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I am not the original author of either Fallout Equestria nor any of its side stories.


Hello there, I'm JohnConquest1. Not my real name but I don't care to use that here. Call me John, I'll be friendly, I promise.

I primarily work on Fallout Equestria here. Currently I am the chief/only Fallout Equestria contributor on the site. Something I hope to change but after having made 25 pages, I can wait a little longer I guess.

I use the same username mainly, the r/falloutequestria subreddit (u/JohnConquest1), and on discord (JohnConquest1#9704). I also lurk the /mlp/ foe general threads from time to time.

I also lurk Jojo, and DCAU stuff on VSB wiki.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Go here for my vsbattles.com forum profile.

My General Opinions on FoE

Fallout Equestria

OG Fallout Equestria is the best fanfiction of all time in my eyes. It can be cited as (baring New Vegas) the best thing to come out of the Fallout Franchise in the past 10 years. Which is both impressive and sad. In any case, its a story well worth reading, thats filled with likable characters, motivations, and themes. It also sets itself up to be readily expanded on by further fanfiction/writers. Great read all around, it'll certainly subvert your expectations of what a crossover this ridiculous can be if handled proper.

Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

This video says more about PH than I could ever hope to in a short paragraph.

Project Horizons Anime Opening

Project Horizons gets extremely wacky and can be an outright mindfuck at times. ESPECIALLY WHEN CHAPTER 33 ROLLS IN. The warning I have at the top of the PH section is no exaggeration, as anyone whos read it will tell you. With that in mind, it lends itself to a lot of annoying problems revolving around its protagonist. Many of which she shares with Shinji from NGE. I'm not as annoyed by how many tonal shifts or nose dive in quality the story takes but I can absolutely understand why people decide to drop it at certain parts. Comparing it to NGE as far as wacky psychological metaphors goes isn't exactly out there, wrong, or even necessarily a chide against it. Just a warning for the kind of writing you're in for. If you like NGE, you will like Project Horizons. However you will also by virtue come to see its flaws, be it pacing, character staleness, or the fact that it devolves into a shonen battle manga disguised as a FoE story.

Also 1.8 Millionish word Fanfiction with supplementary sequel stories pushing the overall story past the 2 Million word mark. Shits really long and makes maintaining character stats a nightmare.

Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes

The lightest major spin off story. Has almost nothing to do with the previous two and is its own, short, sorta self contained story. I really enjoyed it, especially its overall tone, surrounding its protagonist.

Fallout Equestria: Murky Number Seven

The closest of any of the side stories that feels like a more natural expansion of the world from an entirely new perspective. I regret not reading it in full until very recently but of the big stories this one captures the feeling of the original the closest while also offering its own spin and overarching narrative on fate and freedom. The cast has entirely relatable arcs, motivations and depth to them that make them entirely multilayered when adapting events from the original story in mind. Out of all the spin offs this one rates high, though there are times where it drags on occasion, and spends too long hammering in certain plot points.

Fallout Equestria Remains

Not a book I know but f**k you, not dicking around here, go f**king play Remains right now if you love roguelikes and Fallout. Best game ever made on Adobe Flash by f**king far and makes Bethesdas 3D Fallout stuff look like abominations.

Personal Fallout Equestria reading order

These are just my opinions at the end of the day but considering how many times I've exposed myself to Fallout Equestria materials I feel confident in sharing this to newbies. I'm also gonna throw in a word count for each story so people I show this to have a good idea of what they're getting into. This isn't exactly a tier list for my favorite stories, just my preferred way of guiding newbies into the series.

My recommended reading order:

  1. Fallout Equestria by Kkat (620,000 words)
  2. Depends on what you want:
    1. If you want something longer: Murky Number Seven by FuzzyVeeVe (1,092,926 words), Then read the next entry.
    2. If you want something short to cool down with: Pink Eyes by Mimezinga (134,537 words), Then read the above entry.
  3. Heroes by No-One (582,905 words) (By virtue of not being the next entry I plan to read eventually, but the last spot(s) warrant being read last.)
  4. Project Horizons by Somber (1,780,334 words)
    Project Horizons has two ongoing canon spin offs to its lore.

    Only read these after finishing Project Horizons. Otherwise you'll be completely lost on whats going on.

