The Name of this Story? Does it even matter?



A young girl lived for an eternity as a regular human. Another eternity passed and she felt as if something wasn't quite right and it was only after the third eternity, that she realized what it was. It was all fake. All the things she had ever interacted with, all the people she knew, all the hardships she went through, all the love she gave and received and even her very own body, none of it mattered since none of it was real.

Desperate in her loneliness and boredom she created humanity and granted them the power of imagination. She was hoping to get entertained by the vast stories they would come up with... but no, of course that wouldn't work. Everything there was, was just her mind running wild. How could they come up with new stories, when they themselves and by extend also their stories, were just a part of her own imagination?

In her despair and anguish she split herself in half, all that is, could, can, will, won't, ect. be and all that can't be. These two halves became part of one of the stories she let the humans create. Both halves being of equal strength, they clouded each other’s vision of the future, turning time, what used to be an ocean of certainty into a river, grinding through the rocks of the unknown, creating a vast canyon with many small branches, each of them holding their own path.

This being was called Chaos.

When she split herself in half, parts of reality fell into the half that can't be. These parts were specifically things that people wished wouldn't exist or things that would help people fulfill their wishes. These things often came in the form of special abilities, so called "blood" or "descendants" abilities. One could see them as a compensation for the price one had to pay. The price was unending pain and anguish. The thing one has lost materialized as a "saint's flame" together with the ability one has gained. The greater the loss, the greater the flame. Having such a flame meant that one would feel as if their entire being was ripping apart, torn between the two halves of Chaos. The half that is all, Aether and the half that is none, [].

Before Chaos split herself, Chronos was the supreme being of this world. He created the cosmic egg and all within it. His goal was to create a perfect place, where everyone who possesses the strength and mental fortitude could rise to become a god. In his planning he however made a grave error. The first being to become his equal was Kronos. Being maddened by the hardships of reaching where he did, he ruled all the ones below him with an iron fist. It wasn't long till others, equally deranged in mind, made it to the top. The system to only choose those who are worthy had backfired. The trial were too hard and instead of only the ones with an incredibly strong will and mind being able to reach the top, it was those who were crushed under the system but didn't know how to give up anyways. It seemed as if no sane person could ever reach godly hood, since no sane person could ever stand the things they would encounter.

Scared of what he had created, he banished Kronos and some of his followers into Tartarus and afterwards split the highest layer into two, the world beyond and the world beyond meaning, ensuring that no one would ever overthrow him and take over all of existence. The beings that he had robbed of their power were furious, but also incapable of changing anything about it. This was until the day of Aethers ascension to the story. With her arrival, beings within the outer most layer were blessed with fragments of Chaos, allowing them to exist next to Aether, who created a "pseudo-narrative" to exist within. Now possessing the strength to get revenge on Chronos, they didn't waste any time and tore him apart, with the remains of his mortal body falling somewhere onto the World Tree.

Powers of the Verse

The strength of characters within the verse varies greatly. There are regular humans at the very bottom. Demigods range from the city block to mountain level, with some exceptions reaching even far above this. At the top of the food chain are demons, angels and dragons. Demons and angels are born as High Hyperversal, while Dragons are born as Outerversal. While "god races" (angels and demons) might be born weaker than dragons, they have far greater potential. While no dragon has ever reached past the layer beyond comprehension, there have been many demons and angels to have reached beyond meaning or even beyond. The strongest "mortal" race is that of the titans and the "true" gods (Born rarely amongst angels and demons. They do not possess any wings, haloes or horns.), although not many left of the former. They were the first ones to have reached the outer layers of the cosmic egg. At the very top of the verse there are the three supreme beings, Aether, [] and Chaos. All three are boundless, although []'s tier is arguable and might be better off at "unknown".

Demigods use badges indicating ranks. These ranks are based on someone's strength. The strength is measured by "probing one's soul", which directly correlates to someone's physical abilities. Each rank is divided into bronze, silver and gold. (Only currently introduced characters are listed.)

