force others to breathe in harmful gasses, and utilize wind attacks), Aura Manipulation (Telekinesis can suppress a person's aura, potentially forcing their own passives against them), Matter Manipulation (Atomic level; Phoenix can alter molecular and atomic structures through the usage of telekinesis. He has demonstrated the ability to change an objects density and structure), Transmutation (Through changing an objects composition), Density Manipulation (Altered the density of a giant boulder, turning it into every state of matter with his psychic power), Healing (Can rearrange cells to aid in a person's regeneration), Energy Projection (Can project his psychic energy as beams of high-concentrated psychic power), Energy Manipulation (Can change energy into different forms. Changed thermal energy from his fire into kinetic energy as it hit a person's skin), Attack Reflection (Can redirect magical attacks with telekinesis), Homing Attack (Can use his telekinesis to make it so that his attacks always hit the opponent), Absorption (Can suck in energy from the surrounding proximity. Consume Essence steals magical power equivalent to his own magical potential), Forcefield Generation (Can create psychic force fields. Can create forcefields in the shape of bubbles to trap people), BFR (Can throw people into space telekinetically. Can trap people in bubbles and send them to various places in the world), Gravity Manipulation (Flipped Irino’s gravity powers, forcing them against himself. Increased Valentina's personal gravity from 1x to 1000x. Can gravitationally bind others to the ground or lock them in the air), Technology Manipulation (Regularly uses his telekinesis to turn things on and off without touching them, such as his TV and phone), Status Effect Inducement (Can induce the status effect Death Mark which increases the damage an opponent takes from all attacks by 250%. It can be applied a total of 10 times), and Information Analysis & Clairvoyance with Millennium Eye (Shows him an even more detailed information sheet about different entities and objects. Can see someone is feeling)

As before but enhanced and much better on some abilities; Immortality (Type 1; As Rosa's son and apprentice, he has gained an eternal life through her blood), Regeneration (Mid normally; Can easily regenerate from having his head caved in, brain liquidized, and bones turned to mush. High-Mid with the aid of telekinesis; Can pull his body back together after being blown to pieces or cut apart), Aura, Temperature Manipulation (Phoenix's aura can instantly change the temperature in his proximity from its standard climate to well over 500 degrees. With enough time, he can even reduce the surrounding area to ash, vaporizing any organic material in the way), Fear Inducement (Phoenix's presence strikes fear in weaker souls, driving them into madness), Death Inducement (His fear inducement in severe cases has caused people around him to drop dead instantaneously), Empathic Manipulation (Anyone Phoenix's leaves a mark on seems to become strangely affectionate towards him even if they are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum) Supernatural Charisma (Has a supernatural charm that allows him to easily manipulate others with completely opposite ideals and alignments into joining in on his schemes, even allowing themselves to be used by him), Disease Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement (Phoenix the Disgusting induces a wide-range of serious biological and symptomatic side-effects. It made Emerald throw up her own blood and instantly fall to the ground, unable to move as the feeling of pure disgust overwhelmed her mind. Devi was given skin lesions akin to a hyper-fast growing tumor that exploded all across her body, incapacitating her. A normal civilian was brought to the point of death by Phoenix’s presence, causing them to throw up their own organs before dying of a sudden heart attack), Supernatural Bad Luck (Possesses a negative LUCK stat, making it more likely that the worst will come to par), Chaos Manipulation (Phoenix's source and being is inherently chaotic due to Rosa's lifeforce merging with his. As a result, attempting to absorb his mana, blood, or spiritual energy will cause one to slowly be destroyed by the sheer amount of chaos hidden within it), Reactive Power level (Chaotic: Every time a person dies by Phoenix's hands, his power and strength increases. Sadist: Will gain boosts in power if an opponent displays any kind of outwards discomfort against his actions. Aspiration: His power is doubled in the presence of Rosa Ferre), Regeneration and Healing Negation (Bloodlust negates all form of biological and magical regeneration in his proximity, sans those in his party), Regeneration Absorption (His leaderskill allows him to steal regeneration that he negates through Bloodlust), Forcefield Generation (Phoenix constantly projects psychic energy around himself that acts like a forcefield against attacks)

As before but enhanced and much better on some resistances; Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Possesses Mental Immunity, which makes him completely resistant to all forms of mental attacks and manipulation. Resisted Sonya's mind magic when Luna could not), Time Manipulation (Possesses Temporal Immunity, which essentially causes him to exist outside of universal time entirely. Resisted Sakura's time stop which can negate time immunity), Illusion Manipulation (Can easily see through illusions. Trained to resist forms of illusionary magic), Gravity Manipulation (Resisted Irino's 1000x gravity with ease), Spatial Manipulation (Stayed locked inside a pocket dimension with a supermassive black hole for an entire weak, unaffected by its spatial-gravitational pull), Holy Manipulation and Light Manipulation (Through his partial-Divinity, Phoenix is granted resistance to all forms of divine attack), Possession and Body Puppetry (Resist multiple forms of possession due to his physiology. Can not be forcibly controlled by magical abilities), Absolute Zero (Walked right through Yumi's sub-zero techniques), Transmutation (Resisted Emerald's transmuting attacks), Unholy Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation (Resisted a variety of Luna's techniques), Matter Manipulation (Resisted Valentina's Alter: Matter), Biological Manipulation (Resisted Valentina's Alter: Biology), Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Statistics Reduction (Resist Holy Glare, which cuts a person's stats in halve)

As before but enhanced and much better on some abilities; Conceptual Manipulation (Authorities are forms of True Magic that manipulate the truths (axioms) of the world. "Burned" away his Concept of Death), Power Absorption (The Authority of Cataclysm allows Phoenix to steal and absorb mana/spiritual based abilities into his mana channels. This partially interferes with one's soul, causing them to loose pieces of themselves), Power Mimicry (Mana-skills absorbed by Cataclysm can be projected out with the same skill and accuracy as the original user), Power Nullification (The second ability of Cataclysm allows Phoenix to completely destroy project mana particles, nullifying any phenomenon they may have produced. Can burn away magical powers with his enhance fire magic), Statistics Amplification (Can use another's mana to strengthen himself. Can enhance his strength by letting small amounts of Witch mana into his blood stream), Causality Manipulation (Authority of Wrath allows Phoenix to change the flow of cause and effect. He can delete causes from existence or rearrange the order of events), Deconstruction (Authority of Destruction allows Phoenix to break down any form of matter, organic or otherwise, into its smallest pieces), Matter Manipulation (Destruction can disrupt people on a quantum level. The temperature of his fire is so hot that it destroys the molecular structure of atoms, causing them to skip the process of turning into Plasma. At one point, Phoenix’s flames were hot enough to completely eviscerate matter, allowing him to burn the Witch of Cataclysm down to “nothing” multiple times), Existence Erasure (If used to its fullest extent, Destruction can easily erase the physical bodies of others. Phoenix's Black Flames reduce people to nonexistence. Palm of Azazel can erase the mind, body, and soul of a person's being. Sphere of Annihilation erases a person beyond what regeneration can bring them back from. Can delete the cause of an effect. His attacks have a chance of erasing portions of a person's body), Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5),Void Manipulation (Stole Sonya's Void Magic and was capable of interacting with her void form. Void Magic is a manifestation of the Absolute Void which converts anything it touches into nothingness below nothing), Memory Manipulation (Can void another person's thoughts. Can change the arrangement of a person's thoughts with Wrath), Explosion Manipulation (Through using all of his Authorities at once, Phoenix can cause extremely potent explosions of conceptual magic that annihilates the surrounding area), Self-Destruction (Can purposefully fill all of his veins with Witch mana to cause his body to explode)

