"Everyone has
A shred of love;
Hate won't achieve
A single thing.
We don't need that anymore...

In the limited time we have,
We'll look for an undiscovered paradise.
And we'll keep walking forever.

Don't look back, keep looking forward.
Until your body rots away,
Keep living, all the way into the future." 


Everything you've ever dreamed... Was it?

Bridget zeldalia by fatealbane-d7tds3y

"It's advisable to remove withered flowers from one's life, lest the thorns become too much of a burden to bear and the appeal of the garden is lost. A false fragrance does not evoke anything other than a sense of decay - as it suffocates the roses that could actually bloom.

How mortifying. Is the empty surface of a bottomless naught what humans strive for?

...Seeking a way to nowhere is no different from never trying at all. For what use serves the journey if the destination doesn't give you a reward, but rather, the illusion of one?

I refuse to stay the same forever. What I pursue at the end of my path is a Miracle becoming reality by my hands.

Not a Mirage that I could envision at any time just to hide myself from the future I must confront, by staying in the shadows of sweet lies for all eternity. If that is your desire, stay.

We shall meet again once my own journey is nearing its end. Perhaps by then, I will be the one to open your eyes."

- ???

A person who is trying hard and doing the absolute best in order to become a writer and master of drawing someday in the future!

Also, just so everyone knows, I simply love commenting on stuff. If you have a character page where you want an opinion, give me a call and I'll be there soon enough! (Edit: As of this edit, I've been really busy, so I won't be able to do this for a while. I'll only try to leave a comment on some of the pages that have taken my interest if/when I have some free time.)

Usually, I prefer to comment on the plot (I may also talk about powers, too) and stuff related to the history the characters hail from. Also, I believe that practice makes perfect for anything, so please don't ask me to be a critic (even if you want a constructive one), because I fail hard at it!

Just keep trying, stay focused and practice, and we can all be on to new heights.

About me? I talk too much, but not much about myself. Like I mentioned above, I'm training to become a writer and artist (character designer), though I do have more experience with the former, considering myself little more than an amateur in the latter. English is not my first language so I might mess up my grammar here and there. Oh, and when it comes to gender, I'm more than used to being identified online as male (reeasons), so I will usually say that "my gender is open for debate" jokingly, but when needed, think of (and refer to) me as a guy, ok? I will do the same, myself... But really, by the end of the day, call me whatever you're most comfortable with.

My favorite/theme songs(Whaaa??) are this, this and this.

CAM00076 - Cópia

Current status: ----Back for the time being, but still busy!

My favorite pages

  • I can't choose, halp!
  • ...Ok, I choose some!
  • Rose Alsandair (Reason's why are in the comment I made on her page!)
  • SOLSTICE (The favorite. SOLSTICE best girl ftw. There's just no competition because she is just that good... Ok, sorry, I just love her too much. All that charisma mentioned in her profile is not just for show but if you want my actual reasons, just look at my comment on her page. Be ready for a wall of text, tho.) It's now my greatest shame that I once wrote such a thing.
  • Note (The idea for this character and his personality combined with his intellect make him my favorite character in Gyrohem, though Zaunig would come as a close second.)
  • Aikkon (Pretty awesome DBZ fan character, with an interesting story and balanced powers that make him a worthy fighter. Good stuff!)
  • Also, Starcross is my favorite verse here, though there are others like Gyrohem that I like a lot. I have yet to check some more on various others, and maybe even see how their characters can grow on my eyes for the better. But really, Prom did an awesome job with her verse and for that, deserves first place from my point of view. ^_^
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