• Uriel dramatically faces off against Uriel.

    This is plain old Starcross Uriel, and Fallen Augoeides Bastard(!!) Uriel.

    I got bored and made this on a whim. Speed is equalized, and victory by death or incapacitation.

    Bitch Uriel: 1

    Bastard Uriel:


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    • I believe Starcross Uriel should take this. Her attacks and abilities seem a lot more varied and deadlier than Bastard's Uriel. She will no doubt have problems getting passed Dispel Bound, but with her much higher experience in dealing with things like Absolute Barriers as well as beings with Low-Godly regeneration, then she should take this with relative ease. I might go a bit more in depth later, but I believe SC Uriel takes this with relative ease.

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    • Bastard Uriel does have potential Mid-Godly regeneration.

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    • A FANDOM user
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