I noticed someone else suggested for this character to be part of the series. I think he should be the one responsible fortrying to create peace between both parties at war due to his pacifistic nature.

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    • That sounds like a good idea :) 

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    • Although the question I would ask is it literally Frisk? One of the few requirements I like to have is that characters are either original or of some sort of public domain. I like to avoid fanfiction in anyway but I am willing to change my mind if it's in need. So far I don't have the desire to though. But thank you for the suggestion, if he still wants to participate then he is more then welcome. The more the merrier.

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    • this is a fanmade alternative of frisk, but you should ask Xmark12 about keeping him, since he suggested the idea

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    • I will in time. I think now i'm tired and need to get down some work. But I will talk to him because he seems interested and I don't want to exclude anyone unless they're causing drama. Thank you for participating, it's been fun. If you have any ideas you'd like to brainstorm feel free to share. I need to check out some of your pages though since I've been interested in seeing how other people write characters and classify abilties here and there.

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    • Is there an overall cosmology to the verse? Because I have a structure in mind.

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    • There is actually a bit of a kicker here in that everything that exists is encompassed by Chaos (The Force or Entity) and so you quite literally have an uncountable amount of realities and alternate timelines zoned into each other and tied together so you quite literally can have multiple realities and creation myths happening all at once and it works. Hence why multiple 1As can exist together.

      My favorite one and possibly the oldest one is something I like to call the Primus Theory. In the fictional religious text the The Truth of all Origins; there was Chaos. The Timeless Void and Great Void of Nothingness. Chaos is also purity and eternal, truly infinite. It has no real shape, form, or identity because it is everything. However theories speculate that since Chaos is truly Infinite, it also nonexistent, because limitations establish and basis and blueprint of how something can exist, it creates an identity.

      It's important to note that as I go on, I will refer to 3 states of Chaos, this may be confusing but I feel like it's important in gathering info and understanding how I think about this lol.

      There is: Chaos (Primus), Chaos (Nihilo), Chaos (Esse)

      So one day or at least one reality within the whole that is Chaos Prime, Chaos creates a lesser aspect of itself that can manifest through the strange phenomenon that is... Existence.

      FYI: Esse in Latin is Existence and Nihilo is Nothingness

      Chaos as the Void mothered/fathered Chaos as the state of Existence; i.e. the depiction of Chaos being a state of endless change and formless mass that is the complete of order. The designation of these two states of Chaos are going to be referred to as Chaos (Nihilo) and Chaos (Esse). It is through the interaction of these two states that all of Existence can and will be. All concepts, entities, forces, ideas, forms, and beings are tethered to and brought about either through presence or interaction between these fundamental concepts of Chaos.

      Chaos Esse, whom you could visualize as Light as in a constant state of change and aspects of itself and its essence are constantly fluttering about, disappearing but sometimes maintaining a state of identity for a long enough time to also spread itself against the great expansive Darkness then you could identify as Chaos Nihilo whom the light is destroyed against. Perhaps neither can create without a combination of each other’s energy, maybe in order for something so exist.. it needs to have a bit of both of Light and Dark to exist.

      Anyways the first and oldest known entities created from this interaction we can dub Chaos Gods, Archetypes, The Primordials, etc.

      The Church of Light summarizes these ideas and concepts in their own limited capacity and words as best they can and have their own biases and points of view as well.

      “At first there was only the Void. Empty. Cold. Infinite. Then came the two first gods: the Creator and the Unmaker. The first started to create, the second to destroy the creation. They started to fight, for an eternity. Their bodies were broken and formed our gods. It is through our worship that we can honor the Gods who defend us from Oblivion and complete destruction.”

