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Between each world is a swirling void of angry flames, the colorless dark eating and lapping at those who enter it's sea. Where existence is not tolerated and souls are lost within the white crackling tide, swimming through the endless dimensional pool, with no knowing where the surface is. The suffering lasts forever as the pain of stripped sentience and restricted senses digs down onto the primitive mind. No matter how much one may try, it stretches farther, farther, and farther. No matter how far one paddles their way up, they only continue to drown in the infinite suffering of the Consortium.

However, there are bubbles. Bubbles free of the horrors that float up from the indeterminable ocean floor, entire worlds and entire realms resting inside. These souls, if ever so lucky, can collide with the soft barriers of these bubbles and scratch at their soft, soothing surfaces, begging for a breach. A breach to allow them into the greatness of reality and existence once more.

But as much as the flames of the void tear down the mighty, the mighty can build up the flames. Those who can resist the voracious flames can learn to manipulate it; those who can manipulate it can learn of it's properties; those who learn of it's properties can understand it. And those who understand the Infinite Consortium can leave their lives behind for a new life. Rarely can one understand the Consortium, much less survive it. When the bubbles are popped, complete demise is certain. But for those who survive it, they can open their eyes within the bright darkness, feel the fire nibble and support them, a new champion of the void. And these survivors may travel, spreading the Consortium wherever they go, be it for malicious or noble purposes. The pages of the esoteric dimensional magic only expands, different mages discovering different techniques and uses, no wizard the same.

When given this domain, many questions flash through the mind. But the most important one is the one that will linger with you for your entire life; "What should I do next?"

Powers of the Verse

Power in The Consortium is a very highly prized thing. Throughout The Early Era, and especially in The Caelum Race, (~1500 E.A. - 3276 E.A) many of the top-tier mages reached Moon Level Attack Potency, comparable to Helena Bellard, the wearer of The Boon of Chains, who wiped the entire atmosphere of a large planet. Lower tiered mages, or ones that did not care much for combat, usually stayed at around Multi-City Block Level, at least physically. Furthermore, many gods of this area gained The Obligatory, a package of immensely powerful resistances and magics, including planck time speed amplifications and resistances infinitely above the bounds of worldly magic. Most Deities had around Oratorio-level magic, but some managed the smallest surface of Adagio.

This escalated even further towards the end of The Early Age, in which the very few remaining god-tiers, Iona and Valev, achieved Low Multiversal power, possibly Much Higher, able to surpass The Consortium itself and use even Adagio-staged magic, their speeds Immeasurably above what they were previously.

However, this did not last long, as after The Restoration, the multiverse fell into a magic depression, mana flowing at a far weaker rate than normal, with the strongest individuals only at Multi-City Block Level as they struggled to control the ruins of their ancestors.

Overall, the verse is incredibly potent and every Consortium Traveler is capable of exerting extra-dimensional, conceptual control with the limited use of Caelum they have. Each tier of Caelum is immeasurably higher than the last, both in attack and speed, stretching on seemingly forever.


All magic within The Consortium comes from the soul. Every world and every realm draws their mana from deep within. Some have powerful souls, blistering with incredible and esoteric abilities that rip apart the fabric of reality with anguish and flamboyance, defying all that was set in stone. The unfortunate have weak souls, low in magical potency and exerting little control over the multiverse.

Few have torn souls, gravely injured souls akin to popped balloons, releasing mana faster than it can be gained. To run out of magic is to submit your mind, body, and soul to erasure and torment, as reality picks you apart and rejects you, your mind barely hanging onto the memories of who you once were as consciousness and thought is stripped away.

Those with torn souls, however, often realize they can meld and stretch their souls to hold much more magic than most people. These individuals must find ways to fuel their reservoirs, but if they can, are destined to be gods.

There is, in the end, a root of it all. Caelum. First theorized by Russel Raleigh, Caelum is what fundamentally makes up the laws and matter of reality. It is ‘magic,’ yet magic is not Caelum; the magic most humans manipulate is only the smallest, most insignificant portion of it’s true potential.

