aka Jeffrey Mayhem

  • I live in Maryland
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Debater and Artist
  • I am Male

Oh hey there boi! Welcome to my profile!

This is DerpyLulu, the great debater in the VS battles communities. Oh you saying that I'm the new Famous Internet Person? Indeed I am! Oh also you can called me Jeffrey! I'm a user in the FCs/OCs VS Battles Wikia, I'm just a boy, also I was a founder of CBW. I also work to find serious respect threads or stats for any characters who has actual feats, also look at below down on note that what I said about it...

Yes I'm here in the FC/OC VS Battles Wikia, I'm now work on it, I guess...

Note: If you wanna to make message for me in my message wall that you tell me to do.

Note: Be warned about me... I'm now the Anti-JBW leader, since admins ignore me and make my heart broken when admins deleted few my pages in JBW. If you wonder about me, I do NOT like ignorant people, even NOT like people who insult me. You see, I'm only a guy who is likely neutral so you must not bother me, you must not ignore me, EVEN you must NOT insult me. I'm only WHO want to stay in the Internet for long for reasons. Yes, I'm still stay in FC/OCVSBW for long, about VSBW? Nah, I'm not like to stay in VSBW because that make me so disappointed.

Be careful, you only be careful to watch if I'm here in your message wall. Yes, I can confrimed that.

Permission to Hired

There's my own wikia, you only have to ask me in a message wall if you want to get into these links for reasons when you're hired to work on them. If you don't want, then just ignore them whatever you wants.

Just click here

Just warning for you... This wikia is just like the VS Battles Wikia, but only this is for serious profiles that can make new page about a serious profile like all characters that can have real feats, only there's a rule in it if you have to find it and read. Also tell to think this wikia must be updated, you should feel free to send a message with me on a message wall about it.

Verses I support

My Pages

Although there are many pages I made, an apology for steal pages from someone, yes I went crazy for make pages with FC/OCVSBW formats because I just want to have lot people support on any verse pages if you wonder. About OCs, yes right, I admit I just make OC pages for someone with permission, so OC pages I made could be mine.

Just click the link to a category: Here

Planned Addictions

About new pages come to the FC/OC VS Battles Wikia, has not been confirmed yet however I didn't know what characters need improve to have feats but we must have been help to make good ideas with me. I also just work on my two sandboxes: Here and Here

  • Fake NYN
  • HSI
  • Deathsoul's Unnamed OC 1
  • Deathsoul's Unnamed OC 2
  • Deathsoul's Unnamed OC 3
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