The Player (Electroblob’s Wizardry) is the same as the original Minecraft Player, except now they have a massive list of spells at their disposal.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A | Varies from 9-B to 8-C | 8-A | 6-B | At least 6-B | 2-C, possibly 2-B

Name: Unknown

Origin: Minecraft (Electroblob’s Wizardry mod)

Gender: None (Word of God has stated there is no gender in Minecraft)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Miner, Wizard, Necromancer.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Survival Expert, Adept Swordsman, Regeneration (Mid. Can regenerate from several arrows through their skull), Non-Physical Interaction (Can directly damage intangible beings like Vex), Immortality (Type 2, 3, and 9. Can survive being impaled through the head, Death is but an inconvenience to them and they can reappear as long as their true selves exist), Resistance to Time Manipulation (unaffected by any of their time spells), Gravity Manipulation (Can stand next to a pseudo black hole without being affected), Fear Manipulation (The Intimidate spell has no effect on the Player), Mind Manipulation (Unaffected by the Mind Control spell), Possession (Can’t be possessed by the Possession spell), Paralysis Inducement (While slowed, they can still move and attack after being hit by the paralysis spell, while beings like Iron Golems are stopped dead in their tracks), and Transmutation (Unaffected by the metamorphosis and transformation spell)

Same as before, Magic (Can cast a variety of different spells, Magic Missile fires a weak bolt of magic at opponents), Light Manipulation (Can produce a magic light), Information Analysis (via The Scroll of Identification), Healing (Can slightly heal themselves with the heal spell), Purification (Type 3. Can cure status effects by drinking milk), Forcefield Creation (Can produce a ward), Telekinesis (Can pull items and objects towards themselves, can open and close objects like doors and chest, can steal opponents weapons), Electricity Manipulation (Arc shoots a small bolt of electricity at foes), Vibration Manipulation (Thunderbolt hits opponents with a thunder shockwave), Sound Manipulation (Can make themselves completely silent), Fire Manipulation (Ignite sets enemies and objects on fire), Smoke Manipulation (Smoke Bomb produces a cloud of smoke thick enough to completely blind enemies), Explosion Manipulation (Has access to tnt), Ice Manipulation (The Snowball spell throws snowballs at opponents and the Freeze spell freezes opponents solid), Plant Manipulation (Can snare opponents with vines) Statistics Amplification (Leap allows them to jump vastly higher than they usually can, Evade makes them vastly faster for a short amount of time), Statistics Reduction (Dart inflicts Weakness onto whatever it hits and ice spells slow opponents down), Mind Manipulation (Mind Trick makes targets unable to attack, though this wears off after a few seconds or if the target takes damage), Summoning (Can summon snow golems with enough materials, can summon zombies and magic blocks instantly)

