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The year is 2016 AD, 3 years after the devastating third world War, where over 100 million died. Enter Arctaius Corde, once a young boy fighting life or death battles, connected to this very war, he manages to survive using his abilities as a Proto-human. Today, he is a "troubled" student, 15 years old and a first year in high school. He lives in the Shīma ward of Tokyo, after arriving there by special circumstances. he was able to live more peacefully. This peace ends as the mysterious group that appeared during his childhood resurfaces,and he begins chasing them. Corde faces new trials.

Tides Of Protomis Has a total of 117 episodes/volumes, And it is currently on its second arc. There are no plans to cease production anytime soon.

For anyone who wants to see the story(As i have not drawn up to that point). 



The tides of protomis universe differs greatly from our own in technology. Due to the discovery of technology held by the ancient Qun'mi civilization(Or a section of it that was drawn to earth). Though, this technology was only rediscovered around 1932, When a vault constructed by an ancient people was discovered around modern day Athens. Even so, much of this technology has been reverse engineered, and adapted to human needs. Humanity as of arc 1 is a '''Stellar Civilization'''. There are a variety of space colonies spread all over the solar system, even going as far as Saturn. There was also evidenced to be a colony ship sent out of Earth during the 1980s. Though, the status of this ship is unknown, as this was prior to FTL Communications being invented. Asteroid Mining, Industrial Colonies, ETC.There is an estimated 1.3 Billion People living in space. Most focused around the main asteroid belt, and moon. Quantum Computers, and a form of cell phones that give a 3D, holographic display - with only a small device needed are noted to be commonplace. As even characters that don't have all that much money, such as Liang, have these. Millitary technology is leagues more advanced as well. Railguns, Coilguns, and particle weapons powered by "Sigma Particles"(Particles used in fusion reactors. Disrupts Low frequency EM waves, and therefore, communications while also capable of damaging unshielded electronic devices, due to the electrical charge of said Particles). Have mostly replaced conventional arms. With infantry using Gauss Guns(miniaturized Coilguns). That are capable of rapid, repeated firing. This has led to a change in war doctorines since their discovery. Brought by Sigma Particles as well, are Mecha, known in-universe as HAU's(humanoid armor units). Though these existed beforehand, as they were based upon qun'mi relics discovered in the Mojave, Sigma Particles made them much more viable.  HAU frames are not only used in combat, but for construction as well. Which contributed to the rapid growth in space colonization from 1952 Onwards. 

Medical technology is notably more advanced. With advanced prosthetics if one can not get an arm regrowth operation, a gradual  repair of the cells, based upon the other limb. Formerly, proto-humans and regular humans had a lifespan gap, with proto-humans living form 116-120, but due to these advances, the gap has closed in the countries with modern technology. 

Stellar Civilization: A civilization with dominion over its planetary system and even its parent star, being capable of inhabiting most if not all planets of its home system, and thus a technology far superior than our own.

Civilization Tiering System



Protomis is best described as an energy source for the human body. It is made up of “Protomis Particles”. Groups Of Protomis Particles come, or, in many different forms. As such, there are many ways to encounter it.  The amount of Protomis left on the earth is quite low with reserves being sapped by the many humans who have become Proto-humans through history.

In some events, a proto-human can release a light that resembles an aura, if they expel enough protomis. Though, as the threshold is high, this is restricted to higher tier proto-humans.

History Of Protomis

The exact history of Protomis is unknown. It has, However been estimated to have arrived on earth via the landing of celestial bodies. Likely before the existence of humans. Throughout history, They have been regarded as many things. The Romans and Greeks, as an example, saw Protomis as godly force. However, this belief began to die out as proto-humans could be better explained.  Though many cultures saw proto-humans, especially the stronger ones, as something unnatural. Which people refer to as the blank term of  “Purism”. The name refers to the belief that humans with these elevated abilities shouldn't exist. Purism was once a much larger belief among the world's people. Belief has however lowered as time shifted to the modern period.

In recent years, A prototype form of Synthetic Protomis has begun to appear, although in limited amounts. As only one scientist has the apparatus to produce this, the same one who gave Tetsuya Hoshi his artificial protomis. It is worth noting, however, that he was a Researcher for the Kaemerge, killed during the battle of Tsugashuan, and his plans were destroyed.