Those able to grow past magic and manipulate Caelum can manipulate the reality and concepts that make up The Consortium and the worlds within.

Yet, Russel was not content with this answer. After a young man showed the ability to imprint the concept of time even on the fabric of Caelum, which created concepts in the first place, Russel wondered if there was more to it. He theorized that the Caelum they used was still not truly Caelum- that Caelum was infinitely beyond them, above those above those above those above the building blocks of reality.

He created The Chain Theory, that all of reality was built upon hierarchical chains of superiority. One may be above the concept of time, yet someone higher on the chain may be above that. And slowly, these chains connect, link together, yet continue on infinitely, each chain becoming more and more abstract and past comprehension. And the true Caelum is not on any of these chains.

Caelum is the chains. Caelum is an outside observer to everything that makes up everything. Perhaps, even, it’s a conscious being looking down with scorn. Perhaps it’s not alive at all. Russel did not, and could never know. All he knew was one thing:

Caelum Is Us.

The Infinite Consortium As We Know It

The flames that make up the fabric of the fourth dimension are known as some of the most esoteric and cryptic materials known to man. This expansion stretches across all of reality, containing every last world. Time flows oddly, with the past, present, and future fluctuating within the void. Any and all existence and matter within it gets consumed by the ravenous souls and licking embers within, leaving not even a cell behind. Those that can survive and control it are truly the strongest entities in the multiverse.

However, while Consortium Travelers are both rare and powerful, there exists true entities native to The Consortium. These creatures are known by many names, but are often referred to as Leviathans. Little is known except from the rumors. Some say that for every billion worlds, one Leviathan is born. Some say that every breath they take releases thousands of bubbles of existence into the sea around them. But one thing is known; their power is immeasurable. The slightest glance can obliterate an entire world and all within it. They have never been seen, for their existence is beyond dimensional comprehension. To destroy a Leviathan is to achieve godhood.

Part of the mystery of The Consortium comes from merely the fact that nothing is really known about it. Completely comprehending the fourth-dimensional space is nigh impossible and induces madness on even the strongest of travelers. To just exist within it for any period time shows powerful resistances to Soul Manipulation and Existence Erasure on a four-dimensional level, and manipulating these flames allows for one to erase others on a similar field.

Yet, for all it's immeasurable power, there is still more behind it.


The Infinite Consortium is a world of history, and has plenty of it. The ages stretch on for millennia, players on the chess board appearing and vanishing periodically. The timeline, as historians note, seems to begin with the creation of The Boon Theory, a book attributed to an unknown author, accurately detailing the world they live in. The titles of different eras vary.

