• I might as well join in the bedwagon of "Verse Discussion threads" here. ^^;

    Then again it's been quite a long time since i've had anyone be curious of my verse and all so better to put this out here than later.

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    • Wow everyone's doing verse discussion threads now ^-^

      Welp. +1 following this thread.

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    • Yeah looks like the trend of your and Ven's recent verse thread spreaded out to the others here. ^^

      And thanks.

      @All: To anyone that likes to say/ask/comment about the verse and/or just it's characters, i'm more than willing to share them with y'all about it...just not the REALLY deep detail ones like "certain beings" and whatnot.

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    • Just to bump this.

      If anyones also interested, i also plan to write actual stories for the characters later on for these guys.

      This blog here shows what i got in mind. Though considering in my current story that most of it is taking place in actual official series verses unlike it's previous parts (there are some worlds present in those parts, just not heavily so as "A Guardian's Pride"), it's mainly just gonna be fanfics for the moment.

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    • Looks nice. Btw, what's that pic on the verse page of?

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    • OH that's supposed to be a pic of some multiverse from what i found.

      Though i may decide to make up my own art of the series later on to make it more original, actually...

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    • And bumping more to here for some news.

      First, i added a gallery to my verse so as to make it look "cool" and "appealing" as well as making it kind of easier to go on a character page on the wikia here.

      Second, i have decided to not tackle on Kleon's story as it's rather already hard for me to do that of his descendants (Kiyo and Aaron's in particular as well as Joels) so i had no choice but to let it off for now if not for good.

      -Which is sad since it had a more original story feel and setting compared to my current one which is more of "OC's being in existing canon works" than anything. But it was also taken down in progress due to it not being connected at all to the current plot that i have in mind that started with Kiyo himself to that of his grandson Aaron so...

      Another and last one for now is that of my "matter" with the lack of OC villains of my own. With this, i'll copy-n-paste what i commented on my own verse page as an update note to here:

      "So another update that's probably more minor than anything is that i will slowly start my way up on making more antagonist OC's for this verse as the ones shown here thus far (Xero, Xarathos and DION in addition to maybe Alfonso Felix, Kenshin Hattori and Souta Isao at times) aren't that many in numbers compared to the rest who are more or less all that of the "hero/good" side.

      Therefore, i will plan accordingly to making up more villain OC's for this verse as the use of using antagonists from existing canon works (Fate verse, Precure, KH, etc.) just don't seem that well enough IMO. So there will be more OC villain variety in the plot as it continues to be worked on."

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    • Discussion threads of peoples verses be dead~

      So just adding yet another update, i'm gonna actually create an account over at or, if there's a "better" original story place out there, in order to finally start making stories relating to my verse. Now idk as of yet if i'll be able to do the full story for that of ones that those like Kiyo Rashin (Tale of the Dragon General) or my mains such as Aaron Myers and Patrick Walker (A Guardian's Odyssey) considering the entirety of them, depending how much i've developed them over the years i've imagined them in my head (it has quite the history making), it's probably going to be long enough to be considered as a sort of novella or whatever...i think.

      I'm also doing this as my drive for fanfic writing seems to have dwindled TF down for some reason, though i could change it up by doing others such as a KH fanfic that actually serves as a prequel to both the main KH games (it's set before the first KH game) and that of my current and modern OC story of "A Guardians Odyssey" and i do have another one that's set up for the mobile game of "Fate/Grand Order" that's part of one of the worlds my duo OC's above go to after completing their sole year of training under another one of my OC's. There's also that Pretty Cure based fanfic i'm doing but, as mentioned, it's feeling has dwindled down quite recently but hopefully i'll be able to complete it eventually and not abandon it.

      But yeah, that's about it from me here. Who knows what else i can be doing with this while i still make this out and whatnot. ^^;

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    • Hmm, well since you are gonna make those stories, what would be the best way to read them? As in what order they should be read? Or is there no specific order of your series and thus can be read from any point?

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    • There's literally no order for them to be read in since they're just in random listings i did on my blog of them here.

      Like in the Precure (KiraPre) fanfic of mines, for example, that one takes place in our current year in the real world of 2017 (which is what Exceed's middle story arcs take place in as well as going along with KiraPre's time slot era it goes by in their world). But for a story like the one of FGO, that takes place a year before in 2016 where it goes along with it's initial plot and timeline of that game.

      Hmm...thinking about it. If i WERE to really be consistent and do it in some order, i would probably just go along with my current fanfic of Liz's story. Her's, albeit it's still being made on it's first chapter, is a side-story prequel of Exceed's current story of Aaron and Patrick's as well as a fanfic prequel to Kingdom Hearts prior to the main games of it (or to put it simply, it takes place after Birth by Sleep but before the first KH game).

      I'll come back with an update on this of that later.

      Edit: Thinking about it further, it might be best to actually just put a blog of what comes first and after for my verse now that i think of it. Maybe also point that out in my story listing blog too.

