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DIO stopping time with his stand, The World


Taken directly from Vs Battles Wikia. Please give them all the credit for this.


The ability to stop time and move around normally, and often a specialized variant of Time Manipulation.

In stopped time, characters can do many things in the entire duration: attack immobile opponents, set up attacks, recover their energy without interruption, reposition themselves for their opponents to "miss" their attacks, strategize, and so on. Characters may be able to stop time for only a few seconds, or much longer - in some cases, they may be capable of stopping time indefinitely. Often, characters who can stop time can move in the stopped time of others.


  • Some users may only be able to stop time for a much-limited duration (ex. a few seconds or even lower)
  • Stopping time can potentially be tiring and may even use up the user's stamina


  • Aege (StrikeForce Squad)