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A Eldritch Monster who snuck his way into Ichika's game while she was drunk. Becoming one of the primary antagonists, Nameless went on to kill 200 million people and indirectly lead into the destruction of NYC, before fighting and dying against Asterios.

He was then revived by Dante on a whim and proceeded to wreck more havoc across the planet, greatly enjoying himself. He fought against Colonel and plently of other characters, eventually being killed by Nil in a fit of rage.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B, 9-B to 8-C with duplicates. At least 8-B with CENSORED. Higher, up to 8-A, with Demon Days. High 7-A with You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon | 7-C, Higher with Demon Days V2, High 7-A with You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon | 6-C, High 6-C with Psychic Boosts. Higher with You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon and Demon Days V3. Up to Low 5-B with chain reactions

Name: Nameless

Origin: Everybody Wants to Die 2

Gender: None, eventually started being referred to as male

Age: 1.984 million years

Classification: Eldritch Horror, Embodiment of Chaos, "The Aberration". His duplicates are called Cancer Spawns

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, and 8; His body can reshape itself so that even fatal wounds won't kill him. Dante will resurrect him if he dies), Regeneration (Low-Mid; Regenerated from being dissected, losing half of his lower body, losing a foot and having his heart destroyed), Enhanced Senses (Can see invisible things), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact even with abstract things), Dimensional Storage (Can hold objects that he carries with him as a normal part of his attire in a pocket space), Fear Manipulation, Mind Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (Type 3. His mere presence is far more powerful than that of monsters who can control billions of people at once, and will cause instant seizures, panic attacks, insanity, paranoia and suicide within eye contact with him. Can also directly attack the mind), Resistance Negation (Both his presence and his attacks bypass resistance to mind manipulation. Also bypasses resistance to physical attacks), Information Manipulation (Can taint the names of others, causing those who view it to go insane. By leaving a area, he will erase any trace and information of ever being there, including his identity. This affects the memory of others and even technology), Accelerated Development (Battle, Training; Intelligence. Increased his intelligence at a supernatural rate, going from being animalistic to being capable of having full, comprehensible conversations with others), Body Control, Life Manipulation, Absorption, Duplication (Can eat others, eating their life force and creating a weaker clone of himself. Clones possess all previous abilities, plus Fusionism, as they can join themselves to become stronger), Flight, Corruption (Type 3), Blood Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3. Can corrupt a section of reality, causing blood to sprout everywhere around him. Within this space, Nameless can create conceptual weapons that force the idea of bleeding into it's targets, causing any bleeding wound to be amplified dozens of times), Regeneration Negation (Low-Mid), Weapon Creation, Electricity Manipulation (Created a electric sword with Demon Days), Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Bone Manipulation (Creates bone spikes from within his body, which can cut through reality itself and warp space-time. Upon impact, it releases a explosion that destroys reality itself, erasing a portion of the universe), Resistance to Soul Manipulation (His soul has durability like his normal body), Mind Manipulation (Ichika prevented mind-controlling abilities from functioning on them), Power Absorption, Complex Power Mimicry (Basic Techniques and Fighting Styles can be mimicked, but nothing higher) and Radiation Manipulation

All previous to a far higher extent, Enhanced Accelerated Development (Passive, Abilities and Intelligence. Nameless possessses the theory of evolution taken to its logical conclusion. He possesses the ability to passively evolve, both in intelligence and in power, far enhancing his array of abilities to levels previously unthinkable), Clairvoyance (His intelligence is so great that it gave him the power to "be aware" of his surroundings completely across dozens, and soon hundreds of kilometers), Precognition (His processing power is such that he can accurately predict the future), Instinctive Reaction (Even when all of his senses were taken away at a conceptual level, he still managed to phase to higher dimensions instictively), Genius Intelligence, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Abstract Existence (Type 1. Nameless is a completely abstract thought being who exists beyond the comprehension of the universe and exists as a possibility without certainty. He possessses many more dimensions, angles and directions than any other being in the universe), Acausality (Type 1 and 4, exists beyond the natural flow of cause and effect), Shapeshifting, Body Control (Sub-Quantum level. Every particle, string and energy within Nameless's "body" is a by-product of his imagination, of which he can freely reshape unlimitedly. Can turn into anything he can imagine), Temperature Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (Can vibrate his "atoms" to create fires hotter than the center of nuclear explosions), Regeneration (Mid. Can force his head back after being cracked open), Immortality (All previous, plus 5. Due to his nature, he does not possess a natural concept of death), Dimensional Travel, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Intangibility (Can phase into higher dimensions to step into directions outside the universe, becoming impossible to hit. Used this to create fires that extended into higher dimensions), Teleportation, Corruption (Type 2), Darkness Manipulation (Can teleport to anywhere in the universe as long as he isn't seen, leaving a corrupting darkness at his wake), Enhanced Explosion Manipulation (Can create explosive weaponry with Demon Days V2), Weather Manipulation, Enhanced Blood Manipulation (Caused blood to rain from the clouds and painted entire parts of the ocean red with it), Death Manipulation (Demon Days V2 instantly killed plants and fish that were within range), Necromancy (Revived billions of aquatic life into CENSORED-like zombies), Light Manipulation (With flashbangs), Chain Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Can control the matter created by Demon's Day V2), Forcefield Creation (Created a forcefield of energy around a soul with Demon's Day V2), Energy Projection, Aura (Overwhealming, Explosive, Materialized. His aura exploded with enough force to part the clouds and the sea and Poisoned the air, making it nearly impossible to breathe). Reality Warping, Mind Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation and Existence Erasure with Psycho Blast. Resistance to Matter Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Body Puppetry (Due to not having either of those), Time Stop (Can move in stopped time, although his attacks do not), Transmutation, Petrification, Age Manipulation, BFR (Ichika has anchored him to the universe he was summoned on)

All previous but immensely higher, Regeneration (Low-High. Returned after being reduced to red paste), limited Negation of Reactive Evolution (His powers will take longer to evolve against, and the evolution is not perfect), Reality Warping (Psychic matrices allow the user to modify their surroundings through willpower alone), Physics Manipulation (Psychic matrices allow the user to alter and modify the laws of physics), Information Analysis (Can analyze the pasts of others with Human Erudition), Enhanced Senses (Can amplify or expand the range of his senses), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense psychic matrices, temperatures, feelings, minds, electromagnetism, magic and ki), Immortality Negation (Types 3, 5 and 8, can negate the immortality of beings with Gnosis 35, as well as Al-Djinn), Avatar Creation, Incorporeality, Resistance Negation (Beings with higher Gnosis are able to ignore the resistances of those at lower levels), Invulnerability and Damage Reduction Negation (Able to damage beings with lower Gnosis through invulnerability. Beings are able to ignore the "Spiritual Barrier" of those with Gnosis below their own), Regeneration Negation (Up to Mid-Godly), Telepathy (Can communicate telepathically and read minds with the Telepathy discipline), Limited Time Travel (Can project his senses into the past to observe past events), Fire Manipulation (Can create and control fire with the Pyrokinesis discipline), Ice Manipulation (Can create and control ice with the Cryokinesis discipline), Electricity Manipulation (Can create and control electricity with the Energy and Electromagnetism disciplines), Light Manipulation (Can create and control light with the Light discipline), Magnetism Manipulation (Can create magnetic shields as well as control magnetism with the Electromagnetism discipline), Precognition (Can predict movements by reading brain signals), Gravity Manipulation (Can manipulate gravitational fields with the Electromagnetism discipline), Body Control (Can control his own body to increase his regenerative capabilities), Biological Manipulation (Can control the bodies of others at a primary level to increase their capabilities), Possession (Can swap bodies with Psychic Connection), Body Puppetry (Can take control of others' movements by controlling their electrical signals), Energy Manipulation (Can create and manipulate energy with the Energy discipline), Heat Manipulation (Can manipulate temperatures with the Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis and Causality disciplines), Weather Manipulation (Can manipulate weather with the Causality discipline), Psychometry (Can obtain information from the past with the Telemetry discipline), Transmutation (Can transform others into crystal with Crystallize), Absolute Zero (Can create areas of Absolute Zero with Absolute Zero and Everlasting Moment), Power Modification (Can modify his own abilities to improve their potency, as well as improve their range with Area, can modify the nature of energy with Modify Nature, can decrease and remove mental resistances, can make abilities innate, making their use constant with no maintenance), Power Nullification (Can nullify Psychic abilities with Destroy Matrices and nullify various types of energy with the Energy discipline), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with the Noth), Sense Manipulation (Can create new senses as well as improve his existing ones, can project his senses across large distances and destroy senses), Life Manipulation (Can sacrifice his own vital energy to increase the strength of his Psychic Powers with Nova), Flight, Mind Manipulation (Can control minds, set mental restraints and destroy intelligence and minds), Willpower Manipulation (Can decrease or completely remove willpower, turning the victim into a blank slate), Empathic Manipulation (Can create, amplify or permanently destroy emotions with the Sentience discipline), Fear Manipulation (Can create or amplify fear in others), Madness Manipulation (Type 2, Can drive people insane by amplifying their emotions as well as create madness with Create Emotions), Teleportation and BFR (Can teleport objects and living beings with the Teleportation discipline), Telekinesis (Can lift, push, restrain, throw and launch living beings and objects with the Psychokinesis discipline), Matter Manipulation (Can deconstruct and reconfigure matter at the atomic level), Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Power Bestowal (Can grant others various abilities), Clairvoyance (Aleph allows the user to observe the universe from every angle at once), Perception Manipulation (Can alter the perception of others, causing them to see things that aren't there or rendering them unable to see specific things), Memory Manipulation (Can erase, create and modify memories), Sleep Manipulation (Can forcibly render others unconscious by teleporting them inside solid objects), Astral Projection (Can project his consciousness out of his body and survive outside of it even if the body is killed), Invisibility (While utilizing Astral Shape, Nameless cannot be seen by those without the ability to see Psychic Matrices), Forcefield Creation (Can create psychokinetic, energy, fire, ice, light and magnetic forcefields), Durability Negation (Consume burns the target from the inside, bypassing their durability, Shatter causes the target to burst into pieces from the inside), Causality Manipulation (Create Chaos and Create Order accelerate and slow causality respectively, can control Causality with Control Causality and force events of his design to occur), Law Manipulation (With Delete Law of Causality, Nameless can remove the laws of Cause and Effect on himself), Probability Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (Can increase or decrease the odds of unusual events occurring with Create Chaos and Create Order. Auspice passively alters fate in his favor to benefit him in fights), Chaos Manipulation (With Create Chaos), Massively Enhanced Blood Manipulation (Can utilize any of these spells). Chaos Manipulation, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Black Hole Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2) with Chaos. Resistance to Corruption (Type 2 and 3), Fusionism, Possession, Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Precognition, Soul Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Extrasensory Perception, Information Analysis, Sealing, Chaos Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Damage Transferal, Subjective Reality, Mind Manipulation, Summoning, Death Manipulation, Resistance Negation, Power Mimicry, Transmutation, Duplication, Void Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Law Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Reality Warping, Magic, Damage Reduction, Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly), Damage Boost, Power Nullification, Sound Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Necromancy, Absorption, Power Absorption, Immortality Negation

Attack Potency: City Block level (Crashed into Moscow with the force of a "10 ton bomb", launching buildings away). Wall level to Building level with duplicates (Broke through walls. The strongest ones can trade blows with Goblins). At least City Block level with CENSORED (Easily manhandled the other characters. Split a 200 meter in diameter rock in half with a punch. Is the fusion of millions of duplicates) Higher, up to Multi-City Block level, with Demon Days (His electric sword blasted Asterios with enough force to cut him in half, and was stated to be comparable to one of Gunner's nukes). Large Mountain level+ with You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon (Contributed to the destruction of a great deal of Moscow and clashed with Ashton's cannon blast, although was eventually overpowered) | Town level (Upon getting serious, his aura parted the clouds and the ocean with a massive wave of pressure), Higher with Demon Days V2 (Far stronger than before), Large Mountain level with You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon | Island level (Caused massive destruction around Mars, caved out a multi kilometer block of ice and lifted it in the air), Large Island level with Psychic Boosts (Became 10x stronger, created an explosion that could be seen from space in Mars). Higher with Demon Days V3 and You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon. Up to Small Planet level with chain reactions (Used Control Causality to accelerate Phobos to 25% the speed of light, enough to utterly destroy Mars)

Speed: Supersonic Combat Speed, Massively Hypersonic Travel Speed (Went from NYC to Antarctica to Moscow within 10 minutes) | Massively Hypersonic (Mach 500) with Sub-Relativistic travel speed | Relativistic (Up to 25% the speed of light), up to FTL with Psychic Boosts. FTL+ travel speed (Can move from Earth to Mars in 9 seconds)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Should be comparable to Dura, who held back a massive amount of blood) | Class G | Class T (Carried a 1 billion ton chunk of ice casually)

Striking Strength: City Block Class | Town Class | Island Class, Large Island Class with Psychic Boosts

Durability: City Block level | Town level | Island level, Large Island level with Psychic Boosts and Forcefields

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Standard Melee Range. 30 meters with Demon Days, up to Kilometers with weapons. Higher with You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon | up to Thousands of kilometers with Demon's Days (Could create and extend his aura down to the inner cores of the Earth itself), Universal with Unsee, at least Interdimensional with dimensional phasing (Can step into several higher dimensions and different directions) | Universal to Interdimensional with Psychic Powers and Magic

Standard Equipment: None notable other than weapons created by Demon's Day

Intelligence: Animalistic (Acts purely on instinct and is only capable of grunting), to Above Average (Evolved his brain to understanding human language almost entirely, managed to skillfully fight and hurt Ashton, who is more than 10 times stronger than him, through careful strategy) | Genius (His mind far surpassed that of Earth's greatest) to at least Extraordinary Genius (Can accurately predict the future. Uncovered the mysteries behind the universe because he was bored. Created a completely accurate model of the laws of physics that far dwarfs anything humanity will ever reach, just to find ways to create chaos) | At least Extraordinary Genius (Far superior than before, had created an entire society of CENSORED and would have caused chaos across the universe if he had been left for his devices)

Weaknesses: Initially was animalistic and acted only on instinct. Insane and overconfident, will jump onto the first opportunity of battle. You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon can only be used 3 times. | A masochist who will seek as much damage as possible. Cannot control well his higher dimensional movements | Still prone to not take things seriously until the end, even when faced with ridiculous odds such as a 5v1 battle

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Demon Days: A power that corrupts his surroundings up to 30 meters. Within this space, blood will pour from every corner the eye doesn't see, and Nameless can shape the very chaos within man's heart into ideological, metaphysical weapons of death. These weapons force the "idea" of bleeding into opponents who are inside the area, causing bleeding wounds to be impossible to close as well as accelerating the process exponentially, depending on how much they are hit.
  • You Ain't Forgetting Me So Soon: From all over his body spring dozens of twisted blade of bones. They all launch towards a single target, shredding reality itself as it approaches. Once they hit their target, a explosion of eldritch energy happens, utterly obliterating anything close by. Only a white hole is left wherever it happened, burning itself onto the minds of all who witnessed it.

