• 1. Okay so at one point in Flaydorian War 2.0 Part III Aeliza was 5 times weaker than Skelebur who blew up a planet (I don't know the size of it so assume it's around the size of the Earth). Would that make her 5-C or High 6-A?

    2. Skelebur stated Aeliza in her supreme form was five times more powerful than him after he created darkness around the size of Jupiter that was capable of making anything inside of disappear. I'm gonna assume that would be High 5-A or Low 4-C if that's even a tier?

    3. Aeliza in her supreme form can boost her attack and defense by five times via statistics amplification. I think that would be 4-C right?

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    • 1. The GBE of the Earth is approx 53.6 Zettatons (may be a little more or less, im going by memory). 53.6 / 5 = 10.7 Zettatons. Small Planet level (Low 5-B)

      2. The GBE of Jupiter is around 330 Yottatons (again, memory). 330 * 500 = 165 Ninatons. Dwarf Star level (High 5-A)

      3. Five times her previous form? 165 * 5 = 825 Ninatons. Dwarf Star level (High 5-A)

      Hope this helps.

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    • Woah that was way quicker than I thought it would be! Thanks!

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    • Anytime.

      I don't really see notifications here as readily as the main wiki so I apologize for the former requests taking so long. I don't try to ignore request.

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    • Yikes..

      Anyways. Off topic question, how can I make a slideshow thing showing feats on a profile like here at the bottom of the page?

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    • So sorry for the late reply!

      The coding is pretty simple.

      <gallery type="slideshow">

      Just replace the file.png stuff with the file name of the image and the captions with stuff...captions.

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