The Dreaming Symbol is all knowing until all dreams & realities are destroyed which makes him mindless. And turning it into a dreamless sleep which is so dark and so deep he can't wake up until there is light(Creations). The Dreaming symbol itself is used as a symbol by it creator the Reader to view all things. The Dreaming Symbol is the opposite of what the bible of darkness is supposed to be.


The Dreaming Symbol is the absolute nothingness beyond any void which is beyond dreams where all creations is a just dreams and beyond that is the undream aka the absolute nothingness beyond any void. The Dreaming Symbol is used as a symbol toward it creater. But the symbol itself is beyond dream, appearance, from, Creations and such.


The Dreaming Symbol is beyond Personality, Understanding, concepts and more. When all Things are lost it turns into dark and deep dreamless dream which make him mindless. Unless creations still exist he wake up from the deep dreamless sleep and the dreamless sleep turns into a dream which is the light that wakes The Dreaming Symbol up.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 0

Name: The Dreaming One

Origin: The Evil Entity Within Me

Gender: none

Age: Eternity

Classification: Dreamers

Powers and Abilities: Dream Manipulation, Immortality (type 10) , Regeneration ( True godly)

Attack Potency: High Outerverse level ( Everything is inside it infinite dream from dimensional entities to being that transcend those concepts. Equals the book of bible in equal terms of power / inportance and the reader. Everything from just multiverses, realities, dimensions, concepts, dimensionless entity and more are just floathing inside his infinite dreams. each dream of it is inside a larger whole dream.)

Speed: Omnipresent (Since everything is inside his dream)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Outerversal

Durability: High Outerverse level

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: High Outerveral

Intelligence: Mindless (only when all existences is lost) Omniscience (All Things are inside of him)

Standard Equipment:

Weaknesses: bound by the reader

Notable Attacks/ Techniques:


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