  • Celebral Metamorphosis: The theory of evolution taken to it's logical conclusion, Nameless's brain can passively absorb information around him at a superhuman level, causing quick mental evolution. This allows him not only to quickly develop his strategies and increase his intelligence, but also gives him a accute understanding of his surroundings (at least dozens of kilometers initially), even letting him give a educated guess on the future. Not only that, it also gives him a far higher understanding and control over the powers he already has (For example, given enough time he can turn off his passives, extend the range of demon days past the 30 meter area, and even cause the area to be so dense with chaos that it becomes hard to breathe)
    • Eldritch Physiology: Shredding it's former shell, Nameless's true form is revealed. A abstract phenomena, a thought experiment, a possibility without certainty full of angles, degrees and directions beyond human form, disconected from the normal flow of cause and effect (covered by NPI don't worry ovo). Due to what his "body" is, every "particle" of his body is within his control, it's shape being within his full control. He can shape into any animal, object and anything else, as long as it is within his mental capabilities. Nameless can also "step" into higher dimensions, essencially dodging and phasing across the world by walking in directions unknown. He cannot do this freely however, as he can easily get lost within a directions he doesn't understand.
    • Unsee: As long as he isn't within the line of sight of anyone, he can teleport within any spot of the universe, causing a corrupting explosion of darkness as he leaves. The spot he arrives at also cannot have any people nearby
    • Demon's Days V2: An updated version of Demon Days by Celebral Metamorphosis. Its range has been massively expanded, covering thousands of kilometers with ease at its peak. Nameless has far more minute control over it than before, allowing for creation of various kinds of weapons and matter, such as rocks, flashbangs, chains, ropes and more. In addition, the Aura is far stronger now, able to physically push back opponents by making them get attacked every second. The aura also instantly kills lesser life-forms, as well as poisons the air, making it impossible to breathe
    • Psycho Blast: Gathering thoughts from every corner of the universe, Nameless denies the conventional laws of the universe. Releasing a ring shaped blast, the very geography of reality turns wrong. Directions don't lead to where they should and time seems to fly at random. As Nameless turns a section of the universe into a space-time maze, a tesseract that will eventually implode onto itself, killing those who can't leave it in time.

  • Demon's Days V3: An even more updated version of Demon's Day, the generation of weapons has reached truly insane levels, with thousands being created on a whim. This number was enough to keep Nameless's opponents at bay for a while, even as he fought 5 to 1.
    • Chaos: A 1000 kilometer radius spell that plunges down everything into absolute Chaos. It's effects are better described here.

    Key: Base | Revived by Dante | Third Set


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    You think you can play with us, little god? Well i SAY THAT'S BULLSHIT! THIS NIHILISTIC ARC ENDS NOW! EAT FIST, BITCH!

    Credit to my sister

    Credit to ZephyrosOmega


    Puncher McFucker is one of the player characters in Everybody Wants to Die. Part of the McFucker clan, a neightboor clan to the McChad clan, Puncher's goal is to live life at it's fullest by punching the greatest beings in existence.

    After a journey, with multiple ups and downs, Puncher reached the peak of his powers and decided to face against Nil. However, his bold atempts were quickly shut-down as he was erased out of existence via Retcon. All hope seemed lost.

    However, sensing a disturbance in the plot continnum, his cousin, Coolguy McChad, came to the rescue, allowing Puncher to trive over Nil with the power of plot.

    His body dissolved, his will itself going to Coolguy McChad to have their legendary battle.

    Powers and Stats

    Tier: High 8-C | 7-B | 6-B | High 6-A | Low 2-C, likely Low 1-C, higher as God of Fistruction, 1-A with Supreme Motherfucking Punch, Everybody Wants To Fist and Retcon | At least Low 1-C, 1-A with Retcon and Plot Manipulation

    Name: Puncher McFucker

    Origin: Everybody Wants to Die

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Classification: Virus Mutated Human, Cousin of Coolguy McChad | Part-Demon, Part-Vampire | Newest Master of Hokuko, Captain Falcon | Doctor, Member of Deus Mortem | The God of Punching

    Powers and Abilities:

    Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Immortality (Type 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid, regenerated the damage done in the fight against Dante, which included losing limbs, corruption of internal organs and having all the skin and meat in his face melted off), Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Shockwave Creation, Pain Manipulation (Caused Dante the worst pain he ever felt in his life with pure physical attacks), Damage Transferal, Statistics Amplification, Limited Attack Reflection (Can add the damage of his enemies attacks into his own), Power Mimicry (Can copy the combat skill of his enemies by watching their moves), Body Control (Can turn parts of his body into tentacles), Disease Manipulation (Can infect his enemies with a cell killer virus that turns his enemies into blobs of organic trash by attacking with his tentacles), Poison Manipulation (With poison darts), Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Absorption (Can assimilate others into himself with tentacles), Healing (Mid-Low), Adaptation (To diseases), Rage Power, Acrobatics, Afterimage Creation, Electricity Manipulation (One of his counters shocks his opponents), Invulnerability (As long as his aura is up, he won't take enough damage to die), Aura (Explosive), Perception Manipulation (By slowing down his perception of time), Non-Physical Interaction (Harms ghosts with punches), Stealth Mastery, Accelerated Development (By literally spending money on himself, can increase his combat skill), Limited Life Manipulation (Can escape from death by giving himself a sliver of life), Supernatural Luck (With money problems), Limited Probability Manipulation (Can make his allies lucky in battles), Sound Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Can enrage his opponents by taunting), Mind Manipulation (Opponents will start the fight by pitying him. Does not last after he attacks), Creation, Paralysis Inducement (With taser), Explosion Manipulation (With bombs), Sleep Manipulation (With sleep darts), Light Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Durability Negation (One of his moves can knock out people supernaturally), Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Vector Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Density Manipulation and Flight (Can manipulate the Vectors of Gravity, allowing him not only to shift his weight or the weight of anyone who he is contacting, but also to "fall" through the air essencially flying). Resistance to Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Extreme Heat, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Pain Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Death Manipulation

    All previous, Regeneration (High-Mid, can return from just a head), Matter Manipulation (Molecular level. Does not work on organic material or beings who are alive however), Telekinesis, Weather Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Immersion (Can enter and leave shadows), Shapeshifting, Intangibility (Via becoming fog), Weapon Creation, Life-Force Absorption, Blood Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (Can absorb life force by absorbing blood, negating regeneration up to Low-Mid), Memory Manipulation (By messing with his or someone else's brain), Corruption (Type 2 by turning others into vampires), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), limited Astral Projection (Can project his demon arm into a giant form), Energy Manipulation (Can even create platforms), Power Absorption (Can absorb demonic power to enhance his own arm), Summoning of homing energy swords, Dimensional Storage, Spatial Manipulation, Portal Creation, Resurrection, Durability Negation with Yamato, Reactive Evolution (Senketsu can create new functions in responce to the battle), Reactive Power Level, Heat Manipulation (Can increase his own body temperature), Smoke Manipulation, Size Manipulation (Can change Senketsu's size), Sound Manipulation, Hair Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation (Can weaponize his own willpower), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2 and 3), Extreme Cold, Radiation Manipulation, Reality Warping, Size Manipulation, Transmutation, Petrification, Life Manipulation, Absorption, Soul Manipulation and Corruption (Type 3)

    All previous, limited Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1. Can interact with and attack concepts. However, the effects are small, as he is not strong enough to do much to them yet), Spatial Manipulation, Physics Manipulation (His punches can shift and distort space and break the laws of physics), Forcefield Creation, Enhanced Attack Reflection, Magnetism Manipulation, Summoning, Death Manipulation (Can instantly kill weakened beings), Homing Attack, Plant Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (By pressing specific pressure points in humans, Puncher can control their biology in a number of ways, from curing injuries to making them explode. This even works in inorganic matter), Memory Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Body Puppetry, Sleep Manipulation, Duplication, Instinctive Reaction, Air Manipulation, Power Nullification (Can nullify energy attacks), Regeneration Negation (Low-Mid), Astral Projection, Resistance to Weapon Mastery (Takes reduced damage to weapons), Air Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Energy Projection, Power Absorption, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Pressure Manipulation

    All previous, Regeneration (Low-Godly. Will regenerate as long as his soul, spirit, body and will, all of which exist in different dimensions from each other, are not destroyed at once), Immortality (All previous, plus 4, 6, 8 and 9. Is reliant on Coolguy as long as the plot needs him to be), Plot Manipulation, Information Manipulation with Supreme Motherfucking Punch and Everybody Wants To Fist, Servant Physiology, Darkness Manipulation, Absolute Zero, Enhanced Matter Manipulation (Can cause matter to undergo nuclear fission and blast opponents at the sub atomic level), Existence Erasure (Can create a area were any semblance of existence, even at the conceptual level, is deleted. Can also blast away the existenxe of enemies with punches), Sealing, Transmutation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can manipulate 4 dimensional space to an extent), Truth Manipulation, Vastly Enhanced Fire Manipulation and Heat Manipulation (Has total and full control of any heat source within the universe, shaping it to his will. This control extends even to other universes), Enhanced Life Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1. Can consume the life, soul and concept of those within a area), Fusionism, Curse Manipulation, Power Modification, Black Hole Manipulation (Can create and control quasars), Psychometry, Reality Warping, Law Manipulation (Passively turns whatever universe he is in into his domain, overriding the laws of reality), Mind Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Abstract Existence (Type 1. Embodies the universe he is in), Resurrection Negation, Large Size (Type 8), Time Travel, Corruption (Type 3), Resistance to Matter Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Information Analysis, Information Manipulation, Power Nullification, Illusion Manipulation, Sealing, Existence Erasure

    All previous, Causality Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Creation, Reality Warping and Subjective Reality with Retcon. Transformation, which grants: Fear Manipulation, Acausality (Type 4. Causality and space-time entirely retracted from Puncher due to sheer fear), Reactive Evolution (Scaling from Chadforce), Enhanced Abstract Existence (Type 1. Embodies the concept of fists and punches. His knuckles are the universe), Space-Time, Law, Probability and Physics Manipulation (His blows against Coolguy distorted and damaged space, time, probability and the laws of physics to a great degree), Danmaku (Released a number of neutron missiles so big "not even the biggest crackheads at googology could fathom it"), Astral Manipulation, Resistance to Space-Time, Law, Probability and Physics Manipulation (Was unaffected by any of the alterations caused by his and Coolguy's attacks)

    All previous to an immensely higher degree, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Portal Creation (Punched a hole in the fabric of reality that led to God-Realm), Enhanced Power Nullification (Literally punched away Nil's status effects), Aura (Overwhelming. Was destroying God-Tube with his presence), Matter Manipulation (Quantum level), Probability Manipulation (Collapsed the quantum spectra of possibilities with his attacks), Light Manipulation (Punched out all of the color out of the world), Forcefield Creation (Punched a forcefield into existence), Space-Time Manipulation (Caused a infinite expansion of space-time--- a Big Bang), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Punched a new dimension into existence, not unlike Chadforce's dimension, as it is reinforced against attacks and evolves to match them), Death Manipulation (Punched the concept of death at Nil), Plot Manipulation (Burnt away the very fabric of the plot in his clash against Nil), Causality Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation and Gravity Manipulation (With the Art of Fist)

