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Name John Hubert.
Alias Harvester (Superhero name), Demon Of New York, Boogeyman, Executioner, Mr.Reaper, The Great Darkness, Symbol of Fear, Agent of Vengeance, Death itself.
Origin Spectrum
Occupation Anti-hero
Appearance Check image
Personality The Harvester was dark-vigilante driven by the vengeance of those who wronged him. A stoic,serious and vengeful man,he vows to rid the world of evil, whatever it takes. He is not shy of using intimidation and torture,using brutal methods to get the job done.

However, he avoids collateral damage and prefers to not get innocents involved. Though, after the fight with Rupert and the hope he had given to him, Harvester became merciful to his enemies. While he does not kill due to honoring Rupert's ideology and their friendship, he does break and cripple his enemies to the point that they are unable to function normally in life. While it may be extreme to some, his way of "not kill" code is supported by other extremist superheroes and civilians alike, as it is sort of punishment for their evil actions by never having functional life once they get out of jail.

Harvester is known to be very paranoid and wary about people around him as he believes that anyone can be target, even his own trusted allies. This is due to his fear of knowing that the heroes these people looked up to are consider to be one of the most dangerous beings in the planet or the entire universe altogether.

In spite of that, he does care for people he is close with and has shown numerous times that he has moments of kindness when they are in need. While it is hard to see the real Harvester under the cold and loner persona, his actions of stopping crimes to prevent other families in experiencing the same pain he endured, shows that underneath his icy heart lies regretful and depressed man who lost everything and ashamed of what he become.

Despite adopting the image of death and striking fears into evildoers, he despise and outright hate anyone that idolize his methods or worship him as some idol. Indeed, he doesn't want anyone to follow his footsteps due to believing the path he took is cruel and pure insanity. He is willingly to go so far into killing them if they continued what they are doing.

Alignment True Neutral
Hobby Hunting down criminals.
Goals Make the world a better and safe place to live in.
Likes Brutally beat criminals to near death and protecting the innocent.
Dislikes Evil actions.
Family Deceased
Friends & Allies The League of Heroes
Enemies Unknown
"The worst of all is the fact that these people are not afraid of me, and that is what I cannot stand. They say that ignorance is blind, but it must be able to see the evil that is inside of these demons. I will not rest until the world is free of this plague, no matter how long it takes. Even death won't save them."


The Harvester is violent vigilante and later turned anti-hero after the influence and fight with Rupert. Driven by the death of his pregnant-wife and pet dog, from honeymoon gone wrong. He was then resurrected from his graves and were driven with vengeance towards all criminals. Previously prefers to kill them, now the somewhat reformed man hunts down evil doers in the use of every brutal ways without killing them; from shooting their limbs, torturing them and beating them to near death.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 9-B physically to 8-B with weaponry, likely far higher with preparation.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Indomitable Will (Is extremely determined at what he does as he refused to back down even beings who are stronger than him and won't hesitate to kill his opponents if he is about to die or lose.), Weaponry Mastery,Martial Arts (Has mastered all forms of human martial arts and weaponry.), Stealth Mastery (A absolute master of stealth, he is capable of disappearing and hidden from the likes of Rupert. He is also a master of disguise and as skeleton, he is capable of building new identities of disguising himself as human or other races.),Genius Intelligence (Is excellent detective and criminal psychology,has able to accurately pinpoint people's behaviors and actions by reading their body language and collecting physical evidence or searching records in databases.), Hacking, Disease Manipulation and Preparation (His greatest strength is the usage of hacking databases while learning people's weakness to exploit them in any necessary-means to take them out. With enough time, he can create a special ammunition of bullets that once strike will make the target experience all of the known diseases from earth.), Self-Sustenance and Inorganic Physiology (Type 1,2 and 3. He is literal skeleton doesn't require the need to sleep, breath or eat.), Immortality (Type 1, 3 and 7.) and Fear Manipulation (His glowing-red eyes isn't for show. When one is forced to stare at his eyes long-enough, they will turn them into the brink of fear and some cases, insanity.), Darkness Manipulation, Intangibility, Shapeshifting and Summoning (Can transformed into mist of darkness that allows him to fly and also teleport to nearby dark areas around his vicinity at will. Moreover, this transformation gives him level of elemental intangibility. He can take any forms and conjure minions from darkness itself.), Unholy Manipulation and Resistance Negation (Wields a spear name "Spear of Volition", which is mockery of the holy artifact "Spear of Destiny." This Spear was given by Nyarlathotep himself after Harvester's paranoia about Rupert overtake him. This spear is said to be able of piercing through the pure hearts of holy men, this weapon is one of the few unholy artifacts that can truly kill Rupert for good.), Holy Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation (His guns contains silver and explosive rounds that can harm the undead as well cause dismemberment and pain to those were unlucky to get shot.), Precognition and Instinctive Reaction (Can accurately predict their next movement of his opponent from reading their body language. The years of fighting have gained him a sixth sense that warns him before attack hits him.), Dimensional Storage and Pocket Reality Manipulation (Owns a personal pocket dimensions of pure darkness that he can instantly store or conjure items and brings his enemies to torture. Though, he has to make physical touch with them in order to teleport the person into his pocket dimension; He rarely does this but will use it as last resort.), Pressure Points, Social Influencing and Psychometry (Knows every point of the human body to cause as much pain as possible. His reputation as the agent of vengeance and the methods of punishing evildoers strikes fears. As the world's best detective, he can deduce and visualize accurately in what just transpired within the crime scene.), Limited Regeneration and Possession through Biological Manipulation (Type 1 and High-Mid, needs to absorb darkness and be in area with little or no light to store an energy of darkness to instantly regenerate any lost limbs. Able to posses someone through turning into a mist of smoke and entering into the person's nose or mouth, having the ability to harm and outright cause destruction to one of the host's organs including the brain.), Resistance to Pain Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (Lacks any vital organs or nerves to feel pain. Also, he is skeleton.)

Attack Potency: At least Wall level with physical punches and kicks,Street level to City Block with various forms of weaponry.

Speed: Supersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Was able to react and dodge incoming bullets and dodge them easily.)

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (Can easily rip a person's spine from their back.)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Small Building level (Took a non-lethal punch from Rupert and was sent flying through a construction house)

Stamina: Limitless (Is undead creature and has never been shown to rest nor eat in that matter.)

Range: Standard melee range to Several hundred meters with guns

Standard Equipment: Commonly uses various guns and weapons depending on the mission.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Proficient in all sorts of military training of the entire globe. Has mastered nearly 127 different martial arts styles and had read every book in the world. Considerably to be the smartest detective in the world as he is capable of knowing of what happened from the scene just through the smell of the air and analyzation of the surroundings. He is also a master gunsmith, able to deduce what type of gun and ammunition from mere glance, and occasion buys or gathers materials to create more firearms.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to any holy and light based powers due to being undead monster. After being defeated by Rupert, he became rather merciful as he preferably to critically injure his enemies than to kill them. (Though, most of them are beaten to bloody pulp, lost one of their limbs or almost near to death.)

His fear manipulation requires the person to be forcibly stare at his eyes at close range for couple of seconds, and this doesn't work on beings who have incredible willpower. His darkness manipulation won't work on areas that has sunlight. The spear of Volition requires him to get close to the person and stake them. Possessed host with strong willpower are able to remove Harvester from their body.

He doesn't know the pressure points on monster-kind, only humans.



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