      To them, those who exist and follow the Church of Light… Chaos Esse is almost God to them since it is the foundation and tether behind existence whereas Chaos Nihilo is Evil because it threatens them. It is through their limited understanding and grasp of the reality around them that they can attribute flawed points of view and interpretations of menagerie and machinations behind existence through alignments such as Good and Evil. When in truth Forces like these, Concepts that are this high on the food chain do not at all rely on the existence of lesser beings to distinguish whether they are good and bad. And attributing such flawed views of them does nothing to effect their power so they will always exist and have existed before they were conceived or thought of. Although if the belief is strong enough, an apparition could manifest as a warped view and entity of how a certain or particular species or group of beings view something. I.E. Individuals who worshipped Zeus have a different view of those who hated Zeus or promoted Christ and as such apparitions and versions of those two entities will manifest in different ways with similar traits but different overall abilities and personalities perhaps, buuuuuut that’s another story altogether now.

      Speaking of long and convoluted I’m a huge fan of Gnosticism and the concept of God being an Eternal State of being as opposed to a guy (as much as I love the concepts too).

      The Monad (The Word) is the indivisible Almighty state of the One True God and all other emanations of that One True God are merely facets of its entire being made manifest and interacting with each other, creating their own planes of existence and maintaining there own sense of identity. I like this identity, referred to as Monism, used in a lot of Hindu Traditions and bizarre Theological theories. I believe this could be used well on its own: Monad_(Gnosticism)

      I believe Gods and versions closer to THE ONE are far more powerful and have a higher influence in maintaining and being tied to Existence, as well as Raw Power. Lower emanations of the God (s) are weaker and obviously more flawed overall.

      In Gnosticism, the concept of the Demiurge as being a lesser aspect of God or being mostly separate who created the Material Plane of Existence and is flawed which is why he created flawed beings like us is an idea I totally dig in concept especially as a rebellious teenager. The idea of being born from a flawed deity that is mad in its own way and desires things like sacrifice and worship, and wanting to transcend and free yourself from that plane of existence is something I dig. The ability to have a bunch of Gods while also understanding they’re all connected to one is referred to as Monism:

      So I want to expand that idea. Those who are closer to the Core (Chaos Core, The Monad, The Word, Ao) are just way stronger and much more difficult to imagine altogether where as Lower Leveled Emanations of The Word or the Monad like Demiurges are merely Multiversal or High Universal level. Extremely powerful none the less, but in the orbit around the Monad, they’re lower leveled. Let’s designate them shall we? I think we can all agree that all of them are still extremely powerful with varying degrees of Tier 1 and Tier 2.

      1. The Unfathomable/The All: Beings so vast and close to the Core that they appear almost as limitless or close to just as powerful as the Core itself, they orbit the closest around The Word.

      2. The Endless/Infinites: Beings who will never be erased so long as their limitless energy is tethered The One, they are infinite. They are only slightly more able to be conceived then the Unfathomable ones.

      3. The Absolutes/Concepts: Here is where we get interesting, these guys/entities are the foundation and blueprints behind all of existence. You know when you see concepts like ascension, language, music, rules, physics, laws, abilities, emotions, energy, time, and color scattered all throughout existence and different multiverses? Concepts that are very similar towards each other even if the Universes that have these similarities are not even closely tied together in many observable ways? Well its because of The Absolutes. They are the Progenitors of all every conceivable idea or thought that crosses all of our path and anything that exists or could exist that we could imagine or never imagine comes from The Absolutes who are way they are, can simply spread their influence and identity just by being there. Whether they war with one another for Dominion and Ideas like the lesser Archetypes or are just who they are and exist in a neutral state like their superiors is yet to truly be understood.

      4. The Aeons/Perfect Ones: Much like the Absolutes, they are responsible for the influence of concepts and ideas scattered throughout and are fueled by pure knowledge, power, ideas, concepts, and the flow of existence itself. However they are more active and seek out to mass produce and create new ideas and realities, it is the nature of how they are both alone and with one another. In the spiritual plane, they create so much, it’s easy to understand why so many advanced civilizations idolize themselves after the Aeons and desire to interact with them above all else. Aeons are assumed vary in the ways of communication and behavior but it is summed that they think of reality as an art more then anything.

