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The world is not saved by heroes. But rather, those who save this world shall be given the title of hero. But I already know that this world is far beyond saving. Yet, people still strive to become heroes anyway.
~ Embla's stance on the world as a whole.

Embla Feuerdrache, originally known as Valentina Feuerdrache, is a member of Memento Mori and an F-Rank Adventurer from the Drunken Huntsman Guild. She is a clone of Valentina, who was given to Shirayuki Honokami. She is partnered by the AI, Mimir, an upgraded version of Prometheus which is connected to her body and mind yet separate.

It is revealed later in the episode, The Ever-Present Shadow, that her mind and personality aren't unified. Originally thought to be suffering schizophrenia, Embla's mind is actually split into two. The conscious half is Embla and the other half which resides within her mind is none other than Valentina Feuerdrache. The fragmentation of her consciousness created two personalities. The Kind and Younger Personality calls herself Embla while the Dark Personality refers to herself as Valentina.

As of now, the two came to an understanding during the battle of Heliopolis and merged together. At times, Embla still talks to her dark half, who now refers to itself as Askr.


Originally known as Project Enhanced Metamorphic Biological Life Apotheosis, she was created to be Valentina's Perfect Body. Having grown bored with her current one, she was a project that was in the works. She had designed other Android Bodies but this one, this one was reserved for when she perfected it. However, it was not to be. After the battle against Jarvaris, Valentina attempted to upload her mind but resulted in her consciousness being fragmented upon transfer, creating two personas. Her AI, Prometheus, had no choice but to upload a backup into an android body to fix. Meanwhile, Embla received the fragmented consciousness via quantum entanglement.

She joined Memento Mori shortly after gaining consciousness and sentience. She had no recollection of who she was, knowing that her name/designation was simply Embla. Embla looked to Memento Mori as her family and friends and their first quest together after learning a few skills was located in the Twisted Spires. Their goal was to hunt a Diabolos in the home of the Extinction Tyrant, Typhon. After forging her weapons, which she named Chromatic Slicers. After that, she and her party went to go fight the Wyrm. After a tumultuous battle, the Diabolos was slain and Embla was able to gain new material to forge her first set of gear, the Nero Set.

After leaving the Twisted Spires, the group traveled across Ark and decided to settle in the town of Whiterun, located in the Hinterlands. Embla, alongside the rest of her party, enrolled and signed up for the Guild, the Drunken Huntsman. It is also around this time that she began to have nightmares and hear voices inside her head. She was continuously plagued with such dreams as the voice got worse. It began to torture her mentally and sometimes that torture produced physical results such as night terrors and even physical wounds from time to time. During that time, Embla met one of the siblings of her party members. A girl named Pandora. She was extremely wounded with a gaping hole in her stomach. After healing her, the group was promptly called out on a raid deep into the Hinterlands where there were rumors of a large human trafficking operation going on. The point of it was to capture and root out any allies that they had with the main objective being the notorious slaver and bandit chief, Marcosius. However, they were too late. It was revealed that Marcosius answered to a much higher authority and that authority had sent one of their most elite to kill him upon realizing that he had been compromised.


Embla is the spitting image of the original Valentina, having been created to be the perfect version of her. However, her creation was never completed, leaving her. During her initial appearance, Embla had black hair, reaching down to her back. Her hair was almost always styled in a ponytail. Standing at around five feet and seven inches, Embla is a thin, almost lanky girl. Her entire upper half is covered by a black cloak. Her attire gives her the appearance of a Rogue or a Thief, despite being a Hunter in class. She has gleaming ruby red eyes that distinguish her from the others. It is a feature that she is proud of. Her attire changes throughout the entire RP, depending on the armor she wears. However, casually, Embla wears a black shirt and shorts with black hiking boots. While possessed by Askr, Embla's eyes change from red to gold, signifying the change in dominant personality.

Despite being a hybrid of Kitsune and Angel, Embla does not display the dominant physical traits of either race. She does not possess multiple tails nor multiple wings, both being traits naturally occurring in their respective species.

Due to her short upbringing and influences from multiple people, Embla's body language can be described as someone of higher blood, dispaying courteous and prudent mannerisms. Her stature and the way she carries herself gives off a social status of someone higher and not that of an average adventurer.

Following repeated use of her original abilities from Valentina, Embla undergoes a drastic change in appearance. Her left eye is gold. Following her reconciliation and acceptance of Askr, Embla is capable of making both of her eyes golden at will. Otherwise, her eyes remain odd-eyed. Her hair bleaches itself, becoming snow-white like her original. She stops wearing her hair in a ponytail, preferring to wear it down.


Embla is a wide-eyed, curious, if not often times dense young woman whose birth into this world was due to the mistakes of her predecessor. Unlike the previous Valentina, Embla holds none of the misanthropy her original possessed nor none of the stunted social skills. If anything, the phrase that could be used to describe her is "wet behind the ears". Because that's what she is, Embla is often described as a chick who lost the way they came and has no idea what they want.

Influenced by people around her, Embla grew to be a noble yet cunning spirit. Yuki and Red's influence prevented her from taking the path of her predecessor and avoid all the pain she had suffered in life. She is generally seen as benevolent and understanding. Often times, she throws herself into the problems and tries to save others without a second thought. Most likely a vestige of what Valentina used to be like before Ark and before meeting the others. Her kind personality is what Yuki fears for she thinks others will take advantage of her. However, Embla is aware of this and often tries not to get over involved beyond quests and the like.

Much like her original self, Embla retains her workaholic personality. She often subs in for the Guild Doctor in Whiterun or works the front desk for Annalise when she's busy with administrative problems. However, Embla could often be found in her lab. She has a dilligent work ethic, resembling her original and works until the sun sets and even beyond that. This has allowed her to accomplish things on the level of her original such as constructing a pinch reactor that sustains the power of the entire Summit. Other things she has accomplished was the deciphering of the Stigma Virus, though she deems it incomplete and publishing an ecological study on the Rath Dragon.

Embla takes a lot of pride in being Michelle's apprentice. She devotes herself to learning everything the God of the Beginning teaches her. While she isn't one to brag, the look of superiority could easily be seen in her eyes when she talks of her master to her friends. However, it appears that Embla does not notice it. It is clear to others just how much Embla adores and admires her master.

Though she is her own person with her own life, Embla is plagued by the actions of her original and the shadow of the Original Valentina. This manifests itself as visions, whispers, and even dreams. Embla can be seen having panic attacks during the beginning of it as she continuously denies her past. This denial forms the basis of the relationship she has with her Id, Askr, who retains Valentina's memories and her darkness. The actions of her dark self can be seen in Embla's personality when it shifts or when she has attacks. However, she does not cede to her Id, opting to hold fast as much as she can. This proves to be futile when Embla experiences a traumatic event that breaks her mind momentarily, allowing Askr to take control of her whole body. As Askr, she continued to have doubts, wanting to become the original Valentina once more. But Embla's memories and her new relationships hold her back, admitting to her other half that Memento Mori had grown on her. This leads the two to reconcile with each other after the battle. The two become a single entity with two minds. With an understanding between the two, Embla continues to face events from her past as Valentina.

