• Jack has to survive this gauntlet of DOOOOM! How many does he make it through?

    R1: 1000 Papercuts on the most vulnerable parts of his body

    R2: Resist the urge to become a meme and to act like a completely normal character that's not meme-able. 

    R3: Resist seduction from girls that would normally only exist in his wildest fantasies.

    R4: Play Dark Souls on maximum difficulty for the rest of his life and die a natural death. It is assumed he is locked in an indestructible room, and he has no need for nutrition or water. Can he do it without suiciding!?

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    • Lets see this...

      R1: Ok. Just annoying, really.

      R2: Nopers. He gets meme'd to death (So I'm pretty sure this would officially just be 1 survived, but I saw the others as well)

      R3: I don't know what to say about this one.

      R4: As long as it isn't Dark Souls 2, he's fine.

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    • What


      Literally doesn't even have to use flesh manipulation, not sure paper can even cut him.

      Immediately explodes

      BEGONE T H O T (Then again, his wildest fantasies involve flat is justice and a girl who actually likes him for more then reproductive capacities, so, the idea that they would be seducing him is probably just either going to be a normal slightly flirty conversation or a paradox that kills everyone)

      So he's going to be playing it probably for like 120 years considering Longevity, and considering his patience and capacity to "git gud", he probably has time to end up searching every nook and cranny and do a total no hit run of the entire franchise.

      Now how does Kabuto survive

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    • > Dark Souls at maximum difficulty



      YOU CAN'T




      also does Bloodborne count if so he might cry a bit otherwise anybody with hand eye coordination can eventually conquer it. If it is DS2 he immediately becomes braindead, tho. 

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    • Mr. Bambu wrote: > Dark Souls at maximum difficulty



      Technically, you have NG+ and whatnot. But most people won't count that.

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    • So NG+7 I guess but

      that isn't like setting difficulty

      just the game getting progressively harder

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    • It's funny because I ended up in my thinking getting rid of the Hobo's 1-A immortality because I found it excessive

      In fact a majority of the storystructure has been altered since this and Jack vs Kabuto

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    • A FANDOM user
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