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The Saiyan King

The Protagonist (revealed to be the Saiyan Hero of an Alternate version of U7) is a reincarnation of the Evil Demon Creator [Basically think of DBI's Uub] from the Dragon Ball Infinity verse, and is the Main Character of Dragon Ball: Infinity. The story takes place quite a deal after the Tournament of Power.





Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Neutral)


Origin: Dragon Ball Infinity

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown 

Classification: Dragon God,Reincarnation of an Ancient God.

Weight: Unknown

Height: 7 Feet

Combat Statistics

Tier: Unknown. At least Low 2-C , possibly 2-C l At least Low 2-C, possibly 2-C.

Powers and Abilities: 

Attack PotencyUnknown. At least Universe Level+ (Reborn to the power of the Demon Lord , and as such scales to him, who was considered a comparative equal to a God of Destruction from an Alternate Universe, and trained to exceedingly surpass him. Was considered one of the strongest Saiyans of the millennium, and was considered strong enough to defeat Son Goku even after being forced to reawaken Ultra Instinct just for the fight, breaking his limits countless times as the fight continued but wasn't able to defeat The Protagonist.) , possibly Low Multiverse Level (Stated that if he were to go all out his power would rival the Angels) l At least Universe Level+ , possibly Low Multiverse Level (Was considered a contender to place in the Top 5 Strongest in the Multiverse, and thusly shouldn't be too far behind Grand Priest)

SpeedMassively FTL+ (Surprised Ultra Instinct Goku with his movements, and kept up with him no matter how many times he broke his limits) | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown l Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Universe Level+ , possibly Low Multiverse Level l At least Universe Level+ , possibly Low Multiverse Level

Durability: At least Universe Level+ , possibly Low Multiverse Level

Stamina: Extremely High | Extremely High


Intelligence: Extremely High ()

Weaknesses: Extremely prideful and arrogant.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:


Key: Base l With Transformations

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