Following Samuel's death, Embla's personality undergoes a drastic shift. She no longer acts like the happy girl she was before. Her eyes have lost all their shine and her personality becomes cold. Embla displays rude, often brash tendencies such as insulting Urdr, one of the Norns and a defectee from Heliopolis. In her mind is a single command. A single drive. Kill the person who took her master from her by any means necessary. This singular way of thinking has led her to Wonderland.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-A, higher with Skills | 8-C, 8-B with Skills such as [Soul Arrow] | 7-B, likely 7-A 6-C with [Liberated Blood Lily], much higher with Master Reconstruction Mastery | 7-B, higher with [Square]. 6-C, possibly higher with Liberated Blood Lily | At least 7-B, Varies with [Square] and [Keisei Gyakuten]. At least 6-C with [Liberated Blood Lily]. Unknown with [Divine Enchant: Unchain] and Dainsleif

Classification: Hunter, Nephilim, Valentina's Perfect Vessel | Perfect Stigma Bearer | Apprentice of Terra | Norn Weaver Stigmata Bearer

Powers and Abilities:

Information Analysis ([Observe] allows her to see basic information about a person such as their name and level [Mimir] is a supercomputer that is neurally and telepathically linked to Embla, allowing her to make use of the many surveillance satellites that the Original Valentina launched into the atmosphere so she can constantly take in information. Embla utilizes [Mimir] to constantly analyze the environment around her in order to help Memento Mori compile strategies and avoid obstacles during quests), Extrasensory Perception (She can utilize Mimir to release a pulse, be it sonar, microwave, or radio in order to detect any and all living beings within a certain area. Her ping count is surprisingly and eerily accurate, allowing her to gain information on location, size, and even sometimes, species), Genius Intelligence, Pocket Reality Manipulation ([Ginnungagap] is her personal pocket world in which she controls everything down from flow of time, foundation of space, and their causal flow), Healing, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Psychometry (Appraisal allows her to see all information about a weapon), Statistics Amplification (The Resentment skill allows her to gain a 25% increase in attack every time she gets hit. Peak Performance increases her attack by 20% for every minute she doesn't take damage. Divine Blessing increases her defense by 60% when activated), Forcefield Creation, Status Effect Inducement (Can inflict [Bleed], [Stun], and [Poison]), Poison Manipulation (Her weapon, Chromatic Slicers, can poison her enemies), Probability Manipulation (Gatherer Skill grants her a 15% chance of acquiring a rare item drop from monsters, carving monsters, or foraging), Invulnerability (Evade Window Lvl II grants her 2-second invincibility every time she dodges an attack), Sound Manipulation (Screamer Pods), Light Manipulation (Flash Pods), Dimensional Storage (Can store items within [Ginnungagap]), Magic, Blood Manipulation via Bleeding, Proficient Sword Wielder (Embla fights using her swords, Chromatic Slicers She has displayed a relatively high degree of skill with them for someone with her level but she is nowhere near the level of Shirayuki or Red in terms of sword combat), Proficient Combatant (Embla is proficient in terms of close quarters combat, being able to easily fight unarmed. Even after being injured, she was capable of fighting several bandits at once, even using Zach's weapon against them and handing it back), Resistance to Vibration Manipulation (Tremor Resistance I grants her some resistance to tremors), extreme heat and cold, Poison Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation (Mushroomancer grants her immunity to the effects of mushrooms in the environment), Empathic Manipulation (Will always remain calm and cannot be influenced by the pressures of others due to her Calm Demeanor Skill), Mind Manipulation and Possession (Due to the existence of her alter-ego, Embla is extremely difficult to control mentally due to the overwhelming presence of her Shadow, which actively fights off all mental incursions)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Angels are capable of seeing 360 degrees, as well as XRay, Infrared, and Ultraviolet. Angels have enhanced hearing and smell), Flight (Angels have wings which can be used for flight), Telepathy, Holy Manipulation, Light Manipulation (Angels can naturally control light Different from her personal light use via Flash Bombs and Pods), Intangibility, Damage Reduction (Angels take less damage from ogres, giants, humans, goblins, and orcs. Since Embla is a Nephilim, this damage is less effective than a full blooded angels Kitsunes take less damage from humans, elves, ghosts, and angels. Seraphs take less damage from Demons), Fire Manipulation, Aura (Seraphim possess a flaming aura that incinerates impure beings in her presence), Longevity, possibly Type 1 Immortality, Illusion Manipulation, Accelerated Development (Leveling: Physical Stats, Defense, Intelligence, and Mana. In both intelligence and through leveling Embla's passive skill, [Wisdom's Perfection] allows her to grow smarter with the passive of every week Skills are easier for her to learn), Multiple Personalities (Her Darkness refers to itself as the original Valentina and exists within her subconscious, granting her resistance to Mental Based and Emotional Based powers at the cost of her sanity), Photographic Memory, Magic, Resistance to Possession (Angels resist possession), Poison Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (Angels are naturally more resistant to poisons and diseases than other races)

All previous abilities including Death Manipulation (Tears of Denial prevents the user or the target from being killed by spells that can induce death or one-hit kill spells. [Black Lily] and [Ragnarok Blossom] can force and induce death upon whatever it hits so much so that Hati was forced to sever her arm to keep it from killing her), Limited Mathematics Manipulation (Square Magic allows her to square the effects of her spells by multiplying it by itself. Square also allows for the "squaring" of the number of spells, creating more and more of that spell potentially in an infinite manner), Purification (Caressing Tears purifies all status ailments, debuffs, and curses, and reverses all damage done to stats back to the base level prior to any debuffs), Forcefield Creation (Perseverance creates a full body shield that is equivalent to 300% of the user or target's ATK stat), Soul Manipulation (Soul Arrows allows her to draw energy from her soul and utilize it in the form of an attack), Acrobatics, Durability Negation ([Ragnarok Blossom] and [Black Lily] bypass conventional durability. Soul Arrow is capable of bypassing all physical defenses by being an arrow that directly attacks the soul, severing its metaphysical link to the body), Corrosion Inducement via [Ragnarok Blossom] and [Black Lily], Power Mimicry and Weapon Creation via Master Replication Mastery, Power Modification via Master Replication Mastery, Hacking, Life Manipulation via [Ragnarok Blossom] and [White Rose], Regeneration Negation ([Black Rose] and [Ragnarok Blossom] is capable of nullifying even the regeneration of beings like Hati, whose entire state of being is dependent on their "observation" being able to reform as long as they can observe themselves), Non-Physical Interaction, Resistance to Vibration Manipulation (Tremor Resistance I grants her some resistance to tremors), extreme heat and cold, Poison Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation (Mushroomancer grants her immunity to the effects of mushrooms in the environment), Empathic Manipulation (Will always remain calm and cannot be influenced by the pressures of others due to her Calm Demeanor Skill)

