The Shade is an unknown sentient shadow hailing from the Unnatrual universe. It appears to be immortal and invincible, and perhaps omnipotent, as it allways seems to be where it needs to be. It also appears to be able to easily travel interdimensionally. It does not appear to be good or evil, nor does it directly interact with the envioronment, but it did once save Count Dracula from being killed by vampire rebels, but it's motives were unknown. It seems to be able to take up any space it cooses, and is completely unaffected by light. It can vary in darkness from a light shade to complete pitch darkness. It is possible that the Shade is atually the physical incarnation of The Above, the god of the Unnatrual Universe, as it has occasionally shown to posess physical power. It once blocked out the entire sun in order to stop the fires of Armageddon, but once again, it's motives were unknown.

Tier: Unknown, perhaps as low as 11-A or as high as High 1-A if it is truly the incarnation of The Above.

Name: N/A. Known as The Shade

Gender: N/A

Age: Has existed since the beginning of the universe (Or perhaps since The Event, 450 to 6000 years ago)

Origin: Unnatrual

Classification: Supernatrual entity, Shadow God

Attack Potency: Unknown

Speed: Infinite

Lifting Strength: Unknown. Perhaps none.

Striking Strength: Unknown. Perhaps none.

Durability: Unknown. Impossible to hit, as it is just a shadow. Countless attempts to use magic, light, ki, ect have all failed.

Stamina: Infinite.

Range: Infinite.

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Unknown. Perhaps omniscient.

Weaknesses: Unknown. Likely none.

Powers and Abilities: Darkness manipulation, size manipulation, teleportation, immortality.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: N/A

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