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The London Racers are a team of racers from a universe where racing and vehicular combat is life. Born of the "Mini" clan in Great Britain, they started out as small time street racers, racing at events in the streets of London in the 1960's. They were very successful in pleasing the racing gods, and earned the right to compete in official racing leagues. In their rookie season, they competed in the tri-national rally cup, racing in Monte Carlo, Great Britain, and Finland. Shocking clans across Europe, they won the Monte Carlo rally (which is considered to be the most prestigious event) in the inaugural round and finished 2nd in GB, and 5th in Finland finishing 3rd overall.

After racing for 4 years, they were unsuccessful in achieving any titles and thus were relegated from racing permanently by orders from the head of their clan. Fortunately for them, they escaped their despair and drove into a portal them took them to the Prime Earth. They spent their time setting up robberies, most infamously robbing gold bullion from in Italy in 1969. Their exposure to extra-dimensional energy has given them abilities that has helped them evolve and get away from police for decades.

Each car is named after the patron saint of three of the four members of the United Kingdom (Patrick - Wales, George - England, Andrew - Scotland).

Personal Statistics

Name: Patrick (Red), George (White), Andrew (Blue)

Origin: Operation Endgame

Gender: Voices appear male

Age: Around 3 years old | 40's | Around 60 years old

Classification: Athropomorphic Cars, Mini Coopers, Currus Sapien

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C with weaponry, 9-B | 9-C to 9-A with weaponry, 9-B | 9-C to High 8-C with weaponry, 9-B

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Light Manipulation (Can permanently blind people with headlights if turned up high enough), Stealth Mastery (Can change the colour of the "skin" to hide in traffic or in parked areas), Weapon Creation (Can assemble weapons using nanotechnology) Fire Manipulation (Can assemble flamethrowers or highly precise cutting tools), Air Manipulation (Can suck the air out the internal compartment), Water Manipulation (Can eject slippery liquids that spins chasing vehicles into a spin), Immortality (Type 1 and 2 [Even if the car was charred down to the extremes, it would still try and move]), Body Control (Can alter its body to create spoilers and body kits), Duplication (Can duplicate nanobots to replace lost ones), Regeneration (High-Low instantly, Mid over time) | All previous abilities plus, Enhanced Senses (Using inbuilt radar, thermal vision, motion sensors), Statistics Amplification (With Nitrous Oxide and with KERS), Adaptation (Can adapt to ground surfaces by controlling tire tread), Electricity/Energy Absorption, Genius Intelligence (Can download and store incredible amounts of information) | All previous powers plus, Invisibility (By changing its colour to completely match where it is), Information Analysis (Can scan opponents to look up information about them [Can search databases to find out information about them, monitor vital status, read body language, monitor any equipment they have etc.]), Durability Negation (On contact with physical matter, nanobots can eat through physical matter)

Attack Potency:

Speed: Subsonic (Top speed of 95 mph or 42.468 m/s) | Subsonic (Top speed of 124 mph or 55.433 m/s), higher with Statistics Amplification | Subsonic (Top speed of 111 mph or 49.1744 m/s), higher with Statistics Amplification

Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:

Durability: Wall level | Wall level | Wall level, Unknown (Resistant to kinetic energy)

Stamina: 5.5 gallon engine with an average of 40 miles per gallon | 11 gallon engine with an average of 30 mpg, can run for about a day on batteries alone | Hydrogen fuel cell has a half life of 5000 years.

Range: Melee range, Extended melee range with flamethrower, up to hundreds of meters with generated weapons | Same as previous, satellites have global coverage and some can see into deep space

Intelligence: Above Average Pre universal transfer (They were programmed on the knowledge on how to transfer goods at maximum efficiency) | Extraordinary Genius (Mind is composed of the Internet) | Extraordinary Genius (Mind is composed of the Extranet)

Weaknesses: Can only copy detailed schematics of weapons, nanotechnology can be temporarily deactivated around certain areas by potent acids, nanobots require a fuel source to power, hacking into the ports and deleting information from their memory (Although this requires a physical connection inside the vehicle) | Same as previous, emp's can knock out electronics (But can be rebooted via seeking an alternate power source) | Same as previous (Solar power requires sunlight)


Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Lights: Standard lights as you would find on a car, but are capable of blinding people if stared into for too long.
  • Stealth: When the opportunity arises, the car is able to change it shape slightly and appear as a ordinary civilian vehicle, as long as it doesn't get caught changing.

Fire Projection: The car is able to project fire out of the car, as well ejecting napalm from the rear.

  • Air Control: Can control the air flow inside the car. Able to create a smoke screen, blinding anyone behind from view.
  • Liquid Ejection: Can spray oil behind to cause pursuing vehicles to spin
  • Immortality: Can't age due to lacking cells. The car can't be "killed" unless all of the car is destroyed. Due to the Theseus Paradox it's difficult to truly kill the vehicle due to metaphysical laws.
  • Reactive Physiology: Naturally becomes more advanced overtime.
  • Body Control: Can alter it's own body to generate/alter body kits, spoilers and air scoops.


  • Enhanced Senses: Has a motion sensor that can detect objects up to 50 metres. Has a GPS that can detect weather, traffic, and enemy locations (If hit with a tracking beacon).
  • Intelligence: It's brain has the complete knowledge of the internet being able to access any information from any one time.
  • Nitrous Oxide Can amply it's own speed by allowing the flow of cooler air, allowing engine combustion at faster rates.
  • Adaptation: The nanobots can change the tire tread to adjust relative to the surface it on
  • Weapon Creation: Can create various weapons such as: rams, blades, firearms, and explosives.
  • Energy Recovery: The outer frame can absorb solar energy as well as electrical charges.
  • KERS: Kinetic energy created when breaking charges up a battery which can then be deployed for an additional boost (See KERS.


  • Invisibility: Can change the colour of the car according to its background to appear "invisible". This is hard to do when travelling at faster speeds so it's more effective the slower the is travelling.
  • Energy Weapons: Manipulating and harnessing the power of hydrogen allows them to use a variety of different energy attacks.
    • Blast: Blast energy is a violent energy designed to seek out a target and blast them so that they spin and flip uncontrollably, rolling over and totalling them. It appears as a void, with red sparks emanating from it, as it seeks out its target and detonated on impact.
    • Static: Static energy is fired up into precise location in the air, in front of or on the target, to shock them with electricity that fries them. It can also be supercharged and fired into the atmosphere to create a storm that unleashes thunder down directly onto the target. It appears as small blue orb when fired, which then explodes into electricity down onto the target area/target.

Key: Classic | Modern | Future


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