Rank Details AP Characters
Beyond the System This is specifically limited to beings that derive their power not from their soul. The machine measuring one's strength will simply indicate the maximum value, although this might not be a proper representation of someone's actual abilities. Varies
  • Hana Amane
S Rank The highest rank that can be awarded. Within the entire history of mankind, only one person ever wore this badge, although technically not qualifying due to being beyond the system. This person was the protagonist, Hana Amane. Bronze: ~Island level

Silver: ~Country level

Gold: ~Continent level and up

  • Hana Amane
A Rank Usually awarded to the strongest of demigods. These beings are considered the strongest there are by many and usually people try to avoid direct contact with them. Bronze: ~Town level

Silver: ~City level

Gold: ~Mountain level

  • Teacher (Currently name unknown)
  • Female Thug (Currently name unknown)
B Rank Usually awarded to average and above average adult demigods. Bronze: ~City Block level

Silver: ~Multi-City Block level

Gold: ~Small Town level

  • Female Thug (Currently name unknown)
C Rank Usually awarded to slightly below average and teenage demigods. Bronze: ~Building level

Silver: ~Building level - Large Building level

Gold: ~Large Building level

  • -
D Rank Usually awarded to (vastly) below average demigods and demigod children. Bronze: ~Wall level - Small Building level

Silver: ~Small Building level

Gold: ~Small Building level - Building level

  • -
F Rank Usually awarded to the weakest of demigods (usually small children or even infants) and strongest of humans. Humans that reach these levels usually carry a great amount of demigod blood in them. Bronze: ~Super Human - Street level

Silver: ~Street level

Gold: ~Street level - Wall level

  • -

Beings beyond the physical scape get branded by a greater law, indicating their rank amongst others. This law only affects beings native to the cosmic egg. Aether's avatars for example are excluded. (The list only includes already introduced characters. It excludes beings beyond meaning, since they can't be ranked.)

Rank Name AP
Varries Hana Amane (One of the few characters that actually moves through the upper ranks and messes up the order) Boundless or Unknown at full power.
0 ??? Boundless
1 Kronos (Can technically move up to 0 when unsealed) Boundless
2 God Boundless
3 Satan Boundless
4 Thanatos/Keres (Can technically move up to rank 0 when corrupted or in harmony.) Boundless
5 Ares Boundless
6 Astyana Boundless
16 Adrestia High Outerversal
39 Phobos Outerversal+


Hana prologue arc

Explanations and References


Layers (Spatial):”

Layers are dimensionless structures across all of the physical reality. There is an infinite amount of them and being capable of shifting between them allows you to do things like phasing through objects, since an object might only exist on certain layers. These are mostly used by spiritual beings like Ghosts and are the reasons they can move through walls, but still affect things if they feel like it.

Pocket Realities:”

These exist “completely separated” from the Cosmic Egg. If one was to see the entire cosmic egg as a flat plain, there would be an infinite layered box of such plains, with the Cosmic Egg somewhere in there. These realities can be accessed with specific spells. Each plain can vary in size and properties. They are often used for storage or as a hide out, since it is incredibly difficult to find or enter someone else’s pocket dimension, since everyone has their own unique "magical wavelength", corresponding to very specific pocket dimensions. (Technically speaking the aforementioned box is the “real” Cosmic Egg, while what is perceived as the Cosmic Egg is just the “main part”.)

River of Time:”

The River of Time has one main branch, slowly growing in size as time moves on. Changing the past will always just create a new branch. Everything has their own river of time with its own variations, with each branch existing independently from another. If one was to erase something from time, even if it was the main branch, all the other branches will still continue to work. It can also happen that one river of time is just a small part of a larger river. An example of this would be the universes within the World Tree. Even if you erase a universe from time, if someone was the reverse the entire world tree in time, it would still come back. Branches can/will be created by messing with time in almost any way. May it be time travel, time reversal or even time stop. There is also the "Greater River of Time", which exists for beings like Aether or [ ]. The greater river of time does not care about changes to the future or the past, it has only the present moment and keeps moving forward. Moving backwards in time makes it move forward, moving forwards in time makes it move forward and even stopping time makes it move forward. It's like having someone in a book reverse time. Although time is being reversed in the story, the reader continues to read the same way as before, rather than skipping to a previous page.

World Tree:”

Out of every primal universe grows a branch, growing into alterations of the Prime Universe. Any imaginable alteration exists within the main branch and every alteration of the alternate universes exists within sub branches and so on and so forth. Just the stem of the world tree encompasses an infinite amount of different universes, which all come in different sizes. To encompass all of these different universes, the world tree itself is an entity of highest complexity. If one was to cut of a branch of the World Tree it would simply regrow. The only way to stop that is to remove the Prime Universe it is growing out from.


Within the Stem are the Prime Universes, as well as the Core Universe.

Primel Universes are the heart of the world tree. They are located in the stem of the world tree and form the basis of everything to come. Just within the stem of the world tree, the amount of primal universes has exceeded an amount that could be counted, no matter for how long you did it or how dedicated you are. It is truly infinite with all and any variations you could think of, may it be size, dimension, inhabitants or physics. The only limitation is that you won’t find a variation of a Prime Universe within the stem. Alterations only exist within the Branches.

