• There were hundreds of people fighting the giant mantis We don't know the exact amount, so maybe calculate the combined power of 200 humans and then the combined power of 900 (On the profile it'll say "Whatever tier 200 combined is" and "Whatever tier 900 combined is")

    (I'd say the Luna population is compareable to the population of Europe, but we don't know the percentage number of different ages like for example "How many aged 0 in percentage wise on Luna" so let's just assume it's equal to Earth population ages seperate by ages? )

    Also the "With enough combat experiance, they could go higher." part, that takes up 5% of Luna population and then 25% of the population at the age of 10 and above have supreme forms. I think there's alot of adding to do here.

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    • Sorry, I'm not really sure what you're asking me to do. You want me to find the value of 200 people fighting the mantis?

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    • Yeah because the Mantis was capable of fighting all of them at once.

      Then find the value of 900 of them fighting the mantis. Sorry if I don't sound very clear about this.

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    • Well our typical method is just dividing the value by x number of characters fighting. So 1 Kiloton / 900. So 1.1 Ton (Building level) a piece. However, if each character actually hurts the Mantis by themselves, then they would be Small Town level

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    • Actually. NVM.

      That's not exactly what I meant, I tried to do it myself but then I realised on the first chapter Codi attacked the mantis twice, didn't see her leave a scratch on it. Earlier on that chapter, Aeliza reflected Giant Mantis's laser and then hit it's face destroying the skin of it's head. 2 hours of doing this for nothing! xD So I'm gonna upgrade it to Low 5-B.

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