Same as before including Immortality (Type 1, 3, and possibly 5), Regeneration (Mid-Low Her natural regeneration is enhanced by [Recovery Speed Lvl 3] She can heal any wound in seconds without it scarring. Low Godly; As long as Embla knows she exists, she can reform her body through her will alone, being able to survive complete physical destruction of her body), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 1; Anyone injected with Stigma is considered to no longer exist unless directly observed. Embla's body is comprised of antiparticles which cannot be interacted with by others unless they possess a strong impression of observation on her), Intangibility and Non-Corporeal while she is in a state of quantum nonexistence, Shapeshifting (Can alter the shape of her limbs into claws, blades, whips, tendrils, etc), Absorption (Stigma Bearers are capable of consuming and converting other beings into biomass which they consume and integrate into their bodies. Doing so assimilates the DNA, intellect, personality, and skills of the consumed being), Od Manipulation (Stigma Bearers are capable of controlling an energy known as Od. It was created by Valentina/Embla to be her own original never-ending power source due to its ability to completely ignore the laws of Entropy), Body Control (After being injected with Stigma, she should have the ability to control her atomic makeup, being able to rearrange and harden entire portions of her body as well as alter her limbs or her entire self into different objects or people), Reactive Evolution (Her entire body is designed to react like an infectious agent, allowing her to adapt to environmental pressures that she is subjected to Like a virus, her body will change to fit whatever environmental pressure or any pressure for that matter she is facing), Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Possession (Due to the existence of her alter-ego, Embla is extremely difficult to control mentally due to the overwhelming presence of her Shadow, which actively fights off all mental incursions. As the perfect incarnation of Stigma, Embla is connected to the Corrupted Hivemind, allowing her to use their collective consciousness to block off all attacks, however, this seems to happen passively rather than actively), Unconventional Resistance to Biological Manipulation and Matter Manipulation (After she was injected with the perfected version of Project Stigma, her body became comprised of quantum antiparticles. As a result, her biological makeup cannot be controlled due to it not comprising of conventional matter)

All previous abilities including Statistics Amplification, Reactive Power Level and Damage Reduction (Peak Performance increases Embla's attack by 25% for every minute she doesn't take damage in combat. Resentment increases Embla's attack by 10% every time she takes damage. Trackless Step and Shadowless Flight both increase Embla's speed by 500% and 2250% respectively. Defense Boost Lvl 5 increases Embla's defense by 8% as well as granting an additional 20% while increasing her resistance to elemental magic by 30%. Divine Blessing decreases all damage dealt to Embla by 60% when activated. Wide Range boosts her item usage efficacy by 66%. Critical Eye boosts her elemental power by 20%. Attack Boosts increases her attack by 30% and her elemental attack by 5%. Regeneration Boost amplifies her natural healing to double that of before. Recovery Up increases the effectiveness of all healing items that she uses. ), Summoning (Can summon her dragon familiar, Hans), Fire Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation (Can utilize darkness, fire, and unholy spells), Corrosion Inducement and Death Manipulation (Her armor is capable of releasing an aura that breaks everything around the user, severing atomic and molecular bonds), Attack Reflection (Keisei Gyakuten allows her to reflect all "magic" and non-physical attacks at greater power than the original caster. The stronger the magic, the greater the rebound power Embla generates when reflecting the spell), Air Manipulation, Existence Erasure via Dainsleif (Dainsleif is the most destructive sword that Michelle has ever forged for a non-Dii. It is stated to wield infinite reserves of destructive power and can erase all the stars in the sky as well as all forms of life from existence. During Samuel's fight with Verdandi, Samuel managed to erase Verdandi's entire existence, forcing her to use her Norn powers before hand to reverse the situation and restore her QIP) , Resistance to Corrosion Inducement and Deconstruction (Impurity Expertise nullifies corrosive properties as well as allowing her to withstand spells and skills that perform atomic dissociation for a time. Survived being completely constricted by a Dark Veil Serpent, whose scales radiate a corrosive gas, capable of disassembling atoms), Elemental Manipulation (Her elemental resistance is increased by 30%), Absorption, Corruption, and Mind Manipulation (Overpowered and cut herself off from the Stigmata Hivemind, a quantum pool filled with the possibilities and consciousness of every stigma bearer. Their united mind is capable of absorbing and corrupting entities, assimilating them and every possibility of them that exists, existed, and will exist.)

Attack Potency: Small Building Level, higher with her skills (Embla is capable of taking down and fighting a Diabolos, which is stated to be able to level an entire house by merely swinging its tail. She was capable of severing its tail) | Building Level, ignores Durability with [Soul Arrow] and [Gotterdammerung: Ragnarok Blossom] (Casually pulverized a granite boulder with a single punch [Ragnarok Blossom] ignores the durability of whatever it pierces, always being able to puncture any defense no matter how high or how powerful the opponent is. Pierced through Hati, despite taking a hit from Samuel which was described as "the force of shifting plates"), City Block Level with [Soul Arrow] (A single soul arrow is capable of causing this much damage) | Small City Level, likely Mountain Level (Can fight on par with Yuki, Red, Cal, and Pandora. With Square Magic, a single lightning attack from her was capable of obliterating an entire mountain) Island Level, higher with Master Replication Mastery (Liberated Blood Lily is stated to have enough destructive power to wipe away an island off the face of Ark in a single shot She created millions upon millions of [Ragnarok Blossoms] and was going to fire over millions of Liberated Blood Lilies at Hati) | City Level (Should be no weaker than before. Embla is capable of briefly fighting against Yuki and Pandora during spars as well as Red and Cal) Higher with [Square] (Square Magic exponentially increases the power of her skills and stats by squaring them to a potentially unlimited level) | At least City Level, varies with Square and Keisei Gyakuten (Defeated a Dark Veil Serpent, a Platinum Class Monster. Platinum Class Monsters are stated to be able to easily destroy cities if left unchecked). Possibly Island Level with Liberated Blood Lily (Embla's Liberated Blood Lily should be as powerful as before, being stated to be able to wipe an entire island off of Ark with a single shot) Unknown with Divine Enchant: Unchain and Dainsleif

Speed: Subsonic Supersonic with Blade Dances (Can react to the speed and strikes of a Diablos and later, a Rath. Both Dragons are known for their extremely fast charges and capabilities to break the speed of sound She is capable of performing 128 sword strikes faster than a human is capable of reacting) | Transonic (Faster than before), Supersonic, possibly Supersonic+ with Blade Dances (With 128-Fold Dance and several others of her Blade Dance Techniques, she is capable of attacking faster than human reaction speed which is around 015 seconds) | High Hypersonic+, possibly Sub-Relativistic+ (Reached the stratosphere of Ark in one second. She was able to move from the western border of the Hinterlands back to the Guiding Lands in 01 seconds The Hinterlands is about the size of Russia The distance between the Western Border and the Hinterlands is around 4,662 km), possibly higher with Trackless Step (She was capable of fighting both 1-3% Null Shirayuki and Red at the same time while she was possessed by her darker self. Trackless Step and Shadowless Flight increases Embla's speed by 500% and 2250% respectively) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Instantly appeared in front of the Dark Veil Serpent from her location in the time it took a human neuron to fire and come to rest. Her attacks were also stated to be on this magnitude), possibly Sub-Relativistic (Claimed that if she were to race lightning from the cloud to the ground, she would be able to perform ten laps before it would even strike terrafirma). Higher with Trackless Step, Shadowless Flight, and Divine Enchant: Unchain