Every universe comes in its very own size. Some are small, some are massive. Some are as flat as a drawing and some reach sizes and complexities beyond human understanding. Beings from such worlds can inherently not enter universes of lower dimension, since just their mere, massive existence would shatter those worlds. Some beings however found a work around, by sealing their true selves and lowering one's existence to the world they want to enter.

Since everything is Aether and Aether exists only once across all “time”, everything else also only exists once across all time. There is only one timeline (The Greater River of Time). Time travel or time manipulation won’t affect this.


The Void is a place of pure nothingness, that encompasses and dwarfs the World Tree in size. Even things that couldn’t fit into any of the universes of the world tree without limiting themselves can fit into the void. Each universe abides by their own fundamental physics and thus tends to have limitations in one way or another, like for example the inability to move faster than light. If you were to try and overcome these limitations with raw force, the universe would break in the process. This does not apply to the Void. Within it almost everything is possible. Once a being has gained enough strength to travel to the far edges of the void, they will have the ability to let their mind ascend to the first layer. Once that has happened, the mind can’t go back, since it has become “too big” for the Void, let alone their body, to handle.


Layers are the constructs that shape the existence of the Cosmic Egg past the Void. After entering these layers there is no going back, since you wouldn’t “fit” into the Void anymore. Within Layers only the mind resides, since they exist beyond physicality. The success of moving up layers isn’t as much “physical strength” dependent as it “mental strength” dependent. While it is still possible to move up without possessing the mental fortitude, it is highly recommended not to, since it will likely end in death.

Boundary Layers:”

A Boundary Layer is the place where two layers meet up and fuse with one another. Looking from a lower layer at the boundary layer will allow one to perceive the next layers’ “shadow”. Depending on the Boundary Layer in question, looking at it can cause anything from nausea to death. Moving through a Boundary Layer is far harder than moving up Steps is. The Boundary Layer can be seen as the floodgate between Layers that assimilates one to the next Layer. If you lack the mental fortitude to move to the next layer you will drown within it.


Steps are what you need to take to move up the Layers (with the exception of the World Beyond Meaning). They lack any proportion and are very bendable to the point that they can be molded into any possibility. A being of a higher step can take a previous step and remodel it as they please. They can turn the step into two steps, into ten steps or even into infinite more steps. If they wanted to they could also remove the step entirely or recreate the entire Cosmic Egg within it. However, no matter what they do to the lower steps, their step and the strength it “grants” won’t change, since the step they are on is still the same as before. To move up a Step one needs to completely transcend their previous state of being. To move from one layer to another all the previous steps need to be transcended in the exact same way. Each Layer needs you to climb an infinite amount of Steps.

”World Beyond Measure:”

A place that exists beyond physicality, since nothing physical could ever reach such a size. Trying to apply any kind of measurements, no matter how great doesn't work, may it be spatial or temporal. This place only exists in mind and is only accessible in mind. It is separated into an infinite amount of steps. The layer itself borders on the Void and the World beyond comprehension. Beings within it exist completely separated from their body and even though their body stays the same, their mind still makes it so as if the body was part of the layer. Looking at the boundary will cause headaches and nausea. Forcing your way through it will cause severe mental damage.

World Beyond Comprehension:”

Just like the previous layer, this layer works based on steps and they apply in the same way. Looking at this Layers Boundary Layer will cause you to either go completely insane or simply “brain dead”, turning you effectively into a living vegetable. Forcing your way through will cause death. Many beings within this Layer go completely crazy, since they can’t make any sense of the things they “witness” within it. Simply accepting that you won’t understand is the best way to overcome this. Even then it will likely “leave its mark” on one's mental stability.

Beings within this layer can’t be looked at directly, unless they choose to hide their true nature. Even then, standing next to such a being can still cause anxiety, fear, headaches and nausea. If they don’t hide their true self, looking at them or just being within close proximity will lead to unconsciousness in the best case or insanity to possibly even death in the worst case scenario.

World Beyond Meaning:”

First of all, what is the meaning? Meaning is derived from, descriptions, definitions, interpretations, intent, etc.. It itself is however far more vague and broad. Meaning is also what one would think, say, feel about something or oneself. Meaning both holds things objectivity and subjectivity from any standpoint. If you were to remove the meaning of number from, for example 10, it would just end up being “some random lines”. That is not all however. Anything described by that number would also lose the ability to be described as such. It would be as if the number 10 never existed in the first place and that 11 comes after 9 would be perfectly normal. It is not that this is a state so incomprehensible, that any description fails on it, but in actuality, describing or talking about it is impossible in the first place. Meaning itself doesn’t even reach these things, which includes the meaning they asserted on themselves as well. To clarify, beyond meaning and without meaning are not equivalent.