      5. Creators/Demiurges: Peaking off the edge of the Circle all the Creator Gods who helped build entire realities. With the most powerful being responsible for creating more realities then there are languages in the universe or stars in our own. And lesser ones still being in the low multiverse level. I imagine here you will have a lot of variation in both personality, design, purpose, behavior, nature, and power level being that individuals know the most about them and even then most of it is of course unknown. A Demiurge who is conceived through Aeons and is considered to be a lesser Aeon creates flawed concepts that can and might be destroyed, they can ascend but very few do of course no matter how powerful. Against the Void of Nothingness that they fear, they find solace and purpose in creating a multitude of different ideas and concepts from the Godhead to whom they understand very little of. They act as Cogs of the Machine, they are who they all are and generally they are the most powerful beings in the realities they of course create. Often times though when they do create it’s a flawed and pale comparison to what is imagined by Aeons and perhaps even a disappointed to their own abilities. Their powers can vary from Tier 1A to 2C.

      If you haven’t guessed by now, you could easily interpret this as a Mind of God scenario. Hell, in my own head cannon I’d like to think this is how Azathoth’s mind works lol. In Chaos Theory, many theorize that this is close to the nature of Chaos Esse is being in a constant state of existence and creation, although whether Chaos Esse is the Word as we know it or if The Word itself is another powerful Emanation of Chaos Esse is unknown and can be left up to ones own head cannon of course.

      Other realities can replicate this was Azarias: The God of Magic singing a merry, majestic, and powerful tune and creating children or emanations that help expand the song of Creation and perhaps give it variation as well. Each child has a unique tune of their own that intermingles with others and in this reality, learning more about the song of creation and tapping into their abilities can make your overall strengths and abilities increase to damn well nigh-unlimitedly if you have the memory and life span for it. This is one out of the many ways one could either see their reality or how a reality could function within Chaos Theory.

      In one Creation Myth that exists within a reality with multiple timelines and a multiverse of its own, etc. The entire reality is composed of the super massive corpse of Solumex: The Alone who was composed and came about through the combination of massive amounts of energy. Solumex existed within the Void of Chaos for an immeasurable amount of time until it grew self aware and desired to not be alone, thus destroying itself, causing a big bang and producing the Multiverse in that reality. I highly base him off of Bramha of course but the two are indeed different.

      I'll even go over another Creation Myth since I'm bringing up a lot of Theoritical Stuff and am talking about the Sea of Chaos and Nonexistence against Existence, other Creations and Cosmological laws that exist within Chaos are far more bizzare then others. One reality even is an array of Lights suspended against an endless expanse of deep and grand darkness. With Constructs and entire civilizations being built around the light, except the light is being produced by an impossibly massive Leviathan with multiple glowing eyes and is possibly 1 yottameter across. The same distance and size of the Hydra cluster.

      The Observer traveled across endless seas of infinity and darkness. It was a long way home and It was very lonely. The Observer had realized it was lost when hit a Darkness so thick that it could not see in front of it and its Body had been having a harder time swimming forward. Feeling both fear and interest, The Observer noticed Dark Blots encircling around its Fins and they rummaged around The Observer with great interest. The Observer then looked upon the Dark Blots with great interest though and at that point the Dark Blots were both galvanized in both fear, amazement, and awe. This was the first time light had been introduced to them, and it was through the glowing eyes of the Observer. They were unable to move, until gradually they began to take shape and distinguish themselves from one another and dance along The Observer to try and keep him entertained so that It may look upon them. The blots and shadows struggled and warred with another like spoiled children so that The Observer would look at them more. And the The Observer payed no mind, for it enjoyed the Shadows's company and their dance and worship. The process would continue on for so long until a literal gigantic construct was build around The Observer so that it would never leave their side. And thus, the world of Ohrmbosa was established.

      Then you have the Dome of Vita which composes of 3 Primordial Serpents suspended on a Timeless Void between a Massive Tree.

      Zun-The Black Serpent desires to return to the Void and destroy the Tree entirely.

      Ain-The White Serpent desires to live and maintain Existence as long as possible and spread the seeds of the Tree across the Great Expanse.

      Man-The White Serpent keeps the other two at bay with no forethought.