As before but enhanced and much better on some abilities; Multiple Personalities (Phoenix's soul is merged with the souls of Wrath, Cataclysm, and Destruction. Thus, he is four different people (The Witch of Wrath, Cataclysm, and Destruction + Himself) operating as one. These witches are capable of influencing his actions to an extent), Immortality (Type 5; His concept of life was “killed” by the Witch of Destruction, and his concept of death was “burned” away by himself, making him a being unbound by life and death), Regeneration (Low-High; Regenerated himself completely after being reduced to a smear of blood on the floor. Reformed himself after being blended into a pace. It was stated his body was still attempting to reform itself from a few lone droplets of blood on the ground), Madness Manipulation (Type 3; As the Arknight of Cataclysm, Phoenix radiates impending doom that fills the minds of those around him with thoughts of suicide, madness, and fear. Attempting to analyze Phoenix with any kind of magic, skill, or ability will overflow the mind with chaotic, degrading, and suicidal thoughts, usually causing the target to kill themselves), Causality Manipulation (Arknight of Wrath grants Phoenix an abstract barrier that reverses the first, second, and third attacks against him out of causality and time), Acausality (Type 4; Wrath grants Phoenix his own concept of time and causality, and is completely absent from the normal timeline), Existence Erasure (Arknight of Destruction gives Phoenix a passive aura that acts as a first defense against attacks, erasing any weak magic or attack that touches it), Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (The witches miasma is constantly lingering around Phoenix. Upon making contact with it, it will proceed to enter a person's body, mind, and soul, altering their memories until they forget everything and shattering their souls apart), Absorption and Power Nullification (Phoenix’s mana is so chaotic and unstable that it influences any mana that makes contact with it, either absorbing it or destroying it. In battle, this allows Phoenix to absorb and/or negate magical attacks with his own magic without consciously trying to. Negates weak magic that hits his skin), Life Manipulation (Cataclysm: All people Phoenix defines as “threats” within 200-meters of himself will have their HP reduced by 15% and up to 50% depending on his relationship with them), Durability Negation (All of Phoenix’s skills have a 20% chance of ignoring defense), Is empowered by those experiencing pain, anger, regret, grief, and despair within his proximity

As before but enhanced and much better some resistances; Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Phoenix's soul is combined with the souls of 3 other heavily powerful entities, making his soul extremely hard to affect), Mind Manipulation (On top of having an immunity to mental abilities, the witches will kick out anyone who attempts to break into their head), Death Manipulation (Phoenix exists outside of death), Life Manipulation (Phoenix exist outside of life), Madness Manipulation (Unaffected by the presence of witches which can drive even the toughest souls into madness), Fragrance Manipulation (Unaffected by the lingering scent of the miasma, which can forcefully invade and destroy a person's cells), Perception Manipulation (Resisted Sensory Shutdown), Existence Erasure (As the Arknight of Destruction, Phoenix is resistant to being erased. The witches will do anything they can to prevent Phoenix's body, mind, and soul from being destroyed), Causality Manipulation (As the Arknight of Wrath, Phoenix works under his own rules of causality and is unaffected by casual altering skills), Power Mimicry (Phoenix's abilities can not be copied thanks to Cataclysm), Information Analysis (Can not be observed), Clairvoyance, Cosmic Awareness, Absorption (Resisted being absorbed by Dark Valentina), Darkness Manipulation (Dark Valentina's shadow monsters had a reduced affect on him)

Attack Potency: City level (Fought and harmed a serious Devi, who hit the ground with the force of a meteor impact [12.8 Megatons]. Later defeated her after some training), higher with Skills (Phoenix possesses abilities such as fire magic which is far more powerful than his physical strikes. Can shapeshift with his changeling abilities to become stronger) | Mountain level (Boxxed with and harmed Maristein, who survived a mountain sized explosion completely unscathed [185 Megatons]), higher with Skills and Ryukama (Ryukama is a whip that utilizes all of the kinetic and magical energy in Phoenix’s body and condenses it into one strike). Island level with Telekinesis & Ayamatsu (Lifted a giant chunk of Valentina’s pocket dimension [6.3 Gigatons]. Ayamatsu can hold down people strong enough to break free of his telekinesis) | At least Large Mountain level+, likely Island level (Fought a losing battle against Dark Valentina, who casually ripped apart an island-sized chunk of land with her tendrils. Blew a mountain-sized hole in the ground extremely casually [3.47 Gigatons]. Bruised Astarte with a slap, who tanked Koji’s amplified Nine Circles attack unscathed), Island level with Skills and Ryukama (Vaporized a mountain with a magic beam [4.3 Gigatons]). Moon level with Telekinesis & Ayamatsu (Held down Mizore and Lilia for a brief period of time)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic+ (WoG describes his speed by stating “If lightning was the speed of a human, he’d be the speed of a bullet” [0.07c]. Dodged a barrage of lightning strikes from Joseph. Perceives lightning in slow-motion, and can keep pace with Devi) | At least Relativistic (Much, much faster than before: Extremely casually blitzed multiple Magnum level threats which previously blitzed him) with Speed of Light reactions (Reacted to Vienna’s attacks, who is explicitly stated to move at the speed of light multiple times). At least FTL+, likely Massively FTL with Zero Null (Kept pace with a serious Shiaryuki, who at just 3% of her full potential was able to surpass the speed of light in her fight with Cynthia. Fought with an extremely casual Rosa whilst she was in Zero Null. Zero Null amps Phoenix’s speed by a baseline of 1000% [100c]) | Massively FTL+ (Flew fast enough to appear invisible to Valentina [3e+54c], and could keep up with Dark Valentina, who is much faster than the original). Higher with Zero Null. Far Higher with Influence from the Witches (Blitzed Dark Valentina with a fraction of their full abilities)

Lifting Strength: At least Class K (Did 1000 pushups under 1000x gravity while Rosa was sitting on top of him. Should be half as strong as a full-bred leviathan, which can carry entire ships on their backs. Held and used Devi’s sword, which is over 12-feet long and over 1000kg), potentially higher with Shapeshifting (Can shapeshift to become stronger) | At least Class K (Stronger than before), potentially higher with Shapeshifting. Class P with Telekinesis & Ayamatsu (Lifted an island sized chunk of land in Valentina’s pocket dimension. Ayamatsu can bind people who previously broke free of his telekinesis) | Class M+ (Comparable to Valentina, though not nearly as strong as her peak), potentially higher with Shapeshifting. Class E with Telekinesis & Ayamatsu (Was able to successfully bind both Dark Valentina and Mizore momentarily)