    Attack Potency: Large Building level (Punched a hole through a cafe with such force that a mini earthquake occured. Ripped appart a demon at the molecular level with punches), Large Building level+ with buffs (Can boost his power tremendously, easily punching through Dante. Caused immense damage to Nuuk and sinked multiple buildings with Hell 2 U) | City level (Can create small storms with telekinesis, his sheer willpower was compared to a nuclear explosion), City level+ with buffs (Can easily multiply his power by close to 10 times, reaching just bellow 100 megatons. The combined power of himself and Dante sank the entirety of New York City). City level+ after fighting Dante (Permanently increased his strength to this level) | Country level+ (Comparable to Dante and blew a visible hole in a moon sized being) | Multi-Continent level+ (Shaved off the surface of Mars with ease and threw pluto at "several kilometers per second". Stated to have enough power to severely damage the moon) | Universe level+ (Comparable to his friends, who can destroy the universe and all of it's space-time with just their presence. Embodies the universe he turns into his domain), likely Low Complex Multiverse level (Punched away the void that contained the universes and made his way into Nil's God-Realm, which saw the world they were in as fiction), higher as the God of Fistruction (His fists are the universe itself. Caused cracks and shattering among Coolguy's dimension, causing it to adapt a innumerable number of times before Coolguy broke it. Only barely weaker than Flex up of the Chadforce Coolguy), Outerversal level with Supreme Motherfucking Punch (Punched through Nil with such force that not even Retcon could have returned him back to normal. In fact, Nil had been hit so hard Retcon had been almost entirely lost. Nil, and Retcon can affect reality on the God Realm, a "place" that exists completely beyond the endlessly twisting spatio-temporal dimensional hierachy of the lower world, and of which NACHILLEMORAC had to surpass the true meaning of infinity to reach), Everybody Wants To Fist (After being powered by every PC and character in existence, Puncher's fist not only struck Nil, but also his Godtube channel, and utterly deleted it. In Godtube, all previous events had been fiction. This deletion was so powerful even the likes of Omni and Joseph had their memory affected, although not fully) and Retcon (Although weaker than Nil's, it can still alter reality up to the God Realm) | At least Low Complex Multiverse level (Destroyed the quantum spectra of possibilities in his fight against Nil, collapsing the universe in 5 different spatial dimensions. Was destroying the God-Realm with his presence before completely obliterating it and remaking it at the most fundamental level. Nil had to boost himself by 50000 times to reach his level, before becoming far stronger due to Fistruction using evolution and effortlessly manhandling him. Once Nil had gained Character Development, their fight sent ripples across every universe in every dimension, including Seven's Bar. Art of Fist created a higher dimensional gravitational pull that attracted every universe across space-time to Puncher's dimension), Outerverse level with Retcon and Plot Manipulation (As strong as before)

    Speed: Hypersonic (While weakened by metaphysical damage, managed to fly at mach 9.8) | High Hypersonic+ (Can reach just bellow mach 100), Massively Hypersonic with buffs (Doubles his speed) | Sub-Relativistic (Comparable to Dante) | FTL (Traveled between the moon and earth instantly and can easily react to lasers) | At least Massively FTL+ (Blew through twenty centillion universes in a billionth of a second, each universe thousands of times bigger than the normal universe. Attacked Nil at speeds immeasurably faster than light. Far, far faster than the likes of Coolguy after using Flex up infinity and beyond. Crossed a Pentacotillion light years in a few minutes), likely Immeasurable (Reached the God-Realm, which transcended the universe), higher as God of Fistruction (Parried duodecillions of Coolguy's attacks that had crossed a innumerable number of light years. Far faster than before), Irrelevant with Supreme Motherfucking Punch (Attacked so fast the control of Nil switched to another GM) | Immeasurable (Far faster than before, blitzed Nil with novemdecilions of vingintillions of punches, who had to boost himself by 50000 times to keep up, before Puncher evolved and completely manhandled him. After Nil had been boosted by Character Development, he and Puncher moved so fast that "it wasn't even speed anymore"), up to Irrelevant with Plot Manipulation

    Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Class K | Class T | Class P | Infinite | Immeasurable

    Striking Strength: Large Building Class, Large Building Class+ with buffs | City Class, City Class+ with buffs | Country Class+ | Multi-Continent Class+ | Universal+, likely Low Complex Multiversal, Outerversal with Supreme Motherfucking Punch and Everybody Wants To Fist | At least Low Complex Multiversal, up to Outerversal with Plot Manipulation

    Durability: Large Building level, Large Building level+ (Dante broke his hand trying to punch Puncher), multiple layers of Damage Reduction make him hard to damage | City level, City level+ with buffs, multiple layers of Damage Reduction make him hard to damage | Country level+ | Multi-Continent level+ | Universe level+, likely Low Complex Multiverse level, higher as God of Fistruction, Outerversal level when the plot desires it | At least Low Complex Multiverse (Barely damaged by Nil's strongest attacks), up to Outerversal with Plot Manipulation

    Stamina: Immense (In his fight with Dante, managed to get in advantage while having his mind attacked, his soul scarred, his memories jumbled and his body corrupted, fighting purely on insticts despite the metaphysical damage sustained. Survived the fight and recovered shortly after) | Infinite

    Range: Hundreds of meters with shockwaves and guns | Several kilometers with shockwaves, up to Planetary with telekinesis, immersion and matter manipulation. Interdimensional with Portals | Same as before | Interplanetary, up to Universal. Interdimensional with teleportation | Low Multiversal, likely Low Complex Multiversal, up to Outerversal with Truths, Supreme Motherfucking Punch, Everybody Wants To Fist and Retcon | At least Low Complex Multiversal, Outerversal with Retcon, Plot Manipulation and Truths

    Standard Equipment: Dozens of guns and melee weapons | Yamato and the Red Scissor Sword | All previous | All previous, plus his clinic and the Robe of Sages | His own temple, Judas Pain, Dragon Knight Lucifer, Truth Brass Knuckles

    Intelligence: At least Genius. A superhumanly skilled combatant who's thinking at least ten steps futher, he is capable of fighting on par against Dante, baffling those who spectate the fight, going to extreme extends to defeat his opponents. Is also immensely skilled in other areas, like chemistry, biology and mechanics. | Same as before | Same as before | Extraordinary Genius. Has a complete and total understanding of the laws of physics and can manipulate them with calculations | Supergenius. His mind became one with space-time and his fighting abilities have far surpassed that of the realm of both natural and supernatural

    Standard Tacticts:

    Will start with the most effective physical melee technique, usually prefering to use punches. After analysing his opponent's fighting style, will start using his more advanced and versatile techniques, and, if possible, brute force through his opponents.

    Same as before, however, at the start of his battles, will blast his opponents with Strong Force. If they survive the sub-atomic blast, he will deem them worth of a fight.

    Surviving within his presence is enough to impress Puncher, which will prompt him to challenge his opponents into a battle. If the opponent plays by Puncher's dance accordingly (not immediatly going all out and blasting him with all they have), Puncher will go into God of Fistruction mode and fight with all he has. Otherwise, he will Retcon them out of existence.

    Weaknesses: Avoids using most techniques that do not involve melee battle, although will use them when needed. | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before | Can only use Supreme Motherfucking Punch and Everybody Wants To Fist in moments of character and plot development.

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    • Fucker Punch: A armor piercing thrusting punch that inflicts massive amounts of pain in whoever is unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of it
    • Kondraki Uppercut: A skillful manipulation of momentum that allows Puncher to apply the power of others attacks into his uppercut
    • Hell 2 U: Only usable while in midair. Puncher grabs his opponent in a bear hug, and manipulating vectors he positions himself and his enemy to face the ground head first. Then, increasing both his and his opponent's weight by tens of thousands of times, he shoots down like a meteor. He reverses the vectors, causing the fall to happen like a tornado of fire, hitting the ground with maximun impact.

  • Stand Activation: Devil Trigger: Puncher activates his Stand, called Devil Trigger. Devil Trigger holds the sword Yamato, that can rend space itself. It attacks alongside Puncher, and it slashes ignore durability. Devil Trigger can also revive Puncher in case he dies, and open portals to even other universes
    • Flex Up 300% (False), Super! Fucker! Punch!: Puncher uses a false technique similar to Flex Up, increasing his stats. He then shoots foward instantly, requiring no time to accelerate. This was fast enough to almost blitz Dante
    • Volcano of Fucker: A enhanced version of the Kondraki Uppercut, Puncher absorbs power into himself, then proceeds to punch up. This causes a volcanic erruption of energy, with enough power to level most of NYC. This attack blew away the upper body of Dante

  • Hokuto Martial Arts: Just like his cousin, Puncher McFucker learned the mythical art of Hokuto Shinken, allowing him to strike pressure points within his enemies, allowing for the manipulation of their body in a variety of ways. This goes from causing them to explode to even curing illnesses. He can also control the brain in a variety of ways, even removing memories from people.
    • Falcon Punch: The legendary technique passed down to all Captain Falcon's. Puncher, as the lastest Captain Falcon, can use this technique to it's maximum potential, his fist turning into no more falcon, but the Phoenix itself. The very air around Puncher instantly combursts upon use of this technique.

    • Eye of the Fist: The eye of God, it gives Puncher control over a number of physical laws. He has total control over the four fundamental forces, easily being capable of subatomizing his enemies, or bending time-space with gravity. He also has control over things like inertia, drag, velocity and more.
    • Lefty: Puncher's left hand, having a tumor-like face plastered within it's surface. It is sentient and talks. It's main power is Elemental Manipulation, having immense control over Fire, Air, Water and Earth. It can use them for a variety of things, like manipulating space, dimensional hopping and magic nullification. Lefty also has a variety of other functions, such as putting others to sleep with a touch and absorbing a variety of things, physical or not.

  • Magic: Puncher gained acess to Black Metal Magic, allowing him to use all of Dark's powers.
    • Supreme Motherfucking Punch: The ultimate punch of all. After getting a boost from Coolguy and realizing his true potential, Puncher flew back at Nil in a moment of character development, his fist turning into a blade that destroys Gods. The impact was so powerful control of Nil switched to another GM, causing him to bleed severely and lose most of his powers.
    • Everybody Wants To Fist: The supreme realization of Everybody Wants To Die, Puncher gathers the energy from every character and PC within the game and, in plot closing fashion, attacks his opponents with a information overriding punch, which is even more powerful than the Supreme Motherfucking Punch. This attack hit hard enough that, not only did it bring Nil ever closer to death, it also completely and utterly destroyed his God Tube channel, even affecting the likes of Omni in a limited manner.
    • Retcon: The power Puncher gained from Nil after his defeat, it allows for the rewrite of events. Although weaker than Nil's, it still allows him to freely manipulate reality as he wishes.
    • God of Fistruction: After his realization and potentialization, Puncher aquired the God of Fistruction form. Growing his hair immensely and turning his knuckles into the Universe, Puncher in this form is capable of matching Chadforce Coolguy blow for blow, distorting reality as we know it by fighting.
      • Edin Judas Quasar, Fistful Edition: Puncher's strongest attack while in this form. Turning 200 quintillion light years worth of matter into energy, Puncher blasts any in his path with a giant fist of destruction, blasting away everything in his path at the sub-atomic level, in the spiritual, mental, astral and conceptual layers of existence. Puncher can futher boost the blast's power by punching it, and then futher increase that by becoming the blast itself.

  • Infinite Big Bang Punch: Gathering an infinite amount of mass and turning it into energy, Puncher releases it as an infinite expansion in space-time as a big bang. This attack was strong enough to easily overwhelm the Praetorian.
    • Art of Fist: By combining every Punch he has ever done, across the past, present and future in every universe in the multiverse, Puncher increases his power by infinity. This move was so powerful Puncher was relunctant to even use it, as it causes higher dimensional gravitational pulls that threaten all of space-time.

    Key: First Set | Second Set | Third Set | Fourth Set | Ascension into Godhood | Everybody Wants To Die 2

    "Fools, you thought you could take the beach from me!? Well too bad, since i'm the King of the Beach! I may not be strong enough to have the beach yet, but i will come back! Stronger! And when i do, i'll turn this into the greatest beach episode of all!"
    ~ Tiro's start as a Beach King


    Tiro d La Arma, also known as Beach King, is one of the main characters of Reforged Ideals, teleported to an alternative reality. A man of mysterious origins, he was initially planning to be a gun collector. However, due to alterations in his Saint Graiph by outside forces, he became The Beach King of the Seventh Heaven, a beach fanatic. Currently, he is trying to balance his beach personality with his normal, more human personality, as well as purge whatever made him that way in the first place.

    He is one of the only super-powered beings who is popular among the general public.

    Appearance and Personality

    Tiro's clothes change from time to time. His most iconic look is a cowboy with a sombrero wearing sunglasses. His own appearance, as of set 3, can be changed to whatever he wants. However, he always maintains his first look, of a dark, slighty long haired man with dark pupils. He is tall and slighty muscular, with no facial hair.

    His personality is chaotic, to say the least. As soon as he became Beach King, his old morals were thrown out the window. He is energetic, bombastic, and most of all, he loves beaches. So much so that it became his Origin (though the origins of his Origin are somewhat questionable). He has shown a complete lack of interest and inhumanity towards non beach related issues, and would gladly accept the death of thousands if it benefits the beaches.

    However, as the series progresses, he regains more and more of his human side, with the help of people who he started to genuinely care for. His humam side is also quite energetic (nowhere near the extend of his beach side), while also being caring. He won't hesitate to kill, however, he won't do it without reason. He despises liars.