Lifting Strength: At least Above Average Human Level, likely Superhuman | Class 10 (Capable of moving a Diabolos, which is stated to be the size of a house) | Class M (Broke free from the grip of a Dark Veil Serpent, whose constriction force was stated to be able to crush a deep sea submarine. Such pressures only exist at the bottom of the deepest point in the ocean.)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class, Higher with spells | Building Class. Higher Spells | City Block Class. Island Class, possibly much higher with Liberated Blood Lily: Embla Edition (Consecutive Liberated Blood Lily is stated to be capable of wiping out a small island. Consecutive Liberated Blood Lily involves repeated fire of the spell. Its power is feared by Hati, who could survive a small supernova going off inside her stomach) | Mountain Class. At least Island Class with Liberated Blood Lily: Embla Edition. Varies with Square Magic | Mountain Class. At least Island Class with Liberated Blood Lily: Embla Edition. Varies with Keisei Gyakuten and Square

Durability: Small Building Level (Tanked a hit from a Diabolos and later, survived being hit by a charging Rath) | Building Class, likely higher (Survived a hit from Hati in which she "held back" She was capable of surviving the tail of a Diabalos, which with enough force is capable of destroying a rock formation the size of a small skyscraper, with only a broken arm) | Mountain Level (She was capable of taking multiple hits from Red and Shirayuki, both of whom were able to severely harm an Ancient Dragon named Nemesis. Comparable to Yuki, who was capable of deflecting her Squared Lightning Bolt), higher with Perseverance and Caressing Tears (Perseverance boosts Embla's defensive power by 50% for 30 seconds. Both Perseverance and Caressing Tears creates a barrier that scales of Embla's attack stat, granting her an extra layer of defense)

Stamina: Peak Human, likely High | Extremely High (Even after fighting Red, Yuki, Pandora, and Cal and receiving grievous injuries while she was possessed by Valentina, Embla was still capable of fighting Hati for a little bit before she was overpowered by the Wolf of Hatred She is capable of using both Sacer Sanguis and Master Replication Mastery of which she can replicate 1,000,000 Ragnarok Blossoms. A feat that requires enough mana to power Fenris City for the next seven months)

Range: Standard Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with Chromatic Slicers and Ragnarok Blossom. Several meters to several thousand kilometers with spells and skills.

Intelligence: Supergenius. Even before she regained her memories as Valentina, she already a singularity of knowledge, far surpassing that of any being in Ark other than Michelle. Due to her blank slate like state, she absorbed knowledge like a sponge, learning skills and techniques faster than far others. She already had an in-depth understanding of several subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, computer science, and toxicology to name a few. Shortly after her activation, she immediately rewrote Prometheus after the Android Valentina destroyed it, reworking its files and initiating a kill order on all other copies. Despite having never forged anything in her entire life, Embla was capable of creating and forging armor and weapons from the parts of a Diabolos as well as creating a high quality dual blades with modifier from spare ores that they found on the way. As Embla, she was capable of performing on-field surgery on Red, who had been injected with Rath venom, a highly dangerous hemato-neurotoxin hybrid that could kill in seconds if not for the fact that she was able to stabilize him. She developed her own system of magic known as Square, a magic capable of squaring the effects of skills by multiplying the effects by those same effects. Even with just an image of the Stigmata Virus, she was capable of easily deducing its lethality rate as well as its biological components, despite the fact that she had not regained her memories of that from Valentina. While hacking into Heliopolis Security System to deactivate their Mantis/Corrupted, she was able to correctly deduce the presence of a failsafe/dead man's switch after easily hacking into their database. During her time as Valentina, she developed the Stigmata Virus, a virus she created from scratch after being commissioned by Heliopolis Corporation to create a reverse RNA virus that could be used in Gene Therapy. A front. Rather she developed a biological weapon that was a perfect blend of Biology and Quantum Mechanics. Coupled with her AI partner Mimir and her intellect from when she was Valentina, Embla is capable of analyzing her environment to a deadly degree, capable of identifying and counting the number of lifeforms within a given area. Due to her class as a Hunter, she is extremely knowledgeable in ecology being able to identify game just by looking at them as well as knowing the locale in which they belong to. In addition, she picked up sword combat and close quarters combat rather easily, being proficient enough to kill a Diabolos, a B-Rank Monster, on her first quest with Memento Mori as well as fight several bandits. After being injected and turned into a Stigma Mantis, Embla is currently connected to a quantum hivemind of other Stigma bearers, capable of accessing their memories, intelligence, and skills however, she hasn't as of yet. During the battle of Heliopolis, Embla and Askr merged back together, completely rebuilding her original capabilities in intellect. She is the creator of an artificial magical energy known as Od, which is a power source used by the Stigma Virus and Stigma Bearers. Her current INT stat in Ark cannot be enumerated by the [Observe] or the [All-Seeing Eyes of God] skill, currently being rated as MAX. With her current state of existence, it is unknown what her INT rating would be.

Weaknesses: Her mind is divided into two. Her Shadow/Id, Askr, often awakens, giving her panic attacks. Mentions of her past as Valentina amplifies her Shadow's strength and can lead to panic attacks or lapses in judgement and attention as seen with Hati when she tried using Sacer Sanguis on her after being called Valentina. Her Shadow/Id constantly tries to take over her body, leaving her mind to constantly fight a war of attrition against Askr. Other than that, she is rather inexperienced with only a couple of missions under her belt, allowing far more skilled fighters to easily defeat her though this weakness is slowly being subverted. | Following her stigmatization, Embla risks losing herself to the endless quantum collective consciousness of Stigma Bearers, whose actions and mentality are all fueled by a single all-powerful nihilistic hivemind. Due to the fact that she is not a Lawmaker Stigma Bearer, Embla constantly has to fight to maintain herself or lose all sense of identity in this endless sea and end up like them. It is due to this fact that she does not actively try and draw upon the memories, skills, and knowledge of trillions upon trillions of Mantis Stigmas.

Class Information

◇ Normal Classes

Class Description Icons
Hunter Class Hunters are masters of the wood and killers of large beasts. Hunters have increased SPD, ATK, and STA. In terms of classes, Hunters have one of the most complicated play styles primarily relying on SPD to make up for their rather low DEF. The classic Hunter kit plays towards dealing fast offensive damage, be it up close or range. In terms of weapon styles, Hunters are the most diverse amongst the basic classes. However, this makes them one of the hardest classes to be initially.
Mage Class Mages have increased ATK, MP, and INT stat, alongside an additional 25% DMG boost to all magical attack skills. They are a powerful, yet fragile class, boasting high ATK stats while often having less than extraordinary DEF stats, a glass cannon if you will. Mages are usually focused on pure magical prowess with very little focus on anything else. Physically, they are among the weakest classes, however, the sheer amount of powerful spells and skills they learn more than makes up for it.
Spellsword Spellsword is the advancement of the Knight and Mage Class or Knight and Hunter Class. Spellswords have increased ATK, DEF, and MATK. Spellswords are said to be the best of both classes, employing the swordsmanship of the Knight, the speed of a Hunter, and the magical prowess of a mage to create something truly unique. Spellswords are normally found within temples or royal armies are most stem from the Knight Class. However, there are some spellswords that are born from the Hunter or Rogue Class. Spellswords are known for their mastery of enchantment magic, with the ability to imbue themselves, their weapons, and others with powerful magic.