Durability: Small City level+ (Survived being thrown into the ground by Devi hard enough to blow a crater in the ground akin to an asteroid impact. Fought multiple members of Devi’s family, who she stated were stronger than her, without undergoing any serious injuries), potentially higher with Shapeshifting (Can shapeshift to become harder and more durable with his changeling abilities) | Mountain level (Got knocked out by Maristein, who is physically superior to him, after sustaining a hundreds of punches from her, only to get up moments later with only minor injuries), potentially higher with Shapeshifting. Island level with Psychic Barriers (Can create barriers with telekinesis that can completely nullify attacks from those around his level of power. These shields are powered by they same magical energy as his telekinetic attacks, thus should yield the same potency) | At least Mountain level (Shook off Koji’s amplified Nine Circles attack amplified by 945% by Astarte [284 Megatons]), likely Large Mountain level+ (Took hits from Astarte who is comparable to Emerald), potentially higher with Shapeshifting. Moon level with Psychic Barriers (Blocked attacks from Mizore and Lilia)

Stamina: Godly (Even before being transported to Ark Phoenix and his comrades constantly traveled all over Earth, fighting terrorists after terrorists with minimal breaks in between travels. Immediately after being transported to Ark Phoenix began walking endlessly across hundreds of kilometers to find somewhere to stay, eventually coming across the Ataraxia magic school. Because of his physiology Phoenix inherently has greatly increased stamina, allowing him to walk long distances and perform multiple complex techniques and attacks. However, Phoenix has displayed extreme amounts of stamina above that of a normal person. Can fight through having his arms sliced off, stomach exploded, stamina drained to nothing, being completely paralyzed, binded, etc. During his fight with Umami, Phoenix was exploded into pieces countless times, feeling all the pain that came with it, only to regenerate again and again and continue fighting until he eventually came up with a way to win. He was also able to fight against multiple witches after being reduced to a smear of blood on the ground, even though he was exhausted and completely outmatched. He has even fought through literal death and due to his resurrection is able to come back even after dying for good and continue where he left off. Phoenix was able to fight against the witches of sin after downing an entire gallon of pure, concentrated Holy Water (This much holy water can kill even a pure-bred angel, and Phoenix is weak to Holy-related things due to his Leviathan physiology), having his stamina and mana reduced to nearly nothing, and being completely mentally broken, dying multiple times in the process, only to get up again and again until he eventually pulled out a win)

Range: Standard Melee Range, higher with Shapeshifting (Can extend his limbs to reach or hit things out of his reach). Kilometers with Magic Skills (Can shoot magical spells and fire hundreds of meters away) | Standard Melee Range, higher with Shapeshifting. Dozens of Meters with Ryukama (His whip has a length of 25 meters when fully extended). Dozens of Kilometers with Magic Skills & Ayamatsu (His chains can be shot out of magical portals and can bind people from extremely far distances). Thousands of Kilometers with Telekinesis | Standard Melee Range, higher with Shapeshifting. Dozens of Meters with Ryukama. Hundreds of Kilometers with Magic Skills & Ayamatsu (Blew up an entire country with a single fireball). Thousands of Kilometers with Telekinesis

Standard Equipment: His outfit, multiple weapons, items, and tools.

  • The Demon Whip, Ryukama: A whip that was given to Phoenix as a gift from Valentina. It is made from the skin of multiple different organisms, including Leviathans, Demons, and Dragons. The whip is able to source all the kinetic and magical energy in Phoenix’s body during a particular point in time and condense it into one single strike when Phoenix whips it at people. This allows the whip to hit with a force equal to that of both his magical and physical strikes combined, and can be infused with certain magical elements, notably fire, if he so wishes. The whip can also extend up to 25 meters in length at will, and is designed to adhere to Phoenix’s mental gameplan, meaning that the whip will act almost like a sentient being taking orders on where and what to hit rather than just a normal weapon. If he wishes, the whip can also act completely on its own, almost like a sentient being. Combined with Phoenix’s skill, it becomes an extremely intimidating and dangerous mid-ranged beast that significantly aids him in battle.
  • Ayamatsu, the Chains of Fury and Hell: Phoenix’s signature weapon and trump card in battle. Within his inner world Phoenix possesses a set of chains that can be manifested at will. He can summon these chains from his body, hands, or even send them out through portals wherever he wills them to, allowing him to catch opponents off-guard. He can control the chains telepathically, sending them in whatever direction he wants to bind or attack opponents. The chains are unlimited in length and extraordinarily powerful, as they were able to bind people such as Umami, Mizore, and Daiki for short periods of time, and can even lock down opponents who resist his psychic binding, crushing them into pulp. The chains are also permanently coated in abstract fire that burns both the body and soul, allowing Phoenix to significantly harm enemies beyond just tightly binding them. In some cases, this fire instantly tears through skin and can destroy a person’s soul. At the ends of the chains, there are sharp, needle-like spears that can pierce straight through opponents.
  • Embla’s Charm: A blue crystal Phoenix wears around his neck, given to him by the old Valentina. It greatly increases the potency of his fire.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Despite Phoenix's cocky, arrogant, and hot-headed behavior, he excels in skill and intellect on multiple subjects. Phoenix is remarkably skilled with his magic, having created his own technique Phoenix Arts, allowing him to control the fire element with complete mastery. He is a talented fighter and remarkably faster learner; After a few weeks of training with Rosa, he was capable of predicting movement through observation of mana, stance, and breathing, becoming good enough at it to the point where he could teach Valentina. He learned Zero Null in a single training session, proving his immense control over his mind and body. And with it, he was able to fight evenly with Shirayuki, a combat prodigy who is considered one of the best in the entire world. He's created a plethora of different fighting techniques, sometimes only taking a few days to make and master them, and has fought against combat-AIs multiple times, though he's lost every time thus far. He's learned much of his magic at record speeds, learning and mastering many of Rosa's personal skills just minutes after being taught. Phoenix is also incredibly observant and can be analytical when he needs to be. Although he doesn't show much, Phoenix can read his current environment like the back of his hand, gauging everything in his surroundings. He was even capable of noticing and reading the masterful manipulative ability of Lyn in one instance, not allowing himself to be persuaded by her. Phoenix is also no slouch when it comes to academic intellect. Having helped Valentina multiple times with a variety of different things in her lab, Phoenix has become familiar with many fields of science, such as biology, chemistry, and geology. Valentina even stated that, with enough time, Phoenix could do things similar to what her, and potentially even create a time machine. However, Phoenix's personality often holds him back a lot, as he continually underestimates opponents, makes brash or unnecessary actions, and purposefully gets himself into bad situations. Phoenix has access to all the memories and experiences of the witches of Cataclysm, Wrath, and Destruction, which includes segments upon segments of information about magic down to its very creation alongside eons of experience in thousands of battles. With their help, Phoenix was eventually able to understand the complex origin, structure, and workings of the High-Orders, information that is completely outside the realm of human intellect, and could finally use his Authorities to their full potential. After eating Rosa's heart and becoming Nibiru, Phoenix gained an overwhelming amount of information, skill, and experiences stretching back to the creation of the universe. With his information he was able to grasp and completely understand the fundamentals of the Absolute and utilize the Law of End for the first time, which is something not even his wife could understand at first. Phoenix evolved in skill to the point where he could go toe-to-toe with Vima, who has nearly infinite knowledge in combat and is only second to Umami, and he was capable of facing White Man.