    Personal Statistics

    Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

    Name: Tiro d La Arma, best known as Beach King of the Seventh Heaven (or simply Beach King)

    Origin: Reforged Ideals

    Gender: Male | Male (?) | Genderless | Innaplicable

    Age: 29

    Classification: Servant, Beach King of the Heavens, Cowboy | Same as before, Crystilized Magical Girl (?), Bionic Super Soldier | Same as before, Vampire, Jesus, Savior | Same as before, Ascendant 01 instance, Gungeonear

    Date of Birth: Unknown

    Birthplace: México

    Likes: Beaches, Guns, people from The Garden

    Dislikes: Anyone or anything who actively try to hurt/destroy beaches. Liars. His false memories

    Eye Color: Unknown

    Hair Color: Black

    Status: Alive

    Combat Statistics

    Tier: 9-C, Higher with Noble Phantasms, Mana Burst and against certain enemies | 8-B, 8-A with Noble Phantasms, Mana Burst, against certain enemies and with guns | 7-A, Higher with weapons and telekinesis | 6-B, High 6-B with weapons, at least 5-B with prep. Formerly 1-A with Pataphysics

    Powers and Abilities:

    Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Energy Projection, Dimensional Storage, Enhanced Senses (Mostly hearing), Extrasensory Perception, Master Swordsman and Marksman, Vehicular Mastery, Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their mana), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants have regenerative capabilities. High-Low over-time), Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Heat Manipulation and limited Existence Erasure, Danmaku, Weapon Creation (Creates his rifles from his own mana), minor Telekinesis (Can telekinetically control his rifles), Shapeshifting, Social Influencing, minor Mind Manipulation (With Charisma and Beach Flower), Statistics Amplification, Purification, minor Probability Manipulation, Water Manipulation. Time Manipulation with Thunderer. Resistance to Magic (Including effects such as Petrification and Spatial Manipulation), Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and Biological Manipulation (Servants can resist Chaos Tides), Transmutation and Data Manipulation (Servants can stay in digitized area) and Poison Manipulation (Servants are unaffected by poisons from the likes of Jack's and Serenity's), Immunity to Modern Weapons (Servants are Divine Mysteries that cannot be harmed by modern weapons such as guns, knives, or bombs unless they are infused with a supernatural aspect such as magical energy or possess a certain amount of age)

    All previous, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acausality (Type 1 and 4. Transcends the laws of the world. Alongside standard Acausality resistances, also grants resistance to Law Manipulation and Space-Time Manipulation), Power Modification (Can massively enhance and modify any kind of equipment with just a touch), Radiation Manipulation (Has a radiactive bullet that could kill Thor), Teleportation, Technology Manipulation (Can release EMPs and control any kind of technology with a touch), minor Body Control (Able to control his bionic arm even after having it ripped out), Immortality (Type 2, 6 and 7 due to being a Magical Girl), Healing (Mid), Self-Sustenance (All types), Reactive Power Level, Power Bestowal, Fusionism, Memory Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (Mid), Immortality Negation (Type 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7), Corrosion Inducement (Can summon wings that corrode anything around him), Pressure Points, Skill Mimicry, Explosion Manipulation, BFR, Pain Inhibition, Portal Creation, Forcefield Creation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3. Passively applies the concept of "Beach" to any location he is in). Space-Time Manipulation with Sonic Boom. Resistance to Reality Warping, Life Force Absorption and Status Effect Inducement (Including Time Slow, Paralysis Inducement, Power Nullification and Healing Negation). Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation (His soul is contained inside his soul gem, and it can't be controlled normally), Power Absorption (Absorption of his powers will lead to them manifesting outside into a anti-memetic creature) and Memory Absorption (His memories are his powers)

    All previous, Precognition, Necromancy, minor Matter Manipulation (Can release beams that disintegrate people. His bullets vaporize vampires), Summoning, minor Biological Manipulation (Can transform virgins from the opposite sex into vampires with a bite), Regeneration (Low-High. Can come back from puddles of blood and from his liquid shadow form), Mind Manipulation, Intangibility, Non-Corporeal (Is a literal mass of shadows and darkness), Blood Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation (Can control shadows), Flight, Enhanced Shapeshifting (Can take any shape he wishes. His physical body is only a shell, which he can control at will), Duplication (Which can work as enhanced Type 6 immortality), Smoke Manipulation, Weather Manipulation (Can create fog), Attack Reflection (With telekinesis), Immortality (Type 4 and 8. May or may not come back to life by the "Higher Powers"), Poison Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and minor Power Nullification (Has Kyouka's origin poison applied to his weapons, which has the same effect as Eike's Origin Bullets, with the added bonus of having poison capable of bringing pain to the gods). Resistance to Illusion Manipulation (Via 3rd Eye), Holy Manipulation and Analytical Prediction (Via Crunkledunk's golden badge). Immune to standard vampire weaknesses.

    All previous, Enhanced Magic (A extremely powerful Type Blue, capable of using magic diretly from the concept of THRIVE. Gives him acess to Text Manipulation, minor Plot Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Sound Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Precognition, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Statistics Amplification, Absorption of Kinectic and Electric energy, Information Manipulation, Resistance to Existence Erasure, possibly much more), Weapon Manipulation, Body Control (Can transform any part of his body into a weapon, which can be as large as mountains and countries. Can also gain Large Size (Type 3) through Size Manipulation), Absorption (Can absorb Matter, Information and Technology), Power Nullification (With Showstopper and Blanks), Power Bestowal (Can infect others with 3387), Immortality (Type 1), lost the ability to forget, Cosmic Awareness (On a universal scale), Ice Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Time Stop, Black Hole Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Invulnerability, Empathic Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Homing Attack, Transmutation, Rage Power, Aura, Nanotech, Resurrection, Durability Negation, Air Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Summoning, Matter Manipulation (At least Atomic), Animal Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction (Can hit abstract beings), Blessed, BFR, Soul Manipulation, Body Puppetry. Conceptual Manipulation, Purification and Pain Manipulation with Blood Flea Bullet

    Gained Spiritual Awareness (Can see invisible spirits and objects), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings with Reiatsu), Longevity, Can take his reiryoku and exert it as reiatsu, Reishi Manipulation (Can forcibly manipulate the particles that make up spiritual beings and objects such as those in Soul Society), Limited Blood Manipulation (Using Blut, Tiro can flood his blood vessels with energy to reinforce them), Statistics Amplification (Can enhance his speed with Hirenkyaku and increase his defensive or offensive with Blut), Dimensional Travel (With Shadow), Power Absorption (With Medallion), Effortless penetration with The X-Axis, Transformation (With Vollständig), Soul Manipulation (All Quincy can destroy souls), Limited Matter Manipulation (Using Sklaverei, Tiro can tear apart spiritual objects and beings by drawing upon their Reishi, absorbing beings destroyed in this way), Intangibility (He is untouched even by Shinigami who can interact with spirits and intangible objects), Invisibility, Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm and interact with intangible spirits and objects. Can bypass his own intangibility with The X-Axis), Overwhelming Aura (Spiritual pressure can passively induce ailments ranging from paralysis to fear inducement)

    Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation (With Achilles Heel), Illusion Manipulation (His drugs can cause someone to think they are being attacked by a reality bender), Gravity Manipulation (His space stations have gravity fields), Formelly Plot Manipulation (Had an Pataphysics department, however, he is fundamentally unable to utilize it now), Anti Meme Manipulation (Has multiple anti memetic weapons, can turn others into anti-memetic entities. Anti-Memes erase information and memories, making their existence unknown. Can be used offensively to effectively erase someone's existance), Information Manipulation (Has an AI that controls most of his database in Hueco Mundo), Causality Manipulation and Time Manipulation (Can create materials that control the flow of causality, effectively manipulating time). Resistance to Telepathy (Can create anti telepathy structures), Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Can create machines that can grant resistance to time and causal manipulation)

    All previous, Physics Manipulation (Transcends the laws of physics), Enhanced Magic Resistance (Has impenetrable magical wards, which allow him to easily survive THRIVE's conceptual magic), Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Transmutation, Gravity Manipulation (Can survive inside black holes), Anti Meme Manipulation (Has resistance against conceptual, higher dimensional anti-memetic anomalities)

    Attack Potency: Street level (Can easily overpower any human being. Has guns that should be this powerful), Higher with Noble Phantasms (Stronger than his normal attacks), Mana Burst (Amplifies all his stats) and against certain enemies (People with riding skills, mystery/old age/magic or any sort of divinity take extra damage from him) | City Block level+ (Comparable to Megalith), Multi-City Block level with Noble Phantasms, Mana Burst, against certain enemies and with Weapons (Caused a massive explosion that destoyed 250 meters of land. 4x stronger than his normal attacks) | Mountain level (Can destroy mountains and cities with ease), Higher with Telekinesis (Superior to his normal attacks), Mountain level+ with weapons (8x stronger than his normal blows) | Country level (Comparable to Silas, who did this), Large Country level with weapons (16x stronger than his normal attacks). At least Planet level with prep (Created an Achilles Heel, which held Hueco Mundo together and stopped the collapse of it, Soul Society and the Human World). Formerly Outerversal level with Pataphysics (Could summon his player, a higher layered narrative being, and cause him to attack the lower narrative levels. However, The Red Entity has removed his acess to Pataphysics on a fundamental level)

    Speed: Subsonic (Moves like a blur. Can outrun military vehicles and barely dodge bullets) | Hypersonic (Flied a modified airplane at mach 5) | Relativistic (Can fly to the moon in seconds), higher with bullet time (Sees things in slow motion) | FTL+ (Should be 16x faster than a base FTL player due to passive buffs). Formerly Irrelevant with Pataphysics

    Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class 5 (Carries guns this big) | Class M (Uses building sizes guns) | Class T (Turned into a mountain sized pile of guns and moved it around)

    Striking Strength: Street Class | City Block Class+ | Mountain Class | Country Class

    Durability: Street level | City Block level+, Multi-City Block level with forcefields | Mountain level, Mountain level+ with forcefields | Country level, Large Country level with forcefields

    Stamina: Limitless

    Range: Hundreds of meters | Kilometers to Planetary, Interstellar with Sonic Boom | Same as before | Universal to Interdimensional. Higher with preparation, previously Outerversal

    Standard Equipment: His rifles | Hundreds of guns | Same as before | Quadrillions of guns

    Intelligence: A decently smart fighter, although a bit dense | Genius strategist, can make use of his enviroment nigh-perfectly and can pull off impossible shots | Even smarter and more experienced, has the skills of 3 million people | Supergenius to an absurd degree as seen by his preparation equipment, absorbed the entire internet

    Weaknesses: Can only use powers like Thunderer and Sonic Boom few times per match. Is insane and depressed

    Key: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4


    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:


    After dying to Rose and Malucius, Azencard went to the afterlife. However, his spirit was called by a Future Realm, that asked for his help in stopping him from allying with Chaos and destroying reality.

    Azencard accepted and fought a group of minor and major darknesses alongside his souls. He is now with the group, to help the fight against the Supreme Darkness.


    Looks like his EWTRTW 2 counterpart, however, his hair is messier, and he has white wings this time around. He can also summon a Golden Armor with a red cape whenever he wants.

    Activating Devil Trigger will give him a demonic look.

    After becoming a Shard of The Old One, he warped into a intangible, non-corporeal and inmaterial mass of cosmic energy. He is able to reshape himself around to enter any form he desires.


    Much more serious than his Everybody Wants to Rule the World counter part. As he sees a much bigger picture of the Supreme Darkness, and has experienced death, he doesn't act as carefree as he did before, being colder towards his enemies. Failing to save Realm has only futher pushed this, making him feel guilty.

    He still has a casual side to him, wanting to be friends with the group and still will follow what he thinks is justice.

    He is able to mantain a mascarade to others thanks to his Charisma, acting cool to make them not lose hope over his own feelings. Even if he fakes a upbeat personality, he still genuinely enjoys his time with The Team, though never forgetting about the friends he made in his "past life".

    His souls affected his personality a bit, making him more smug and sarcastic towards his enemies, being hungry more often as well.

    He eventually starts becoming more and more friendly towards the party, even after gaining his last souls. He treats them all as valuable comrads.

    The return of Realm, and their eventual conversation, ended up releasing a lot of guilt from him. He is much more carefree, though he is afraid of becoming bored.

    Personal Statistics

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Name: Azencard

    Origin: Reincarnation Wars

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Classification: Human, ally of the Emissary

    Date of Birth: November 16

    Birthplace: Canada

    Weight: 181 lbs

    Height: 5'9

    Likes: Being able to help, saving people

    Dislikes: Supreme Darkness, Chaos.