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    • Hmm, yeah a blog seems a much more better idea to do, so anyone who sees your verse can at least stumble on it and read it without being confused on what to do if he's ever interested.

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    • She or they too~ ;)

      And yeah, i started it up. Will also even link the stories themselves in the near future and so (those that have chapters and exist, that is). Just have to get going on making them, really xD

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    • UPDATE~

      So i finally got to posting my KH fanfic for both KH and, as weird as it COULD/MIGHT be, Exceed. Given that it involves an OC that's technically from my original series that has a history set up via KH...that's the pure basic gust of what it's like and about.

      Here to anyone that are curious to read it.

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    • will get reading it when i have time (FML though)

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    • Me too, right now my time is very full (Will get it to read it at night)

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    • Yeet~

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    • Wow exactly a month since i last commented on my own verse thread here. ^^;

      So an update here, i will admit that my progress of my fanfics of my OC's in them (given that one main part of the verses current story involves this "story aspect") but i am getting back into there again. Just been really busy with school and other matters outside of the wikia stuff so it's been pretty slow if REALLY slow on the uptake of it.

      But a good thing of sorts is that i'm actually now (slowly, of course) getting into the mood to really write out my original stories of the verse. All of which will be done over at FictionPress, which some or so of you may know of it as being like Fanfiction but for original stories.

      As for when i'm continuing them...hard to say given my (at times) limited activity here on certain things.

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    • Are any of your profiles available for a matchup yet?

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    • Unfortunately no.

      My biggest flaw, or at least one of them (and a big, top one at that), is making profiles and not once even getting to finishing them off. As in, i make something and then take like months if not even a year or two to gradually work on them....really that bad to do~

      IF and WHEN i do actually complete them and they are available, i'll give my thread here a holler as a sign that they can be used finally. I just have to move my ass in time, energy, and motivation to crank their completions more...

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    • I have expected this for it is DED and QUITE but-


      So a lot has happened in and out of this since the last comment. Basically i'm now feeling a lot more clearer and free to start moving up my (constant gathering) changes for the verse.

      For starters, its the stories here and instead of doing an original of sorts, i simply toned it down to doing what it was that i have always been doing with since i was little: Making OC's and them having their own world while ALSO inserting them to other series ala Kingdom Hearts style...which is honestly the point of this verse then and now in some if not many ways. Just them being from an original world going to other places as heroes of doing the right thing however and whatever the freck is going on in that world...or to travel to them for simple adventure purposes like sight-seeing and memory gathering (ex. pictures). But yeah this and, minorly so, have to work on categorizing with the gallery of the verse later on.

      Another is the characters. As there's a lot of times where i add before i think of them and considering i have been only focusing on like three of them while ignoring close to about 99% of everyone else in the verse, i thought of simply doing them first and get them out of the way and all because of the trouble and my hard on (not literally) for my attention to them (RIP my attempt at being "fair" in attention to my many other OC's).

      Thirdly is the abilities and hax the characters will have. This one is simple but sort of complicated to do here but the part of them here in this regard is that they start off kind of plain or simple in power before getting haxxier and broken over time until they get to a point where they end up acting "hella meta" as Patrick might say...or i...or both of us. Something like that. I'm hoping to myself here that i don't make it too BS but part of my verse sort of exists in a time where such BS haxes and POWAH! may be least for that time but that will be the total gust of it all.

      Hmm. Was going to say more but that's all i can safely say out without burning out and talking a lot when i finally got to talking about this again lol. Yeah well...that's all there is to this...for now~

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    • It's nice to see that you're feeling more motivated! And it's good to see more work being done here! I'm excited to see how you add onto Exceed.

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    • Aye aye. Thanks, Prom!

      Yeah i think with how i'm solely focusing on here (not counting college stuff, of course) and doing exactly for the stories for my OC's (i plan to at least do one for others), the expansion and actual proper rework is getting i always say xD

      And yeah regardless of others say that, at least i'll do it properly, understandably, and with PRIDE~

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    • Also, i have made a blog regarding said three OC's of mines that people can read later on about them.

      Although the title itself is rather...hmm how should i say, "really strong despite some censorship out of properness".**K)bois_of_Exceed

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    • I'm excited to see it!

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    • YEEE~

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    • Gewd. I'm gonna check it out in a bit.

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    • best title i've seen in a blog OVO

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    • Well it's obviously far from being completed but it will be done overtime...this time...i hope. ^^;

      Also yet another thing is i may reconsider doing 1-A's (or Tier 1 so i don't have to be specific since people tend to jump gun at whatever the moment said specific tier is mentioned) if only because i have an actual God tier that at least fits a lot more for it. Now whether i can get around to doing that is another story altogether.

      For now though, i'd rather not touch anywhere near it. Most i'd go is probably Tier 2 (dk where, though) since it's obviously far easier to work around with atm thus far. So we'll see.