Weaknesses: Magical skills require mana which is a limited substance that can only be refilled through rest and/or mana transfers. Running out of mana completely will cause one to faint and may even be deadly. Skills significantly reduce Phoenix's stamina. Leviathans are weak to all forms of holy attacks, notably holy weaponry, magic, and other abilities which can completely negate their durability. Leviathans are also weak to attacks from themselves. Changelings can only change into entities and organisms that they have seen and can properly replicate for themselves. Phoenix is also unable to gain the powers of those he mimics with his changeling abilities. Deconstruction does not work on living beings unless they are significantly weaker than him. Yventhoth will only resurrect Phoenix up to 3 times, after that his death will be permanent. Phoenix often displays a superiority complex and will often underestimate opponents based on their immediate appearance. He is also very impatient, which can lead to him taking faster and more risky paths to victory in exchange for a higher reward. At this point in the story, Phoenix must still chant certain words or phrases to cast magic. The Projection skill can only create things Phoenix has an innate understanding of. The black holes created by Mana Singularity only last a couple of seconds. | Phoenix is genuinely insane, psychopathic, bipolar, and mentally unstable. He is extremely protective of his wife, Valentina, and will lose all train of thought if something happens to her, even going as far as to harm himself as an apology to her. Zero Null requires Phoenix to completely clear his mind, which can take quite a while depending on the circumstances. Phoenix has an extremely hard time predicting the movement of those faster than him. His experience with a whip is limited, making it hard for him to do more complex techniques with Ryukama. Phoenix has extremely bad luck which makes it more likely for things to go bad. A 50/50 chance for someone else is more of a 40/60 for Phoenix. Bloodlust can not negate non-biological regeneration. | Phoenix is not yet used to the amount of power gained from merging with the witches, and as a result he will harm himself with every use of his abilities, especially any of the Authorities, which has caused him to die multiple times. Even physical strikes have caused Phoenix immense pain and have even blown his arm off in some cases. Can only use the Authorities to a limited degree, and can only use a fraction of their full power. Is not even close to mastering usage of his limited Authorities either. God’s Consumption is limited to absorbing only mana-based abilities and magic. Phoenix can only use his Causality Manipulation one-time, otherwise he risks rewinding himself into an infant. His destruction abilities also destroy his own body, and his fire similarly burns himself as well. The witches are capable of momentarily taking over Phoenix’s mind and body if they are able to overpower his mental strength. The barrier of erasure around Phoenix can be easily overpowered and nullified with a barrage of attacks. | Extremely overconfident to the point where he may even kill himself as a means to show just how powerful he is.

Class Information

Normal Classes

Class Description Icons
Mage Mages have increased ATK, MP, and INT stat, alongside an additional 25% DMG boost to all magical attack skills. They are a powerful, yet fragile class, boasting high ATK stats while often having less than extraordinary DEF stats, a glass cannon if you will. Mages are usually focused on pure magical prowess with very little focus on anything else. Physically, they are among the weakest classes, however, the sheer amount of powerful spells and skills they learn more than makes up for it.
Sage Sages have a greatly increased MP and INT stat, increased ATK stat, and a bonus additional 100% boost to INT. The Sage class is an extension to the mage class, focused more on the sheer quantity and understanding of magic more than the power of such magic, alongside general intellect. They are generally known for being quite intelligent and versatile, having multiple spells under their belt that they can utilize to their fullest potential alongside their great intellect.
Psychic Psychics have greatly increased ATK, greatly decreased DEF, and moderately increased INT, alongside a bonus 25% DMG boost to all psychic skills. The psychic class encompasses beings capable of manipulating their surrounding area using no more than their mind to do so. Generally, this ability is known as telekinesis, which can be used by different psychics in a variety of ways, ranging from the simple movement of objects to complete, atomic disembowelment.
Magic Martial Artist Magic Martial Artists have greatly increased ATK, increased DEF, and increased SPD. The Magic Martial Artist class is the best of both worlds, those being close combat and magic, combining the Mage and Brawler classes to make something truly magnificent. Magic Martial Artists are extremely capable fighters with amazing magical prowess to match. They are a balanced, powerful force that outclasses most normal boxers and brawlers due to their sheer versatility in the ring. Usually they are capable of utilizing the element magics in combination with fighting skill to overwhelm and outdamage their opponents in close combat, making them a deadly force to be reckon with.

Additional Classes

Class Description Icons
Chain Wielder An additional class relating to the usage and excelling in chain wielding and combat. Chain wielders are exceptionally great at utilizing the chain in combat, being capable of performing multiple advanced techniques with their shackles to bind, trap, and incapacitate others in a variety of different, complex ways. Most chain wielders are very effective against most close-quarter classes like knights or boxers but are defective against ranged classes such as archers.
Scythe Wielder An additional class relating to the usage and excelling in scythe-wielding and combat. Scythe wielders are exceptionally great at utilizing the chain in combat, using the scythe to overcome others in ways they've never expect, utilizing the size and shape of their scythe to its maximum potential. Good scythe wielders are usually capable of disarming swordsmen, boomeranging their scythe, and grasping others with their scythe to trap and immobilize them. Most chain wielders are very effective against most other classes, rarely having any weaknesses unrelated to the skill of the user.
Whip Wielder An additional class relating to the usage and excelling in whip-wielding and combat. Whip wielders are exceptionally great at utilizing the whip in combat. Much like chain-wielding, whip-wielding can be used for both long-range and short-range combat, however, due to their ability to slash through the sky at incomprehensible speeds and flog opponents, the whip is usually far more versatile. Skilled whip wielders have no problem whipping and gripping, being capable of severely harming and paralyzing an opponent, as well as immobilizing or disarming them. Whip users have little to no weaknesses, aside from rangers attacking from outside of their range.

Unique Classes

Class Description Icons
The Disgusting A manifestation custom class obtained through the sheer desire to be "disgusting" and nullify regeneration. This is Phoenix's custom class, a class that grants Phoenix a horrific aura of death, demise, and pure, utter disgust. Rather than any stat boost, power, or skill, this class gives Phoenix a thick, heavy miasma that inflicts a variety of nasty status effects ranging from nausea to heart attack to others within his proximity. Phoenix can also negate and absorb the regeneration of others within his range with the classes skill, gaining a person's healing factor in the process.
Apollyon A manifestation custom class obtained through the sheer threat Phoenix possesses, gained after he merged with the three witches of Apocolypse. It is another aura-based class, granting Phoenix an aura that reminds those around them of their weaknesses, fears, vulnerabilities, and morality... making it all more real to them in the process. The effects of such an aura vary greatly, from being just an annoying voice in one's head to pressure on one's back, pushing them to commit suicide or driving them into madness or fear. Truly the aura of one representing demise itself.

Skills, Passives, and Traits

◇ Physiological Traits

Reincarnate Physiology: Reincarnates are people from other worlds who have, for an unknown reason, been relocated to another universe, reincarnated into different bodies. In Ark, reincarnates usually bring forth disaster, as they inherit multiple unique physiological traits unavailable to most normal citizens. This includes things like unique personal skills and traits, composite intelligence, and more.