Instead of existing beyond meaning, these beings can also assert nearly any meaning upon them. The only exception would be “the meaning of granting/removing/changing someone/something else’s meaning. When applying meaning, they do not need any “cause” for it. For example, if the want to look like X and be Y, while technically neither apply, they can. If you were to ask someone “what is that?” they would tell you “obviously Y” and if you ask “what do they look like?”, the answer will be “Well, like X”. Even if you ask them whether they realize how contradictory the thing is they just said, they won’t notice a thing, because to them it isn’t contradictory at all. They are looking at it after all.

The World Beyond Meaning itself possesses no Steps, nore “depth” to move in. The only thing it does have is a Boundary Layer, which is also by far the hardest to pass through. If a being beyond meaning “choses” to possess meaning, they will exist within the Boundary Layer, rather than the actual Layer itself.

World Beyond:”

A space where potential is truly limitless. To access this space one must deny the World Beyond Meaning. Within this space, unlike the World Beyond Meaning, “superiority” and Steps are still a thing. However, no matter how many steps you take, no matter for how long you move or where you go, there will always be that next step. Beings within this Layer are granted the one thing beings Beyond Meaning can’t grant themselves, the ability to force meaning upon, as well as remove meaning from “things”, including beings beyond meaning. This however comes at the cost of not being able to apply meaning to oneself as well as losing the ability to go “beyond meaning”. On the other hand no one can change the meaning of these beings either. Rather than this being a “higher” Layer, it is more so an alternative. Beings Beyond can always decide to move between the World Beyond Meaning and the World Beyond. When they do so, they have to give up any and all “perks” that come with the respective Layer.

Cosmic Egg:”

The Cosmic Egg is the world that was created by Chronos. It was meant to allow anyone, who put their mind into it, to reach “godhood” and create their own Utopia. To ensure only someone with the right mindset would be able to hold such power, he made it so that one needs mental fortitude to rise through the Layers. This however backfired since it turned out that no one was able to withstand the effects the Layers had on one's mind. Instead, the ones that got crushed under the system but didn’t give up were the ones who reached the very top. It seemed like no sane person was willing to go through these trials. Chronos realized his grave mistake and split the highest layer into two. The World Beyond Meaning and The World Beyond, ensuring no one ever possesses the “full” capabilities they could have had.

World Above:”

The World Above, also called Corpse of Chaos or simply Aether, is Aether’s Pseudo Narrative. When Aether came to be she immediately tried to escape the Narrative since she didn’t want to accept that Narrative is now the thing expressing her, instead of her expressing Narrative. Although those attempts were ultimately futile, she did manage to “fuse” with the Narrative itself or to be more exact, she is permanently attempting to. These attempts lead to the solidification of her Pseudo Narrative, as well as her “self” within it, who holds the Narrative of the Cosmic Egg. This true self is a weird manifestation made up of “Narrative”, making it impossible to approach it, let alone interact with. This “Layer” is also home to the “Descendents of Chaos”, who are beings that got directly empowered when Chaos split herself. These beings resided within the outermost layer, the World Beyond, when it happened.

Negative Zone:”

The Negative Zone is [ ]’s Pseudo Narrative. Unlike Aether, [ ] didn’t have to try to get this Pseudo Narrative. Her very “existence” didn’t fit with the original Narrative to the point where they basically repelled each other. If one would look at the Narrative as a book, then Aether would be the pages, the letters, the cover, etc. Even an empty page would be Aether. [ ] on the other hand and thus also her Pseudo Narrative, would be more like “a hole within the page” or no page to begin with. The only way they can be talked about or interacted with, is “through Aether”. To be more exact, it is anywhere, where there is no Aether, like shadow is anywhere, where there is no light. [ ] itself is just a placeholder name to begin with to symbolize that the is “nothing”. (), {} and “ “ would be just as valid.


