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King Kinii




Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Name: King Kinii

Origin: Faiverse

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Classification: King

Weight: 122 lbs

Height: 6' 2"

Likes: His eyes, History

Dislikes: "Impurities"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hobbies: Hunting

Martial Status: Single

Status: Dead

Affiliation: Himself

Previous Affiliation: His kingdom

Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B, Would eventually become High 6-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Capable of picking up faint smells and sounds and deducing the source, commonly used to track beasts), Longevity (Theoretically capable of living for over a thousand years), Sword Expertise (Capable of using swords to effectively kill many different beasts), Limited Power Absorption (Began absorbing abilities from the Old Knights, who have long since been dead. Kinii cannot absorb from anyone else, however), Light Manipulation (Absorbed from Knight Liz, Kinii can manipulate light in the general area to do simple things such as making it brighter or darker, which can also lead to creating pitch black darkness by moving all light away, to less simple things such as transforming the light into light based attacks),

Attack Potency: City level (Takes power from the old knights, who have regularly nuked the cities of their enemies. He has laid waste to his entire kingdom over time from sheer remnants of power left from fights. Continually gets power from the old knights to get stronger over time), Would eventually become Multi Continent level (It is stated that if all the power held by the old knights were to converge in one place, the resulting combined power would lay waste to everything on the surface of An immediately upon convergence, resulting in a wasteland without any oceans, visible life, or evidence that anyone was ever there)

Speed: FTL+ (Keeps up with Prince Nomber. Regularly travels to other parts of the planet, by most people observing, near instantly)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: City Class (His strikes are his main attacks), Would eventually become Multi Continent Class

Durability: City level (Can take attacks from himself and Prince Nomber), Would eventually become Multi Continent level

Stamina: He has shown to go on longer hunting sessions, sometimes lasting a couple of days.


Standard Equipment: A sturdy sword and armor

Intelligence: He has much knowledge and experience in hunting monsters, and has shown to be able to effectively subdue and kill most of any monster that comes his way, even before getting any power from the old knights. However, he is nowhere near as good against even competent warriors not much weaker than him. While he is not completely useless in these situations, he does not have the experience nor skill to properly fight them. His abilities are his only saving grace in these kinds of battles, provided his opponent does not already know that it's coming. Kinii learns abilities gained from the old knights rather quickly, being able to include it in fighting quite soon after he first obtains it.

Weaknesses: Kinii lacks experience against competent warriors not much weaker than him. He gets most of his power from the old knights, and while he can learn how to use complex abilities rather quickly, he does not get to learn nuances of them until they become a big problem. Despite all the abilities Kinii has learned, all of the forms of Essence Manipulation that some of the old knights had were completely out of Kinii's reach.


  • Figured out how to start getting power from the old knights, knights who have been long since dead.
    • Learned how to use specific abilities from the old knights rather quickly.
  • Was able to last in a fight against Prince Nomber, although Kinii was eventually overwhelmed.

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