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Hello! I am Drag-O-Drawgon, a Content Moderator for FC/OC Vs Battles. I am quite active here, and am usually happy to help, so feel free to ask me any questions.

My Verses

Key: Bold - Original Character Verse, Italics - Fan-Cannon Verse, Normal - Created by someone else and brought here by Drag-O-Drawgon

Note: anything sub-categorized in a verse is a character in a verse without a verse page (or is there via being the only character page made for that verse), and is not subject to the key above.

Other Pages

Random Tidbits

  • I will no longer be catching NLFs (No Limits Fallacies) in profiles unless they are extremely obvious. This is due to very large amount of profiles I've seen with wording that can be interpreted as NLF. I will instead look for it in VS threads, where it is more apparent. I'd give an example here, but context can cause any example given to have cases where it's no longer NLF. (The best situation I can give is: Character A has an ability at the peak of his/her/its verse and can essentially solo it. Character B is far above everything in Character A's verse in AP, hax potency, etc. Assuming character A can affect character B with said ability would be an NLF unless logic or reasoning dictates otherwise)
    • Exception is immunities without proper justification. Read the Resistance page.
  • I do not wish to differentiate any character's AP justification between tiers 1-A, High 1-A, and 0. I will be able to tell you if it's within this range, but not where. (Note: Low 1-A does not count. I will differentiate this)


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Beta pages (One as of now)

The first FCOC Tournament. (8-B, hosted by Uninown)

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