    Eye Color: Grey

    Hair Color: Silver

    Hobbies: Stopping death

    Values: Life

    Martial Status: None

    Status: Alive

    Affiliation: Emissary group

    Previous Affiliation: Team Dai-Gurren

    Combat Stats

    Tier: 4-A, Higher with boosts and Enuma Elish | At least 3-A. Higher with technology, preparation, boosts and Enuma Elish

    Powers and Abilities:

    Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Weapon Mastery (Can master any weapon he gets in seconds), Skilled fighter (Has dozens of years of fighting experience), Magic (Type 2), Immortality (Type 1 and 3), Light Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Death Manipulation (With Instant Death Attack, his next attack will instantly kill the next enemy hit), Gravity Manipulation (Can create semi black holes), Poison Manipulation (Some of his hits will instantly poison someone), Breaking the Fourth Wall, Teleportation (Can teleport over great distances almost instantly), Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Status Effect Inducement (Paralysis, Blindness, Poison), Petrification (Can make his attacks petrify enemies), Telekinesis, Statistics Amplification (Can make his power 10x with Offence Heart and his speed 10x with Quick Heart. Devil Trigger and Majin Form futher boost his power), can transform damage into power, Invisibility (With Spirit Form), Can halve a enemies health and deal damage that won't regenerate, Summoning (Of meteors, Animal Friends, Dyna Blade, an army of Gators, Meta Knight, Warp star, Helper and 3 Kirbys), Attack Reflection (Can create shields that reflect attacks), Transmutation (When a certain power is active, his attacks will turn people into eggplants, idols and other types of fruit. Can transmutate people into orbs with Gilgamesh (the weapon), can transform enemies into stars by eating them and spitting them out. Can transform people into bubbles, items and food with multiple copy abilities), Intangibility (With Spirit Form), Forcefield Creation, Healing, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Enhanced Senses (Can sense things kilometers away from him), Elemental Manipulation, Air Manipulation (Can create gusts of wind and waves of air with Ea), Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (Can shoot blasts of electricity, Auto Defensors create lightning blasts), Time Stop and Time Slow, Regeneration (Low-High normally, Low-Godly as Ghost Azencard. Regenerated from being turned into a pool of blood and being smashed flat. After dying, he becomes Ghost Azencard, which can then suck life force to create a new body), Duplication (Can create a double of himself with Doppelganger and can create 2 clones of himself), Absorption (Can absorb souls and, as Ghost Azencard, Life-force. Can absorb someone as Data with the Robobot and his Black Flames absorb heat and light), Transformation (Devil Trigger and Copy Abilities), Animal Manipulation (Can release a swarm of bats), Sound Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction (Can hit intangible beings and beings made of nothingness from a void), Soul Manipulation (Can reform souls of deamons into weapons. Can suck a big amount of souls to regain mana), Precognition and Clairvoyance (Can see the best course of action in the future by seeing into the possibility of parallel worlds with Sha Naqba Imuru, as well as see Greater Truths, like the names of people and weapons), Hellfire Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (Can pin bladed red projectiles that shortly explode on people. Multiple Noble Phantasms cause explosions. Can also do it with Crash), possesses the prototype forms of every Noble Phantasm and all other things created by human hands and can fire them from portals, Danmaku (From Gate of Babylon, Pit's weapons and Kirby's copy abilities), limited Mind Manipulation (His charisma is soo big he can make others think of him as worthy of king), Homing Attack (With Pit's and Gate of Babylon's weapons), Regeneration (Up to Low-Godly. Can negate regeneration done through supernatural means, only not negating regeneration done by Earth's natural laws of healing), Immortality and Magic Negation with certain Noble Phantasms, Stealth Mastery with Vimana, Chain Manipulation with Enkidu (Can shoot chains out of Gate of Babylon that can be extremely effective against Divine beings), Durability Negation, Space-Time Manipulation (Enuma Elish releases a vortex of energy that distorts space and time to ignore durability. Can manipulate the space in his stomach, which works as a pocket dimension. Can cut through space with Yamato and can burn and erase space with Black Flames, can even create portals with it), Supernatural Luck and minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg), Acausality (Type 1), Resurrection (Of others and of himself with a maximum tomato and Ghost Azencard), Toon Force, Elasticity (His whole body can be elastic when he wants, making it resistent to blunt damage), Body Control (Can turn into a limbless ball), Power Mimicry (Via sucking attacks or enemies or absorbing with Robobot. Doesn't copy all powers, like biological ones), Creation (Can create a Warp Star. Can create projections), Vehicular Mastery, Dimensional Travel (With the Warp Star), Empathic Manipulation and Morality Manipulation with Friend Hearts (Can make beings who are corrupt or evil become friendly and help him along his journey. Scales to Multi-Galactic potency), Purification (Can purify corrupt beings), Power Bestowal (Via Friend Hearts), Size Manipulation (Can make himself smaller and larger), Earth Manipulation (Can open a fissure), Dimensional Storage (With his stomach), Fusionism (Can fuse 2 copy abilities to make another one), BFR (Can trap people in his stomach), Pocket Reality Manipulation (His stomach is infinite, and he can manipulate it), Holy Manipulation (Can make a holy area that cures people), Darkness Manipulation (Can release darkness blasts from his blades), Afterimage Creation, Acid Manipulation (Can release deadly acid), Corrosion Inducement (It's acid can melt things away), Magnetism Manipulation (Can transform in a stone that brings metal close, can make things he touches magnetic), Life Manipulation (Can create pigeons), Non-Corporeal (With Ghost power, he loses his physical interaction), Immortality (Type 6 and 7. With Ghost, can possesses people), Possession (Can enter a person and possesses them), Existence Erasure (With Ghost. Can put someone inside his cloak, which will erase them from existence. His Black Flames will burn something and leave nothing behind, erasing it from existence), Thread Manipulation (Creates spider webs), Information Manipulation, Data Manipulation and Information Analysis (Via Copy, Robobot, and Halberd Mode, which scans opponents, turns them to computing data, and absorbs their information), Water Manipulation (Can create water bubbles that transform others in bubbles in contact), Body Puppetry, Portal Creation (With a Shard Gun and Black Flames), Dream Manipulation (With sleep, he make his own dreams), Spin Dash, minor Reality Warping (Anything he paints comes into reality), Statistics Reduction (Can reduce the speed of his enemies), Temporary Law Manipulation, Resistence Negation and Aura (For a limited amount of time, he gained the powers of the Turquoise Dragon, who can put laws into her lightning, negate resistence to Lightning and give a Aura that gives resistence to electric attacks. Can't use it as well as her for not having Divine Dragon physiology), Resistence to: Mind Manipulation (Resistence against BB's power to manipulate the mind, which is above planetary potence. Also could keep his ego after he was bathed in the Grail's mud, being able to fight back against Sakura even after being eated by her Shadow), Soul Manipulation (Scales to BB's power to manipulate the soul, which is above planetary. Could also fight back against Sakura even after being eaten by the Shadow. Can also fight with his soul removed from his body. Survived having his soul get chewed by multiple Chaos Parasites), Ice Manipulation, Blood Manipulation (Resisted a effect of a sin, that would boil his blood), Poison Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation (Resisted BB's illusions and demonic illusions), Spatial Manipulation (Resisted multiple attempts to space warp, space cutting and resists Ea's space warping powers. Magic resistence also gives resistence. Easily tanked BB's spatial manipulation, who can manipulate Space at a 8-D scale), Reality Warping (Resisted powerful Reality altering powers, and all demons resist the effect of the Beastheads, which warp reality. Ignored Realm's Trick Room), Space-Time Manipulation (Tanked BB's own Space and Time powers. Resists Ea's time-space distortions), BFR (All demons resist the effects of the Beastheads, which can banish beings outside of time-space), Precognition (All demons resist the effects of the Beastheads, which can predict and see into the future), Fear Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation, Paralysis, Acid Manipulation (Unaffected with swiming in acid), Holy Manipulation (Resisted Allan Lowell's spell that react to Demonic Power and then turn them to ashes), Sound Manipulation (Didn't react to a sonic wave at his ears), Time Stop (Could move in stopped time), Existence Erasure (Completely unaffected by the Far Side of the Moon, which negates the existence of any object within it due to it representing "nil". Also tanked a deletion wave), Matter Manipulation (Atomic), Information Manipulation (BB can manipulate someone's information, and Gilgamesh, one of Azencard's souls, is completely unaffected by it), Petrification, Immune to weapons and things that don't contain mystery, Probability Manipulation (Unaffected by BB's control of Probability, Luck and coincidence), Sealing (Couldn't be sealed into the end of immaginary number space), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3. His concept couldn't be erased by BB), Law Manipulation (On a 8-D scale), Time Manipulation (BB has control over all of time, and Gilgamesh, who Azencard absorbed, was unnafected), Causality Manipulation (Bypassed BB's control over cause and effect), Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation (Unaffected by BB's powers, who can control life and death on Earth), Fate Manipulation (BB, who can select a future out of infinite universes, couldn't affect him with it), Power Nullification (The Golden Grail can't affect him), Magic, Possession (Has resisted being possessed multiple times. Crystal Shards protect against possession), Transmutation (Could fight back even after being turned into magic. He is not transmutated by the effects of his stomach and by Chef Kawasaki), Gravity Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation (Tanked a real black hole), Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Dark Matter's sheer presence causes Madness on those near by, and he was unaffected by multiple of him. Tanked Void Termina's morality changing attacks, which are multi-galaxy in potency), Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Heat Manipulation (Can be in extremely hot places, like stars, and in extremely cold places, like a ice desert), Bone Manipulation (His bone is elastic, more difficult to manipulate). As Ghost Azencard, he has: Life Manipulation (Can absorb life force by touching someone), Teleportation, Non-Corporeal, Flight, Immortality (Type 7) and resistence to Death Manipulation

    By using SNI, Azencard can use the True Name of all his Noble Phantasms, which would technically (and possibly, since it's unknown if all Noble Phantasms Prototypes work like the real ones) give him: Energy Projection (With many NP), Power Nullification, Fate Manipulation (With many weapons, including Móralltach and Dáinsleif), Death Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (With Gae Bolg), Durability Negation, Reality Warping (With the Holy Grail), Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (With Tsumugi Muramasa), Time Manipulation (With Thundered and Chrono Rose), Spatial Manipulation, Can stop someone's heart with even the smallest strike (No Second Strike), Biological Manipulation, Absorption, BFR, Sealing (With Gate of Skye), Elemental Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, likely much more (Implied to have every Noble Phantasm with a rank bellow EX that isn't Divine, which would make the list basically endless)

    All previous in a much higher scale, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1. Is able to control his own concept, even being able to apply it to other things. Can attack on a conceptual level, and is able to manipulate things on a abstract level. Can erase and restore names of demons. Can affect beings who survive conceptual attacks from the Supreme Darkness), Acausality (Type 2 and 4. Unbound by the past and future, not following the laws of fate and causality), Regeneration (Mid-Godly. Based on his concept), Immortality (all previous, plus 4 and 8. Based on his concept), Aura (Can create a aura that purges all darkness on a spiritual level), Light Manipulation, Self-Sustenance (Type 2 and 3), Pain Manipulation (His attacks cause immense pain, on a spiritual, mental and conceptual level), Accelerated Development (Can learn and master things that would take life times in mere seconds. Can awaken powers when in the verge of death or when exhausted), Sealing (Can seal people inside alternative universes, objects or hell), Instinctive Reaction, Enhanced Absorption (Can eat and absorb all types of energy, be it physical or non physical. Can absorb planets, stars and souls to massively boost his own power), Blood Manipulation, Can blow enemies from the inside out, Regeneration and Immortality Negation (Low-Godly and 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8. All his attacks do this now), Subjective Reality (Can cause any and all attacks against him to be negated by making them non-existant), Immersion (Can enter and leave Imaginary Number space), Power Nullification (Can negate Subjective Reality, can also completely remove the power of weaker beings. Can completely negate magic), Matter Manipulation (On a quantum level. Can obliterate anything with a thought or a snap of fingers. Can reshape, construct, and create anything down to it's quantum strings), Non-Corporeal (His true body is made out of Power Cosmic, with no matter), Reality Warping (Can easily warp reality with thoughts. Can break the laws of reality, and use it offensively), Physics Manipulation (Can alter and defy physics at it's most principal level. Can bend the laws of physics and change it at will), Summoning (Can summon his herald), BFR (Can banish people to alternative realms, planes of existence or out of time and space itself with a thought), Perception Manipulation (Every being perceives him differently), Enhanced Soul Manipulation (Immensely higher than Silver Surfer, who can pull out souls inside Uni-Lord, who absorbed the souls of a entire solar system), Memory Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation (Can create illusions of entire planets while light-years away), Telepathy, Shapeshifting (Can reshape himself in a quantum level), Gravity Manipulation (His control over gravity is enough to easily overpower a black hole), Black Hole Creation, Weather Manipulation, Life and Death Manipulation (Has complete control over life and death, can instantly kill and revive people), Radiation Manipulation, Astral Projection (Can send astral projections of himself across other realities), Creation, Cosmic Awareness (Can perceive everything across infinite realites down to the sub-atomic, or maybe even quantum level. Can see scars in reality. Perceives time in multiple directions at once. Can hear every thought and emotion across the universe. Can break down the presence concealment of the Infinity Gauntlet), exists in, and can attack and act on countless layers of reality, including the spiritual, astral, mental and abstract planes, Body Puppetry, Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Has the powers of Noble Phantasms that control fate and causality), Durability Negation, Curse Manipulation (Able to throw out many types of curses, including ones that stop people from using their powers), Quantum Manipulation (Can send his attacks homing by following someone through super position, making his attacks impossible to dodge. Can manipulate quantum mechanics of a universe), Probability Manipulation (Through quantum cs), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Able to control the dimensional level of the universe, even being able to flat it into 2-D), Absolute Zero, Damage Boost (Against undead), Plot Manipulation (By writting a story around a character, he is able to cause changes in reality revolving around that character), can summon a pocket dimension with infinite swords inside his opponents, Self-Power Modification (Can modify his own powers in order to counter another one), Power Mimicry (Can steal magical properties), can turn people inside out, Law Manipulation (absorbed his machine that gave him control over laws of the universe), all of his weapons cause, on hit, fire, ice, electric, magnetic, void and spatial damage. New or improved Resistence to: Resistance to Power Mimicry, Duplication (Conceptually unique across all realities, thus, unable to be copied), Space-Time Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Physics Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Unbound by all laws across all universes, which includes Marvel, Masada and Warhammer 40k), Corruption, Soul Manipulation, Possession, Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Absorption, Darkness Manipulation, Reality Warping (Resistent to the powers from the Supreme Darkness), Matter Manipulation (His true body is not made out of matter), Absolute Zero, Void Manipulation, Power Nullification (From Classic Doctor Stranger), Power Absorption, Biological Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation (Can resist Mephistos atempts to absorb him and his powers), Size Manipulation and Body Puppetry, possibly much more (Has eaten every weapon he has ever had, which includes everything inside Gate of Babylon, after which he went through every possible power combination. As such, it is impossible to discover what his true power is)