Narrative is something that exists around nearly anything. When “observing” something the thing we observe is not actually that thing itself, but its Narrative. It is the very thing that “conveys” what it is that we are observing in the first place. Narrative isn’t necessarily looking for a direct way of explaining this thing, but might be looking for a more indirect way. For example, instead of trying to attribute something that can not possess any attributes, the Narrative will simply convey it by “saying” “this thing can not have any attributes”. It simply “tries to get the point across” by any means necessary and uses whatever may be most effective to do so. In terms of writing, even leaving a page blank is Narrative and so is ripping out a page or not having one in the first place. Although it isn’t explaining anything, it is still conveying “something”. Narrative can also be used to “group” things together. First of all, although there is technically only “one” Narrative, it “splits” itself into many more. Narrative existing means that there is Narrative of Narrative existing, as well as Narrative of Narrative of Narrative existing and so on. Although these are all different Narratives in what they describe and what they are, they are also, in a way, all the same. Now within a story this would basically be, for example: “Character X has the Narrative of being X. This X has the Narrative of being on earth. Earth has the Narrative of being within the Solar System. […]. All the way until you reach “this thing has the Narrative of being conveyed by the Narrative”. From there on out it is only “The Narrative of Narrative of Narrative. . .” and these are indeed all “one and the same, yet always describing something different”. However, there are also completely “separated” Narratives. These are called “Parallel” or “Superior” Narratives. They do not interact with each other “whatsoever” (Parallel ones can be “grouped together” by Superior ones). However, this is something one has to be careful with, since not interacting with each other is simply “The Narrative of not interacting with one another”, grouping them together as well within the same Narrative. Same goes for “The Narrative of many Narratives” and similar things. The best way to describe their “independence” from one another would be how talking about something becoming real, doesn’t actually become real. (Just to make one thing clear, it is completely impossible to “show” such Narratives, since any which way you try to convey them, they will always just be part of the Narrative. To better elaborate, if someone was to write a book, everything within the book, even if all pages were left blank or ripped out, would be “Narrative”. If one was to write a book with many unrelated stories, all these stories would still be “Narrative” and grouped together under the label of “the book”. They would however be separated by what is called a “Pseudo Narrative”. They basically behave independent from one another like two Parallel Narratives would, while in actuality still being part of the same Narrative. If we wanted to look at “truly independent” Narratives, I guess one could look at two different books with different stories. Unless we try to apply Narrative to real life, we can’t actually group them together. Another way to look at it, is to try and find a “place” where there is no elaboration. For example, when reading a story that shows that “books” are a thing with it, then “books” are a part of the Narrative. If we are never told what the books are about, the “actual” content of these books would be a “separate” Narrative. For the characters within the story, who can read these stories, whether they are elaborated or not, these stories would be part of “their” Narrative. This creates an interlocking “Narrative Chain”, with each piece of the chain having innumerable, interlocking chain pieces. So while for one person something might technically be a “Parallel Narrative” it might not be for the person standing right next to them. Earlier I mentioned that “a thing” creates a Narrative. This is however only partially true. While X creates the Narrative of X, it can also work the other way around. Chaos for example can create Narrative which then in return creates the thing it tries to convey. For this it is not needed to understand the thing that is being conveyed. It only needs the means of “being conveyable”. Although she can create Narrative, she kind of lacks the means to take it away, since “removing Narrative” is just “The Narrative of removing Narrative”. With this even Chaos is “stuck” within her own Narratives. The only way to “truly” remove all Narratives would be for her to stop thinking. Within this state she would be utterly “non conveyable”, since even the Narrative of “Chaos doesn't think" wouldn't be able to exist. However, removing something’s Narrative doesn't necessarily remove the very thing it conveys. What exactly happened to it after becoming "non conveyable" simply can't be known.

Pseudo Narrative:”

A Pseudo Narrative is, as previously mentioned, a space that doesn’t interact with other Pseudo Narratives in the same way Parallel Narratives would “interact” with one another. When it comes to Aether, [ ], Hana and the original Narrative it can be seen as as follows (With TEC being “The Established Canon” before Chaos split herself):

-Aether: This seems stuffy. I guess I'll just move into the apartment above. -TEC: The what now? This is not a building or anything. Also, how would there be an apartment above? There is no space for that! -Aether: *Proceeds to move in above -[]: Yeah and I'll take the basement ig -TEC: There is no such th- -[]: *moved into the basement. -Hana: I hate all of you. I'll sleep outside -All 3: The out- what now!? -Hana: *Sleeps in the garden, which is technically still part of the building complex but not the actual building itself

While all the rooms would be “Pseudo Narratives”, the building complex as a whole is the “Narrative”. The “walls” of these rooms aren’t necessarily thick, however, reaching them is impossible. With every “step” one takes closer to them, the walls move two away. Because of that moving between the rooms isn’t technically possible. It is more accurate to say that each Pseudo Narrative includes one “self” which the character can move between, without truly “leaving” their own Pseudo Narrative. This is however only possible for beings empowered by Chaos or beings that are parts of Chaos.