Proto-human Biology

Just as Protomis has been with humanity since it's Dawn, proto-humans have as well.  The special quality of Protomis is that it only forms chemical bonds with a human body. Making Protomis use exclusive to the human race. However, in order for a human body to use Protomis the latent particles within oneself must be activated. Usually during a life and death situation. One may become a Proto-human by absorbing Protomis into their bodies themselves, or having been born from another proto-Human.It is common for Proto-humans to keep their youth and begin a period of rapid aging near the end of their lifespan. Although, naturally proto-humans live longer, Though due to advances in medical sciences- the lifespan between the average human and proto-human is not that far apart, both average at about 110-120 Years.  Proto-humans, as well, generally look like normal humans.

While the most common starting abilities of a proto-human are usually simple, such as elemental powers- it is possible for one to start with a different ability. However, all proto-humans have superhuman strength and durability, and most are capable of flight. Unlocked abilities are usually given out randomly- there is no guarantee to what one will Gain.  But there are two guarantees, that one can unlock new abilities by getting into life or death situations, and that there will be a state of elevated power for a short time after it is activated, simply referred to as an "Activation Boost".

The abilities themselves are simply a self-preservation tactic, but since the abilities are random, in the end, unlocking them is not guaranteed to let one survive if it does not fit the situation. As such, proto-humans with rather bizarre abilities have appeared multiple times in the series. Such as Kabir, who could Rearrange his Internal organs. Or Bijan, who can create basic nervous systems in plants, and control them with his own impulses, creating his "Golems". And, although rarely, a proto-human can inherit abilities from their parents. Proto-humans with higher Protomis then normal by a great margin are placed into a subgroup known as "Ultima-Humans"

It is also noted that proto-humans can detect others, and the amount of protomis that they have, though the detection range varies depending upon an individual. The detection itself comes from two organs near the spine, which remain inactive until an activation is triggered.

Artifical Proto-Humans(Or, Artificials) An artificial Proto-Human, created by infusion of artificial protomis and limited genetic manipulation, will have less stamina than a normal proto-human, as well lacking the same Enhanced Reflexes, and instinct without training. And having a limit to how many abilities they can get. Because, despite their therapy, they still have the biological base of a regular human. Though the children of an artificial Proto-Human may not have all of these drawbacks, and become closer to a true proto-human. There is also a high chance that their protomis isn't passed on at all.


Active Proto-humans have a population of 3,335,000,000((3.335 Billion)). Or roughly 29% Of the world's total 11.5 Billion. However, Inactive proto-humans, those who have not yet activated their abilities likely give this a 500M- 1.5 B Addition. The exact number of the Inactive- Proto Humans is not recorded. So this is an estimate, But one that is currently accepted. Though,the amount of Protomis and the power of these proto-humans varies greatly. In recent years, there has been a noticeable growth in the population of Proto-humans, or at the least, active ones, which is commonly stated to be due to how long and widespread combat during world War 3 was, and the subsequent conflicts it caused in unrelated states. In addition to this, this new Generation of Proto-humans is recorded to have the most members in the mid-tier range. Many of which are even growing past that, despite their age.


Earth 27-B

Tides Of Protomis World Map V3.png

Map of Earth 27-B as of The beginning of the Series(2016 AD)

Earth 27-B is the starting Location of the tides of protomis series. It contains the main 4 iterations of the four tides, It is a world with a completely different history, and much more advanced technologies then that of The Real World's. Due to the technology of an alien race that once tried to invade earth in its ancient days. To which were first discovered around 1924. This race is known as the Qun'Mi, and is thought to have long since been extinct after their failed invasion.

Space Colonies

Louis City

Louis city(Named after Louis Mark, a pioneer in qun'mi tech Research) the city is centered around the Copernicus crater. With a Canopy covered by fiber optic Viaducts, allowing sunlight in, and giving the illusion of a sky much like that of Earth's. In addition to a vast number of areas deeper underground. It has a population of about 11 Million as of 2016.  It is Neutral ground, managed by the United nations. Though- in WW3 after commander Maxsim Smirnov of the Second Russian Empire attacked the colony to gain its industrial power as seen in (Tides Of Protomis:Operation Avalanche). in violation of this treaty, the people of Louis city are not nearly as content with their situation, in which they have some autonomy,but ultimately are still controlled by the UN. independence movements have grown as a result. It is a major tactical point, Due to its heavy industry-  it can push forward it's rulers economy. It, in addition, serves as a Midway point for the trans-Solar trade system.  It is also the home of the Miller corporation- a conglomerate that sells weapons- similar to Ouchi Electronics. As such- the two constantly compete with one another.  Construction began in 1943- and it hasn't ceased since.


