The Superiors are the team of heroes assembled by Spider Man, and loosley based on the Marvel Comics Avengers. They were first founded to deal with the imminent threat of the Juggernaut defeating all of it's original members on their own, and as Spider Man thought it was inevitable that they would form a team eventually, he decided to hurry the process.

Founding Members

Spider Man (8-A to 6-A) (Deceased)

Captain America (8-A to 4-B as Asgardian) (Deceased, but was then revived)

Iron Man (5-A)

Black Widow (8-B+) (Deceased)

Wasp (6-B or 6-A)

New Members (In order of when they joined)

Black Panther (7-C) (Deceased)

Thor (4-A)

Hulk (2-C)

Hawkeye (9-A to 8-B) (Deceased)

AntAnt\Giant Man (8-C to 7-B) (Deceased)

Quicksilver (6-C)

Yellowjacket (7-C) (Deceased)

Venom? (6-A) (At this point Bodie bonds with Spider Man, and as he is his own individual being, he deserves a place here.

Vision (5-B)

Wolverine (5-C)

(The Ultron Incident)

She-Hulk (4-B+)

Punisher (8-C+) (Deceased)

Power Man (7-C+) (Deceased)

Iron Fist (7-C) (Deceased)

(The end of Evil (Hate Monger story))


The Superiors have faced, at one time or another, nearly every villain in their universe. They also have a bad habit of being suddenly dropped into another continuity or parallel universe, and not being able to return until they fufil certain requirements, much like a quest in a video game. Collectively, even without the Hulk, they are usually able to defeat any single opponent they face, with some serious exceptions. Ultrons #8 and up were all too powerful for the Superiors to collectively defeat without the Hulk, and many of them were killed. Also, the Hate Monger possessed Beast was able to kill many of them, and defeats Thor, and all of the rest other than Venom.

Tier: Collectively, 2-C. Could probably defeat 5 6-C opponents if spread evenly between them.

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