Era Details Years
Era of Discovery - Endless Horizons The worlds abroad is wide open, gaping, ready for the reaping. Endless potential lay in front of each and every person, with true freedom in the hearts of every last individual. The world is ruthless, and no one has comprehension of their abilities or purpose. Existence proceeded the Essence, and it was up to all Consortium Travelers to find their Essence. With the ability to do anything, and achieve anything, what will you do? 0 EA - 1281 EA
Era of War - Reconnected & Severed Slowly, humanity became aware of The Consortium and it's place there. The Boon Theory was a widespread manual that all families had, and even non-Consortium Travelers were well-informed. But with basic maps of The Consortium now charted, so came it's abuse. Governments began to fall at a tremendously fast rate, as the strongest Consortium Travelers tore down society by the seams. To better defend, governments holed up and resorted to absolute tyranny, only to bring forth further revolution and war. In this Era, a day of blood was nothing more than a Tuesday. 1281 EA - 1454 EA
Era of Aspiration - The Consortium Race: Part 1 With the spread of combat came a spread in the desire for power. And with the desire for power, came a deeper understanding of the very roots of magical abilities. With the understanding of basic Caelum, and the drive for success, hundreds of the highest scoring Consortium Travelers began to race out, attempting to enhance their capabilities and connect with magical Relics to further advance themselves. In this era, The Blanket Lovers Club and The Jackasses, among many other guilds, were formed as alliances to push towards victory. 1454 EA - 1701 EA
Era of Downfall - The Consortium Race: Part 2 Oratorio was achieved. There was a taste for blood in the air, new heights reached. Guilds rose at a higher rate than ever before, and The Obligatory was soon crafted by Russel Raleigh. A magical 'meta' began to form, as all the reality-warping gods worked their asses off to attempt to one-up and off the others, so they could remain the final standing men in control of The Consortium. Empires trembled in fear under the feet of deities, quashed and abused by humans too ignorant to see the fullest extent of their impact. Every last action they took tore arcs in the permanent Consortium landscape, and they were none the wiser. Guilds fell, kingdoms fell, all until... 1701 EA - 2046 EA
Era of Chains - The Bellard Eclipse In a snap, Yesal was gone. The entire multiverse snapped awake in horror as Helena Bellard, the holder of the Boon of Chains, emerged from the veils of her hiding, revealing her vicious intent. War on a scale never seen before erupted, as The Bellard Family traveled from world to world, wreaking havoc and obliterating guild after guild. The Jackasses were wiped out, and in an epic of warfare and struggle, The Blanket Lovers Club fought The Bellard Family, tooth and nail, the two largest pantheons of gods butting heads. Many died, but The Blanket Lovers were victorious, left as the sole inheritors of The Consortium itself. 2046 EA - 2048 EA
Era of Ascension - Adagio It was a time of relative peace in The Consortium. In the aftermath of the horrible war came the loss of their first leader, Russel Raleigh, who chose to exit the guild in response to the new membership of Iona Riveras. But yet, the guild still remained strong. With no enemies left, they shot for their next goal, the space beyond Oratorio. This would be a quest that would take longer than anything else, with many of The Blanket Lovers Club quitting the centuries of effort, simply deciding their time was up. One by one, they vanished, until it was only Iona Riveras and Valev 'Valev' Valev left. And in an unexpected twist of fate... they did it. 2048 EA - 3166 EA
Era of Demise - The End At the beginning of The Consortium Race, there were millions of Consortium Travelers scrambling to hold The Consortium Crown and claim their rightful spot as ruler of the multiverse across. And now, there were only two left, Iona and Valev. Valev continued his campaigning of revolutions, crushing tyranny across the multiverse, albeit taking a backseat role as a sponsor rather than a front line fighter, and Iona furthered her studies. Alas, it wasn't long until the cracks began to show. Marital disagreements lead to Iona's first stand against Valev, sponsoring a force of soldiers to defend against his men, slaughtering them all. Valev fought back, fighting more directly than before. Iona returned the favor, sticking her finger farther into the pond. Valev did the same, then Iona, then Valev, then Iona, until it was a deadlock. Iona's empire unified The Consortium, and Valev's Revolutionaries left her empire in permanent fragility. A single inch further, and they would both fall in. A Cold War, with citizens reporting utter terror and despair at the hands of the two gods, without a single thing they could do in their defense. The darkest era in all of The Consortium, reality in the hands of two people.

Then, it stopped.

3166 EA - 3274 EA
Era of Restoration - The Beginning In less than five days, Valev's forces were wiped from the face of The Consortium. Nobody knew what happened. In an instant, his forces were gone, and his help vanished. There were many questions and worries, but alas, it was a time of peace, a sigh of relief that ever last Traveler was glad to take. Iona Riveras was their absolute emperor, and she was a kind god, promoting democracy and analytical thought in all of her territories. Science aspired to an all-time high, and never before since The Boon Theory was information so mainstream. Some thought that, finally, The Consortium could rest.

Then, Iona vanished, marking the year 0 After Reformation. It was as sudden as Valev's fall; in but a week, Iona's entire empire fell in bloodless revolution, their empress and leadership gone. It crumbled, decayed, and vanished, leaving only the humans to sort the rubble.