Aether, once one half of Chaos, has become one half of a story's Narrative. Even though she doesn't exist outside of it (since that is impossible), she was capable of "detaching" herself from the main Narrative, due to being part of Chaos. She created her own "Safe Space" "above" the rest of the Narrative, which allowed her to act completely freed from what happened within the rest of the Narrative. To put it into simpler terms, it was a "Pseudo Narrative", which allowed everyone within it to behave like they existed outside the main Narrative, when in actuality they were still within it. Due to being half the Narrative, she has become everything that can, will, won't, has, might, is, ..., doesn't exist. The only thing that she isn't, is [ ] (and later, at least partially, the MC), which is everything that can't be. Aether is every page turned, every word word written and every picture shown. Entering the Narrative/Story means becoming a part of Aether or [ ]. However, becoming a part [ ] will always mean you can't be expressed in any other way but through Aether. The only exception is Hana (The MC), who exists within both of them and in neither (She created her own "Pseudo Narrative").


[ ] is the "opposite" to Aether, a being that resides within/as a part of the other half of the Narrative. The only way [ ] can appear within Aethers part of the Narrative is via the term [ ] (symbolizing a lack of something) or via being described as "a place" where there is no Aether. She embodies everything that cannot be and just like Aether she has her own "Pseudo Narrative", allowing her to exist unbound by the “main” Narrative. If Aether was the pages, the words and the pictures in a book, she would be a missing page or a hole in one.

Hana Amane (The MC):

Hana, being part of Aether and [ ], rid herself of both and created her own "Pseudo Narrative". Her own Narrative "exists" in between Aether and [], she however soon rid herself of that one as well. Each new Narrative she entered she threw away, until she couldn't be exactly pinpointed within the Narrative anymore. She was the first and only character (excluding Chaos) that didn't rely on Aether to be expressed. she however soon rid herself of that one as well. Each new Narrative she entered she threw away, until she couldn't be exactly pinpointed within the Narrative anymore. She was the first and only character (excluding Chaos) that didn't rely on Aether to be expressed.


Chaos is nothing but a mind. She lived a regular life for an eternity until she noticed that something was wrong. It took her another eternity to realize that everything, including herself, was fake. She then spent another eternity going mad over her solitude until she finally realized that technically no time has passed at all, since even time was something she herself came up with. She then realized what exactly she is. She was a being with the ability to create any and all Narratives and the Narratives she created, created the “thing” the Narrative was conveying. All equally real, since all were equally her imagination. No, not equally real, but instead equally fake. She spent another eternity in nothing but utter boredom. Anything she thought about doing already happened, since just the idea of doing it is as real as actually doing it. In her desperation she created humanity and gave them the gift of imagination. She was hoping that they could create worlds for her that she didn't experience yet, but since they were all part of her imaginations, that wasn't going to happen. Desperately she chose to split herself in half and become a part of those stories. Each one of her halves was obstructing the sight of the other, so neither half knew what the future would hold. Those two halves were Aether and [ ].


The Central Universe:

The space Aether’s “avatars” reside in. It is one massive universe at the center of the stem of the world tree. In fact it is so massive that it breaks the tree apart, forcing it to grow around it. At the center of this universe is one massive flying island with a giant, white palace built on it. If one, for whatever reason, needs to consult Aether, they can go there. Within the palace live all four “embodiments of Aether”. The overseer of the World Tree, the guardian of the palace, the enforcer of Layers and finally the one overseeing those three.


One of the three universes carried by Atlas on his back. It is the home of the Angelic Race. It used to exist within the World Tree but got removed from it to stop its branch from regrowing. Heaven is split into many different sections, where different types of angels reside in (Basically depending on the religion they originate from). At the center of the capitol is a massive, skyscraper like building, which acts as the government building. Within it resides God and her Archangels. Outside it is always freezing with a high chance for snow.

(Both Heaven and Hell are structured very differently than our universe. They don’t have planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. like we do. Instead it they have one massive landmass and it is always day without even having any light source to begin with)


One of the three universes carried by Atlas on his back. It is very similarly structured to heaven in the sense that different types of demons live grouped together in different areas. This universe was also removed from the World Tree for the same reasons. While Heaven is basically a snow tundra, Hell is like a desert. Heaven has vast and advanced infrastructure, while Hell is far more “open”. Buildings and towns are a lot more scattered and the “government building” is just a massive plateau with a massive throne in the middle.


