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The Saiyan King

The Protagonist (revealed to be the Saiyan Hero of an Alternate version of U7) is a reincarnation of the Evil Demon Creator [Basically think of DBI's Uub] from the Dragon Ball Infinity verse, and is the Main Character of Dragon Ball: Infinity. The story takes place quite a deal after the Tournament of Power, and quite a bit after the original invasion of the Primordial Gods, being the only one who bested Dark Countess in the past.


Generally speaking, the Protagonist of Dragon Ball Infinity is noted to be an highly muscular Saiyan, who wears a choker and bracelets akin to Broly, and wears Black and green Saiyan armor, with black and blue boots, alongside a red cape.


He may have similarities to the original Broly in terms of massive stature and appearance, he is a true gentle giant who hesitates to fight unless absolutely neccessary, such as facing Dark Countess and constantly blocking and dodging her until he saw she planned on destroying all of Creation, in which he proceeded to no longer play with her at all.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly Chaotic Evil)


Origin: Dragon Ball Infinity

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Dragon God,Reincarnation of an Ancient God.

Weight: Unknown

Height: 7 Feet

Combat Statistics

Tier: Unknown. At least Low 1-C . Can defeat Far Higher individuals via Ultra Divine Levels l At least Low 1-C. Can defeat Far Higher individuals via Ultra Divine Levels l 0

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Extremely Potent Martial Artist (Was compared to the Angels in terms of fighting capability and experience. Has bested several Angels in terms of pure fighting talent) , Ki Manipulation , Reality Warping (Has been able to effortlessly override and bypass all of Dark Countess' abilities with Ultra Divine Levels, which he can use without using the raw power of them) , Conceptual Manipulation (Canceled out Dark Countess' Scythe with a Ki Blast with an Anti-Conceptual Attack. Described to bend the very conceptualizations of reality with his regular Ki Based Attacks alone, to the point even those w/ Ultra Divine Levels have difficulty with these conceptual attacks when using them their maximum), Acausality (Is almost Unaffected by Causality and Cause/Effect. Can literally kill himself in the past and wouldn't do a thing to him now) , Regeneration (At least Mid-Godly, likely High Godly: Was stated to be on a completely different level of Regeneration than XV2 Zamasu . Can negate such Regeneration without using Divine Levels) , Abstract Existence (Type 2) , Probability Manipulation , Law Manipulation (Re-Did all the Law warping of the Multiverse the Primordial Gods did) . Resistance to a lot of Powers (None of Dark Countess' Abilities, whether in Base or amped by Ultra Divine Levels, could do anything against him, having to resort to one on one combat. Considered to be a threat to the Angels. )

Attack Potency: Unknown. At least Low Complex Multiverse Level+ (Even when holding back an immense portion of his true strength, has consistently shown to rival the Dark Countess' Strongest Forms at numerous occasions, and has shown curbstomping her the moment he takes their fight somewhat seriously. Rivals the power of God Instinct Heroes Goku, who unfathomably surpasses Dark Countess' strongest forms) . Can defeat Far Higher Individuals via Ultra Divine Levels (Has an Ultra Divine Level akin to Angels , whom are hinted to always be in Ultra Divine Level mode, in which Dark Countess with her own Ultra Divine Levels could never rival with any extension of her own Ultra Divine Levels , no matter how many extensions of qualitative differences between the previous levels there are. The Dark Countess instantly admitted defeat when he activated his Ultra Divinity) l At least Low Complex Multiverse Level (Has quite a few transformations, including a God Form akin to what Goku has obtained). Can defeat Far Higher Individuals via Ultra Divine Levels l Boundless Level with True Instinct (Is always in his Ultra Divine Mode, and is now at a state relative to the Angels themselves due to it . Effortlessly stomped Zenith Dark Countess) , can eventually reach Higher (His power qualitatively eclipses itself at an unfathomable rate, can even reach the level of an Supreme Ultra Divine Level if given the proper time, which only the highest Gods have ever been capable of reaching, who are so far beyond the concepts that define Ultra Divine Level that is is meaningless to find any statements that could describe such a gap even within the verse.)

Speed: Immeasurable (Surprised God Instinct Goku with his movements, who was immensely above Dark Countess, and kept up with him no matter how many times he broke his limits) | Immeasurable l Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Unknown l Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Low Complex Multiverse Level l At least Low Complex Multiverse Level l Boundless Level

Durability: Unknown l Unknown l Unknown

Stamina: Extremely High | Extremely High


Intelligence: Extremely High ()

Weaknesses: Extremely prideful and arrogant.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:


Key: Base l With Transformations

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