Class Description Icons
Martial Artist Martial Artists have greatly increased ATK, increased DEF, and increased SPD. Martial Artist class is the best close combat class, experienced brawlers using various physical attacks to overwhelm any foe within close range. Capable of landing devastating blows that inflict shatter wears down any opponent's durability. A class specialized in long endurance battles and capable of dealing consistent burst damage that overwhelms the toughest of foes.
Bow User An additional class relating to the usage and excellence in archery. Bow users are exceptionally great at utilizing the bow in combat. Much like other ranged weapons, bows are primarily used for long-range scenarios, allowing users to deal devastating amounts of damage to opponents given a distance. Good Archers are usually capable of annihilating any opponent given a long-range and should be able to coordinate various complex attacks. Archer is generally very effective against close-quarter classes like a brawler and martial artists.
Lance User An additional class relating to the usage and excellence of skill in spear and lance combat. Lance users excel in mid to long range combat, primarily dealing in keeping opponents away and crowd control. Lancers are capable of easily controlling the crowd around them due to their advanced dexterity and effective use of range. Lancers can annihilate opponents within the given range of their polearm or far away by throwing their lance. They are very effective against Archers and Orb Catalysts but are weak to swordsmen, shielders, and hammer wielders.
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Dual Wielder An additional class relating to the usage and excellence in dual-wielding. Dual wielders are exceptionally great at overwhelming opponents in close combat. Much like other close-quarter weapons, dual wielders are proficient at landing devastating blows. Good duel wielders are usually capable of overwhelming opponents, possessing two blades while being decently skilled. Duel wielder hit for twice the damage and requires twice the effort, using more energy to muster up attacks and combos, allowing for incredible burst attacks compared to normal swordsmen. Effective against swordsmen and other close-quarter classes and weak against ranged weapons.
Alchemist Alchemist is a sub-class that specializes in the use and creation of magical substances. Alchemists have a profound understanding of how different magical and mundane elements work, allowing them to create various potions for different situations. Alchemists primarily utilize the world around them in combat situations, transforming their surroundings into a weapon and letting nature fight their battles for them. This is a class that specializes in slow and steady wins the race.

Class Description Icons
Tinker Tinker is a manifestation awaken class that Embla inherited from her genetic template. It came about from the two's sheer desire to create and modify in order to make the future easier for them. It is a class with virtually no offensive or defensive capabilities, granting the user only increased INT. However, Tinker grants Embla the ability to create outlandish items and grants anything she creates 10000% more effectiveness, effectively allowing her to create godlike items from the simplest recipes.
Master Master is an evolution awaken class that Embla acquired from her sheer desire to be free. It manifested after Valentina Runihura was given the remainder of Valentina Feuerdrache's soul, causing her to destablize and allowing the Stigmata Hivemind to overpower her. It is a personal class based on control, preventing it and establishing it over others. This ability allows Embla to assert her control of the Stigmata into the real world, allowing her to manifest Quantum Shadows to fight for her and to resist all forms of manipulation at the base level.
Norn of the Future Norn of the Future is a manifestation combo class that came about due to Embla's sheer desire to progress and her success in overcoming her past self. It is an extension of Embla's two unique classes, Tinker and Master, combining with Embla's Mage Class. Embla Feuerdrache's Unique Class created by her own push towards the future and acknowledgement from the Norn of the Past, Urd. Her own personal class that plays with the notion of the future, allowing her to manifest many possibilities and make them certain. It is an extremely sturdy class that grants Embla various skills to increase her survivability, granting her very little offensive skills in the matter.


◇ Physiological Traits

Reincarnate: Reincarnates are people from other worlds who have, for an unknown reason, been relocated to another universe, reincarnated into different bodies. In Ark, reincarnates usually bring forth disaster, as they inherit multiple unique physiological traits unavailable to most normal citizens. This includes things like unique personal skills and traits, composite intelligence, and more.

  • Distant Soul/Spiritual Resistance: The souls of reincarnates are separate from their physical bodies, existing in different dimensions, free from interference unless one is capable of breaching the hundreds of increasingly bigger and bigger gaps between the physical and spiritual worlds to break through to them. Due to this, reincarnates have an innate resistance to most spiritual attacks and soul-based skills.
  • Abstract Mind: The mind of a reincarnate is closer to an idea than any physical actuality, existing merely as a manifestation of thoughts within their souls rather than some biological consciousness. Thus reincarnates are inherently immune to conventional mind-based abilities like mind control, madness inducement, or the dragon element. Like their souls, their minds will be completely unaffected by such powers unless these powers can breach the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.
  • Power Modification Resistance: Skills are inscribed and embedded within the souls of everyone on Ark, unable to be interfered with in any way unless the interference is stronger than the soul's resistance. For Reincarnates, this is especially powerful, as it means their skills, traits, and abilities can not be modified, nullified, or absorbed unless one can both bypass the barrier to the spiritual world and overpower their souls.
  • Mana Channels: Mana channels, sometimes known as mana circuits, webs, or links, are the wires which mana flows through within the bodies of all who live, acting as a pseudo-nervous system connected directly to both the mind and soul. It holds, produces, and projects the spiritual energy of all things. And when used correctly, it can be utilized to convert this energy into a phenomenon known as magic.

Ark Physiology: The world of Ark is a much different place than Earth, considered by many reincarnates to be comparable to that of an RPG game, as it contains a leveling system, magic system, and multiple additional game-like systems. Thus those who exist there are naturally much different from earthly humans and organisms. All the way down to their biological and physiological makeup, as they possess multiple traits not present in normal people.

  • Accelerated Development: Corollary to the leveling system, all people in Ark develop physically, mentally, and supernaturally extraordinary quickly. A normal human in Ark could go from being nothing special at level 0 to breaking through walls as early as level 15; going from average intellect at level 0 to exceptionally smart at level 100, and going from not being able to cast a single fireball spell to being a master of all the elements in a very short amount of time.
  • Innate Magical Potential: Most beings within Ark possess the natural talent to be successful in magic, as everyone is born with connections to the world's mana, embedded in all beings in the form of mana channels. These channels allow one to produce a variety of supernatural phenomenons known as magic.

Seraph: Inherited from her original self. Seraphim are known as the Burning Ones are the highest angels underneath the Archangels. Most of them are subordinate to an Archangel such as Embla, who is subordinate to Michelle, the Golden Archangel. Seraphim are capable of flight and have the same traits as regular angels to a much higher degree. In addition to having a natural inclination to Holy Mana, Seraphs are naturally attuned to Fire.

  • Holy Element: Holy Element is a unique element that is only found naturally in angels. As described by Gray, Holy Element is derived from good and pure intentions and is naturally warm and inviting. Holy is most often mistaken for Light Magic, however, the fundamental difference between the two is purity and occurence. Holy Element is lethal to impure beings such as demons, orcs, and dragons.
  • Fire Element: Fire Element consists of manipulation and application of fire, heat and combustible matter. A basic type of magic that consists of the burning chemical reaction that emits heat and light.

Kitsune: Kitsune are one of the most magically attuned races on Ark, second only to Elves and Dragons. Residing in the East, Kitsune are beings who possess some vulpine traits such as tails and ears. Kitsune are known to live long lives, some even surviving the turning points between Eras. In addition, Kitsune have naturally enhanced intellect, making them much smarter than other species. Kitsune also have the ability to cast aside their physical forms and enter an astral state in which they can possess and control others. They have a natural tendency towards illusion-based magic and take 25% less damage from other races such as humans, orcs, and goblins. In addition, Kitsune are naturally adorable, allowing them to influence others quite easily. Similarly to Angels and Demons, numbers matter among Kitsune. The more tails a Kitsune has, the stronger they are.

