Theseus was a Greek warrior who lived around 1030 BP (Before Princepsus) in The Adventure. He murdered the Minotaur in order to save his lover, but after her presumed death, began hunting down what he called "abominations," creatures similar to the Minotaur, half man, half animals. These inculded centaurs, pixies, merfolk, lizardfolk, mousmen, werewolves, aviaurs, and even Dragonborn. His rampage lasted over one thousand years, due to Hera blessing him with immortality. The rampage ended when he targeted Ssaron, the mage of the Party, and was killed by him and his allies.

Tier: High 8-B 

Name: Theseus

Gender: Male

Age: Around 1500 years.

Origin: The Adventure (South East Sector)

Classification: Human Warrior/Berserker

Attack Potency : City Block Level or higher with War Axe and other weapons. (Put up a good fight against two Black Knights, using the Thread, pulled a nearly 1000 ton Roc out of the sky, and tore through Ssaron and Elmer's magical shields like tissue paper. 

Speed : At least Supersonic (His movements caused shockwaves that were noticable miles away)

Lifting Strength : Class 10

Striking Strength : City Block Level or higher with War Axe and other weapons.

Durability : Room Level unarmored, Large Building Level with armor, Multi-City Block Level with armor made with the Thread. Possibly higher, given that he fought a Greater Minotaur without any special equipment. 

Stamina : Superhuman

Range : Around 10 yards

Standard Equipment: His War Axe, a massive weapon that can cleave through high-density steel, several blades of different types, enchanted armor made from Minotaur leather and the finest steel, and the Thread, a sentient ball of thread enchanted from the original ball of thread given to him by Ariadne. It is woven into another set of steel armor, and it's influence increaces his reaction speed, strength, and durablity, and he can shoot peices of it to burrow into the flesh of a foe and lacerate them from the inside.

Intelligence : Below Average, dangerously insane.

Weaknesses: Insanity makes him a purely offensive fighter, with little thought to defense, only wears his armor made with the Thread on what he considers "special occasions," has extremely weak sense of direction. The Thread is highly flammable.

Powers and AbilitiesSuperhuman Physical Characteristics, Thread Manipulation, Immortality (Type 1), general Magic Ability, and Regeneration (High-Low)

Notable Attacks and Techniques

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