  • Distant Soul/Spiritual Resistance: The souls of reincarnates are separate from their physical bodies, existing in different dimensions, free from interference unless one is capable of breaching the hundreds of increasing bigger and bigger gaps between the physical and spiritual worlds to break through to them. Due to this, reincarnates have an innate resistance to most spiritual attacks and soul-based skills.
  • Abstract Mind/Mental Resistance: The mind of a reincarnate is closer to an idea than any physical actuality, existing merely as a manifestation of thoughts within their souls rather than some biological consciousness. Thus reincarnates are inherently immune to conventional mind-based abilities like mind control, madness inducement, or the dragon-element. Like their souls, their minds will be completely unaffected by such powers unless these powers can breach the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.
  • Power Modification Resistance: Skills are inscribed and imbedded within the souls of everyone on Ark, unable to be interfered with in any way unless the interference is stronger than the soul's resistance. For Reincarnates, this is especially powerful, as it means their skills, traits, and abilities can not be modified, nullified, or absorbed unless one can both bypass the barrier to the spiritual world and overpower their souls.
  • Mana Channels: Mana channels, sometimes known as mana circuits, webs, or links, are the wires which mana flows through within the bodies of all who live, acting as a pseudo-nervous system connected directly to both the mind and soul. It holds, produces, and projects the spiritual energy of all things. And when used correctly, it can be utilized to convert this energy into a phenomenon known as magic.

Ark Physiology: The world of Ark is a much different place than Earth, considered by many reincarnates to be comparable to that of an RPG game, as it contains a leveling system, magic system, and multiple additional game-like systems. Thus those who exist there are naturally much different from earthly humans and organisms. All the way down to their biological and physiological makeup, as they possess multiple traits not present in normal people.

  • Accelerated Development: Collary to the leveling system, all people in Ark develop physically, mentally, and supernaturally extraordinary quickly. A normal human in Ark could go from being nothing special at level 0 to breaking through walls as early as level 15; going from average intellect at level 0 to exceptionally smart at level 100, and going from not being able to cast a single fireball spell to being a master of all the elements in a very short amount of time.
  • Innate Magical Potential: Most beings within Ark possess the natural talent to be successful in magic, as everyone is born with connections to the world's mana, embedded in all beings in the form of mana channels. These channels allow one to produce a variety of supernatural phenomenons known as magic.

Psionic Phoenix Physiology: Phoenix is a psionic phoenix, meaning, he has both the powers of a normal phoenix, and the psychic powers of an esper combined into one. His physiology is purely based on fire. His temperature is hot, his wings are made of flames, and even wounds are burned back into shape. Not only this, but he can control fire as well. All kinds of fire, the element itself is under his control. Furthermore, he has an innate ability to move objects with his mind, a telepathic if you will. But this goes very far beyond that, stretching to the manipulation of gravity, air, and density. He can even talk to others with his mind. Phoenixes are also resistant to fire, ice, and heat. And alongside this, they take 50% less damage from all enemies, aside from those of angel, demon, bird, leviathan, dragon, or kitsune blood.

  • Reactive Regeneration: Phoenixes possess an ever-increasing regeneration factor that evolves as they continuously regenerate from more and more severe wounds.
  • Enhanced Senses: Like birds, phoenixes possess extremely sight, smell, and perception far outclassing those of a normal human.
  • Matured Phoenix: In addition to having all normal phoenix-trait abilities amplified, he gains the abilities of a fully evolved phoenix bird. This includes infinite resurrection, infinite regeneration, and extreme resistance to physical, magical, and spiritual attacks. The temperature of his flames also increases alongside its potency, nearing Planck heat. The absolute hot of the universe.

Leviathan-Changeling Physiology Phoenix is an unusual hybrid of both a leviathan and a changeling, meaning he inherits lesser abilities of both of them. From the leviathan side, he gains control over water, air, and wind. Along with a slight empowerment whilst within water (50%). He can breathe in water through the usage of psuedo-gills located in his lungs. And gains a damage reduction of 50% against attacks that aren't from divine or holy magic & items, high-level angels, beast, and birds. Furthermore, his magic resistance is great, at 50%, and resist a large majority of magical or spell-based debuffs. From his changeling side, he gains the ability to transform into things he's seen or experienced before, gaining their appearance, scent, sight, perception, and base abilities. However, he is unable to mimic more unique or personal abilities of a person.

Magic: Magic is the phenomenon produced when one exerts their mana channels to the point of converting spiritual energy into power, resulting in many things, often whatever the user was imagining as they did. It can be used to perform multiple different kinds of physics-breaking techniques. It is unknown who first created magic, but multiple theories exist, all of which involve a party miraculously uncovering the secrets of mana, and using these unconverted mysteries to their advantage, eventually finding ways to break the boundaries of the world, creating phenomena out of thin air. Since then, many people have also uncovered these secrets, and now, nearly everyone can utilize magic, given effort, time, and talent.

  • Fire Inclined: Phoenix possesses a natural inclination to the element of fire thanks to his bold, brash, and often reckless personality, alongside his phoenix physiology. This makes it much easier for him to use the element of fire, which is why he excels at it as much as he does. He was instantly able to learn complex fire techniques such as hell and holy fire, and even created his own techniques such as helix-flame, which requires mastery of the element.

◇ Unique Traits

(???) Yventhoth's Immortality: Yventhoth (Pronounced yeh-ven-thoth) is the creator of the entire omniverse of LIFE, including the Ark multiverse. During the reincarnation process, Phoenix spoke to one of Yventhoth's many avatars. At some point during their conversation, Phoenix, with the help of Valentina, convinced Yventhoth to give him an insanely unfair advantage. That was later discovered and labeled by Phoenix as Yventhoth's Immortality. The ability grants Phoenix 3 additional chances, as when he dies, he will be brought back to life by Yventhoth, who will not allow him to truly die unless these 3 lives are expended. After dying 3 times, Phoenix will no longer possess this immortality. However, the lives will eventually regenerate back over a few hours so long as he doesn't sustain any damage during that time.

Sadist: ATK is increased by 25%. Enjoys inflicting pain on others and will become empowered by his target's despair and pain (Max of 300% boost to all stats). Does not handle pain well. DEF is decreased by 25%. Luck is decreased by 25%. Any small dislike for someone has an extremely high chance of becoming murderous or malicious intent, in which case his attacks will do triple the damage against them.

Chaotic: Gains a 1% boost to all stats per kill. Excretes a malicious aura and is not afraid to get his hands bloody. His mana, mind, and blood are unstable, making them unusable for a normal person. ATK is increased by 50% at the cost of 50% decreased LUCK and MP.

Aspiration: Is very inspired by Rosa, and may gain skills related to her occasionally. All stats are boosted by 300% while within a 50-kilometer radius of her. Has a strong desire to scare others into submission. Is empowered by the fear of others (Max of 300% boost to all stats). His presence makes weak souls feel insecure and fearful.

Psychopath: Intelligence and thought process are greatly increased at the cost of feeling less emotion. Extremely good at lying and manipulating (+350% INT). Has violent and antisocial tendencies along with a very charming, almost charismatic aura. Knows the basics of the street, how to live, and combat. INT is increased by 25%.

Poison Blood: After being poisoned by an immense amount of toxic organisms, Phoenix's blood became littered with hundreds of different poisons, causing his body to adapt to producing, filtering, and pumping out poisons non-stop, resulting in his blood becoming one of the deadliest toxins in the entire verse. So toxic that it melts through the material it gets on and can kill fully grown adults in seconds. Even people with poison resistance aren't safe, as it's shown to negate an inherent resistance to poison. Valentina estimated that a single drop of his blood could kill off 90% of all Ark residents, assuming it was distributed equally to all of them.

  • Poison Resistance: Due to his blood literally being made of posion, and an extremely lethal and toxic one at that, Phoenix is pretty much immune to most conventional posions.

