The Firstlight Sword

Credit to the original artist

The Firstlight Sword is an Absolute Weapon created by Omnius himself to be used by his chosen one: Izreldan.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-CHigh 1-B. Higher with Overcharge

Name: The Firstlight Sword/Excalibur/Balmung

Origin: Immortal Mythos

Age: Unknown

Classification: Two-Handed Longsword

Wielders: Izreldan, Ra, Arthur Pendragon, Jake Caster

Powers and Abilities: Durability Negation, Energy Projection, Portal Creation

Attack Potency: Star level (Excalibur was stated to be capable of obliterating the world if used incorrectly and when Jake Caster fought Arthur Pendragon, he had to dodge swings from Excalibur as he was confident that it could cut through his shields with ease. Balmung was used to temporarily kill the divine dragon Fafnir, who was later revealed to be SCP-682; the sword was later used to kill the rouge Archdemon Abaddon, who was noted as being several times more powerful than even an Elder God and had casually overpowered Jake Caster's magic with minimal effort) | High Hyperverse Level (The Firstlight Sword has harmed Azathoth when used by Ra. Repeatedly stated to be an Absolute Weapon capable of killing anything in creation). Higher with Overcharge (Cut clean through The Evolved Archon's scales, severed one of his arms, impaled him through the chest, and inflicted several deep cuts on him)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic in melee combat (Arthur Pendragon and Jake Caster can both move at these speeds), Lightspeed with energy blasts (Arthur Pendragon easily tagged Jake Caster with an energy blast from Excalibur when the latter was using Boost. Jake Caster tagged Abaddon, who was stated to be twice as fast as an Elder God, with an energy blast from Balmung) | Immeasurable in melee combat (Izreldan and Ra can both move at these speeds), Higher with energy blasts (A blast from True Excalibur was too fast for Azathoth to dodge)

Durability: High Hyperverse level (The Firstlight Sword is made from the same material as the Azure Armor)

Range: Extended Melee Range naturally, Hundreds of Meters with energy blasts | Extended melee range naturally, High Hyperversal with energy blasts

Material or Element: The Firstlight Sword is made of the same cosmic metal as the Azure Armor

Needed Prerequisite for Use: The Firstlight Sword can only be used by those who are pure of heart, and the maximum power of the weapon can only be unlocked by a Chosen like Izreldan or Ra

Weaknesses: Energy Blasts have short range

Key: Excalibur/Balmung | The Firstlight Sword/True Excalibur

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