• so as we know there are characters who can multiply and increase their physical abilities and depending on the power of the verse, so is the level of which this could be done

    my question is

    Is there a limit this wiki places on the characters' powers when it comes to multiplication?

    for example take the number googolplex or 1010100

    it is incredibly huge and i believe acceptable here in the wiki.

    however if i suddenly decided to make a character whose incredibly and stupidly strong due to being able to multiply his power by a googolplex to the googolplex, will it be allowed?

    the same goes for speed

    while i know that yes we can give characters immeasurable and infinite speeds. these sound less crazy and stupid than multiplying one's lets say 1000x FTL speeds by 500^150K^500K and all this to 1010100 to give a number.

    While i don't think anyone aside from me thinks of these incredibly huge numbers and look for ways to implement them in a story and character without it sounds too crazy. There is still the posibility someone will try it.

    so again, my questions or to sum it into one question. How far is the wiki willing to let the stat increase ability go in terms of increase?

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    • IDK. I know there are infinite multiplyers though.

      I think I'll wait for more input from other users.

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    • There is no hard limit set by the rules on this stuff, but it will get frowned upon by the general community.

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    • ok, and thanks

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    • I generally go with the low-end to be more reasonable. So if I have a feat for a character going across the Universe, I'll use baseline numbers like the observable Universe. 

      Although some people has the same feat but they use Googolplex for their Universe and the result is MUCH larger than mine despite my feat being FAR superior in a vacuum; simply because they used a larger distance. 

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    • Okay now we're getting complex..... 0_e

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    • A FANDOM user
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