There are only a few outposts on Mars that are supported by the government as well as a large spaceport. The red planet has gone largely ignored, as it has been shown to have no useful resources that would justify holding the planet. Though it is theorized that some major leaders from the pact of moscow escaped to Mars on a shuttle following world War three, and are now hiding there- but this is unproven, and widely known as a conspiracy theory.  The Martian wastes are unchecked, and lawless, as such- this leaves it as a target for the 3 space-based factions, who fight for control over the red planet, and it's inhabitants.

Royal Federation Of Corena

Nation in the main asteroid belt, Which consists of a number of hollowed asteroids linked together, with thrusters attached to them for movement. Population is at an estimated 80 million.

Outer Solar System

There are a multitude of human settlements in the outer earth sphere. Most of these are situated on the Moons of  Jupiter, and saturn. Eroupa, Titan, Ganymede, and Triton. Jupiter has proved to be a very important planet for its large helium-3 reserves, as such, the colonies beyond the belt are tightly monitored, supported by FTL communications.

Earth Locations,Cities + Urban Areas

Shima Ward

The Shima ward is the first location we are introduced to in tides of protomis. It servers as the residence of a good amount of the main cast.It is one of the wards in the Yamato Kingdom's capital of Tokyo. It has an estimated population of about 500,000 as of 2016. The tides still have residences there, but many of arctaius' friends from shima move as the series goes on.


City in which the kaemerge Japan Branch's main base is located. Though mentioned, the city is never shown itself.


Niopolis is the capital of Santa maria, A country ruled by the Ceron Dynasty, the leader of which being, as of arc 1, Juancho of Ceron. His heir being Valaria. A different from of Spanish is spoken in niopolis and Santa Maria, mixed with native languages- along with those from German settlers early in the cities history, that it has nearly developed into something entirely different. As such- This language, Santanada Is considered it's own by some. Due to the fact that it has kept some of it's Spanish roots, however- some argue that it is a Dialect. This is argued greatly to this day. The tides enter this city after receiving arctaius from Shima. It is one of the largest cities on the south american continent.


Shanghai is the current capital of Cui Federation, the current Chinese state, since the collapse of the Zhuhong Dynasty in 2012, moved away from the imperial capital, Beijing. It is the city in which Cuifen and Liang were born, and- moved back to as of arc 2. It had some damages by a B-class Demon that attacked during said arc, but the damage was averted, as, Liang was in the area it appeared.


Arctaius' hometown, a major city within the north american federation, but much smaller compared to New York, which has remained the federation capital since it's founding. Arctaius is never seen going there within the series.

Power of the Verse

The tides Of Protomis Verse is a mildly powerful Verse at the start,With most characters being Town Level+ With a Few Beyond that, However- as the story progresses, the characters begin to increase in strength.

Most mid tier Proto-humans who have trained stand at around Town to City Level, some approaching menu.

Common Proto-human Abilities

Here so this does not repeat abilities that most, if not all characters have
Low Tier
Enhanced Senses
Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Mid Tier+
Shock wave Generation(Via Physical Power)
Pressure Strike


Allies & Main Characters

4 Tides

Arctaius Corde
Kazimir Rhuskov(Tides Of Protomis)
Alarick Von Zaisen

Supporting Cast(Fighters)

Jirou Hashimoto
Yu Liang
Valerie Wilson

Supporting Cast(Other)

Big Bads


Arc 1 Antagonists

4 Apostles

Minoru Ito
Berthold Van Blumstein
Amelia Livert
Najeem Al Moussa


Project Aegis

Imperial Guard

Manfred Vogel

Lhasa Fortress-Agni's Faction

Myron Brothers


4 Tides Elimination Force

Tetsuya Hoshi


Honda Yoshio
Ghiracio Jornetti/Selenium Ignatius
Sebastian Heinrich
Yuutaro Torushima