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Credit to AubreiPrince Already my favourite form in Dragon Ball.

About Me:

Hi there. My name's ExoSaiyan9000, but feel free to call me Exo.

I spend a lot of time on this Wiki, mostly formatting/fixing grammar and the like on pages; though I sometimes take on some more "exotic" tasks.

If I'm not doing that and I don't have any current tasks I like to spend my time editing and adding to my own Verse which you can find here. I'm currently doing several stats revision for my Verse, though that'll be taking a backseat to my responsibilities as an Administrator.

Despite this, I'll be more than happy to answer and questions that you want answered about either my Verse (which should be asked here) or just general questions/questions about the site (which should be asked on my wall). I'll try to answer them as soon as I can, but please be patient if I don't answer them right away; differing time-zones and the like will stop me from doing so.

Current Projects:

  • Formatting pages so that they fit the sites standard.
  • Fixing grammar and spelling on pages and adding links/categories to pages.
  • Adding pictures to all of the Powers and Abilities pages
  • Revising my own pages and Verse (secondary).

Current Status: Semi-active (school and such)

Long-term Status: Active