Magic: Magic is the phenomenon produced when one exerts their mana channels to the point of converting spiritual energy into power, resulting in many things, often whatever the user was imagining as they did. It can be used to perform multiple different kinds of physics-breaking techniques. It is unknown who first created magic, but multiple theories exist, all of which involve a party miraculously uncovering the secrets of mana, and using these unconverted mysteries to their advantage, eventually finding ways to break the boundaries of the world, creating phenomena out of thin air. Since then, many people have also uncovered these secrets, and now, nearly everyone can utilize magic, given effort, time, and talent.

  • Ice Inclination: One of Embla's two natural affinities. The first instance of this was in her battle against a Diabolos. She was capable of showing perfect mastery of the Frost Skill and applying it to her weapons like an enchantment. Her later skills all involve Ice and Rime.
  • Lightning Inclination: One of Embla's two natural affinities. Embla has shown complete mastery of the Lightning Element, creating new lightning skills as well as modifying existing ones. Her favorite skill is Sparks, which she has shown total mastery over and created several variants of.

◇ Unique Traits

Resistances/Immunities: A resistance in Ark is an innate trait that makes one invulnerable or unaffected by specific or multiple different skills and abilities. Resistances usually vary in strength in the form of layers, with each layer of resistance adding an additional coating of invulnerability to a certain skill or ability, not able to be negated by a basic resistance negating skill. Basic resistances and basic resistance negating abilities only begin at one layer, however. Immunities on the other hand are traits that make one completely resistant to ability on a level above that of layers, to the point where not even a resistance negation of infinite layers could nullify such immunity.

  • Mind/Mental Based Powers: Embla is resistant to abilities such as telepathy and mind-control.

Wisdom's Perfection: Obsessed with knowledge. INT is increased by 750% and will continually increase by another 20% per week, passively. It is easier to learn new things.

Calm Demeanor: Embla does not easily get flustered. Likewise, emotional and mental powers have a 75% reduced effect on her, making her far more resistant than most to manipulation or any mind/emotion-based skill and magic.

Dirac Wave Stigma: As the perfect incarnation of the Stigmata, Embla's existence is considered to be that of a quantum being. Her body no longer comprises of what we would constitute as natural matter, being essentially nonexistent. She is both existent and nonexistent at once, essentially existing as a quantum superposition or the living embodiment of Schrodinger's Cat. She cannot be interacted with but the same does not go both ways. In order to be seen or touched, the person must have a strong impression of observation on her i.e an emotional attachment that binds them together. She maintains her form by "observing herself".

  • Norn Weaver Stigmata: A Norn-Class Stigma. Embla's virus has evolved itself to manifest as a brand on her hip. Embla's stats are increased by 50% when facing against an opponent. Every buff her allies have grants her a 5% increase in all stats up to 10 times.
    • Divine Clock of Woven Destinies: An unknown trait that Embla has yet to manifest. While she is unaware of it, Michelle and Urdr are both very well aware. Divine Clock of Woven Destinies grants Embla resistance to time-based abilities as well as event-manipulations.

◇ Magical Skills

Frost: Releases a steady stream of ice at the foe.

Sparks: Releases a steady stream of electricity at her foe.

Fire Surge: Unleashes a potent stream of white-hot flames that burns through metal and rock.

Black Fire Orb: A triple element spell. The user can create an orb of black flames that can burn for seven days and seven nights. Requires Domain Grade Holy Water to extinguish with the volume equalling that of a lake.

Heavenly Drill: The user creates an orb of swirling wind that grinds away at the user's target.

Flash: Creates a small orb of light that illuminates her surroundings.

Fast Heal: A self-healing spell. Restores 15% of the user's max HP.

Healing Hands: A healing spell that continuously restores 2% of the target's HP.

Lesser Ward: A barrier spell. Absorbs damage equal to 100% of the user's attack.

Observe: A standard skill. Allows for one to see the target's level and information.

Appraise: A skill that allows for one to see the name and basic information of weapons and items.

Tears of Denial: A spell that envelops user in a protective divine aura. Grants the user, [Invincible], every time a spell that can kill the user is used. Tears of Denial lasts for 300 seconds before needing to be recast.

Caressing Tears: Cures all debuffs and ailments. Reverses reduced stats to their base form.

Perseverance: The user is envelopes in a protective aura. Grants [Guts]. The user or target has their defense increased by 50% for 300 seconds. A full body barrier surrounds the user and absorbs damage equivalent to 300% of the user's ATK. 75% increased resistance against all [Status Effects].

Sacred Oath: The user is empowered by an oath made with sacred trust. A golden aura surrounds them before it fades. Increase ATK by 100%, decrease all incoming damage by 15%, and surround the user in a full body barrier whose HP is equal to 750% of the user's total HP.

Divine Enchant: Unchain: The current effects of this spell are unknown.

Soul Arrow: Creates an arrow made of pure prana and mana pulled straight from one's soul. This arrow is capable of piercing through the souls of others and dealing immense damage to them.

◇ Martial Skills

Eightfold Dance: Perform an eight-combo attack. Has a 10% chance of inflicting [Bleed].

  • Sixteen Fold Dance: Perform a sixteen combo attack with an additional 25% of the user's attack as [Slash] damage. 20% chance of inflicting [Bleed].
  • Thirty Two Fold Dance: Perform a thirty-two combo attack with an additional 50% of the user's attack as [Slash] damage. 30% chance of inflicting [Bleed].
  • Sixty-Four Fold Dance: Perform a sixty-four combo attack with an additional 75% of the user's attack as [Slash] damage. 40% chance of inflicting [Bleed].
  • One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight Fold Dance: Perform a 128 combo attack with an additional 100% of the user's attack as [Slash] damage. 50% chance of inflicting [Bleed].

Shadowless Flight: The user's speed is increased by 2250%.

Trackless Step: The user's speed is increased by 500% and are less likely to be detected by others in combat.

◇ Weapon Skills

Sword Skill: Starlight Sunder: Embla creates a Black Fire Orb and dashes forward towards her target. She calls on the orb and imbues her swords with it, performing an X-slash. The attack, with the flames, is capable of tearing apart the hide of a Platinum Class Beast or possibly higher due to Black Fire Orb's properties.

◇ Custom Skills

Ginnungagap:Yawning Chasm Literally meaning "Gaping Abyss". Embla contains her own inner world. A personal dimension that she controls down to its base information. It is currently undeveloped due to her favoring her training and quests. Currently, she has modified it into an infinite lab and storage room where all her projects go to.

Square: A skill that multiplies other skills by themselves by taking damage values done by that spell and squaring it. Square can also multiply the number of that spell. The number of duplicates that appear depends entirely on the user. In addition, Square can utilize both properties, amplifying and replicating the spell. It is essentially a watered down version of Master Reconstruction Mastery.