A massive city built on one of the roots of the World Tree. It has all sorts of residents from all across the World Tree, with most of them being deceased or war deserters. When it comes to “who can become a resident” there are no regulations. It has many districts and levels, with a tower in the center, so large that it dwarfs both Heaven and Hell alike. It possesses three massive gates, which are integrated into the outermost walls. Two of them are guarded by powerful beings, since they lead to Heaven and Hell.

The Artificial Universe:

The third universe carried by Atlas on his back. It is as the name implies an artificially created universe, which is used by demons and angels alike to harvest souls. This is also the universe we are first introduced to, since this is the universe Hana, the main character, lives in. In comparison to Heaven and Hell it is a fairly small universe that resembles ours quite a lot.


Chaos’ Descendants:

Descendants of Chaos are beings that resided within the outermost Layer of the Cosmic Egg when Chaos split herself. They were directly exposed to the fragments of Chaos, making them “empowered” by her, allowing them to move into Aethers Pseudo Narrative.


Gods are a very powerful deviation in a species. They can exist in nearly any species, but some races are more likely to produce a God than others. Within the entire story only a handful of Gods are known. It is still unknown how exactly they come to be or why they are the way they are.


A race that can grow massive in size. They used to rule the Cosmic Egg, but were mostly wiped out during the first great war. At this point the only living example would probably be Kronos, a titan so strong that he couldn’t be killed, but had to be sealed away.


Dragons are the guardians of the Layers. They are the only race that is born within them and from the Layers themselves. A Dragon lacks the means of reproduction. At a certain age they generate a physical image of themselves within the Void. This body is made up of a unique material and magic composition, allowing for it to be turned into one of the toughest things within the Void. Because of that they have been hunted to near extinction during the first and second great war to create weapons and armor. This plunged the Layers into chaos and great disarray for a long time, until Aether created a new guardian for the Layers.


A race with large white, feathery wings and halo. They stem from heaven and come in many different shapes, forms, sizes, etc. Just like a human, an angel also has a gender at birth. They can indeed change it if they wanted to, but usually don’t. Same goes for their appearance. Angels stop aging at a random point (usually between 15 and 60, but there are also some that exist outside this spectrum). When an angel reaches adulthood they have already grown into one of the strongest beings across the World Tree, only being rivaled by demons and titans. Demons and angels alike have nearly infinite stamina or to be more exact, they are like a perpetuo mobile. Although they can keep going for forever, if they happen to be stopped, they need to be started again.


A race very similar to angels, both in looks and biology, however utterly incompatible. Their main visible difference is that demons have black, bat-like wings and horns, as well as a tail, depending on the demon. They too can change looks and gender and randomly stop aging (they are honestly, effectively the same race).


Crossbreeds are an absolute impossibility or at least they should be. It is what happens when an angel and a demon have children. This however should be absolutely impossible. It is considered an impossibility to the point where angels and demons who don’t want offspring come together just for that reason. Across the entire story there only exists one true crossbreed and two false ones. Existing as one is nothing but pure agony, since the demonic and the angelic part are trying to refuse and destroy one another, but their regeneration is simply faster. These beings are especially strong, since they combine both angelic and demonic strength into one.

Fallen Ones:

A fallen one is an angel banished from heaven. Both their wings and halo turn pitch black. Since banishment is the most cruel punishment for an angel, there aren’t all that many and the ones that do exist usually strive to return to heaven.


Humans are an artificial race created by demons and angels alike during the first great war. Their souls were harvested to reanimate the fallen soldiers. After the second great war they were left mostly alone and their souls are only collected upon a “natural” death.


Many living beings possess souls. If one's body was a car, the soul would be the gasoline. Upon death, the soul starts “leaking”. During this state it will either disperse or “reshape itself” becoming a spiritual being like a ghost or phantom. Whether this happens or not is fully dependent on the person's will. For beings without a soul, the soul can be used to “kick start” their dead bodies.

Artificial Beings:

An artificial being would be a creature created by fusing a soul with an inanimate “thing”. This also applies to angels and demons who have been revived too often with “unfitting” souls. Their bodies will turn grotesque, keeping a bit of the soul that revived them each time, until they lose all sense of self. These “things” are called former gods.


A demi human is a mix between a human and either an angel or a demon. They have been the driving force across earth ever since the gods abandoned them. Even the weakest of them can shatter walls and buildings and even the dumbest are comparable to humanities smartest and although few in number compared to humans, their might surpasses that of humanity many times.

“Blessed” Beings:

A blessed being is someone who received power from an angel or demon, often causing vile and grotesque mutations. Although these creatures have potential vastly beyond that of demi-humans, they often despite their very existence, since it gives them a feeling of isolation.