Resistances/Immunites: A resistance in Ark is an innate trait that makes one invulnerable or unaffected by specific or multiple different skills and abilities. Resistances usually vary in stregnth in the form of layers, with each layer of resistance adding an additional coating of invulnerability to a certain skill or ability, not able to be negated by a basic resistance negating skill. Basic resistances and basic resistance negating abilities only begin at one layer, however. Immunities on the other hand are traits that make one completely resistant to an ability on a level above that of layers, to the point where not even a resistance negation of infinite layers could nullify such immunity.

  • Time Interference Immunity: Phoenix possesses an innate immunity to time, temporal, and causality-based skills and abilities, rendering him invulnerable and unaffected by such things.
  • Mind Interference Immunity: On top of the already powerful unconventional resistance to mental attacks reincarnates have, Phoenix possesses immunity to mind incursion, which includes things like mind control, manipulation, madness inducement, and any other mind-based skills.
  • Possession Resistance: Phoenix possesses resistance to possession, meaning his body can not be forcibly taken control of. Whether it be with an astral body or some other ability, his consciousness won't budge unless an opponent has some means of negating this resistance.

◇ Passive Skills

The Disgusting: Phoenix radiates a thick, heavy miasma around himself (Though it can be absorbed and held in for extended periods of time). It is a presence so disgusting that it may bring those within his proximity to nausea, dizziness, loss of balance, loss of sight, and in many cases instant vomiting. The longer they spend in this presence, the worse these symptoms may get, often leading up to heart attacks, blood loss, vomiting of internals, poisoning of the blood vessels, permanent lung damage, and even dementia. He can also inflict similar effects with normal attacks, even magic, causing <blindness> or <nausea> with physical or magical attacks. Furthermore, enemies within the same proximity could experience the complete loss of color in their vision, along with the darkening of the vision when approaching Phoenix, and even have their speed and defense reduced by up to 35%. If that wasn't devastating enough, the custom class comes with a unique ability that allows him to steal the regeneration/healing effects of those within his line of sight, absorbing it for himself.

Esper: On top of having innate psionic abilities, Phoenix has a rare trait that actually makes him exceeding proficient in the arts of psychic abilities, commonly called the <Esper> passive-skill, or trait. Making them far more potent, useful, and versatile. He can create psychic barriers, psychic attacks, psychic energy, and lots more. Furthermore, he has somewhat of a resistance to many psychic abilities and has a passive barrier around himself that acts as a kind of ozone layer, the first protection against attacks.

Rage Power: Phoenix's innate strength and power increases the angrier, more emotional, and enraged he is. Increasing both the strength of his physical attacks and magic abilities. Especially his fire and heat, which drastically increase as an effect, even to the point of burning through absolute zero.

Arknight of Cataclysm: Phoenix possesses authority over cataclysm, inherited from the Witch of Cataclysm, rebranded into a new title. Phoenix is unable to even control the amount of power he inherited from Cataclysm. As such, both he and his mana are extremely unstable, to the point that Phoenix will sometimes seem to glitch or warp slightly out of proportion. Furthermore, his mana is chaotic to the point of being toxic. It is also far more powerful, being able to absorb and negate other, weaker forms of mana. On top of this, those around him feel impending doom whilst in his presence, and may even be driven into fear or insanity. During a battle, all people within his vicinity will lose 15% of their HP by default, and up to 50% depending on his relationship with them. The aura of Cataclysm also grants Phoenix resistance to most observation abilities.

  • Subversion of Cause: The main ability inherited from wrath, allowing Phoenix to control and explore the effects of causality. His version is much, much weaker than its original owner. It has limited usage of once per hour, a limit set by himself because any more than that could end up in his soul being reverted to nothing, as his body is still not matured enough to handle the full strength of the ability. Furthermore, Phoenix is unable to warp reality in ways beyond understanding, being limited to just reversal and continuation of cause & effect.

Arknight of Destruction: Phoenix possesses authority over destruction, inherited from the Witch of Destruction. This grants him many abilities, most notably an increase in power and potency. All of his attacks are inherently more destructive and have a chance at literally erasing the target, ignoring defense. He also has a passive barrier that destroys matter that enters it, though, it is passable with enough power, and gets weaker over time. Furthermore, he gains resistance to abilities like life and death manipulation and excretes and aura that reminds people of their weakness, making them vulnerable.

  • Burglary of Practice: The main ability inherited from cataclysm, allowing Phoenix to absorb and mimic mana-based powers like magic or spells. Furthermore, he can destroy mana-based powers, and even warp or distort them to his will. Phoenix's cataclysm is not yet up to the level of the original possessor, since he cannot hold more than 3-different manas at the same time, and can be overwhelmed by magic from significantly stronger beings than himself.

Arknight of Wrath: Phoenix possesses authority over wrath, inherited from the Witch of Wrath, rebranded into a new title. Its effects allow him to draw power from anger, despair and regret. He also has a passive ability which reverts the first and second attacks from any given opponent. And on top of it all, he is rendered immune to most casual effects due to behaving on an irregular causality system, it is unknown how he inherited this ability, as not even the Witch of Wrath had it.

  • Power of Destruction: The main ability inherited from destruction. It is extremely potent, allowing Phoenix to create flames, spears, and orbs of annihilation, which blow through targets defenses, deconstructing them on a quantum level until they remain as nothing. As well as granting him the Hand of Azrael, a divine ability that allows Phoenix to disintegrate even abstract entities with the palm of his hand. However, both of these abilities are far from being mastered by Phoenix, require loads of mana to the point of barely being useable, and often backfire if not used properly, resulting in him deconstructing himself.

◇ Magic

Fire Element Magic: Due to his phoenix physiology, Phoenix naturally has an affinity for the fire magical element, allowing him to utilize a multitude of different fire-based attacks. Fire is one of the most potent and versatile magic elements, as it allows the user to attack in many different ways, and can negate an opponent’s durability to an extent depending on how good their tolerance for heat is. It also has a side-effect of burning the opponent if they are hit directly by the attack, which can do tons of damage. Phoenix in-particular seems to be a natural with the element, and was instantly able to use more advanced fire techniques and even create his own art form revolving around the element.

  • Limited Durability Negation: Part of what makes fire magic so potent is its ability to harm even those with higher durability and strength than the user, due to the fact that it can burn their skin if they don’t have any significant resistance to heat, no matter how durable they are.
  • Status Effect Inducement: All forms of fire magic induce the “burning” status effect, a self-explanatory debuff that does damage even after the attack hits the opponent so long as they are still on fire or burning.

Phoenix Arts: A unique magical art revolving around the usage of fire element magic, developed and used by Phoenix Runihura. It is one of the strongest magic techniques that Phoenix created after his long run of utilizing fire magic. It combines all fire-based magic skills into one and allows him to control the element itself extremely fluently. Rather than having to cast individual spells in his mind to utilize every fire spell, Phoenix can simply use Phoenix Arts and rotate from technique to technique as if it was part of the same spell. It makes casting magic much faster and reduces mana cost. On top of this, Phoenix’s Phoenix Arts allows him to fully control the potency of each spell, allowing him to create fire that reaches temperatures nearing that of the supernova. Phoenix’s fire can burn/negate magical attacks, ice, water, and burn through over 500 layers of fire resistance, making it one of the most potent abilities in Ark.