Same as before, Magic (Can cast a variety of different spells, can imbue their weapons with magic power), Time Manipulation (Can instantly make it day or night), Limited Resurrection (Via Totems of the Undying), Light Manipulation (Can create a bright flash of light that blinds foes), Energy Projection (Force Arrow shoot bolts of energy at opponents), Forcefield Creation (Can make a magic shield), Enhanced Senses (Can give themselves a sixth sense that allows them to see invisible beings and through walls, Darkvision allows them the ability to see in the dark), Clairvoyance, Purification (Type 2 and 3. Naga’s scales nullify curses and Cure Effects instantly removes any status effect affecting the player), Teleportation (Can teleport to anywhere within their sight, the Banish spell randomly teleports whoever is hit by it, the Enderbound Amulet randomly teleports enemies if they melee attack the wearer), Telekinesis (The Scepter of Life Draining lifts opponents into the air while it steals their life force), Fire Manipulation (Flame Ray produces a stream of fire, Fireball shoots a ball of flame at opponents, Firebomb launches out a ball of fire that explodes, Firebolt fires a quick ball of fire, Pocket Furnace cooks food and smelts materials, Fire Sigil sets a rune on the ground that sets enemies on fire when they step on it), Electricity Manipulation (Charge coats the user in electricity, Lightning Ray shoots a continuous stream of lightning at opponents, Homing Spark shoots a tiny homing spark at opponents, Lightning Sigil places a rune on the ground that shocks things that step on it, and Spark Bomb throws a bomb that shocks multiple enemies), Ice Manipulation (Iceball shoots a ball of ice that slows opponents down, Frost Sigil places a sigil on the ground that freezes enemies when they touch it, Ice Statue freezes foes and traps them in blocks of ice, and Ice Shard shoot sharp shards of ice at opponents and slows them down, Frost Barrier makes a large wall of ice in front of the caster), Water Manipulation (Can trap opponents in bubbles), Air Manipulation (Whirlwind blast opponents away with a powerful gust of wind), Poison Manipulation (Poison Bomb releases a cloud of poison), Plant Manipulation (Can grapple with a vine, can grab enemies with vines and drag them towards the player, and can cause plants to grow vastly faster than they normally would), Paper Manipulation (Can shoot Death Pages at opponents), Healing (Can slightly heal themselves and allies, the Amulet of Recovery makes the mana in their armor heal the wearer if they have less than 50% health), Statistics Amplification (Super Jump allows them to jump high enough to reach clouds, Agility makes them slightly faster for a while, Empowering Presence increase their and their allies magical power, Invigorating Presence increases their physical strength, Oakflesh increases their durability, the Ring of the Battlemage increases their magical power if they are duel wielding their staves with a melee weapon, many of their rings can increase Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth Magic’s powers in certain areas or time periods), Statistics Reduction (Ice spells slow opponents down and the Scepter of Life Draining slows opponents down), Durability Negation (Twilight Orb and the Twilight Scepter shoot a orb that ignores normal defenses, magical defenses, durability, and instantly destroys forcefields), Holy Manipulation (Mark of Sacrifice turns those hit by it into divine sacrifices. Beings inflicted by this will take 60% more damage from the next attack, Mark of Sacrifice can stack an endless amount of times), Darkness Manipulation (The Wither spell fires a ray of darkness), Death Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement (Those hit by the Wither spell begin to die and wither away), Fear Manipulation (The Intimate spell horrifies everyone around the Player), Empathic Manipulation (Can enrage opponents and cause them to blindly attack the caster), Life Manipulation, Absorption (The Life Drain spell absorbs enemies’ life force and gives it to the user, The Scepter of Life Draining steals opponents’ life force and gives it to the wielder, upgraded wands can siphon magic from foes), Curse Manipulation (Can cast Druid’s Hex), Transmutation (The Metamorphosis spell, Transformation spell, and Transformation Powder transmutes those hit by it, Druid’s Hex turns objects into leafs), Damage Transferal (The Reversal spell gets rid of negative status effects and gives it to those who gave the player those negative effects, the Amulet of the Lich transfers damage from the wearer to any minions they have summoned), Summoning (Can summon Snow Golems at will, Iron Golems with enough materials, a spirit wolf, skeletons, skeleton druids, goblins, moonworms, magic swords, a magic bow, and a magic pickaxe), Resistance to Magic (The Amulet of Warding reduces damage from all magic), Ice Manipulation (The Frostbound Amulet reduces damage from ice spells), Electricity (The Amulet of Channeling cancels out electricity damage), Magma Manipulation, Fire (The Flamefast Amulet reduces damage from fire and lava, golden apples make them immune to fire and lava for a very limited time)