Long ago, there were millions. Then, hundreds. Then, two. Now, there were none.

3274 EA - 3276 EA/0 AR
Era of Rebuilding - The Federation Chaos overtook The Consortium. Without any gods, nor governments, there was no safety, and the anarchic, no-bounds brawl erupted across the fabrics of space and time. Never before had blood been shed on such a scale since The Era of War. The Bleedin' Consortium was a common term used to describe the landscape, many individuals and governments attempting to lasso in the chaotic beast that was The Consortium. Yet, only a singular attempt succeeded. The Federation.

The Federation swept over The Consortium, starting and gaining power in small, forgotten provinces, before moving inwards, claiming a tremendous stretch of worlds to be it's own. Law and order became a concept for the first time in hundreds of years. It was a brutal rule, with The Federation slaughtering every last remnant of revolutionary culture and publicly executing those who remained, but it worked. The Consortium was finally unified, and at peace. There were no gods, no entities of unimaginable power, nothing that could tear it all down now. Maybe, just maybe, they could live happy, normal lives. People looked into the sky, not in fear, but in hope, for the first time in thousands of years.

Then came The Federation Revolution.

0 AR - 948 AR


It is notable that being able to manipulate a level of Caelum does not mean you exist upon it. Individuals who exist in Aria, for example, are completely imperceptible and have immeasurable speeds, while people who warp Aria do neither, though could potentially mimic the effects if skilled enough.

Ranking Details Stats Notable Users
Magic The most basic form of magic, and the essence of the physical world. Every molecule of matter, every tangible force, is innately made up of magic, abiding by the laws of physics as groundwork as a house is founded on bricks. Basic manipulation of this force can provide relatively simply results, from basic fireballs to controlling beams of water. But do not be fooled, for the most potent mages have learned of how useful this fundamental control over matter can be, warping matter to energy and back with but the wave of a hand. AP: Anywhere from tiers 10 to 3.

Speed: Anywhere below Immeasurable.

Most non-Consortium Travelers.
Aria Beyond the physical, the metaphysical. The very fabric of space is made of Aria, woven by The Consortium, space and time drawn together with fine needles, and manipulators of this woven field can unmake reality itself, bending reality and physics, the very concepts that make up the space all exist within. Consortium Travelers are defined by their connection to The Aria of The Consortium, able to warp space to travel dimensions and utilize Aria to erode away the existence of all it touches.

Many fallaciously believe that Consortium Flames are a form of attack. This is false. Consortium Flames are but a physical representation of Aria. Sight and normal senses do not exist to Aria, and thus, entities who entirely on this level are entirely imperceptible, except to others of Aria. Very few can properly utilize Aria to it's greatest capabilities, most simply able of standard Consortium abilities, but those who can are able to achieve wonders beyond the confines of law and comprehension.

AP: Anywhere from Low 2-C to 2-A.

Speed: Immeasurable.

All Consortium Travelers, Frederick Potsdam Hohenzollern, Valev, The Doctor
Oratorio Oratorio is the mythical force beyond The Consortium itself, composed of concepts and chains still not properly understood. Utilization of this force can allow one to even properly perceive and navigate The Consortium, able to craft spatial anomalies within, warping the flow of time entirely. Simply 'existing beyond a concept' is never a concern, for their abilities are above even that. Their horizons are widened, able to pick into the soul, observe it, and even modify it.

Alternate timelines go from possibilities to confirmations. Those who can are limited to Aria can not properly comprehend those made of Oratorio in any possible sense. The concepts larger yet still similar to speed, distance, and time, which would govern entities made of Aria, are to be twisted. Those who warp it can taste the potential, and aspire for more.

AP: Low 1-C (5D).

Speed: Immeasurably above Immeasurable.

The Blanket Lovers Club, The Jackasses, Artios
Adagio Adagio is... unexplored. A force so esoteric it's full potentials are completely unknown. A total of two individuals in the entirety of The Consortium have ever gazed into The Adagio, but neither have spoke a word about it. The forces within this expanse are unknown even to the ones who could see into it. And chances are, it will remain that way. AP: Low 1-C (6D).