      That and another is i should probably try to, and i think i mentioned this on the blog, actually try to draw up my own characters for once. Although since some of them already have pics of art that to some degree is literally what i envision them to be like, i'd likely only do ones that would really need the art done for them.

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    • I think people should stop being butthurt about Tier 1. If someone wants to limit their verse's power that's to be commended, but acting like Tier 1s = bad verse, isn't fair to those like Dragon who actually work hard on their verse(s) and don't just care about hax or power.

      However people consistently making shit Tier 1s (especially 1-As) and only care about power aren't helping either side. It's quite a mess.

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    • Edit: I'm not saying that it's bad as i have in the past with it. It's just those that don't do it right or good that gets me on about with it. Those like Dragon, although i haven't honest looked at his verse for a long time (sry buddy), he and others like him at least TRY to and also do it well partially since they also ALSO know how Tier 1's work beforehand (i.e "EXPERIENCE") and do compared to Tier 2's.

      Edit 2: Which is also why i never bother with Tier 1's anymore not because of all of it being bad, but to those specifically that don't get it even if someone had to try and explain it to them. The fact that we had several threads in the past about them only to get anywhere with it later on after each one doesn't help how apathetic at times i am with it. Although that doesn't stop me from at least trying to gauge if one is done good and right and made knowingly (like Dragons, instance) or those that just don't quite make the cut enough. And that which is indeed a mess as said, Sera.

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      Started up a blog lore about my "God Tier" character of the verse. It'll be just like my other blog about my main characters, only this time it's from a 1st person perspective view of the character in question as well as his "pointless ramblings" of the place he resides and embodies in along with some bits here and there of stuff that he will point out quite a lot as being, again, pointless to even bother reading or hearing him on let alone trying to wrap ones head on.

      Hope anyone is interested in that one as like my other recent blog.

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    • Hmm...

      So thinking about it, and seeing a "certain message wall" thread the other day, I now feel like it might be best if I try to give my verse an original plot of some kind surrounding their own verse. Now to those that know of this, which is quite a few, I have tried to do this at least a couple times over the years since I first came on here of the Wikia network only to have it go back to the ol' Fanfiction route...VERY...VERY long story for this fiasco of mine here.

      The only problems I have with it is where to go with this kind of thing considering the plot I have now pretty much takes them on a span of ten years, give or take. And yet they have a lot of things to do because of an event that leads to the tenth year in their (these three fuckboi's) and their allies which is kind of supposed to be like Ragnarok from the Norse Myth prophecy or that of Armageddon...or the final stages of the Kali Yuga that's kind of like the first two in a way if note more of the Norse one...something like that.

      But yeah...I...have to do something original for once in my life~

      As for the Fanfictional parts of them, I may as well just put them in blogs considering the sheer amount of things i may put my various OC's in that also later crossover to other worlds to the point that it ends up fucking over their stats and power levels...yup. That one is at least easy. The hard part is on the original plotting that really just is for both original and fanfiction of the characters, just the latter deals with it on a more expanded level of it and such.

      So...yeah. That is my updates for it here. Sorry to those that like it but...gotta do something~

      Now if only I can bother to try and think up ways to shape up their characters without relying solely on Fanfictions that have them in it...

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    • Three fuckbois pages got their stuff down. To those that understand this well, I'm only doing it just to redo it on what would their stats be WITHOUT using stuff like fanfics to do it for me. Still, have to see what kind of adventures and training and such they'd have to do that would be different this time but I will get to it.

      Not sure about others but they will have something like that done to them. I may also delete a few that I kind of have some thoughts on whether I should keep them or not but getting there...

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    • Nooooo....

      I liked your verse.

      Sad to see it go... :(

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    • Yeah, I know~~

      But...too much on my plate to go with it. Who knows, I could end up with another spur of action for it and go back to bringing it up, albeit in a complete overhaul of overhauls of overhauls of overhauls...of overhauls.

      BUT! That does not mean this thread could be over. Matter of fact, I could perhaps share some things with it for some more. But probably not too much...or maybe I do if i dick around with it~

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    • This is sad, but I'm excited to see what you come up with next.

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    • I know, I know~

      It's whatever comes to mind next that may bring it back...or something else entirely. For now, it's best for me to take a break from it (this time, for reals!) and try to look at things either towards it or anything else to mind that's from it.

      For starters, I could try to actually draw out what I think they would look like. Already got a solid idea but hey, it could give me a reason to get back into drawing if even for a little bit. ^^;

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    • Alrighty! So it's been a min since I last talked about Exceed. And while it's still true that I have stopped working on it for quite a lot of reasons, I am however working on a blog that will detail pretty much a bunch of things I had or would have put on for my verse. Maybe not all of it and just more of the important parts of them, but there will be a lot of it written and posted to there.

      If anyone who still following this want to give it a look at times, here ya go:

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    • interesting interesting

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    • A FANDOM user
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