​The World of Pokemon Sprites

The World of Pokemon Sprites is a cringy story on Scratch that I made in 2011 when I was 10. It's about a 10 year old that was on a beach but then suddenly he got sucked into a portal that appeared out of nowhere that lead him into The World of Pokemon Sprites and became a Shaymin Skyform. And now Pokemon Sprites from that world are after him. (I don't know why so don't ask me. xD)

​Power of the verse

The fight scenes are all done in RPG style making it difficult to figure out certain statistics of characters such as speed. This verse isn't very powerful, however I decided to cancel it years ago when I was 11 so it's possible the characters could've had many more powers/abilities. The only characters that have hax is Snivy56 (Both human and Shaymin form), Mars 101 and Eartho. Most of the characters are Wall Level, one character was capable of firing water all over a lighthouse  making them City Block Level. But the verse's full power shines at the very end when X Fight was slightly higher than The Bishopsgate Tower (A skyscraper 288 metres high in London that got cancelled.) putting him at Multi-City Block Level. There is also one item that ignores durability. If anyone stares directly into "Weegee's face" their faces turn into "Weegee's face" and then they are frozen.


Snivy56 | 9-B

Mars-101 | 9-B

Eartho | 9-B

Hyblaster | 8-B

X-Fighter | Unknown 8-A in Uber Form

Ground Warrior | 9-B

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