Same as before, Weather Manipulation (Can summon thunderstorms, acid rain, a small blizzard, and tornados), Electricity Manipulation (Chain Lightning strikes multiple opponents at once, Static Aura surrounds the user with electricity, Lightning Bolt summons lightning from the sky, Lightning Disk throws a disk made of lightning at opponents, and Lightning Pulse sends electricity through the ground around the user), Paralysis, Fire Manipulation (Can enchant or imbue their weapons with fire, Greater Fireball throws an explosive fireball at opponents, Disintegration reduces opponents into fiery embers, Fireskin surrounds the user in fire, Cinder Cloud creates a cloud of cinders around the caster, Hydra Bomb throws a flaming rock that explodes after a few seconds, Flaming Axe summons a flaming axe in the user’s hands, and Ring of Fire creates a ring of fire around the user), Deconstruction (The Disintegration spell disintegrates opponents, the Ring of Searing Embers makes all fire spells disintegrate opponents), Explosion Manipulation (Greater Fireball throws an explosive fireball at opponents, Denonate causes whatever the user is pointing at to explode, Hydra Bomb throws an exploding rock at opponents, and the Combustion Rune places an explosive rune on the ground), Ice Manipulation (Ice Charge throws an exploding ice ball at opponents that freezes them, can surround themselves in a Ice Shroud slowly down enemies that hit them, can summon a small blizzard, can summon an ice lance that penetrates enemies and slows them down, can summon ice spikes out of the ground, can coat the ground in ice that freezes anything that steps on it, and can summon a Ice Axe and imbue their weapons with icy powers), Water Walking (Frost Step spell and the Frost Walker enchantment freezes water so the user can walk on it), Water Breathing (Via the Water Breathing potion and spell), Water Manipulation (Can use water to propel themselves in the air at high speeds when water is nearby), Aura (Can surround themselves in an aura of fire, ice, or electricity), Air Manipulation (Can make a tornado and can cause beings to suffocate), Energy Manipulation (Can Fire a beam of energy that hurts opponents and causes them to suffocate), Power Nullification (Arcane Jammer disables the opponent’s ability to cast magic), Statistics Reduction (Can inflict Weakness and Slowness with splash potions), Statistics Amplification (Can become faster, stronger, can jump higher, and regenerate faster with Life Charm and potions), Mind Manipulation (Can control opponents’ minds for 30 seconds), Illusion Manipulation (Can create illusionary copies of themselves to disorient enemies), Forcefield Creation (Can make a bubble shield around themselves, can put a forcefield around their chest, can surround themselves with magic shields that circle around them, and can produce a vastly stronger ward than before), Energy Projection (Force Orb shoots a ball of energy at opponents), Invisibility, Light Manipulation (Can cause enemies to glow making them able to be seen through walls with the Spectral Arrow), Duplication (The Decoy spell makes a copy of the user to fool opponents), Telekinesis (Can grab enemies and throw them short distances), Teleportation (Can teleport through walls and the ground and the Transportation spell allows them to teleport to saved places), Portal Creation (Can create Nether Portals), Dimensional Storage (The Vanishing Box allows them to access their ender chest anywhere), limited Flight (Can levitate and glide), Flight, Nonexistent Physiology (Type 1. The Transience spell makes them cease to exist for a limited time, the Amulet of Transience automatically cast the Transience spell when the wearer is critically injured), Thread Manipulation (Can trap people in webs), Sealing (The Containment spell traps opponents in a limited space, the Entrapment seals opponents in a damaging ball of darkness), Petrification, Gravity Manipulation (Can make opponents hopelessly float with Shulker bullets, can make themselves or opponents fall slowly with feather falling potions), Acid Manipulation (Can summon the Ender Dragon’s acid breath and acid rain), Darkness Manipulation (Entrapment seals opponents in darkness and Darkness Orb fires harmful orbs of darkness), Death Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement (Can shoot Wither skulls at opponents, Darkness Orb inflicts the wither effect, and the Decay spell causes foes to decay away), Curse Manipulation (Can afflict Curse of the Undeath which causes beings to burn in sunlight, can afflict Curse of Soulbinding, can enchant items with curse of binding or curse of vanishing), Soul Manipulation, Damage Transferal (Curse of Soulbinding binds the user’s and afflicted’s souls, those afflicted receive the same damage the user receives, Shadow Ward splits the damage the user receives with the thing that caused the damage, the Thorns enchantment reflects all damage back onto the attacker), Damage Reduction (The protection enchantment reduces the damage the player would receive, the Amulet of Cloaking Flame makes their rings of fire reduce damage by 75%), Durability Negation (Can summon fangs out of the ground that ignore normal and magical defenses, splash potions of harming instantly do a certain amount of damage no matter the afflicted’s normal and magical defenses (to a reasonable extent)), Blood Manipulation, Absorption (The Vampirism spell makes the user heal from consuming or being covered in blood), Holy Manipulation (Ray of Purification fires a blinding holy ray that does extra damage to undead, Radiant Totem shoots holy rays that heals allies and burns undead, the Smite enchantment makes weapons do holy damage), Status Effect Inducement (The Ray of Purification blinds opponents, Blindness Potions can blind opponents, can make opponents feel sick with Nausea Potions), Perception Manipulation (Via Nausea Potion and Blindness Potion), Purification (Type 2. Can remove curses), Healing (Can create a healing aura, Greater Heal restores most of their health instantly, Group Heal heals the player and their allies), Aura (Can produce a healing aura), Summoning (Can summon Blaze, Ice Wraith, Lightning Wraith, a Twilight Wraith, Wither Skeletons, a Withering Totem, a Radiant Totem, a swarm of cave spiders, a cave troll, a swarm of Vex, slimes, a slime beetle, a fire beetle, a ice core, a spirit horse, and a Spectral Pathway), Resistance to Teleportation, BFR, Telekinesis (The Amulet of Anchoring makes them immune to being moved magically), Magma Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (Fire Resistance the spell and Fire Resistance potions make them immune to fire and lava for a limited amount of time, some enchantments make them resistant to fire), Explosion Manipulation (Blast Protection reduces damage from explosions)

