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"Fools, you thought you could take the beach from me!? Well too bad, since i'm the King of the Beach! I may not be strong enough to have the beach yet, but i will come back! Stronger! And when i do, i'll turn this into the greatest beach episode of all!"
~ Tiro's start as a Beach King


Tiro d La Arma, also known as Beach King, is one of the main characters of Reforged Ideals, teleported to an alternative reality. A man of mysterious origins, he was initially planning to be a gun collector. However, due to alterations in his Saint Graiph by outside forces, he became The Beach King of the Seventh Heaven, a beach fanatic. Currently, he is trying to balance his beach personality with his normal, more human personality, as well as purge whatever made him that way in the first place.

He is one of the only super-powered beings who is popular among the general public.

Appearance and Personality

Tiro's clothes change from time to time. His most iconic look is a cowboy with a sombrero wearing sunglasses. His own appearance, as of set 3, can be changed to whatever he wants. However, he always maintains his first look, of a dark, slighty long haired man with dark pupils. He is tall and slighty muscular, with no facial hair.

His personality is chaotic, to say the least. As soon as he became Beach King, his old morals were thrown out the window. He is energetic, bombastic, and most of all, he loves beaches. So much so that it became his Origin (though the origins of his Origin are somewhat questionable). He has shown a complete lack of interest and inhumanity towards non beach related issues, and would gladly accept the death of thousands if it benefits the beaches.

However, as the series progresses, he regains more and more of his human side, with the help of people who he started to genuinely care for. His humam side is also quite energetic (nowhere near the extend of his beach side), while also being caring. He won't hesitate to kill, however, he won't do it without reason. He despises liars.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

Name: Tiro d La Arma, best known as Beach King of the Seventh Heaven (or simply Beach King)

Origin: Reforged Ideals

Gender: Male | Male (?) | Genderless | Innaplicable

Age: 29

Classification: Servant, Beach King of the Heavens, Cowboy | Same as before, Crystilized Magical Girl (?), Bionic Super Soldier | Same as before, Vampire, Jesus, Savior | Same as before, Ascendant 01 instance, Gungeonear

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: México

Likes: Beaches, Guns, people from The Garden

Dislikes: Anyone or anything who actively try to hurt/destroy beaches. Liars. His false memories

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-C, Higher with Noble Phantasms, Mana Burst and against certain enemies | 8-B, 8-A with Noble Phantasms, Mana Burst, against certain enemies and with guns | 7-A, Higher with weapons and telekinesis | 6-B, High 6-B with weapons, at least 5-B with prep. Formerly 1-A with Pataphysics

Powers and Abilities:

Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Energy Projection, Dimensional Storage, Enhanced Senses (Mostly hearing), Extrasensory Perception, Master Swordsman and Marksman, Vehicular Mastery, Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their mana), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants have regenerative capabilities. High-Low over-time), Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Heat Manipulation and limited Existence Erasure, Danmaku, Weapon Creation (Creates his rifles from his own mana), minor Telekinesis (Can telekinetically control his rifles), Shapeshifting, Social Influencing, minor Mind Manipulation (With Charisma and Beach Flower), Statistics Amplification, Purification, minor Probability Manipulation, Water Manipulation. Time Manipulation with Thunderer. Resistance to Magic (Including effects such as Petrification and Spatial Manipulation), Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and Biological Manipulation (Servants can resist Chaos Tides), Transmutation and Data Manipulation (Servants can stay in digitized area) and Poison Manipulation (Servants are unaffected by poisons from the likes of Jack's and Serenity's), Immunity to Modern Weapons (Servants are Divine Mysteries that cannot be harmed by modern weapons such as guns, knives, or bombs unless they are infused with a supernatural aspect such as magical energy or possess a certain amount of age)