  • Square Sparks: Embla takes [Sparks] and squares the effects and potency of the spell. The spell is capable of destroying a large mountain by itself.
  • Thunder Cross Split Attack: First demonstrated against Lyn. Thunder Cross Split Attack is an application of Square's Duplication abilities in which 2048 Spark Spells are fired in a cross formation. So far, no fighter has ever escaped it.

Ouroboros Slash: Embla enters an iaido position and performs a quickdraw with 750% of the opponent's speed combine with the user's own. The user is capable of moving several times faster than light.

Kesei Gyakuten: A unique skill created by Samuel, Lilim, and the previous Terra Apprentice. It was passed down by Samuel to Shirayuki and later, Embla. It is a reflective skill that is described to be neither magic nor physical. A null skill. It has two variations but the variation that Embla knows is one that reflects all magic and non-physical attacks at the caster with exponentially greater power than it was cast. The stronger the caster makes their spell, the stronger the rebound will be for Embla.

Master Reconstruction Mastery: A skill possessed by Embla and one other. It is a skill that allows for the replication of all that she sees. Understanding is a bit of a stretch as she is capable of understanding mechanics fairly easily. With this, Embla can utilize any power or object she observes, going so far as to even modify them for her own use. She can make said power more potent or add new properties within the spell's formulaic data. Those additions must be within reason and must not change the skill's basic function.

Liberated Blood Lily: Embla Edition:Divine Flower of Genesis (ᚠᚱᛖᛚᛊ ᛒᛚÓᚦᚢᚷᚱ ᛒᛚÓᛗ Lit. meaning Blood Flower of Divine Freedom) A skill possessed solely by Embla and the Original Valentina. It is a spell she carried over from her original self and can be utilized with [Ragnarok Blossom] to make it stronger. It does not always require a chant but she says it anyway. It is a spell that utilizes the principle of genesis, in which all creation's origin is revealed. Thus, the Od Embla utilizes severs and creates a swirling hole within space. A portal to the Abyss where everything is crunched into nothingness. When fired, the attack styles itself as a beam that grinds and tears away at the fabric of reality, forming a divide in space in which everything caught in its path is crushed and swallowed by the scarlet abyss. When it's being formed and cast, the swirling vacuum of energy takes the shape of a lily hence its name.

  • Consecutive Liberated Blood Lily: (Óᛊᛃᚨᛚᛞᚨᚾ ᚠᚱᛖᛚᛊ ᛒᛚÓᚦᚢᚷᚱ ᛒᛚÓᛗ. Lit meaning: Repeating Blood Flower of Freedom) Consecutive Blood Lily is a skill demonstrated by Embla during her fight against Hati. Combining the Master Reconstruction Mastery Skill and the Liberated Blood Lily Skill, Embla can repeatedly create more and more Blood Lilies, replicating the spell into infinity. The destructive power of the spell is noted to scare Hati, who was capable of withstanding Annalise's self explosion inside her stomach. Annalise's self explosion was compared to a miniature supernova.
  • Apeiron Petal Dress: Apeiron Petal Dress is a technique developed by Valentina and is inherently locked inside of Embla's QIP. The technique involves donning her power, similar to Rosa's Black Rose Dress. The Liberated Blood Lily covers her clothes and releases small particles of the spell itself, annihilating everything around her with very little damage to her surroundings. She has full and total control of the particles emanated from the dress itself.. Her stats see an immense boost in power. In this hypothetical form, Embla is stated to be stronger than the combined might of Memento Mori and wields corruptive power.


Ragnarok Blossom: Ragnarok Blossom is the weapon owned by the original Valentina Feuerdrache and stored in her soul. It is a Divine Weapon that was modeled after the Gungnir Spear of Michelle. The weapon has the power to destroy and recreate all forms of being, even destroying quantum beings whose existence consists solely of fluctuating quantum values reliant on their own observation. It was passed onto Embla and was first introduced during Valentina's reappearance after she became Terra's apprentice.

  • White Rose: A white lance and one of the forms of Ragnarok Blossom. It utilizes Ragnarok Blossom's power of Rebirth in order to recreate objects that were destroyed by Black Lily.
  • Black Lily: A black sword and one of the forms of Ragnarok Blossom. It utilizes Ragnarok Blossom's power of Decay in order to destroy objects completely.

Dainsleif:AVENGING SWORD Dainsleif is formerly called Thaumiel and was the sword owned by Embla's teacher, Samael Ferre. The sword is known to be the most destructive weapon ever wielded by Michelle, capable of harming even a Norn such as Verdandi, forcing her to utilize the powers she received from her former teacher in order to recover. The forging process for Dainsleif was a long and arduous process. Michelle took the heart of Surtr, who she killed in the First Era and used the core as the heart of the sword she sought to make. The sword is stated to have three forms. In its base/sealed form, the Sword of Destruction acts like any other holy blade, releasing holy energy and flames at the user's command and burning the impure. In its primed form, a form few have ever seen, Dainsleif becomes akin to a god of destruction, exhibiting a level of power that few beings are capable of. In its true form, Dainsleif once in this form is stated to require the blood and souls of a powerful being or an entire country's population in order to seal.

Monarch Armor: Monarch Armor is Embla's first actual armor set and was built after reaching the Hinterlands. It is forged from metal and the scales of a Rath Dragon. The power of the dragon still flows through the armor, granting her several different abilities that passively enhance her in combat.

  • Poison Attack Lvl 3: Increases poison build-up by 20% and increases overall attack by 25%.
  • Health Boost Lvl 2: Increase HP by 15%. Recovery Speed Lvl 3: Enhances natural regeneration to where one can heal without scarring. Increases the efficacy of all healing items and spells by 30%
  • Wide-Range Lvl 3: Items affect nearby allies with 66% efficacy.
  • Poison Resistance Lvl 1: Reduces the rate at which poison builds up by 30%
  • Evade Window Lvl 2: Grants 2-second invulnerability upon dodging.
  • Defense Boost Lvl 3: +5% DEF with an additional 10 DEF
  • Botanist Lvl 1: 15% chance to gather a rare herb and 5% chance to get a rare item while foraging.
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2: Increase ATk by 6%
  • Critical Eye: Increases Weapon Affinity by 5%
  • Handicraft Lvl 1: Reduces the number of times that the weapon has to be maintained.
  • Essence of the Monarch: The Set Bonus of the Monarch Set. It reduces the effectiveness of all mind-based, illusion-based, and biology based skills that target the user by 75%. Attacks that inflict [Poison] inflict [Lethal Poison] instead. Extends the duration of [Lethal Poison]. [Lethal Poison] can no longer be cured by regular antidotes.

Blackveil Armor: Taken from the corpse of the Blackveil Dragon. It is the armor of an Elder. Each piece of armor radiates the death bringer's power. With the crown, the wearer ensures that tomorrow shall not arrive. With the mail, each breath she takes ensures the end shall not be swift and easy. With the bracers, the wearer becomes the impossible as a living being that transcends death. With the coil, the wearer extends the invitation of death as they rip flesh from bone. And finally, the greaves echoes the wearer's lament as they march to break the chains of life.