      Meanwhile the Tree cointinues to exist and grow at a steady pace as all reality and life orbits and centers around the roots of a tree, spawning because of it.

      In one reality, there is Norious: The Primordial Darkness who has always existed in its reality, but then at one point it/he/she decides to either have a child or it simply happens through unknown means.

      Star Mother: Esther is born from this and she then decides to MOTHER LIGHT and Creation into being and she does so for a considerable amount of time, she spreads her influence out and mothers Lights, Stars, and entire Galaxies into being. She does so for a seemingly meaningless reason.

      Then came The Mad Twins who were conjoined together at birth and whom hated each other. Their hatred produced Avatars that would spread throughout the Cosmos attempting to kill each other. There most notable Avatars were known as Aevitas: The Mad Life Bringer (Who appears in the form of a massive plant-like Moth) and Nefestus: Diseased King of Death (Who appears as a Fungi monstrosity of mouths and bubbling entropy) as life spread out throughout the Cosmos, so did their sibling rivalry.

      Then came Aeanes: The Chaos Bringer who grew bored of the current state of existence and although he found himself entertained in toying with life, he desired to model life after himself. Enter The Primogen.

      In The Primordium it is said that the Primogen are the Ancestors of all intelligent life that can communicate to the Gods. That includes The (Lesser and Greater) Universal Gods, Angels, certain Aeons, Reapers, and of course Demons. By extension this also tags back to certain mortal races, including humans. They all live in a Timeless area that becomes the Blueprint of many other realities referred to as The Nexus.

      Keep in mind this is all according to The Primordium. Even if this is based on truth, it is likely that there are flaws and contradictions so take it more as a historical reference with missing pieces then what might have actually happened.

      The Primogen worshipped The Chaos Gods (Unfathomably Powerful Gods of Eldritch Proportion) and at some point, one or a few Primogen realize they don’t like worshipping Aenes or the other Chaos Gods. In fact they believe to truly honor the One True God would simply be to erase all of Existence and become Pure and Whole once again, thereby destroying the other Gods who wish to extend their Timeless rule and maintain Creation no matter how destructive and prevent anyone from undoing reality as a whole.

      These beings who rebelled are casted away from the Timeless Nexus and are exposed to the Void and all of the Agony of the Maternal Plane including Death, Suffering, and Pain. Those who did not evolve to change and create children simply died off altogether. Those who survived became the first Angels and Demons and although the majority became ignorant of their own True Origins, the war between Light and Dark continued on and on through the expanse of space and the  

      As well as having multiple creations with similar and varying origins, pantheons, laws, properties, etc. Several realities have can and have indeed and have interacted with one another both in hostile wars and create alliances with one another. Those who destroy other realities or simply try to Fuse them together either forcefully or diplomatically can end up being some of the strongest realities and this is one of the only few scenarios in which a creator of ones reality can be rebelled against and stopped. But it’s rare.

      The Norns or Cosmic Weavers are an extremely powerful species that loosely resemble Spiders (Hence the name Cosmic Spiders) or Wormlike entities (They also can appear humanoid in a way) and they are in a constantly struggle to invade, dominate, and control other realities and consume their energy. To maintain control over realities and to make sure that everything meets their end, they hijack and weave both a literal and magic cosmic web that fundamentally determines the Fate of all the realities they can control and use to their benefit. While they are a race of powerful and individualist entities, there are 3 that surpass the rest. As you could probably tell, they’re based on the Fates of both Greek and Norse Mythology.

      In essence, if it exists. It's possible. But the rules are still the same. Chaos is eternal and forever, realities are vast and complex and nature but they are less then insignificant tiny specs against the grand limitless unknown mass that is Chaos. Except it's not even against, it's merely just another grand part of the unknown design of Chaos Itself.

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    • All these and more can exist within Chaos Theory and although there are some Universes and Realities we favor more then others and are even stronger, none are irrelevant and can all exist simultaneously to one another either completely unaware of each other or possibly interacting. In an infinite timeline scenario. Anything is possible you see. So if you got another Creation Myth to add or want to change some rules or create your own reality here and there you are more then welcome.

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