Same as before, Time Manipulation (Can slow time, the Peculiar Pocketwatch makes time completely stop instead of slow, can speed up time), Reality Warping, Pseudo Black Hole Creation (Can tear reality apart, creating a pseudo black hole), Void Manipulation (The void orb makes their pseudo black hole consume opponents and objects into the void), Existence Erasure (The Annihilation spell erases opponents and objects), Resurrection (Can resurrect fallen allies, The Amulet of the Immortal allows them to use the resurrection spell to resurrect themselves), Homing Attack (The Ring of Attraction makes all their projectile spells seek opponents), Statistics Amplification (Diamondflesh increases the user’s durability, Font of Vitality vastly increases the users health and regeneration, Hydra’s Vigor vastly increases the casters regeneration, Font of Mana increases the user’s magic power and decreases their spells’ cool-down, Thief Bless vastly increases their strength and agility, Scale Bless increases their strength), Enhanced Senses (Thief Bless allows them see in the dark), Flight (The Flight spell gives the user intangible wings and Chariot of Ice allows them to fly), Vibration Manipulation (Can cause Earthquakes, can create a powerful shockwave that sends enemies flying hundreds of meters away), Plant Manipulation (Can snare opponents in thorn bushes), Damage Reduction (Scale Bless makes them resistant to all damage), Holy Manipulation (Can call upon god to smite their foes with Celestial Smite), Darkness Manipulation (Can produce a plague of darkness), Death Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement (Plague of Darkness causes things to die and wither away), Possession, Curse Manipulation (Can cast Forest’s Curse and Curse of Enfeeblement), Statistics Reduction, Regeneration Negation (Can cast the Curse of Enfeeblement which lowers the opponent’s health and negates regeneration), Portal Creation (Can make a portal that spews out dozens of zombies), Summoning (Can summon Iron Golems at will, a Phoenix, Ice Giants, Storm Elemental, a Lightning Hammer that shocks anything that gets close to it, a swarm of Silverfish, a storm of arrows, a legion of skeletons, a shadow wrath, ghast, and a bow made of fire that doesn’t need to be drawn), Fire Manipulation (Can breath fire, can summon a storm of fire around themselves, can make fire rain from the sky, and can cause jets of fire to burst out of the ground), Explosion Manipulation (The Ring of Combustion causes any enemy that dies to fire damage to explode), Earth Manipulation (Can summon a meteor and large boulders), Weather Manipulation (Can make a mist that forcefully suffocates foes), Magnetism Manipulation (Can draw opponents and objects towards them with Carminite Singularity), Electricity Manipulation (Lightning Web fires a large stream of lightning that jumps to multiple enemies, Thunderstorm summons dozens of lightning bolts from the sky, and Lightning Hammer summons a hammer that shocks anyone that gets near it), Ice Manipulation (Wall of Frost creates walls of ice wherever the player wants, Ice Age freezes everything in a small area around the player, Hailstorm makes it rain sharp shards of ice and freezes the environment around the player, Chariot of Ice summons a tornado of ice the caster can ride in), Resistance to Death Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement (The Wither Pearl Amulet gives them resistance to the Wither effect), Ice Manipulation (The Permafrost Amulet makes them immune to being frozen), Fire Manipulation, Magma Manipulation (Scale Bless makes them resistant to fire).

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsCreationResurrection (Death is but a temporary inconvenience to the player), Mind Reading, Possibly Non-CorporealMagic (The Player has been likened to Witches and Warlocks from the past), Reality Warping (Easily created the entire world of Minecraft), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Space-Time Manipulation (The three main worlds of Minecraft each possesses their own space-time), Law Manipulation (The different dimensions of Minecraft each have different laws of physics to some degree. Can change the "difficulty of an entire world, which can modify the properties of beings and outright prevent some from existing), Void Manipulation (The difficulty can erase beings and prevent them from reappearing. Can also erase an entire world (which includes three universes) instantly), Higher-Dimensional Existence (Sees all of Minecraft as a simple dream), Large Size (Type 9)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Can kill Silverfish) | Varies Wall level to Building level (Spells like snowball are comparable to snow golem’s snow balls, spells like ignite and magic missile can kill silverfish and other similar mobs, can summon zombies for combat) | Multi-City Block level (They can defeat The Twilight Lich and Naga, can cast the Twilight Lich’s spell, their spells can easily kill Endermen, Vindicators, and Evokers) Can ignore durability with many of their abilities | Country level (They can summon a massive storm over the entire world of Minecraft, can summon the Ender Dragon’s fire and Wither’s skulls to attack foes) Can ignore durability with many of their abilities | At least Country level+ (Their Master level spells are vastly superior to advanced spells) | Low Multiverse level, possibly Multiverse level (Comparable to the canon real player).