The Protagonist:

The Protagonist is an unchanging figure within the story. If one was to die, a new one is created. When someone “becomes the Protagonist”, they are first and foremost the Protagonist and only after that “who they are”. When a protagonist is “born” it creates its very narrative around it, making it seem like they fit right in. They believe they had a past and everyone else acts as if their existence was perfectly normal. Only very few beings can tell whether someone is a protagonist or not. As an example, when Aether asked Hana about the name of her mother (which hasn’t been named yet), she couldn’t answer, going as far as thinking Aether was messing with her memories, while in reality, Hana’s very existence created her mother in the first place. Since her mother's name was never mentioned, it never existed in the first place. The same goes for Hana’s past. Although it is vaguely known, when asked for details, she couldn’t answer at all. A protagonist is a very unique existence in a sense that they “create their own story”. While originally Aether was the narrator of the story, Hana does take over that position later on during the story, telling “her own” story herself.

Blood Ability:

A Blood Ability is an inherent ability demons and angels are born with. They depend on their heritage as well as their personality. One may also possess multiple blood abilities, like an ability passed down through the family line, as well as a unique one or they received from each parent. These abilities usually can’t be mimicked.


Magic is either drawn from the surroundings or created by the user (or both). It can be applied in many different ways, like spatial magic, elemental magic, life/death magic, sealing magic etc. Honestly, the only limit is one's creativity, mana pool and understanding of magic.

Chaos’ granted Ability:

When Chaos split herself she granted the wishes of anyone with a “strong enough wish”. This had two reasons. The first one was to “apologize” for the trouble she is and will be causing. The second one was to make things interesting. Although these wishes were fulfilled properly, for most people it still turned out miserably. One of the “mildest” cases would be Ares, who wished to have “a fair” fight, so he was granted the ability of origin. It can return anyone to what their “original” and “pure” state of being is. Basically, anything considered “unnatural” for that specific being will be removed to return it to its natural state. He however never uses this ability, since he believes it is too unnatural and strong. A more extreme case would be the second main character who wished to “bring an end to the war”, because he couldn’t stand the suffering it caused, which ended in a massive massacre. Chaos’ granted abilities can’t be messed with, even by Aether.

Saint’s Flame:

A Saints Flame stands for the “price” one had to pay to get their wish granted. When Chaos granted these wishes and “added” something to the story, she removed something in return. The greater the flame, the greater the thing that was taken away. Possessing a flame causes great agony for the wielder, as if it is ripping apart someones very being. The flame isn’t just all bad however. It allows for things to be moved over into the Negative Zone, although be it one way only. It also protects from other Saint’s Flames.

Godly Ranks:

Godly Ranks is a law created and unanimously agreed upon by all beings residing within the World Beyond. This law creates a very powerful magic spell, used to index someone's “rank” in terms of the step and layer they are on (obviously excluding Beyond Meaning). This serves to keep track of anyone moving through the Layers, as well as power shifts within it.


Beings that possess Godly Ranks need specifically crafted seals to enter anywhere within the World Tree. These seals require the user to constantly supply mana to it. In some extreme cases the seals break nonetheless and need a “fixing” once in a while.

Demi Ranking:

Demi Ranking is a system devised by Demi-Gods to measure their own strength, since it can vastly vary from Demi-God to Demi-God. It does so by probing one's soul, which is meant to be a direct representation of someone's strength.


Badges are awarded to beings with a “strong enough soul”. They go from F to A and there is a theoretical S rank. Each rank is divided into bronze, silver and gold. While F rank is barely above a very athletic human, anything B and above is considered a serious threat and they are required to wear their badges at all times to indicate such and reduce possible casualties to a minimum, by allowing people to keep their distance in the first place.

Time Line

Era Details Date
First Eternity Unknown
Second Eternity Unknown
Third Eternity Unknown
Creation of the Cosmic Egg Before Time
The 1st Great War Unknown
Human Creation 10.000.000BC
The 2nd Great War Unknown - ~3000BC
Arrival of Aether ~3000BC
Start of the Story (Prologue Arc) 2038AD - 2039AD
Ivasion of Hell 2039AD - 2040AD
Retalliation against Heaven 2041AD - 2042AD
Loss of the Protagonist Unknown
Purgatories Dark Side 2042AD - 2042AD
The Final Arc 2042AD - Unknown
Beyond the Story At the beginning of time.
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Supreme Beings


Descendant of Chaos

True Gods




Fallen Angels








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