    1. Homelands by Somber (426,436 words as of May 15th, 2021) (Starts/Set 6 months after the events of Project Horizons Chapter 77. Stars PH secondary character Scotch Tape.)
    2. Speak by Heartshine, Supervised by Somber (258,096 words as of May 15th, 2021) (Starts/Set 9 years after the events of Project Horizons Chapter 77.)
    3. Total Word Count for PH stories: 2,464,866 Words

Pages I've worked on the most

  1. Littlepip
  2. Littlepip (Remains)
  3. Blackjack (One of the largest pages on the wiki, and probably my magnum opus.)
  4. Murky Number Seven
  5. Fallout Equestria

Other pages I've made

  1. Velvet Remedy
  2. Calamity
  3. Steelhooves
  4. Xenith
  5. Alicorns (Fallout Equestria)
  6. The Goddess (Fallout Equestria)
  7. Red Eye
  8. Autumn Leaf
  9. P-21
  10. Scotch Tape
  11. Boo
  12. Legate Vitosius
  13. Cognitum
  14. Ditzy Doo
  15. The Dealer (Project Horizons)
  16. Puppysmiles
  17. Rampage (Project Horizons)
  18. Hospital Horrors
  19. Pipbuck
  20. Celestia Prime
  21. Mane Six Statuettes
  22. Project Horizons (Weapon)
  23. Red Eyes Empire
  24. The Core (Project Horizons)

Pages Copied from VSB


  • Made some various stats blogs for the series.
  • Made some pastebins to help organize FC/OC Strongest Threads.

To do list

Bold Text = Currently working on

  1. Make the following characters and their weapons 8-C, per the entire verse being resacled to Littlepip's durability: Littlepip, Velvet Remedy, Calamity, Steelhooves, Xenith, Red Eye, Autumn Leaf, Blackjack, P-21, and Puppysmiles. Fully Completed 9/14/2020
  2. Remove Littlepip's 9-A matches. Done 9/5/2020
  3. Bump Alicorns (Fallout Equestria) to at least 8-C. Done 9/6/2020
  4. Create a page for Ditzy Doo Done 9/16/2020
  5. Quantify and confirm The Dealer's realistic tier placement. (Potential Supreme being of Project Horizons.) The current quote for his true form should suffice seeing as he's writing Blackjack into an unwinnable fight against a Tier 4 star creature.
  6. Create a page for The Dealer (Project Horizons) Done 9/23/2020
  7. Start working on a Cognitum page (Doing this now instead because it's easy...) Done 10/8/2020
  8. Create a page for Littlepip (Remains) Done 10/21/2020 (With Help from the FoE Remains ENG Discord/Wiki for resources and advice.)
  9. See if FoE Energy Weapons are light speed like the games are. (Potential speed buff.) Nope, nothing but plasma in the main story. Side Stories However....
  10. Start working on a Scotch Tape page. Done 12/1/2020
  11. Start working on a Rampage (Project Horizons) page. Done 3/11/2021.
  12. Start working on a Murky Number 7 page. Done 5/26/2021
  13. Have Alicorn Blackjack Dodging ground to low orbit lasers calc'd. New Sub Relativistic scaling from The Eater of Souls makes this irrelevant.
  14. Retier some characters and weapons as High 8-C (Alicorn Blackjack, Legate) to 8-B (Star Blaster, Legate) through calc stacking. Not possible due to site rules and the feats overall validity.
  15. Start working on a Project Horizons (Weapon) page. Done 6/24/21. (Speed page that took all of one day to make.)
  16. Create a blog that helps explain the properties of Enervation and Moonstone in Project Horizons. Done 7/15/21
  17. Create a page for Red Eyes Empire. Done 7/16/21 (Another Speed page.)
  18. Create a Hospital Horrors page. Done 7/16/21 (YET ANOTHER SPEED PAGE.)
  19. Create a Location page for The Core. Done 7/26/21
  20. Start working on a Psychoshy page.
  21. Move scans that were deleted off of Pastebin to main wiki as images.
  22. Create a Civilization page for The NCR (Fallout Equestria).
  23. Start working on a Hellhound (Fallout Equestria) page.
  24. ???Start working on a page for The Courier (Gardens of Equestria)???