    Quantum Manipulation (With many of them. Can trap people inside strings, can manipulate super position, wave lenghts, and general quantum physics), Sealing, Absolute Zero, Existence Erasure (Can create weapons that destroys something's existence), Space-Time Manipulation (Flinged a pocket reality to outside of time-space, can control both aspects with tolls. Has a bomb that explodes a universe with a space-time), BFR, Power Nullification (Can break powers, nullifying their use), Information Analysis (Can create multiversal quantum computers that can analyse anything down to the most fundamental level. Works on super natural planes), Explosion Manipulation, Can put people inside his telepathic radio, Homing Attack, Elemental Manipulation, Transmutation, Teleportation, Antimatter Manipulation (Created a homing ball of anti matter that ignored the distance between it's targets via teleportation. Anyone hit would become anti-matter and explode), much more (able to create a million pieces of equipment just as a warm up)

    Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level (Absorbed Kirby. Defeated Sans boosted by the Chaos Emerald. Could have easily overpowered and killed Realm and easily ripped his demons apart. Fought a group of Dark Matter. Hit a alternative Earth so hard nothing of it was left, not even atoms), Higher with boosts and Enuma Elish (Can boost his power 10x with offence heart and Devil Trigger/Majin Form futher boosts it. Ea is much more powerful than his normal arsenal, capable of one-shotting enemies comparable in power to him. Together with Griffin, him and a boosted Azencard with Ea destroyed a Solar System's asteroid belt. Should be on the same level as Griffin Von Frankenstein with all his boosts and Ea, reaching Multi-Solar System level+) can ignore durability with a multitude of powers | At least Universal level (Created a Universe dozens of times bigger than the normal one. Gained a massive boost by eating planets and stars, becoming at the very least 200x baseline 3-A. Has eaten every weapon and piece of technology he has or ever had, insanely multiplying his power). Higher with technology, preparation, boosts and Enuma Elish (Called a multiversal quantic computer "junk", created a space-time for a universe and later compressed the whole thing into a bomb. Should be significally above Reed Richards. Still has all of his old boosts, alongside the fact that he can become massively stronger by eating souls/matter. Ea is able to rend appart the entire universe, alongside it's space-time)

    Speed: Massively FTL+ (Followed a boosted Realm through a multi-galatic distance in a few seconds) Faster with boosts (Can get 10x faster with quick heart and Devil Trigger/Majin Form futher boosts it, Alastor then massively boosts that, to the extend that he sees everything around him in slow motion) | Massively FTL+ (At the very least 174 decillion for main body, for being at least 200x faster than himself at the start, who could cross countless galaxies in a microsecond. Insanely higher after eating every weapon and piece of technology he ever had, massively multiplying his speed), Infinite Attack Speed (Can make his attacks ignore distance by warping through space-time, reaching it's target instantly), Faster with boosts

    Lifting Strength: Class Y (Overpowered multiple Dark Matters) | Universal (Can create and completely control universes far larger than the normal one)

    Striking Strength: Multi Solar-System Class, Higher with boosts and Ea | At least Universal Class, Higher with boosts and Enuma Elish

    Durability: Multi Solar-System level (Took a assalt of almighty attacks from multiple of Realm's demons and took little damage) Higher with boosts and forcefields/other defensive methods and Golden Armor (His forcefields and auto defenders protected him from a barrage of dozens, possibly hundreds of Realm's demons. His Golden Armor greatly enhances durability) | At least Universal level, Higher with technology, preparation and boosts

    Stamina: Extremely high (Borrows powers from Gilgamesh, who can fight for several days without breaking a sweat. Can fight sufering fatal amounts of damage, fought while being burn by a Divine Dragon) | Infinite, due to being a Shard of the Old One

    Range: Interstellar | Multiversal+ (Has absorbed his own technology, which can reach this far)

    Standard Equipment:

    All weapons here.


    • Sparda: By far the strongest of Azencard's Devil Arms. While wielding this weapon Azencard is capable of using the power once wielded by Sparda. This was the only weapon capable of being able to harm Mundus and its Devil Trigger gives Azencard the ability to fly through space like terrain with relative ease, It can be shapeshifted into a scythe and can extend its range in general.
    • Yamato: An extremely powerful weapon. It ignores conventional durability due to it being able to cut through dimensional walls and barriers.
    • Rebellion: This weapon used to be dormant until this blade managed to taste its owners demonic blood increasing its power. This weapon is extremely durable being able to take hits from the Saviour without even cracking or showing resistance. A devil triggered slash from Rebellion managed to cut down Abigail.
    • Alastor: Alastor is the form of the "Spirit of Lightning" and it only obeys the commands of the chosen one, that being none other than Azencard. It amps the users speed as the name suggests, with glass around Azencard falling in slow motion compared to his speed while showing off his skills. It also has some sorts of precognitive capabilities.
    • Ifrit: Ifrit contains hellfire which is hotter than a volcano and can be only used by those who can conquer these flames such as Azencard. It shows off Azencard's skill in hand to hand combat, and also allows Azencard to shoot fireballs from them. Also able of burning through a Frost's armor which is impervious to volcanic fire.
    • Cerberus: Cerberus was formerly a three-headed ice hound guardian of the entrance to Temen-Ni-Gru. This weapon allows Azencard to create ice pillars to attack foes and even encase himself in ice to guard himself from enemy attacks.
    • Agni And Rudra: Agni and Rudra were former guardians of Temen-Ni-Gru Agni is a sword of fire while Rudra is a sword of wind; Azencard fights with both simultaneously for the best results. The swords also talk frequently, in spite of Dante forbidding them to.
    • Nevan: This weapon shows off Azencard's radical guitar skills and general knowledge on being able to use scythe like weapons. Azencard can also manipulate bats and lightning with this guitar.
    • Beowulf: These gauntlets mostly show of Azencard's hand to hand skills and powerful attacks.
    • Gilgamesh: This weapon also showcases Azencard's hand to hand combat skills where he manages to break down a Hell Gate with a one inch punch. It can transmutate beings into Orbs to be absorbed by Azencard
    • Lucifer: This allows Azencard to fire of an infinite number of bladed projectiles similar to his brother Vergil's Summoned Swords. They also resemble Mundus's red energy beams in DMC1.
    • Pandora: The Pandora is a briefcase which is said to hold 666 forms. Forms it has taken include: a bowgun, a bazooka, a laser cannon, a gatling gun, a mobile missile battery, a boomerang and if he opens the case some bad thing happens and takes out anything around it. Also busted one of the hellgates and a family of huge demons to boot. Packs enough firepower to send several large toads flying and blow them to pieces. It has been absorbed by the Robobot Armor to create a War Mecha.
    • Bangle of Time: Bangle which allows Azencard to stop time for as long as he has Devil Trigger runes to spend.

    All weapons from Gate of Babylon, plus:

    Vimana: Throne of the Heaven-soaring King: A flying contraption passed from Babylon and India that appeared within the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and one of the many Noble Phantasms within the Gate of Babylon. It far surpasses any jet from the modern era, fueled by crystals that burn mercury as fuel. Even when Gilgamesh was just fooling around, he easily outpaced Lancelot in a fighter jet elevated to a Noble Phantasm by Knight of Owner. He uses the Gate of Babylon freely while piloting Vimana. It has a wide array of functions including ancient machine guns, nuclear warheads, stealth functions, communication interception technology, laser cannons, and biological weapons, among others.

    Enkidu: Chains of Heaven: One of Azencard's favorite Noble Phantasm and made to bind even the gods themselves. It is one of the few Anti-Divine Noble Phantasms, growing stronger when used against those with divine blood, such as Heracles, becoming more effective the higher their rank of Divinity. They are said to bind even space itself. Those that are caught in it cannot escape even through the use of a Command Seal, though Berserker, in his last moments, in a desperate show of his own strength, is able to shatter the chains and escape. Against a non-divine Servant like Saber, Archer and Assassin, it is nothing but a strong chain. Gilgamesh can summon Enkidu from anywhere he can reach with the Gate of Babylon, even capable of using it as a weapon with its bladed end or use them to drag the enemy closer to him, and will also draw out its full length when serious to use it in conjunction with Ea.

    Sword of Rupture, Ea: Also known as the "Sword that ripped apart the world", it is the ultimate and final Noble Phantasm contained within the Gate of Babylon and one of Azencard's most powerful weapon. A Divine Construct and the manifestation of the power which stabilized the planet, utilized by Gods to enact creation. The sword is crowned with the name of the God Ea who is believed to be the deification of the same power which stabilized the planet by moving, crushing and turning its surface. While classified as a "sword" its more accurately described as a staff, due to bearing a cylindrical "blade" with a dull tip and independently rotating segments with three lithograph that each represents heaven, earth, and the underworld while together representing the universe. Unlike the countless other Noble Phantasm within his treasury, which were passed onto countless wielders after his death and took on many forms, it is a sword only he possesses and is permitted to wield, as one who inherited the essence of the gods. As one of his most powerful treasure, Azencard is very willing to use Enuma Elish, however, it's destructive power sometimes makes it impossible to use without causing massive damage, which makes Azencard avoid using it in fights where there are people or teammates close by.

    And all of this and this

    Überwältigter Mond as of his lastest key.

    Intelligence: Has the experience of characters with dozens of years of experience, can master virtualy any weapon he gets with no problem at all. Knows how to be manipulative and has massive Charisma, although he can't use it very well. He feels guilty for being unable to complete Realm's request, and as a result, became very serious in his fights. Sha Naqba Imuru gives him knowledge of the best course of action, giving Azencard great strategic abilities | Nigh-Omniscience (Can see everything that happens across infinite realities down to the sub-atomic level, possibily even lower. His mind is so advanced that comparing it to Reed Richard's is like comparing a advanced universal quantum super computer to the first computer ever created. Can see and identify even far away dimensions, hidden paralel universes and baby universes. Can see time flowing in multiple directions at once)

    Weaknesses: Feels guilty for letting Realm be corrupted by Chaos. He can't use his Charisma very well. Is terrible at lying. Can be reckless, running the risk of killing his friends. His amount of energy is big, but not infinite, and will end after a while, although he can easily regain it. Black Flames are dangerous in a team battle, the powers of the Turquoise Dragon ends after a while. Paranoically tries to not stay bored, afraid of becoming like Griffin Von Frankenstein.


    • Defeated a Sans boosted by the Chaos Emeralds, as well as multiple corrupted enemies
    • Pursued Realm through Multi-Galactic distances
    • Ripped appart multiple Demons summoned by Realm
    • Killed many corrupted Yoshi and Dark Matter
    • Fought against multiple Chaos Parasite

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    All Attacks and Techniques

    • Aries Armor: Azencard greatly reduces the amount damage he takes from oncoming attacks while also protecting him from any status or knockback effects.
    • Autoreticle: Azencard automatically locks onto foes, preventing him from losing sight of them and making him more accurate.
    • Black Hole: Azencard generates a massive gravity well that draws foes in, nullifying their freedom of movement if they are not able to escape in time.
    • Blind: Azencard blinds all nearby enemies. Used this in the Dragons fight.
    • Bumblebee: Azencard vanishes into thin air to dodge oncoming attacks before reappearing behind his opponent while priming an attack.
    • Brief Invincibility: A power that renders Pit invulnerable to any form of damage for a few seconds.
    • Counter: Azencard eliminates the knockback effect of enemy attacks and automatically counters any attack he receives for a limited amount of time.
    • Effect Recovery: Azencard dispels status effects like poison and paralysis.
    • Eggplant/Tempura Attack: Azencard's next attacks temporarily convert the opponent into an eggplant or piece of tempura with legs, leaving them unable to do anything but run away.
    • Explosive Flame: Azencard unleashes a powerful fireball that erupts into a massive explosion. Used in Danmaku spam.
    • Health Recovery: Azencard quickly heals his minor wounds.
    • Idol Transformation: After he spends enough time weakening an opponent, Azencard can turn them into an inanimate idol, effectively killing them.
    • Instant Death Attack: After activation, Azencard's attacks have the ability to instantly kill those that aren't resistant to such abilities. Killed Sans with this.
    • Invisible Shots: Azencard's attacks become invisible.
    • Libra Sponge: After activation, Azencard gains attack power proportional to the damage he receives while this ability is active.
    • Mega Laser: Azencard unleashes a powerful laser with a wide area of effect and extremely long range, dealing heavy damage to any foes caught in its path.
    • Meteor Shower: Azencard causes a deluge of shooting stars to reign down on his foes to crush and burn them. Uses this in Danmaku spam.
    • Petrify Attack: Azencard's next attacks temporarily petrify the target, rendering them incapable of fighting back.
    • Pisces Heal: Azencard quickly recovers from an attack that would have otherwise finished him. Used this right before being knocked out by the Red Dragon.
    • Playing Dead: Azencard temporarily stops his vital signs and masks his presence, feigning death in the process. He is then able to get up and become completely invisible and intangible to sneak up on targets.
    • Quick Charge: Azencard greatly increases the rate at which his weapons charge, allowing him to fire them off far more rapidly than normal.
    • Reflect Barrier: Azencard generates a barrier that reflects any incoming projectile, but he can still shoot his own projectiles through it. Has used this many times, like when fighting Realm's deamons.
    • Slip Shot: Azencard enhances his attacks to pass through walls.
    • Transparency: Azencard turns transparent, becoming invisible to the naked eye.
    • Warp: Azencard teleports to a nearby location.
    • Weaken Attack: Azencard halves his opponent's effective maximum health, dealing heavy damage that will not heal.
    • Weak-Point Reticle: Azencard instantly locates and locks-on to weak points in his opponent's equipment and defenses. He could knock out the Black Dragon with this.
    • Stinger: Dashes forward, delivering a powerful stab.
    • Drive: Slashes the air, releasing a shockwave of devil energy.
    • Dimension Slash: While using Yamato, Azencard will conjure blade beams that cover the entire battlefield.
    • Devil Trigger: Azencard can transform into a demonic form and his speed and strength increase, and can constantly recuperate vitality for a short time. He has a ton of these, each with a separate set of certain skills, to fit nearly every situation.
    • Majin Form: A stronger and more advanced version of Devil Trigger.
    • Doppelganger: Azencard creates a perfect clone of himself, normally used to help with Danmaku Spam.
    • Royalguard Style: Continually blocking charges Dante's Royal Gauge with energy, which is discharged with his first subsequent attack for additional damage. Alternatively, he can use this energy in a variety of other ways.
      • Release: Releases charged-up anger and energy absorbed from blocked attacks for heavy damage.
      • Dreadnought Form: Uses Rage energy stored to transform into the Dreadnaught form, surrounding himself in a metallic shell, dramatically amplifying his durability for a limited time.
    • Ultimate Royalguard Technique: Azencard can consume energy stored up this way to recover his life force.
    • Quicksilver: Gives Azencard the power to slow down time, greatly improving his effective speed.

