• It's hard for me to accept the presence of a verse that is shamelessly described as seeking to be the most powerful in fiction on this wiki. Not only is such a thing impossible, it's really just not a mindset that I want to be encouraged on this wiki. It's not a good mindset for writing, either, because you'll miss all the emotional depth and personal investment that makes the best stories good.

    I've talked to you about stuff like this before, and it hasn't changed. You still have characters who are "At least High 1-A" on your blog post. Your story doesn't feel like a story, it feels like a collection of characters brought together for the sake of boosting your other characters to more absurd heights. And your blog post is so absurdly long it's hard to believe that all these characters you have listed are really developed characters and not just names you pulled up. And they're almost all Tier 1?

    Not to mention your powers and abilities sections are still filled with all these "Omni-whatever" abilities that all feel like they were taken from powerlisting, probably because they were.

    What I'm saying here is

    • These pages don't belong here. You can explore these concepts elsewhere, but not on this wiki. I'm not going to delete your pages immediately - I'll give you time to get the source code, so you can put them up wherever.
    • You can make pages here whenever, as long as they're not like this. Start with simple, weak characters, and build them up around their personality, instead of their power or some idea on the whole of the plot that you're aiming for.
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    • The old one? I dumped that one.

      The old blog I already tossed it aside. That is what I originally wanted, but it seems rather uncouth.

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