• Mecha Sonic was flying around. Ever since his attack on Yoshi's Island, he flew off to go find the rest of the emeralds. He then detected that one of the Emeralds is located somewhere in Vale. Mecha Sonic Immediately head over to Vale.

    Once he arrives, he checks to scan the area. He spots the Emerald, being held by the cyborg Penny. Mecha lands right next to the girl, who looks over at him.

    "You." He barked. "Give me the Emerald."

    Penny looked at the emerald, then back to Mecha Sonic. "Why should I?" she sounded curious, almost interested in who this strange robotic hedgehog is.

    "It belongs to me." The robot hedgehog snarled. "Give it, and I might spare your life."

    "Oh, you want a fight?" The girl smiled, her blades emerging from her back. "Then let us fight."

    "Foolish girl, there is no game." Mecha Sonic's arm turned into a sub-gun machine. "I will crush you." Wow, my first making a serious debate on any of the three wikis. Here we go.

    Turbo Mecha Sonic (SMBZ) Versus Penny Polendina (GDF)


    - Base Mecha Sonic used.

    - Orignal mode Penny used (Second Key).

    - Both 7-A

    - Battle Takes place in a park somewhere in Vale. No outside help is allowed.

    - Both are 5 meters apart

    - Neither have prior knowlage of each other. 

    - Speed Equalized

    I'm terribly sorry if this match is really bad. still new to the wikis.

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