  • Fireball: The most basic fire technique. Phoenix forms a ball of fire in his hands or at the tip of his finger and shoots it out at his opponent. Although it's not nearly as strong as some other fire-based techniques in his arsenal, at a later time in his story, one of his fireball spells was enough to blow up an entire country. Phoenix usually uses this technique as a petty way of showing off just how powerful he is, whilst testing the power of others.
  • Inferno: A higher-level, yet still somewhat weak fire spell. It's similar to fireball, but instead of a small projectile attack, Phoenix fires out a continuous beam of fire that spreads out to both his left and right side, akin to a flame thrower.
  • Solar Flare: A large-scale AoE fire attack that lights up the entire area around Phoenix in an explosive ball of flame. Can be used to catch opponents off-guard or to create space between him and the opponent.
  • Abstract Fire: Spiritual fire that is non-physical in nature, existing only as an abstract form of magic that can burn away at a person’s soul or mind.
    • Hellfire: Fire from deep within the depths of hell. It burns away at a person’s soul and body, decaying them into nothing. It burns forever and can only be put out by large amounts of high-grade holy water. The fire only works against those who are good in nature, and will heal rather than burn if used against evil, corrupt, or unholy beings.
    • Holy Fire: The opposite to Hellfire. It heals those who are good, and burns those who are evil, reducing them to nothing. But unlike HellFire, it is currently a mystery on how to put it out, although it seems that it doesn’t burn forever.
  • Dragon’s Breath: A high-power fire attack where Phoenix shoots out a large AoE black from his mouth made of pure, concentrated plasma. It was shown to easily burn through mountains and destroy large portions of Valentina’s pocket dimension.
  • Double-Helix Flame Burst: Phoenix fires two continuous streams of fire from his hands, one made of highly reactive plasma, and one of condensed, superheated electrons that circle around each other in a double-helix towards his opponent, eventually colliding with them in a devastating explosion.
  • Homing Fire: Phoenix can swipe his hands in a waving motion to create a barrage of fire balls that home-in on the opponent.
  • Fire Streams: Phoenix can produce constant waves of fire that follow his arms as he moves them around, sending blasts of fire at the opponent.
  • Gamma Ray: A complex magic attack composed of both light and fire element magic. Phoenix fires a white, kamehameha-like blast that spreads over a kilometer wide. It burns everything in its path, breaking apart and burning the molecular structures of whatever it hits, as well as permanently blinding any bystanders who happen to look towards the light. It is also one of Phoenix’s fastest attacks, which shoots at blinding speeds far surpassing light.
    • Gamma Ray Burst: A Gamma Ray attack, but condensed into a single fire ball that explodes like a flash bang, encompassing the nearby area and burning it down to nothing. Great for catching enemies off guard.
  • Fire Tornadoes: With wind and fire elements, Phoenix can create giant tornadoes made purely out of fire that suck in nearby opponents. These tornadoes can last long amounts of time, and can be a trouble for opponents if there’s many of them on the battlefield.
  • Fire Shield: Phoenix smacks his hands together, creating a giant sphere of fire that can block and negate incoming attacks.

Psychic Abilities: Phoenix was born as a rare kind of phoenix known as a psionic phoenix, which are psychics capable of affecting the world around them using nothing but thought, making him what many know as an esper. Espers are extremely powerful entities, and Phoenix is no exception. Upon unlocking this trait of his, Phoenix instantly became a natural, learning and mastering many skills such as telekinesis to a degree higher than that of Valentina.

Telekinesis: Phoenix’s main Esper skill, allowing him to attack, bind, throw, and interact with other entities non-physically simply by willing it. It is extremely potent, and devastatingly versatile. Because the power is linked directly to his mind, it is the easiest way for him to attack and defend against opponents, which he can do in a variety of ways.

  • Non-Physical Interaction: The main aspect of telekinesis is the ability to interact with different objects and entities with his mind through non-physical means. Allowing Phoenix to move objects and entities with his mind, flying them into the air or moving them into position. With telekinesis, Phoenix can also interact with intangible things such as air, water, or fire, along with many abstract forms of magic or species such as ghost.
  • Levitation: Phoenix can cause objects or people to levitate in the air, free from gravity. This can be used supportively, to stop things in mid-air from falling, lift things up without moving a muscle, or simply to get something out of the way; or offensively, to throw or remove opponents from the battlefield.
  • Atomic Alteration: Phoenix is precise enough with his psychic powers to telekinetically move and alter molecular and atomic structures, potentially changing and transmuting an entity or object’s physical or biological makeup completely, which can be used for a plethora of different things.
    • Transmutation: Phoenix can change a person’s physical and biological makeup, mutating and changing their appearance and functionality. He can also do this to other objects, shown when he turned a block of coal into a diamond.
    • Healing: Phoenix can telekinetically move and regenerate cells over his and others bodies, accelerating their healing process.
    • Density Manipulation: Phoenix can change the density of objects and people to make them more or less durable and buoyant. He can also change a person or entities state of matter entirely simply by manipulating their molecular makeup.
  • Technology Manipulation: Phoenix has regularly demonstrated the ability to manipulate and use technology telepathically, such as when he turned on the TV with his mind or called a friend with his phone whilst it was still in his pocket. He can also use the ability offensively against an opponent's who utilize technology, causing them to shut down or malfunction.
  • Psychic Binding: Phoenix can telekinetically bind opponents, locking them in a tight embrace. It is one of his go-to moves in combat, allowing him to halt the movement of opponents and crush them under his psychic pressure, potentially breaking their bones or even bursting them apart like a balloon.
  • Psychic Surgery: Phoenix can touch a person's most important inner organs with his psychic abilities, allowing him to attack a person from the inside out, a skill he refers to as Psychic Surgery. He usually uses the ability to crush people’s hearts or other important organs, killing them instantly without them even knowing what happened.
  • Psychic Barriers: Phoenix can form barriers created purely out of psychic power, allowing him to quickly block attacks when he needs to. These barriers are just as durable as his psychic abilities are potent, as they are formed out of the same energy  he uses to do his other neat tricks.
  • Psychic Bubbles: Phoenix can create psychic barriers in the form of bubbles to protect himself, others, and objects from attacks. He can even use them offensively to trap opponents in things like fire, gas, and other potentially dangerous things or to BFR them to areas they’ll never return from, such as space or the bottom of the ocean. The bubbles are air-tight, and can’t be broken or overcome unless the opponent is stronger than his psychic force.
  • Energy Manipulation: Phoenix can manipulate energy on an atomic level with his psychic powers. This can be used to power his attacks, redirect energy in and out of nearby objects, depower opponents, etc.
    • Energy Projection: Phoenix can project his psychic energy out of his body in high-speed beams of pure telekinetic force, almost like a laser. They are a useful alternative to his magical fire beams, and they can be spammed almost like a gun.
    • Energy Absorption: Can absorb energy from nearby sources to power his psychic abilities.
  • Attack Redirection: Phoenix can use psychic pressure to telekinetically redirect or reflect incoming attacks like magical blast or energy beams. He has also demonstrated the ability to redirect his own attacks, allowing him to home them in on his opponents or manipulate their trajectory.
    • Kinetic Energy Redirection: Can redirect the kinetic energy of physical attacks back onto the attacker.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Phoenix has demonstrated the ability to increase or decrease the effects of gravity on a specific target. Such as when he increased Irino’s gravity to 500x times its normal value or decreased his own to just 0.5x gravity. This can be used to bind and slow opponents, making them fight against the weight of their own bodies.

