Transmutation is the ability to alter the form of energy, beings, objects, matter, etc. to change it into something else. This ability has a variety of applications, including transmuting nearby objects into useful items or nullifying attacks by turning them into something else. More specialized versions can forcibly transmute or transform targets into other inanimate objects or vastly weaker beings (ex. a common toad), effectively incapacitating or killing them.

Depending on the user and way of application, this is a power that may possess durability negation properties.


  • May be limited to certain types of material.
  • User may be able to affect only objects or inorganic compounds directly, not living beings.
  • If not used with care, it might backfire.
  • Depending on the users powers, there may be a limit to how much they can transform (e. g. Couldn't use transmutation against something too big, could alter the form of metal but not transform it into water or air, etc).


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