Speed: High Hypersonic Movement Speed (Can move at a comparable speed to meteorites) with Massively Hypersonic+ Attack Speed, Combat Speed, and Movement Speed in short burst (Can react to Lightning from a small distance away and can easily react to meteorites, can attack with natural lightning and the Charge and Evade spells allow the player to dash as fast as lightning). | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Can lift two massive gold blocks, can lift a man sized hammer) | Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building level (Can defeat Silverfish with little difficulty) | Small Building level (They physically are as strong as before) | Multi-City Block level (Can kill mobs like the Endermen), Higher with Invigorating Presence | Country level (Can hurt the Ender Drgaon), Country level+ with Invigorating Presence and potions | Country level (Same as before), Country level+ with Invigorating Presence and potions | Unknown

Durability: Building level (Can survive Ghast explosions) | Building level, Multi-City Block level against magic (Their weakest wizard robes can protect them from zombies and skeletons, Ward can block apprentice spells), Country level+ with a shield (Can block hits from the Ender Dragon and Hydra) | Multi-City Block level, Higher with magic (Can survive hits from the Twilight Lich, Naga, and Creeper explosions, Oakflesh allows the ability to easily tank Creeper explosions), Country level+ with magic and shields (Their physical and magic shield can block hits from the Ender Dragon, Frost Barrier can stops hits from the Wither), Country level+ against Electricity (The Amulet of Channeling can cancel out their most powerful lightning spells) | Country level, Higher with and against magic (Can survive hits from the Ender Dragon and spells of comparable power to their own, Ironflesh allows them to tank hits from the Ender Dragon, Greater Ward can block spells comparable to their own), at least Country level+ with Forcefield (Can tank master level spells) | Country level (Same as before), Country level+ with magic (Diamondflesh and Forcefield allows them to tank master spells) | Unknown

Stamina: Very High. Can fight for three days straight before becoming tired, can fight after being stabbed through the head and receiving many other injuries. Replenish Hunger and Satiety can restore their stamina. | Unknown

Range: Extended Melee range with swords, a few meters to dozens of meters with their novice and apprentice spells, a few hundreds meters with a few of their advanced spells, a few kilometers with teleportation, dozens of kilometers with a few of their advanced spells such as Lightning Bolt, over a hundred kilometers with Meteor, thousands of kilometers with transportation and Invoke Weather, Low Multiversal with portals | Low Multiversal level, possibly Multiversal.

Standard Equipment: Nothing | A wizard staff, wizard robes, a few spell tomes, food, a pickaxe.

Optional Equipment: Swords, bows, boats, fishing rods, potions, spare crafting materials, all their spell tomes, and crafting tables.

Intelligence: At least Gifted, possibly Genius. They are an expert fighter, miner, farmer, architect, blacksmith, alchemist, and many others. Can master spells that normal people can’t even begin to understand and can create a variety of advanced magical artifacts with little prior knowledge. Higher with the Amulet of Wisdom | Genius. Everything in Minecraft is part of their dream.

Standard Tactics: The Player is very likely to start the fight with spells. Depending on which elemental class they have chosen to specialize into they may be more likely to cast certain spells over others (for example the necromancy class will be more likely to try to decay away opponents, summon undead, and transfer the damage they receive, while the lightning class will mostly just use lightning based attacks).

Weaknesses: Can only have a limited numbers of spells on a single wand, all their spells rely on a limited amount of mana (though later on some robes can lower the amount of mana required to cast spells), some spells have cooldown periods, non upgraded wands can’t recharge mana, Wizard Robes rely on mana (though the Amulet of Arcane Defence can restore their lost mana over time), many of their damage transferal spells hurt both them and the enemy equally, without the Ring of the Defender they can’t shoot through their own Forcefield, can’t interact with the world while using the Transience spell. The Mind Control spell doesn't work on those with strong wills. The petrification spell can be broken out of if those inflicted by it are in a dark area. Creatures summoned through spells will eventually disappear. Splash Potions can hurt them if they are too close. TNT takes several seconds to explode, usually giving enemies enough time to escape. They can be interrupted while slinging arrows. Death will cause them to lose all of their items until they can retrieve them (Though this can be slightly or even completely negated with Charms of Keeping). Naga’s scales lose their curse nullification over a very long period of time.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Slow Time: Slow time time can either slow or completely stop time depending on whether the user has the Peculiar Pocketwatch or not.

Curse of Soulbinding: The caster bounds the opponents soul to theirs. The afflicted receive the same damage they afflict onto the caster, but the caster doesn’t receive the damage they afflict onto the afflicted.

Note: This profile assumes Twilight Forest is canon, or at least connected, to Electroblob’s Wizardry because Electroblob was the one who made the spell pack for twilight forest.

Key: Beginning Game | Novice Spells | Apprentice Spells | Advanced Spells | Master Spells | Real Player


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