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One of my favorite characters: Magus.

Welcome to my profile!

I am EliminatorVenom, brazillian fanfiction author and I hope that I will become a writer and game designer, someday. I love playing games and writing fanfictions. About me, I think myself as a funny, sarcastic and weird guy. My favorite game franchises are God of War, M.U.G.E.N, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, Roblox, Minecraft and Dead Rising... Well, the list goes on, but I can assure you: It is easier to me tell what I don't like than telling what I like. My favorite book series are A Song of Ice and Fire. My favorite anime/manga... Well, I don't have any, but I am liking Berserk, Drifters, Shijou no Saikyiou no Deshi Kenichi and Dragon Ball Z a lot. And I am also interested in watching Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online and One Piece. My favorite comic series are Injustice: Gods Among Us. My favorite characters in fiction are: Shadow the Hedgehog (Game & Archie), Kratos, Deadpool, Batman, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie), Megaman (X and Classic), Zero, Link and Herobrine. Quite a long list, huh?

My own personal favorite OC's are The Admin, Kain and Nathan Aeternum.

Current Status: Semi-Active, due to studies.

Feel free to match my characters/verses to battle with other characters, however, I won't allow any spite matches involving my characters, no matter what.


Kain (Tier 6)

Nathan Aeternum (Tier 6/5)

Tactila Avila (Tier 7/6)

The Admin (Tier 3/High 1/joke)

Ned Toxon (Tier 9)

Johnathan Chrono

Hell Soldier (Tier 7/6)

Lökhan (Tier 1)

Tytos "Knifer" Fares (Tier 9/8)

Treason God (Tier 1)

Randall Hocksper (7/5 to 3)

Waylon Rock (Tier 10)

Ice the Hedgehog (Tier 7/6/5)

Sensei Ichiro (Tier 9/8)

The Pale Servant (Tier 5)

Thiska (Tier 5)

Potato Sack Murderer (Tier 10)

Sky Soldier (Tier 7/6)

Anti-Matter (Tier 3 to 2)

Count Marshall Lightbringer (Tier 9)

Photon Man (Tier 4)

Mike Rivera (Tier 10 - technically 3)

Infinitrix, the Infinity Lord (Tier 1)

Jargan (Tier 9)

Hell Knight Jodiah (Tier 6/4/Unknown)

Georgie Miles (Tier 10/9)

The Guy Who Has Seen It All (Tier 10)

Skelch (Tier 5/4)

Super MC (Tier 8)

Mirror Man (Tier 8/7)

Arc (Tier 2/1)

The Unstoppable Force (Tier 2)

Catastrophe (Tier 8)

King Barius II (Tier 6/5)

Tamanegi (Tier 5/4)

Killer Jaster (Tier 8)

Seagull Johnny (Tier 8)

The Beast (Montecristo Nadder) (Tier 8)


Magic World

Soldiers of the Future

Cursed God

OC's/Pages that aren't mine, but that I created the page

Animation - Credit to Alan Becker.

Rare Akuma - Credit to P.O.T.S (Tier 5)

Edwin (Elf Story)


Ninja (NINJA Brawl)

L.T. Brickfist Uppercut





Box of Azathoth

Lloyd's Secret

Pendulum of Time

My favorite pages

Paradox Firewing