    Gate of Babylon: The King's Treasure: Gilgamesh's great treasury. It is a storehouse that contains the countless treasures of the world collected by Gilgamesh, and by using Key of the King's Law, Bab-ilu, Azencard can open an invisible door to its contents to summon them whenever he pleases. It contains the prototypes of all Noble Phantasms, which are fired from his vault as projectiles, though he can also summon them directly into his hand for when he wants to fight up close. Due to the sheer number of Noble Phantasms he possesses, it is impossible for one to try and take them head on as they possess various unknown abilities to properly counter virtually any Servant recorded in the Throne of Heroes. The rate and power of the Noble Phantasms he releases depend on the situation he is in as well as how he will use them and who he is facing against. Additionally, he can also have them summoned right next to his opponent or from all directions to either attack them in surprise or to overwhelm them. It is through the usage of this Noble Phantasm in this way, having adopted this manner from his fight with Enkidu in life, that makes him summoned into the Archer-class. It has an incredibly efficient mana cost, needed only to open the gates, to begin with. He can prepare and produce hundreds or even a thousand Noble Phantasm at once if he wishes, and can return them to the vault whenever he pleases, even mid-flight.

    The Gate of Babylon contains all the treasures in the world, including the "wisdom of humanity" or in other words the the basis for all things constructed by humans throughout human history, from the works of the Library of Alexandria, to board games, to even airplanes and submarines. The only technology he lacks are things that would be created by humans with entirely new concepts, and the technology of extraterrestrial races. In addition to the "wisdom of humanity," he also possesses the Prototypes of all Noble Phantasms, as all heroes' myths and legends are derived from his in some way, due to his status as the original hero. As such he is able to overwhelm any Servant by targeting their weaknesses with the Noble Phantasms. While he does not possess Noble Phantasms that were made before or after his time, such as some Divine Constructs, or Noble Phantasms that are formed from a Heroic Spirit's life and legend like God Hand, he would possess something that could be considered their prototypes, even if it was a paradox.

    Notable items within the Gate of Babylon include:

    • Anti-Spirit Incense: An ash-like powder that attracts walking corpses like those summoned by Angra Mainyu.
    • Auto-Defensors: A series of golden discs that float around Azencard and can defend an area as large as a single floor building. They defend Azencard from virtually any projectile by shooting them down with innumerable lightning bolts as they approach. It provides sufficient protection against even a storm of surprise attacks from Enkidu. However, a sufficiently fast projectile, such as True Archer's arrows, would be able to bypass them completely.
    • Curtain of Night: A magical item mentioned in passing as a means of counteracting Gawain's Numeral of the Saint, possibly by blotting out the sun. Used this against Realm's demons, completely blocking their attacks.
    • Dáinsleif: A demonic sword from the Nibelungen. It is a cursed Noble Phantasm that contains a powerful curse of "reparation" to be used on its target, and it also drives the fate of its possessor to ruin and causes them to surely die. Within the Skáldskaparmál, it is possessed by the Danish king, Hogni. He became locked in eternal combat with the king of Serkland, Hedinn, due to the sword's curse, which requires it to always kill a man once drawn and does not allow it to return to its sheath until such is accomplished.
    • Durandal: The Peerless Sword: Originally the sword of Hector, he converted it into the spear Durindana, and after it later lost its features as a spear, it became Durandal. It was then later said to have been granted to King Charlemagne of the Frankish Empire by an angel and awarded to Roland. It is noted as the symbol of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass told of in the Song of Roland. Although Roland attempted to break the sword when he was on the verge of death to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy, it proved to be impossible, but it was later prominently featured in Charlemagne's legends, acting as a symbol of Roland's bravery. The sword is a splendidly forged "symbol of power" much like King Arthur's Caliburn, and it is said to hold three miracles within it. It will not lose its sharpness even should its user's magical energy be depleted, proving indestructible even when Roland tried to destroy it.
    • Gáe Bolg: The spear of Cú Chulainn, a massive two-meter long weapon with the ability to always strike the opponent's heart. However, Gilgamesh lacks the knowledge required to activate this ability, but can still fire it as a powerful projectile that inflicts wounds that cannot be healed with natural regeneration.
    • Golden Axe: It's a powerful axe that seems to be able to cleave targets along with the space around them with a spinning chop.
    • Golden Drill: It's used to drill and tear into targets while firing at them with its machine gun and cannon functions.
    • Golden Lance: A weapon that can easily peirce through most enemies.
    • Golden Swords: A pair of swords that resemble the weapon Enki.
    • Gram: The "Sword of the Sun" wielded by Sigurd in the Völsunga saga of Norse mythology. It is said to be the "strongest demonic sword" that equals the "strongest holy sword", so it possesses the special characteristic of "dragon slayer". The version Gilgamesh owns seems to be prior to it being reforged.
    • Houtengeki: A halberd passed down in Chinese culture and the only type of halberd out of many to attain the rank of Noble Phantasm, probably due to the use of Houtengageki by a famous military commander. It is a polearm with many different uses such as thrusting, swiping, pulling, parrying, and various others. Chinese halberds have a spearhead at the tip of the shaft and a blade attached to the side, and the distinguishing characteristic of a Houtengeki is a unique crescent-moon shaped side blade, the “Moon Fang.” Weapons with only one of these blades are called Seiryugeki. It is said that a great deal of skill is needed to handle this weapon, though its versatility and ease of use once mastering it allowed for it to be used to serve the appropriate role for any type of combatant.
    • Immortal Slaying Scythe, Harpe: The Snake Hunter's Scythe, a divine sword from Greek mythology used by Perseus to kill the Gorgon Medusa and one of the many weapons inside Azencard's Gate of Babylon. It is described as a monster-killing holy sword with a special shape similar to a scythe, having the cutting edge on the inside of the blade, though it isn't actually an outstanding sword by itself. Its true strength is its trait of Refraction of Longevity, which is a divine ability that nullifies the "undying attribute" of immortals and inflicts wounds that cannot be restored by any methods other than healing in accordance to the natural laws.
    • Merodach: The Original Sin: A powerful sword Azencard uses when using Ea is too risky. Its the prototype of "the swords of selection across the globe", making it the prototype of both Gram and Caliburn. Due to being Caliburns prototype, its strength as a Noble Phantasm is incomparable, allowing it to easily shatter Caliburn in a single clash without without any resistance. Despite the difference in appearance, its "true nature" and "soul" is nearly identical to its successors , as such it utilizes the same power, a "light that can burn away everything it touches", that could kill Berserker (Fate/stay night)|Berserker in one slash.
    • Mountain-Piercing Spears: A series of unnamed spears that can easily pierce mountains.
    • Potion of Youth: A Noble Phantasm that returns the user to their youth, contained within a small translucent bottle. It is the herb of immortality, that which Gilgamesh sought and found after the death of his closest friend, Enkidu. While he lost it and came to terms with his own mortality, he still sought and found it again for the sake of having it in his treasury. When he drinks it, it returns him to his child self. He can forcibly reverse the effects whenever he pleases to return to his older self.
    • Rho Aias: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens: The shield used by Aias the Great to stop Durindana, the spear of the Trojan hero Hector, tearing through six of its seven layers of cowhide but stopping at the final layer. As a result, it has been sublimed as a virtually absolute Conceptual Defense against thrown and launched weaponry.
    • Ship of Light: A vehicle that allows Azencard to travel faster than the speed of light. It allows him to to go faster than he normally does.
    • The Great Cup of Uruk: A powerful artifact that is equal to the Holy Grail in worth. It contains a vast amount of magical energy that allows it to function as a flawed wish-granting device that the Three Goddess Alliance could use to reshape the world of Mesopotamia in their image.
    • Vajra: A weapon appearing in the Vedic mythology of ancient India. It was a weapon crafted by Tvastar, the maker of divine instruments, using the bones of the sage, Dadhichi. It became a symbol of the divinity of Indra, the god of lightning, and the indestructible diamond pounder weapon carried by the gods of Buddhism. It was held in one interpretation to be a manifestation of Indra’s lightning, which is supported by its deceptions as a golden projectile and its appearance unbefitting of a conventional weapon. Vajra was initially known by its proper name of Vjaya when Indra was first introduced to India as a phenomenon that spread from the Aryans. Along with Indra, whose name changed to Taishakuten, his divine symbol also had its name changed and became known as Vajra after the age of Buddhism as India's main religion began. It is a simple weapon that can only be shot only once for fixed B+ rank damage separate from the user's magical energy supply.
    • Unnamed Anti-Magic Sickle: An enormous sickle that drains magical energy and can cut through magical implements such as Saber's armor or Berserker's Knight of Owner.
    • Ig-Alima: Green Field Cutting Through the Thousand Mountains: A massive blade also known as the Mountain-Felling Sword, it is a Divine Construct that can easily tear apart entire forests simply from the force of being swung. Using his immense strenght, Azencard can easily swing this sword around, crushing his enemies. This Noble Phantasm was seen when Angelica was using Gate of Babylon via a class card.
    • Sul-sagana: A long, jagged blade comparable in size to Ig-Alima that is named after a Sumerian deity and which is also a Divine Construct. When using its ability, it summons a coat of fire around it where it is then swung in a wide arc that spreads its flame across the field. This was another one of the Noble Phantasm's used by a wielder of the Gilgamesh class card.
    • Arrow Protection Amulet: A D-Rank Noble Phantasm modeled after a solar eclipse. It increases The User's evasion rate and automatically nullifies projectiles that are D-Rank or below, but will gradually splinter as it nullifies more and more attacks, eventually being completely destroyed. As a last resort, he is also able to throw it at an enemy by using it in a matter akin to a stun grenade, blinding them with incredible light and heat.
    • Unnamed Dimensional Refraction Artifact: An artifact that defends against attacks that use the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, allowing Azencard to block attacks that come from parallel universes such as Sasaki Kojirou's Tsubame Gaeshi.
    • Unnamed Dragon-Slaying Longsword: Azencard also possesses a longsword that slew an oriental dragon in the past.
    • Unnamed Freezing Sword: Azencard possesses a sword that would freeze any target struck as well as the area around them, covering the target in ice even if they managed to dodge the initial strike for as long as they're within relative proximity of the blade.
    • Unnamed Invisibility Ring: A ring that wards off the attention of normal people, preventing them from noticing him. It doesn't work on magi or other magical beings.
    • Unnamed Invisible Sword: A sword that is described as "invisible like Saber's" that Azencard fires as a projectile.
    • Hades' Cap of Invisibility: An E-Rank Noble Phantasm originally possessed by the Greek god Hades, and the prototype of all Noble Phantasms that "conceal oneself". Normally kept in the form of a sash, anything that the cloth covers cannot by observed through physical or magical means, blocking out any emanations of magical energy and blocking all forms of magical detection. However, it does not obscure the user's sound, smell, body temperature or tracks, making its use rather situational.
    • Unnamed Lens: A golden ring with a single, warped lens that allows Azencard to see more than 20 kilometers away
    • Unnamed Levitation Treasure: An unnamed treasure that allows Azencard to levitate in mid-air.
    • Unnamed Lightning Noble Phantasm: Azencard is able to launch "lightning without form" as a projectile without the use of his Vajra Noble Phantasm.
    • Unnamed Magical Staves: Various magical rods and staves that can use magecraft from the Age of Gods. Those seen have generated pillars of flame, concentrated lightning storms, and light beams that home in on their targets.
    • Unnamed Mirror Shield: A shield that effortlessly repels powerful magecraft.
    • Unnamed Spellbook: An unnamed tome that allows Azencard to utilize powerful Primeval Runes from the Age of Gods.
    • Unnamed Spiral Sword: Azencard possesses a spiral sword that looks similar to Caladbolg, the spiral sword wielded by Fergus mac Róich.
    • Unnamed Triple-Edged Sword: A sword with three edges that can arc behind an opponent to attack their back if left unguarded.
    • Various Unnamed Homing Weapons: Azencard possesses multiple weapons, such as scythes, scimitars, and axes that are able to constantly follow their chosen target even if they dodge in a vehicle as maneuverable as a modern fighter jet empowered by Berserker (Fate Zero)
    • Various Unnamed Shields: Azencard possess multiple shields, that he normally deploys in order to halt attacks, including those that can overpower barrages from the Gate of Babylon.