Projection: Phoenix inherited an ability known as projection from his wife, Valentina. With it, Phoenix can create objects, tools, or weapons out of thin air just by subjecting his imagination onto reality, essentially projecting it out of his mind. However, the ability has some limits, most notably is that Phoenix must have a clear understanding of the core function, structure, and components of the things he creates. He is also unable to make things far out of his mind's reach or things that'd require too much mana. On top of this, many of his projections may end up being flawed, or much weaker than intended.

Teleportation: A matter-relocation skill that allows Phoenix to instantly transport himself to any location he has a memory of.

Millennium Eye: The divine eye of sight, allowing Phoenix to analyze and read opponents so thoroughly he can learn things even they don't know about themselves. He can also use it to feel and see what others are feeling and seeing, and with some effort, he can even read the mind of his target.

Consume Essence: A spell that consumes a fixed percentage of someone's essence (HP, MP, and SP) proportionate to your magic attack. Phoenix specifically absorbs 15% of each.

  • Death Mark: A spell that imbeds your attacks with Death, giving them a 25% chance of inflicting Death Mark; A debuff which increases all DMG the target takes by 250%. The debuff can be stacked up to 10x for a total DMG intake increase of 2500%. Any more and it will reset.
  • Death Drain: A spell that inflicts Death Mark and consumes someone's essence at the same time.

◇ Other Skills

Master Martial Artist:

  • Optifine: Phoenix's personal fighting style, when used it increases mobility by tenfold and speed by 500%. His precision is also greatly increased. The style itself is based on things like taekwondo and kung fu, with wide stances, power punches, and extremely fluent body movement and kicks.
    • Liquid Bounce: A optimized version of Optifine that focuses more on footwork, speed, and movement than anything else. When used Phoenix's speed is increased by 1500% and his evasion chance will go up 50%.
    • Master of Change: An optimized version of Optifine that uses his Changeling abilities in combination with his inherent skill and fighting capability. Allowing him to shapeshift and transform during the battle to get the upper hand. It is an extremely versatile and useful style, especially against those not expecting it.
    • Aristois: The exact opposite of Liquid Bounce. An optimized style of Optifine that utilizes heavy offense, precision, and speed. When used his speed will go up by 1500% and will negate an opponent's dodge-chance.
  • Zero Null: A technique developed and passed down by the Ferre family. It is more of a state of mind than a fighting style, allowing for a completely cleared mind, in which the user will instinctively respond to any and all attacks. When used his SPD will increase by up to 5000% and his dodge-chance will be nearly 100%, he will also gain resistance to illusions and mind manipulation.
  • Runihura Originals: Original Zero Null-based techniques developed by Phoenix himself.
    • White Fox: A Zero Null style that gives Phoenix the agility of a fox and the speed of an angel. When used it boost his SPD by a hundredfold and greatly increases agility (Stacks on top of Zero Null boost).
    • Black Bear: A Zero Null style focusing only on defense, absolutely no offense, making it nigh-impossible to break through and hurt him.
    • Backstep: A Zero Null technique in which Phoenix will just back away and sidestep from all attacks, evading everything.
    • KillAura: KillAura is an original technique developed by Phoenix during his many fights against the Master Level AI in a Martial Arts Virtuality Machine. When used, Phoenix will enter a state of perfect null, and let go of his being, where he will seemingly just walk around, looking straight forward at whatever is in front of him. It may seem like nothing at first until someone comes within its 3-meter range. In which case dozens of Phoenix's afterimages will begin rapidly attacking the target from all directions, hitting every pressure point and weak spot across their body, all the while Phoenix's real body remains still, still looking in the same direction. He moves so fast, so precise, and with so much skill, that he appears to be in thousands of places at once, hitting every target in his range at once, all while seemingly motionless. He created this with the idea that it'd be like an aura of Zero Null users around himself, instantly killing anyone who dares step within his range.


  • Phoenix’s main inspirations are Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), Stella Vermillion (Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan), Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko), and Rance (Rance Series). However, most of these were for abilities rather than his personality, appearance, or position in the story.
  • Phoenix is a VERY EDGY character that I have many regrets about, and yet, I still think they are a pretty unique character, and definitely not your average “protagonist”.
  • The original idea for Phoenix was for them to be a transgender male with the ability to shapeshift.
  • Phoenix absolutely loves spicy foods. His favorites in particular are Indian dishes like Phaal Curry and spicy chicken (Chicken 65).
  • Phoenix was granted the "God of Wingmen" alias because during the roleplay he's helped multiple couples get to together with each other. The most notable being Shirayuki and Red.
  • Phoenix was extremely jealous that Rosa adopted Koji Komatsu rather than him.
  • When asked if he'd prefer to live on Earth after having stayed in Ark for a majority of his chronological life, Phoenix answered "yes".
  • The B-W-H of Phoenix's female form is 100-81-112, making her a lot bigger than your average female.
  • Phoenix got into cross dressing because he loved all the cool fashion ideas that went into a lot of the female clothes, and believed that male clothing and overall fashion was much more bland and boring than the girl stuff.
  • Even on Earth, Phoenix was stated to be an extremely beautiful women when he tried, despite his masculine appearance as a guy.
  • When asked if he was a part of the LGBTQ community, Phoenix was noticeably confused, stating that he'd heard of it, but never actually knew what it meant.
  • Phoenix is pansexual but greatly prefers girls and feminine entities.
  • At one point, Phoenix transformed into a futanari.
  • The name “Phoenix” is my real first name, which is something I very much regret naming this character.
  • The name “Runihura” means destroyer. Fitting for them and their wife.
  • Phoenix originally had a technique called “Todesfeuer”, meaning Death Fire in German, but it was removed because I’d rather stick to the language I know.
  • The Reincarnate Physiology is taken pretty much directly from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, which is the main inspiration for both Phoenix and the entirety of the verse. Something that shows within the powers and abilities section.
  • The Projection ability was directly inspired by Shirou Emiya’s Projection Magecraft from the Fate/Stay Night series.
  • Phoenix’s changeling abilities are inspired by the Changeling race from My Little Pony.
  • The name of Phoenix’s whip, “Ryukama” is the name of my favorite VSBW bureaucrat, Ryukama. I decided to use it after figuring out that “kama” meant desire, wish, or sexual desire, and is also a sickle-like weapon in japan, while “Ryu” meant a kind of martial art. It fit pretty much perfect for a whip made to cause mass death.
  • The name of Phoenix’s chains, “Ayamatsu” comes from the name of the Re: Zero Pride IF story. It’s a story I think represents Phoenix pretty well.
  • Zero Null is inspired by Goku’s Ultra Instinct Form.
  • The Zero Null style, Killaura, is actually the name of a popular Minecraft hack, and it works in a very similar manner.
  • The skill Millennium Eye is named directly after and inspired by PegasusMillennium Eye from Yu-Gi-Oh!, and they work in a similar manner.
  • The name “Apollyon” was taken from the most dangerous object class in the SCP Foundation.
  • I called Phoenix’s most powerful skills “Authorities” because they are very much inspired by the abilities known as Authorities in the web novel Re:Zero.
  • The Sexy Beam ability was given to Phoenix as a joking way of ending the roleplay. It is a reference to an attack from Disgaea.


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