• I'd like input from the staff on this one, tbh, but users are welcome as well.

    Lately I've been seeing some profiles that list Immunity to Reality Warping.

    Ok. I don't want to be that person, but I'll have to make this thread regarding said matter. Anything below 1-A shouldn't be immune to Reality Warping. First off, there was a similar discussion in the VSB about a somewhat similar ability, and as a result the Omnilock power was removed.

    "But Omnilock is different! It makes you immune to everything!"

    ...Gimme a sec, I'll elaborate on this. Note that pretty much everyone agreed this was a sort of thing that should apply to at least Tier 1-A and above (by default), so there's no need to even list it in their profiles.

    Now why would Immunity to Reality Warping receive the same treatment, you ask?

    Because it literally has ALL. POSSIBLE. APPLICATIONS. I've pointed this a number of times now in one thread or another but even the likes of Emrakul who, due to the very nature of his being, is extremely hard to affect with Reality Warping, gets Extreme Resistance to it. Not Immunity.

    Why? Well, that's simple.

    If you say a character No Sells RW entirely, you're saying that character is not affected by absolutely NOTHING a Reality Warper from any series (let's consider just characters from the same dimensional level here) could ever do. And since Reality Warping can be used in any imaginable (and even unimaginable) way, saying that a character no sells it is exactly the same as saying that he won't be affected by any possible power. Ever. Maybe it wasn't your intention, but that's how it is. The moment you no sell all aplications of RW is the moment nothing else will be affecting you if it exists on the same dimensional level.

    Recently, In VSBW, I pointed the exact same thing with a certain character on this thread  and it was ultimately agreed upon as well. Bellow these tiers, yes, I'm certain one can have loads of resistance, even extreme resistance to Reality Warping, but considering all that was said above along with the fact that there may be a lot of more powerful/skilled Reality Warpers out there from different series, I think Reality Warping is one of the VERY few powers one could not possibly be "Immune" against unless they are that high (I'd say 1-A or High 1-A and above) in the Tiering system.

    Also, remember back when I was talking about Omnilock. That thing that makes you immune to everything? The way to beat an Omnilocked being?

    ...Higher level Reality Warping.  In other words, even Omnilocked beings are still subject to finding a Reality Warper on the same level of existence who happens to be powerful enough to affect them. 

    That's all I had to say. Thanks in advance for your time and sorry in advance for the wall of text.

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    • Ok, I see what you're trying to say but i'll have to disagree with you, some characters have resistance to reality warping in the vs battle wiki, who? So far only Bill CIpher has resistance to reality warping, and his full power is 2-A only. Sorry to shoot down your thread but still. 

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    • Ninjaboy14
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    • They're talking about immunity to reality warping being a problem, not resistance to it (though it's still a problem to an extent).

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    • This matter has long since been resolved, tho.

      (The thread is from nearly a year ago, really, so by now it's just necro. ^_^')

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    • I noticed, just wanna clear things up with the dude above. XP

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    • A FANDOM user
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