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The Emporor is the ruler and the main "villain" in the Colosseum, a great colosseum that makes up the entire universe in which it resides. He commands a seemingly infinite army that makes up those who fight in the colosseum, entirely for his amusement. He has been known to smile and laugh at the deaths of his most loyal subjects. He was most amused when The Four Warriors managed to kill The Giant. He hates only one man, and that is The Hooded Man, the only one who opposes his rule.

Tier: 10-A + on his own, 8-A with his soldiers.

Name: The Emporor, Nero

Gender: Male

Age: In his 20s, physically, has existed since the beginning of time, chronologically

Origin: The Colosseum

Classification: Human King

Attack Potency: Street Level with a sword, each of his seemingly infinite supply of soldiers is also Street Level

Speed: Human

Lifting Strength: Athlete Level. Could just call in some dudes to lift anything he needed lifted, however

Striking Strength: Street Level when armed

Durability: Street Level at best if armored

Stamina: Human, possibly below average

Range: Slightly beyond human with sword

Standard Equipment: Sword, scepter, light armor, a crown that actually has hidden poison spikes in it.

Intelligence: Human. Unknown.

Weaknesses: Haughty, cruel, and sadistic. Mainly relies on soldiers for defense. A fairly bad ruler, judging from the fact that he has been in the Colosseum for possibly millons of years without realizing that the rest of his empire does not exist.

Powers and Abilities: None notable.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Calls in gaurds. Before his (The Giant's) death, he could call in the Giant for serious defense.