    Sha Naqba Imuru (He who Saw the Deep): The Omniscient Omnipotent Star: Gilgamesh's mentality sublimated as a Noble Phantasm. The mentality that's said to have spread across the world like the brilliance of the stars, and seen through all of creation. It is continuously active and does not need its true name revealed to use it. It grants him high-level Clairvoyance, allowing him to discern great truths with a glance, identifying Servants and their Noble Phantasm with ease as well as always see the optimal move to make. In addition, if he so chooses he is even able to look at the possibilities of various parallel worlds. The power of this Noble Phantasm is so potent that it's said that he discerned a piece of the truth regarding thedemise of human history. Unlike Gilgamesh, Azencard possess the processing power to always mantain it active, as one of his many tools in combat.

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance: An ability that grants protection against magical effects. Unlike the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Azencard's resistence is low on it's own, however, with the Golden Armor it is enhanced to be even stronger than Saber. This ability also provides resistance against indirect magical attacks such as Petrification, Hypnosis, and Spatial Manipulation.

    Personal Skills

    Charisma: The natural talent to command an army, which increases the ability of allies during group battles. In Azencard's case, it is no longer fame, but rather a kind of curse in itself due to his A+ Rank proficiency, causing normal humans to prostrate themselves at his feet in his mere presence. It can also be used as a form of subtle Mind Manipulation, getting people to do what he wants without much resistance. However, he does not make use of this ability, due to his distaste for acting like a leader. He has used it to aid his allies moraly in combat, however.

    Collector: A "talent" in collecting high-quality goods, a sort of supernatural luck that draws rare items into Azencard's hands.

    Divinity: The measure of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, reflected in high ranks by the user becoming part Divine Spirit. At A-rank, it is even an indicator as one who has reached the Throne of Gods. Additionally, it possesses another effect that allows one to reduce "Anti-Purge defense" in proportion to the rank of their Divinity, allowing them to break through defensive abilities such as Protection of the Faith and Saver's Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig. Azencard would normally have an A+ Rank in this skill due to being two-thirds divine, but his effective rank has dropped to B Gilgamesh's distain for the gods after they killed his friend Enkidu.

    Golden Rule: A skill that measures one ability and fortune to obtain wealth. Having been fated to live a life filled with riches, and having said to collect all kinds of treasury, many of which are the originals to the numerous Noble Phantasms used by hundreds of heroes that he has also collected during his lifetime as well as possessing enough wealth to never have any concerns about poverty in any era he appears in, he possesses a rank of A in this skill.

    No Copy Abilities

    • Inhale: Azencard begins sucking in air to quickly suck in small obstacles and most enemies his size. He can then choose to spit them out as Star Bullets or swallow them completely, allowing Kirby to copy their powers. He can also suck in air and wave his arms around to puff up and float into the air, allowing him to imitate flight or to increase his buoyancy, and spit out the air as an air puff attack. Kirby has been shown to suck things bigger than his body, as well as surrealistically have them inhaled without send them to his stomach, such as when he inhaled a whole beam being shot at him for seconds to spit it, still as a beam.
    • Pocket Reality Manipulation: Azencard's stomach is a bottomless dimension in which he has the following abilities: When entering there their enemies can be transmuted into objects representing the ability Azencard gains with them, can fuse enemies together, can selectively choose enemies within his stomach to use Copy Abilities.
    • Friend Heart: Azencard generates a Friend Heart which is then quickly thrown to his objective. Upon contact the Friend Heart will generate a major change in the empathy of the being affected to the point of making him change his morality towards being an ally to Azencard. The Friend Hearts can also be used to make feel an objective extremely happy, always making them have a deep appreciation for Kirby and other allies. It can also generate clothes in others and will always bestow them the ability to create Friend Hearts with all previous characteristics. Has shown to work on robots, heal and purify others, work without making direct contact to others' bodies as well as affect more than one being at a time.
    • Summoning: On his own, Azencard can summon the following things;
      • 1 of his Animal Friends.
      • Dyna Blade for a singular attack.
      • An army of Gators.
      • His Starship and his Warp Star to improve air mobility and have access to high range projectiles.
      • Can sacrifice his copied ability to produce a "Helper", or a copy of the being he used to gain his copied ability to assist him in combat.
      • After collecting 4 Power Tablets (which appear just by hitting his opponents a certain amount of times) Azencard can summon a meteor to do massive damage and stun his enemies, he can always do this in combat with relative ease. Used to help with Danmaku Spam
    • Guard: Azencard blocks damage coming in any direction. He can also perform a perfect guard blocking just when the opponent attacks. Goes well with Royal Guard.
    • Space Jump: Azencard transforms into a small ball of energy which turns out to be intangible, he uses this power to mobilize himself or regroup with mates faster.
    • Toon Force: Azencard has flied into the air from scares, had his body act elastic, walk in the air before falling, and broken the 4th wall.
    • Ball Kirby: Azencard turns into a ball to have other mobility options.
    • Power Absorption: Azencard throws himself at the enemy and will steal his abilities when touching him.
    • Warp Star: Azencard is able to spontaneously generate Warp Stars whenever he needs to, allowing him to quickly accelerate after extremely faster targets and crash it into them in a powerful explosion if necessary.
    • Slide Kick: Azencard simply slides against the ground, foot first.
    • Telekinesis: Uses this to attack and crush enemies.
    • Duplication: Azencard can split himself into many Azencards. He usually does this to enhance his own Danmaku Spam. He has been shown to create up to 6 Azencards.
    • Ghost Azencard: Azencard's ultimate resource. Once dead he can transform into Ghost Azencard, a silver and different version of his Copy Ability with the same name, in this form Azencard is intangible, resistant to death manipulation, can teleport short distances, has immortality type 7 and can absorb some live of an opponent in contact to resurrect with little health. Azencard can access this form an unlimited amount of times when dying.
      • Attack, Double Attack & Tackle: All of Azencard's offensive attacks, when used against living opponents, will absorb some of their health/life energy and quickly recreate Azencard's body.
      • Vanish: Azencard will disappear, and later reappear somewhere else.


    Items that Kirby finds and uses through his adventures.

    If Azencard has one of these items when he is KO'd, it will automatically revive him to full health in a flash. It can also be used in the middle of combat as a normal Maxim Tomato.

    Heals all of Azencard's health when eaten. He can keep several of them without being used in his stomach.

    Heal varying amounts of his health.

    When this item is attacked, one of the following effects occurs at random:

    • Everyone's speed increases.
    • Causes everyone to explode, dropping Health to one point.
    • Decreases the speed and jump of all the other opponents, that will also have a maroon aura around them.
    • Puts all opponents to sleep.
    • Drops a bomb on all the opponents.
    • Drops a random Food item. One may occasionally be a Maxim Tomato.
    • Drops three Timed Dynamites

    The Dash Shoe drastically increases the speed and jump of anyone who touches it, it also surrounds him with a blue glow. The item's effects are temporary.

    Upon touching the item, Azencard will split into two.

    Armor used by Azencard to improve certain stats. List of Armor. Most notably, his Holy Cap DX its holy, his Golden Cap DX boosts his battle skills and his Platinum Hero Helm DX, Platinum Lord Helmet DX, Platinum Doctor Miter DX and Platinum Mage Coronet DX have divine properties (based on their Japanese descriptions)

    Weapons used by Azencard to improve certain stats. List of Weapons. Most notably, his Gale Blade DX is imbued with the power of wind, his Golden Blade DX, Golden Hammer DX, Golden Flask DX and Golden Staff DX boosts his battle skills, his Dark Matter Blade DX technically leave him attack with darkness, his Holy Flask DX has holy water, his Chuchu Flask DX (supposedly) has love-based power, his Platinum Hero Sword DX, Platinum Lord Hammer DX, Platinum Doctor Flask DX and Platinum Mage Staff DX have divine properties (based on their Japanese descriptions).

    Gives Azencard extra powers constantly or when activated:

  • Super Charge: Widens charge-attack range and raises attack strength by 20% for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Small Speed Boost: Increases movement speed by 10% constantly.
  • Big Speed Boost: Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Quick Charge: Halves charging time for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Maxim Tomato: Recovers all health when activated.
  • Metal: When activated it protects Kirby for 10 seconds, but he's heavier and less mobile.
  • Small Attack Boost: Increases attack strength by 10% constantly.
  • Big Attack Boost: Increases attack strength by 40% for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Quick Revive: Decreases the amount of time it take to recover constantly.
  • Life Up: Raises maximum health by 40% constantly.
  • Power Throw: Improves throwing ability constantly.
  • Big Air Bullet: Increases power and size of air bullets constantly.
  • Invisibility: Makes Kirby transparent for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Mega Blast: Will send foes Kirby attacks flying farther constantly.
  • Cashgrabber: Raises the number of things you an steal from foes by 50% constantly.
  • Deflector: Brushes off attacks automatically for 60 seconds when activated.
  • Superspicy Curry: Lets Kirby blow flames for 10 seconds when activated.

  • Will improve Azencard's aerial mobility and allow him to spit an unlimited number of air bullets much faster and farther for a limited time.

    It starts growing in size after being picked up, and explodes by itself if held for too long.

    When held, it fires arcing shots automatically to a fixed distance ahead of the carrier for as long as it lasts.

    Once Azencard picks up a Timed Dynamite, the clock shown on it will slowly begin to tick down. Once the clock makes one cycle, the dynamite will explode.

    When Azencard puts on the 3D Helmet Cannon, he immediately begins rapidly shifting from foot to foot. The helmet's explosives cannon fires automatically.

    When collected, Azencard becomes invincible for a short time, and almost any enemy he touches will be instantly defeated, or at least damaged.

    When this item is used, Azencard grows to an enormous size and temporarily become invincible while rapidly flashing different colors.

    When the mike is spat out, Azencard will screech into it, greatly damaging all enemies on screen.

    The character holding it cannot fly or float with it. As long as it is being held, its carrier is both invisible and intangible. The Invisibility Stone will respawn in its original place if destroyed. It only lasts for a limited time, and flashes red when it is close to expiring.

    It can fire lasers of various sizes and power depending on how many Kirby are using it.

    A vehicle that Azencard can use, its charge attack is a powerful dash attack.

    When picked up and thrown by Azencard, the Gordo grows in size and his spikes jut out, making him a temporary hazard and an immovable obstacle for opponents.

    Called "Lobster Tank" by fans. Another vehicle that Azencard can use, its charge attack is a powerful electro shock that comes from its mouth area.

    Used to increase his statistics. The effects are shared with allies.

  • Speed Power-Up Hearts: Increases speed.
  • Health Power-Up Hearts: Increases and heals all health.
  • Attack Power-Up Hearts: Increases attack potency.
  • All Power-Up Hearts: Gives all previous effects at once.

  • Starting Copy Abilities

    All his starting Copy Abilities are in here.

    Copy Abilities gained

    • Flame Burst: Releases a burst of black flames that break through space.
    • Flame Shield: Azencard surrounds himself with a shield of black flames that erase anything that touches it.
    • Engulf: Engulf's the enemy in black flames, erasing all traces of them.
    • Black Flame Punch: Covers his hand in black flames and punches someone, sending them through a rift in space.
    • Blackend: Covers a weapon or a energy attack with the black flames, either breaking through space or erasing someone from existence.

  • Bolt: Throws a bolt of lightning at someone, possibly paralysing them.
  • Magnetic Creation: Gives anything he touches a magnetic field, atracting metals from far below underground towards what he touched.
  • Law of Lightning: Amplying a Law to his lightning, Azencard can make it do whatever he puts into it. In his fight with the Divine Dragons, he applied the Law of Healing to his lightning to completely heal David, and applied the Law of Knocking Out to completely knock out the Red Dragon.

  • Dia: Basic Healing spell. Can be used on himself or in others. Agi: Basic Fire spell. Attacks the enemy with a fire ball Bufu: Basic Ice spell. Attacks the enemy with freezing ice Zio: Basic Elec spell. Attacks the enemy with a lightning bolt

    Zan: Basic Force spell. Attacks the enemy with raging winds.

    • Ice Cage: Azencard creates a dense sphere of water around his enemies, after that he sinks his hands into the sphere and freezes it, leaving the person inside stuck.
    • Dimensional Chain: Azencard binds his enemies in Enkidu and take out Yamato, slashing towards the foe multiple times, cutting through space.
    • Rain of Babylon: As hundreds of Gate of Babylon's portals appear behind him, he puts elements in each of his weapons (Fire, lightning, ice and air) and releases it on a enemy.
    • Danmaku Spam: Uses all of his Danmaku at once, lauching millions of projectiles with his clones, finishing it off with Enuma Elish.
    • Enuma Elish: Ultima: Azencard convers Ea with black flames, as it starts spining. As Ea turns into a tornado, Azencard releases Enuma Elish, erasing anything within a Solar System's distance.

    Key: 4 Souls | Shard of the Old One

    Note: The unlocking of True Names on Noble Phantasms is optional, as Azencard himself has not show cased it in the story up until now, but he should be capable of using it. This doesn't apply to current Azencard, who has the powers of every Noble Phantasm inside Gate of Babylon


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