• I'm not sure if anyone will follow this, but anyone who does, feel free to read.

    After a lot of consideration, I have finally decided exactly what direction I wanted to take my rebooted/extended InFAMOUS Universe.

    Rather than being a complete reboot, the story will follow shortly after the events of the original InFAMOUS. While the overall power and setting has slightly changed to properly match the extended version, the story and plot is overall identical. Think of it in the comics, when in flashbacks, Cole was shown much more powerful and agile than he appears in the game.

    The reboot, which might be changed to "extended universe" due to the above, will start with the reimagining of the comic series of events and continue on until the final confrontation with The Beast. The story is a reboot in the sense that the plot diverges after the first game, but retains the exact same plot of said game. With some slight, not massive differences. However, there is one HUGE difference at the end of the game that reflects Canon Cole's status as a hero.

    The point of the reboot is to continue plot points from the first game that were dropped (such as the Government conspiracy/power shift that was poorly concluded in the comics), give the characters over-all power and hax to match that of a true superhero universe, and to raise the stakes and magnitude of Cole's adventures, especially the battle against The Beast, which felt truly rushed and poorly developed in InFAMOUS 2. Note that I do not think InFAMOUS 2 is a bad game. I feel that in terms of story, they poorly handled The Beast, picked a poor location in a New Orleans styled city, and made Cole EXTREMELY WEAK.

    I was expecting Cole to become god-like and have a world-shattering battle against The Beast. And his enemies would consist of First Sons and Military forces with Conduits and advanced weaponry to truly feel powerful. Instead, Cole was downplayed to the point where not highly advanced organizations or even Conduits for the most part were a challenge for him, but rather, ordinary hicks with cheap guns, which could kill him near instantly. Not to mention he almost died in a CAR CRASH. And honestly, the VS Wiki has gotten ridiculous to the point where Delsin Rowe has more hax than The Beast. Who, by the way, was atomized by a nuke, when he should've been able to shrug it off.

    Anyway, Delsin's story will still be a part of the universe. Just handled in a way that isn't super-cliche and turn him into another "Troy Baker" character. By that, I mean it feels like almost every character that guy plays is the exact same guy (except for Joel). Delsin's character is literally indistinguishable form the likes of Hawkeye or Reese.

    So, that's my overall direction and purpose for the extended/rebooted InFAMOUS universe. If anyone is following, thanks for your support. I hope to start making some noteworthy contributions soon.

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    • That sounds pretty interesting. Can't wait to see more!

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    • I agree!

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    • Agreed with many points. Does this mean we'll see newer characters by the way?

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    • CoreOfimBalance(COB) wrote:
      Agreed with many points. Does this mean we'll see newer characters by the way?

      For sure. However, there are some that will be retconned out of existence, like Nix. I liked Kuo as a character, but you can pretty much tell Nix was supposed to be Sasha.

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    • Maybe compositize┬áher?

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    • Maybe.

      The main problem I have with InFAMOUS is that between 1 & 2, the story completely shifted from what was established. Especially the tone and voice-actor/design change, not only made both Cole and Zeke feel like completely different people, but made it feel like a completely different game entirely.

      And they dropped a BUNCH of stuff from InFAMOUS 1. Not just established plot points that were completely ignored, but elements from the main story as well. What I mean is, is that if you didn't read the comics, which are extremely unpopular and I myself only found out about them, like, a year ago, you never even know what happens to Sasha, Alden, Moya, etc. And even the way they "concluded" them in the comics felt extremely underdone and underwhelming. Hell, even the games don't even take the comics into consideration. Even though they are technically canon, the games never treat them as so and act like they never happened.

      Examples: Kuo encountering Cole just after the comics, which take place a week after the first game, but InFAMOUS 2 says they didn't meet until a month after.

      Cole acting shocked by Kuo telling him she worked with John in InFAMOUS 2, despite already telling him in the comics. In fact, it was the very first thing she told him.

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