All previous, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acausality (Type 1 and 4. Transcends the laws of the world. Alongside standard Acausality resistances, also grants resistance to Law Manipulation and Space-Time Manipulation), Power Modification (Can massively enhance and modify any kind of equipment with just a touch), Radiation Manipulation (Has a radiactive bullet that could kill Thor), Teleportation, Technology Manipulation (Can release EMPs and control any kind of technology with a touch), minor Body Control (Able to control his bionic arm even after having it ripped out), Immortality (Type 2, 6 and 7 due to being a Magical Girl), Healing (Mid), Self-Sustenance (All types), Reactive Power Level, Power Bestowal, Fusionism, Memory Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (Mid), Immortality Negation (Type 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7), Corrosion Inducement (Can summon wings that corrode anything around him), Pressure Points, Skill Mimicry, Explosion Manipulation, BFR, Pain Inhibition, Portal Creation, Forcefield Creation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3. Passively applies the concept of "Beach" to any location he is in). Space-Time Manipulation with Sonic Boom. Resistance to Reality Warping, Life Force Absorption and Status Effect Inducement (Including Time Slow, Paralysis Inducement, Power Nullification and Healing Negation). Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation (His soul is contained inside his soul gem, and it can't be controlled normally), Power Absorption (Absorption of his powers will lead to them manifesting outside into a anti-memetic creature) and Memory Absorption (His memories are his powers)

All previous, Precognition, Necromancy, minor Matter Manipulation (Can release beams that disintegrate people. His bullets vaporize vampires), Summoning, minor Biological Manipulation (Can transform virgins from the opposite sex into vampires with a bite), Regeneration (Low-High. Can come back from puddles of blood and from his liquid shadow form), Mind Manipulation, Intangibility, Non-Corporeal (Is a literal mass of shadows and darkness), Blood Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation (Can control shadows), Flight, Enhanced Shapeshifting (Can take any shape he wishes. His physical body is only a shell, which he can control at will), Duplication (Which can work as enhanced Type 6 immortality), Smoke Manipulation, Weather Manipulation (Can create fog), Attack Reflection (With telekinesis), Immortality (Type 4 and 8. May or may not come back to life by the "Higher Powers"), Poison Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and minor Power Nullification (Has Kyouka's origin poison applied to his weapons, which has the same effect as Eike's Origin Bullets, with the added bonus of having poison capable of bringing pain to the gods). Resistance to Illusion Manipulation (Via 3rd Eye), Holy Manipulation and Analytical Prediction (Via Crunkledunk's golden badge). Immune to standard vampire weaknesses.

All previous, Enhanced Magic (A extremely powerful Type Blue, capable of using magic diretly from the concept of THRIVE. Gives him acess to Text Manipulation, minor Plot Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Sound Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Precognition, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Statistics Amplification, Absorption of Kinectic and Electric energy, Information Manipulation, Resistance to Existence Erasure, possibly much more), Weapon Manipulation, Body Control (Can transform any part of his body into a weapon, which can be as large as mountains and countries. Can also gain Large Size (Type 3) through Size Manipulation), Absorption (Can absorb Matter, Information and Technology), Power Nullification (With Showstopper and Blanks), Power Bestowal (Can infect others with 3387), Immortality (Type 1), lost the ability to forget, Cosmic Awareness (On a universal scale), Ice Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Time Stop, Black Hole Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Invulnerability, Empathic Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Homing Attack, Transmutation, Rage Power, Aura, Nanotech, Resurrection, Durability Negation, Air Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Summoning, Matter Manipulation (At least Atomic), Animal Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction (Can hit abstract beings), Blessed, BFR, Soul Manipulation, Body Puppetry. Conceptual Manipulation, Purification and Pain Manipulation with Blood Flea Bullet

Gained Spiritual Awareness (Can see invisible spirits and objects), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings with Reiatsu), Longevity, Can take his reiryoku and exert it as reiatsu, Reishi Manipulation (Can forcibly manipulate the particles that make up spiritual beings and objects such as those in Soul Society), Limited Blood Manipulation (Using Blut, Tiro can flood his blood vessels with energy to reinforce them), Statistics Amplification (Can enhance his speed with Hirenkyaku and increase his defensive or offensive with Blut), Dimensional Travel (With Shadow), Power Absorption (With Medallion), Effortless penetration with The X-Axis, Transformation (With Vollständig), Soul Manipulation (All Quincy can destroy souls), Limited Matter Manipulation (Using Sklaverei, Tiro can tear apart spiritual objects and beings by drawing upon their Reishi, absorbing beings destroyed in this way), Intangibility (He is untouched even by Shinigami who can interact with spirits and intangible objects), Invisibility, Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm and interact with intangible spirits and objects. Can bypass his own intangibility with The X-Axis), Overwhelming Aura (Spiritual pressure can passively induce ailments ranging from paralysis to fear inducement)

Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation (With Achilles Heel), Illusion Manipulation (His drugs can cause someone to think they are being attacked by a reality bender), Gravity Manipulation (His space stations have gravity fields), Formelly Plot Manipulation (Had an Pataphysics department, however, he is fundamentally unable to utilize it now), Anti Meme Manipulation (Has multiple anti memetic weapons, can turn others into anti-memetic entities. Anti-Memes erase information and memories, making their existence unknown. Can be used offensively to effectively erase someone's existance), Information Manipulation (Has an AI that controls most of his database in Hueco Mundo), Causality Manipulation and Time Manipulation (Can create materials that control the flow of causality, effectively manipulating time). Resistance to Telepathy (Can create anti telepathy structures), Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Can create machines that can grant resistance to time and causal manipulation)

All previous, Physics Manipulation (Transcends the laws of physics), Enhanced Magic Resistance (Has impenetrable magical wards, which allow him to easily survive THRIVE's conceptual magic), Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Transmutation, Gravity Manipulation (Can survive inside black holes), Anti Meme Manipulation (Has resistance against conceptual, higher dimensional anti-memetic anomalities)

Attack Potency:  Street level (Can easily overpower any human being. Has guns that should be this powerful), Higher with Noble Phantasms (Stronger than his normal attacks), Mana Burst (Amplifies all his stats) and against certain enemies (People with riding skills, mystery/old age/magic or any sort of divinity take extra damage from him) | City Block level+ (Comparable to Megalith), Multi-City Block level with Noble Phantasms, Mana Burst, against certain enemies and with Weapons (Caused a massive explosion that destoyed 250 meters of land. 4x stronger than his normal attacks) | Mountain level (Can destroy mountains and cities with ease), Higher with Telekinesis (Superior to his normal attacks), Mountain level+ with weapons (8x stronger than his normal blows) | Country level (Comparable to Silas, who did this), Large Country level with weapons (16x stronger than his normal attacks). At least Planet level with prep (Created an Achilles Heel, which held Hueco Mundo together and stopped the collapse of it, Soul Society and the Human World). Formerly Outerversal level with Pataphysics (Could summon his player, a higher layered narrative being, and cause him to attack the lower narrative levels. However, The Red Entity has removed his acess to Pataphysics on a fundamental level)

Speed: Subsonic (Moves like a blur. Can outrun military vehicles and barely dodge bullets) | Hypersonic (Flied a modified airplane at mach 5) | Relativistic (Can fly to the moon in seconds), higher with bullet time (Sees things in slow motion) | FTL+ (Should be 16x faster than a base FTL player due to passive buffs). Formerly Irrelevant with Pataphysics

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class 5 (Carries guns this big) | Class M (Uses building sizes guns) | Class T (Turned into a mountain sized pile of guns and moved it around)

Striking Strength: Street Class | City Block Class+ | Mountain Class | Country Class

Durability: Street level | City Block level+, Multi-City Block level with forcefields | Mountain level, Mountain level+ with forcefields | Country level, Large Country level with forcefields

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Hundreds of meters | Kilometers to Planetary, Interstellar with Sonic Boom | Same as before | Universal to Interdimensional. Higher with preparation, previously Outerversal

Standard Equipment: His rifles | Hundreds of guns | Same as before | Quadrillions of guns

Intelligence: A decently smart fighter, although a bit dense | Genius strategist, can make use of his enviroment nigh-perfectly and can pull off impossible shots | Even smarter and more experienced, has the skills of 3 million people | Supergenius to an absurd degree as seen by his preparation equipment, absorbed the entire internet

Weaknesses: Can only use powers like Thunderer and Sonic Boom few times per match. Is insane and depressed

Key: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4


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