• Hey Slapson, I’ve seen your “Cataclysm role play” and I was interested, mostly because of plot, characters and it’s a crossover, I’ve also seen that poeple from other verses are in the story, I was wondering did you ask permission from whomever created those characters, or did you put them on yourself, I was thinking if I could one of my characters that I made called “Phantom Truck” a.k.a, Jiles Jones to be in the ongoing role play too.

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    • Sorry for the late reply.

      To answer your first question, the people who made those other verses and characters are participants in the RP, save for the "published" verses. If you'd like to join Cataclysm, I could give you a Discord link.

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    • Sure what is your Discord Link?, Also Jiles Jones, is a character who is not in a specific verse.

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