  • Wide-Range Lvl 3: Items affect nearby allies with 66% efficacy.
  • Critical Eye Lvl 4: Increases Elemental Affinity by 20%.
  • Defense Boost Lvl 5: Increases defense by 8%, with an additional +20 defense and 30% resistance to all elements.
  • Poison Resistance Lvl 3: Prevents Poison.
  • Resentment Lvl 2: Increases the user's attack by 10% every time they take damage.
  • Divine Blessing Lvl 6: When it activates, all damage is decreased by 60% for that instant. Has a 15% chance of activating.
  • Peak Performance Lvl 3: Increases the user's attack by 20% for every minute that the user does not take damage. Resets if the user is hit.
  • Recover Up Lvl 3: Increases the effectiveness of healing spells and recovery type potions by 30%.
  • Attack Boost Lvl 6: Increases user's attack by 30% with a 5% increase in elemental affinity.
  • Critical Element Lvl 1: Increases elemental damage when landing critical hits.
  • Huntress Luck Lvl 1: Increases the chances of critical attacks by 45%. 50% for foraging.
  • Evade Window Lvl 5: Grants 5-second invincibility upon dodging an attack.
  • Evade Extender Lvl 1: Extends evasion distance.
  • Recovery Speed Lvl 1: Doubles the speed at which the user heals.
  • Impurity Expertise: Nullifies the corrosive properties of Miasma or similar skills.
  • Ophite Link: Increases the effectiveness of poison, dark, holy, and unholy spells by 60%. The regeneration rate is boosted by 750%, allowing the user's natural healing factor to heal them without the need for potions. Boosts the effectiveness of Potions and Healing Spells by 1500%. Their armor constantly releases small bursts of mist that corrodes everything around the user.

TV Tropes

  • Acronym Confusion: Her name means Enhanced Metamorphic Biological Life Apotheosis. Other people have come up with different nicknames for her.
  • Action Girl: Obviously. What else could she be?
  • Adaptational Villainy: During the Heliopolis Arc.
  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: Embla is the current version of the original Valentina. However, she has no recollection of her past self as Valentina and began to live on as her own person. This would later spawn lots of problems down the road.
  • Animal Motif: Dragons and Cats. Her last name literally means Fire Dragon.
  • The Apprentice: Embla is the student of Terra of the Consentes Dii as well as the apprentice of the previous Mars Student. May or may not have been taught by Fenrir during her tenure at Heliopolis.
  • Arc Villain: While she was Askr, she was the main antagonist of the Heliopolis Arc.
  • The Archmage: She is highly skilled in magic to the point where even Shirayuki admits that Embla has long since surpassed her. Subverted a little by the fact that she knows very little magic spells.
  • Asexuality: Lampshaded. Possibly. She has never shown any attraction to men or women.
  • As Long As It Sounds Foreign: Her name is Norse in origin. Her last name is German for Fire Dragon.
  • Badass Adorable: An adorable lance and sword wielding badass.
  • Badass Bookworm: Despite being the team nerd, she is by no means defenseless.
  • Badmood Retreat: Often retreats to her personal dimension whenever she becomes upset in order to cool down.
  • Berserk Button: Bringing up Samuel as of right now is a really bad idea.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Despite her kind disposition, Embla is quite terrifying when angered. Hati has learned that this is the case when half her body was vaporized by a big lance.
  • BFS: Her new sword, Thaumiel, is a gigantic flaming sword that is capable of killing anything. Anything.
  • Big Brother Worship: With Shirayuki. Before her promotion to parent, Embla idolized Yuki to the point of imitation, utilizing dual swords like the kitsune. Played straight with Samuel. Embla looked up to the man as an older brother prior to his death and went on to wield his sword, promising to avenge him no matter the cost.
  • Born as an Adult: She quite literally embodies this trope.
  • Brainy Baby: Embla is a 6 month old girl who has the intellectual capacity of an entire planet and then some.
  • Character Development: Prior to her internal conflict, possession, and then training trip, Embla was commonly seen as the genki girl who Leroy Jenkinsed most of her fights. She was incredibly inept in most things involving combat, usually being designated to the role of Damsel in Distress. During the Heliopolis Arc, she undergoes an internal war, vying for control with her alter-ego, Askr. After she comes to terms with herself, she changes from the bubbly girl to a more reserved and careful person.
  • Child Prodigy: Played with. Her mental age is far greater than her physical age, allowing her to qualify for this trope.
  • Clones Are People Too: After finding out that Embla is nothing but a clone of the original Valentina with her repressed memories, her team doesn't care and still accepts her despite what she is.
  • Color Motif: Primarily wears black and red. Ironically, she is the only one whose color scheme doesn't fit Memento Mori's.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Demonstrated during her fight with Lyn. The girl will pull whatever dirty trick there is in the book in order to win a fight. She shocked Lyn with thousands of volts of electricity and is not above erasing her from existence.
  • Deadly Doctor: She is the team combat medic and will not hesitate to kill someone.
  • Defends Against Their Own Kind: Embla, following her Ascension is a Stigmatized Nephilim, who is currently waging a war against Heliopolis and their leaders.
  • Demolitions Expert: Boom Boom Bakudan but not Klee. Still underage.
  • Designated Victim: The story of her life. Sadly, Embla is the focus of all the suffering within her story line and even in the story lines of others. Eventually, her life is destined to be forever God's personal voodoo doll due to the actions of her fellow reincarnates.
  • Ditzy Genius: Inherited from Valentina.
  • Freudian Excuse: Averted. Having inherited the entirety of Valentina's mess, Embla doesn't use it as an excuse but rather uses this new life to deal with everything her predecessor left her.
  • Fantastically Indifferent: Her past self was this after being isekai'ed.
  • Fell Asleep Crying: Happened to her multiple times but for multiple different reasons.
  • Friend to all Children: Apparently this to Jugo.
  • Friend to all living things: Embla loves nature. She has a pet dragon that she raised from egg to adulthood and it anything happened to him, she would kill the entire RP and then herself.
  • Functional Addict: Despite having an unhealthy addiction to her work, she is still a functioning member of society... hopefully.
  • Genius Bruiser: Kicking ass and solving math.
  • Good is not soft: Not even considered a hero but her moral compass is a cut above everyone else's. She has no problem with severely punishing those who are morally incorrect in her eyes.
  • Haunted Heroine: There is only one other person who embodies this trait better than she does.
  • Heroic Self Depreciation: A lot of things happened to her to constantly view herself as worthless. She hides it pretty well though.
  • His Own Worst Enemy: Her in this case. Askr is her alternate self that loves to mess with her. It was worse back then.
  • I am Who?: Constantly mistaken for Valentina and they're not completely wrong.
  • Identity Denial: Later spends an entire character arc denying she is Valentina, or some version of the original.
  • Jekyll and Hyde: The best and only example of this trope in the entire RP. Upon her awakening and birth, Embla was born with two personalities. Embla is the dominant, cheeky, and generally nice personality. She is friendly to everyone and is seen as the Pure Girl. However, underneath that fluffy ball of cinammon, lies another self. Askr is the collective negative side of Embla, who retained the Original Valentina's memories and her misanthropy. Askr has zero regard for the lives of others aside from those her Other self cares about. And even this had to be worked on. During the Heliopolis Arc, Askr tried to kill not only Memento Mori but the entirety of Arc with Consecutive Blood Lily.
  • Legacy Character: Is this to Valentina.
  • Mistaken Identity: I am not Valentina! -Embla, 2020


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