• Need a fight for these OC's.

    My goal with them was to make them as powerful as possible without bringing in too much higher dimensional stuff and without introducing NLF. Lol, my normal profiles are nothing like this though. I want to see how they would fair against other OC's on this website.

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    • The Player (Twilight Forest) is a solid town level Character.

      Now as for Mao..... Dear lord that's so many hax. I'd have to go up many tiers higher to find something for him.

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    • To be honest, either Linx Rifelson and Kiir Tanichi have good chances of taking Mao on, even though they'd just use their 5-A forms (Kiir would instantly go up to High 5-A via her Reactive Power Level ability though).

      On a side note however, making OP characters for the sake of OP can be on here (as long as it's well written, and yours is so it's fine), it's highly unrecommended to do so. This site focuses more on making well written characters than making OP characters. Once again, it's not bad that you made these characters, and they are allowed here, it's just that it's extremely advised against.

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    • Well... I mean, there's no way either of them is getting past Mid Godly, and to the degree that Mao has it.

      I'm thinking about putting the sucker up against Lavos honestly.

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    • @Xmark12

      The main thing I wanted to do was attempt to make OP characters who: weren't too unreasonably powerful, weren't full of higher dimensional hax, weren't full of NLF powers and immunities, and were given a suitable backstory and reasonable explanations.

      I can understand why it would be looked down upon, and I will refrain from doing it in the future.

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    • @DMUA um... remember Linx negating High-Godly Regen with Pressure Punch? Yeaaaah... he can do that in base. Kiir probably not, so Linx has a better chance here.

      @Yung alright, just wanted to let you know and stuff

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    • oh

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    • A FANDOM user
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