Speed: Immeasurably above Immeasurably above Immeasurable.

Russel Raleigh, Iona Riveras, The Collective
Opus A fundamental only seen in action once, an unknown amount above and standards of power. More research required. AP: Unknown.

Speed: Unknown.

The Baku


All Consortium Travelers are birthed with a Boon, a connection to Aria and The Consortium, creating an attunement to certain aspects of reality. This comes with various powers and abilities, and Boons can come in various types, as explained below.

Boons can share similar, or even the same name, (as they are more or less chosen by the user or their parents), but do not be fooled - the same name does not meant the same effects. Boons are often derived biologically, with the parents' imprints on the Soul impacting their abilities when Manifested. Environment and traumatic encounters can both warp a Boon when it inevitably awakens.

It is theoretically possible to have more than one Boon, but it is incredibly rare to be Manifested with two and requires intense anguish, while requiring immensely dangerous magical testing to create a second. Additionally, it is possible for a Boon to expand into two categories.

Type Details Notable Users
Warps The most common type of Consortium Traveler. Warp Boons control fundamental Magic elements, physical and bound by reality. They are often looked down upon as the most 'basic' Boons, yet this is not always the case- one's control with a Warp Boon can extend to a nigh-conceptual level, be it to warp matter to run with water-like consistency, or warp any object to uncontrollably immolate.

With Warps, you are manipulating a basic force down to it's very origin.

Arietta Medley (The Boon of Sound), Alessandro (The Boon of Frost)
Aspects A far more rare alternative of Warps, usually born only through close relations to The Consortium and it's horrors, Aspect Boons warp key aspects of reality and it's fundamentals, be it time or physics. In a sense, they are both less and more limited at the same time - unlike Warp boons, they govern key pillars that make up everything. However, their power makes honing and mastering them incredibly difficult, and can often make their effects rather predictable once they reveal the concept behind them.

With Aspects, you are manipulating the origins that make up everything.

Valev 'Valev' Valev (The Boon of Time), Russel Raleigh (The Boon of The Tides), Alri (The Boon of The Story)
Anomalies Unlike both Warps and Aspects, Anomaly Boons are Boons revolving around specific, self-contained anomalies, exceptions to typical rules of reality, such as being permanently displaced in traditional time flow, or existing primarily as an alternate state of matter. These abilities are often passive and active permanently, though their users may be able to channel aspects of their Anomalies consciously. They can often manipulate elements related to their Anomaly, but they are very likely to be more limited than Warp or Aspect Boons. Anomalies users are bound by their Anomalies, as they leave little room for growth, but rather rely on the user to discover unique ways to utilize their conundrums. Anomalies can cover a massive range of Caelum, be it Magic-based concepts, all the way up to Caelum levels far above themselves.

With Anomalies, you are one with your Boon.

Frederick Potsdam Hohenzollern (The Boon of Selves), The Doctor (The Boon of Voracity)
Relics Relic Boons are preexisting. Relic Boons are, by far, the rarest out of all Boons, as they are nearly impossible to be 'created'. In fact, most Relic Boons have their methods of origin completely obscure. Relic Boons go through users, often passed along by certain rituals, or sometimes by completely unknown causes. Their effects tend to be immensely powerful, to the point where properly utilizing all of a Relic is virtually impossible. Shrouded by mystery, Relic Boons are independent and dangerous, capable of just about anything, and impossible to stop. The Boon of Chains

Across & Over The Consortium

An infinite world means infinite possibilities. Crossovers are archived here, as well as any stories written around a roleplay's plot.


Any roleplays, usually run on FCOC, based in The Infinite Consortiu,/


The wrath of a primeval force comes back to pay it's dues to the old Salvation Village.

The Faithful Ones

A group of Torn Souls awaken in the largest Confluence known to man. The only way out, is to survive.


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