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The Discord FC/OC Holy Grail Wars are a collection of secretive wars inspired by the original Fate/stay night that's run on the FC/OC Discord server.

The Holy Grail War is traditionally a battle between other magi known as Masters, who control the extremely powerful familiars known as Servants, drawn from history and mythology. They are all competing for the Holy Grail: A magical artifact with the power to grant nearly any wish. Depending on the version of the Holy Grail War, there could even be no Masters involved. What all of the Discord FC/OC Holy Grail Wars have in common however is of course the ability to summon original characters, fan characters, or other fictional/nonfictional characters to fight in these wars, bringing to the table their own different backstories, personalities, and ideologies to show.

Each Holy Grail War in the Discord server is completely different from one another; each with both a distinct and familiar cast of characters. The different Holy Grail Wars are as follows:

  • The 1st FC/OC Holy Grail War is, like its title suggests, the first Holy Grail War in the Discord server. Its setting is Fuyuki City, just like the original, but with a completely different cast of unique characters with their own ideologies and morals. This Holy Grail War was a standard roleplay, without dice or mechanics.
  • The 2nd FC/OC Holy Grail War is the second Holy Grail War, taking place in a completely different universe than in the first. Its setting is present day San Jose, California, and just like the first Holy Grail War, the second features a whole new cast, each wanting the Holy Grail for their own reasons.
  • Fate/Unlimited Fan Works is a more light-hearted take on the Discord FC/OC Holy Grail Wars, akin to Carnival Phantasm. Each story can be self contained and take place anywhere, at any time. However, each may still connect to one another in some way, and even reach climaxes where all the characters appear in a crossover, like a shared universe. Because of its self contained nature, the setting can take place anywhere, but most have taken place in Fate/stay night's Fuyuki City. Here, not only are there original and fan characters occupying the one-shots, but also characters from the Fate universe itself, such as the original 7 Servants from Fate/stay night.

Power of the Verse

Like most of the Fate universe, most of the characters reach Massively Hypersonic speeds and Island level attack potency.

The stronger characters, such as Dante, Vergil, and Reinhard Heydrich, can go toe-to-toe with Gilgamesh, the strongest Servant, and win. Some characters also possess powerful hax, such as Jevil's ability to use any Noble Phantasm, including Ea, and Bercouli's ability to slash the past and future.






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