aka Gerald Reed

  • I live in San Diego
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Procrastinating a ton on writing a story that may or may not make me money in the future
  • I am A guy who likes SAO... Tabletop

Oh ho, you found me!

Hi. I'm a Marvel nerd what doesn't actually read Marvel, rather, I watch the epic Adaption, My Hero Acadamia. And a ton of other anime. I play games on steam, where I have the same username, DMUA. DMUA stands for Der Mormon Urwerk Affe, which is German for The Mormon Clockwork Monkey. I am not a German, but my mom learned it in High school because Spanish was way too crowded. And.... That's pretty much all about me. Yeah. Kinda disappointing.

Well, if you want to DM me, my discord is DMUA#4036 so you can hit me up there. If you don't use Discord, then hit my wall for wherever else you want. I'm not all that picky.

My one Verse I've actually put up here:

Jack of All Trades

Templates for RP Bois

User:DMUA/Template for SAO:TTRPG Players and Bosses

User:DMUA/Basic layout for JoAT characters

Some profiles I've maintained since Robot decided to make them a thing

Godzilla (FC/OC Tabletop RPG)

Omega Flowey (FC/OC Tabletop RPG)

The Higher Beings (The FC/OC Tabletop RPG)

Advice to Writers

(Given to User:BlazetheStriker over Discord)

"Big Goals (Goals to Reach by the End of My Time Here)

-Get 1,000 wins

-Get on the Wikia's Strongest"

I'll be legit, if this is your main goal you probably shouldn't be on FC/OC

Because while it is a fighting wiki

It's also a writing wiki

And, that takes precedence.

After all, think about it.

Starcross caps out at 3-C

It has matter Hax and other cool stuff

It's somewhat powerful

But more importantly

It solos verses

With good writing.

Because like

Take this perspective

Suggsverse is infamously a bad series, right?

But It has 1-B fodders

Now, Starcross has 3-C top tiers

But in the fight I'm about to show you, they're only High 5-A

User blog:Promestein/Starcross - EQUINOX vs SOLSTICE

Once you're done reading, tell me, which do you prefer, this, or Suggs?

Do you perfer the High 5-As with somewhat good Hax fighting?

Or do you perfer the 1-B to 1-As with absolutely ludicrous NLF bazanga omegahax fighting?

Well if you don't have your wires loose

I'm pretty sure you can see Writing beats tiering any day

So, while keeping a consistent powerscale, and having overpowered characters, is perfectly fine, you should focus on writing, always.

Advice given to sticklers for tiers

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