• Battlefield 4
    Samael versus Avidor, because it results in at least one powerful, awful being biting za dusto, I think?

    The battle will begin here, in the above unfortunate forested valley region on an uninhabited planet. Speed Equalized. Otherwise, SBA's on, who would win, state your reasoning, etc.

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    • Idk how this wiki is with necro but 

      Samael worth notes
      Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2)
      Reality Warping
      Angelic Energy Manipulation
      type 8 immortality
      Light Magic
      Archangel Smite (Physical or range)
      Causality Manipulation
      Lucifer`s Will
      Wrath of Lucifer
      Mind manipulation
      energy armor
      Soul Manipulation and immunity

      Power Nullification (via energy-, matter-, causality- and reality manipulation), Danmaku (By Hell`s Barrage)

      Explosion Manipulation (By Hell`s Barrage), Law Manipulation (Here in universe my words are law)

      Demon Summoning, Demon Creation (can create demons to demon god power level

      Resistance (to power nullification, energy-, matter-, causality-, space-time manipulation and reality warping)

      godlike stamina

      weaknesses: Arrogant

      Chain Manipulation (Creates and can control several chains to attack and strap opponents down) Transformation and Body Control
      Status Effect Inducement (His whips and Chains induce the “Paralysis” effect which makes it more difficult to move)
      Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Magic, Void Manipulation (All demons on this level have these resistances), and especially Mind Manipulation
      type 8 immortality
      Regeneration (Mid-Godly)
      Forcefield Creation harm)

      I detect an incon. Neither can win i think. But i think Samael win's on abilties as he seems better suited for fighting.

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    • Samael seems to win based on the ammount of hax he has and such overall, although it might not be an easy fight given the Mid-Godly regen and all that

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