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The Deus Ex Cycle is a series of verses constructed primarily by ZephyrosOmega, with direct influence from EpicLucario52, Soul-of-Landale, Skijr0011, and JBoogie12.


Before the world as we know it came into existence, there existed a utopia known as Elysium. This place was an idyllic paradise where its inhabitants, beings transcendent beyond humans, freely celebrated the cycle of Life and Death. But among this civilization was a single man, whose curiosity to see what lied beyond death overcame him. This man... was named Deus.

Deus feared death, for it meant he would not be able to see the wonders of the world that came after his lifespan. So, he shut himself away and began to work on a machine so advanced, it could transcend creation itself. It became his life's work, even as he became wizened and old. But even as his strength faded, the machine did not work. It required something immortal... So Deus had a single option. He fused his soul with the machine, becoming one with it for all of eternity. There he would remain, observing history even as the world was destroyed and remade many times over, recording all lore within the machine. As time went on and on, the machine began to influence the world. It was subtle at first, but grew in power until it became the Lynchpin that all of creation sat upon, having gathered so many grimoires and stories that it could recreate them in kind.

Thus began... the Deus Ex Cycle.

The Deus Ex Cycle is a collection of universes, each part of an interconnected Cycle that tells a different story. The verse centers around the appropriately-named Deus Ex Machina, a throne-like machine that records the history of universes and stores them as data within its form as "Chapters". Each chapter is completely different and has little relations to eachother, but they do occasionally cross over with eachother.

Pantheon Ultimus Is a story detailing a war of multiversal scale between the various pantheons of gods and monsters, not unlike the Shin Megami Tensei series. It depicts YHWH's origin.

Paradox is a massive crossover event featuring various characters from existing franchises such as comics, anime, manga, and video games, banding together to fight against eachother, and eventually against an unseen ultimate evil.

Tales of the Red Wings is the most developed chapter in the verse, and the newest in the cycle, showing the adventures of Zephyr Highwind, Rynild Ras'Aul, and Jay Grimoire.

Champions of Chaos is a science-fiction story that details alternate versions of many characters from Tales of the Red Wings in a more cosmic story.

Power of the Verse

Due to the nature of Deus Ex Machina, the verse is constantly shifting in strength, and is incredibly powerful, especially in the later stages. Deus himself was a noncombatant, but even then could create Tier 1 technology given enough time.

Most gods in the verse vary in power, ranging from 2-A to 1-A depending on their importance and power. While the protagonists are typically weaker in comparison, they do average anywhere from Multi-City Block Level to Large Planet Level at their peak, occasionally with abilities that go beyond their tier.

However, it is also important to note that the nature of living physiology in the Throne Cosmology makes it virtually impossible for them to be affected by most normal hax, as most segments of beings exist in higher realities, such as the mind, soul, desires, et cetera. Similarly, this makes much of their hax attack on the same level.

Important terms

It's very important that, when making a match, one keeps in mind the way that souls, minds, etc. work in the Deus Ex Cycle. I recommend viewing the official cosmology blog here. I can give a quick TLDR for those interested:

  • Every aspect of everything exists in a different plane of reality
  • While magic damage scales to the user, its effects (Burning, Freezing, Various status effects) are 7D in potency
  • Saving Throws can resist various "effect" from various sources up to a 7D level
  • The Soul and Mind reside in higher planes than the user, requiring a higher range to access them
  • The concepts of people and things are inherently Type 2. Concepts used by abilities like Rune Magic are Type 3.
  • Divinity renders weaponry and entities transcendent of concepts altogether and nullifies everything below it including: Chi, Astral Projection, Magic, Minds, Souls, and Concepts.


The Energy of Mana: 0.004 Joules per Particle

Griffin Makes a Crater: 235 Tons, Multi-City Block Level

Steelhide Causes an Earthquake: 1.13 Kilotons, Small Town Level

Supersonic Knight Tiers: Baseline Supersonic

Victor creates a Storm: 15 Megatons, City Level

Cryovale summons a Blizzard: 8 Gigatons, Island Level

Destroying Dragonroost: 76 Gigatons, Island Level+

Jay's Giga Water Drill: 227 Gigatons, Large Island Level

Shenlong's Breath Weapon: 8.6 Teratons, Country Level

Jay forms Crabulon: 15 Teratons, Country Level

Demon Lord Sinks a Continent: 788 Petatons to 1.86 Exatons, Multi-Continent Level

Champions of Chaos



  • Drexus
  • Meisaka
  • Bamforth
  • Whitts
  • Baxitus
  • Meltdown
  • Makeshift
  • Cluney
  • Regilis


  • Agmar
  • Shandar


  • Venomshock

War of the Old Gods

Etro's Faction

  • Etro
  • Castiel
  • Gabriel

A Strange Journey

Reyna's Party

  • Reyna the Marked
  • Suzu


  • Pluto
  • Crystal Golem


  • The Bone Witch
  • Nazrul
  • The Eye

Tales of the Red Wings

Red Wings Guild

Angel's Crown Guild

Raven Sword Guild

Astirian Empire



  • Romulus


  • Shenlong Rex
  • Sitha, the Vicious
  • Aldriot, the Guide
  • Arvel, the Swift
  • Horus, the Betrayer
  • Fatalis Rex

Cult of YHWH

  • Grimm
  • Harle
  • Rusalka
  • Araneo Spinne


Wild Hunt:

  • Victor
  • Minako
  • Kaido the Reaper


Terraria Arc

House Grimoire

Alciela's Faction


  • Vandolian Empire
  • Dragonroost
  • Etronia
  • The Abyss
  • The Expanse



Demon Blade: Muramasa

Angel Blade: Masamune

Deletion Disk: Dissidia

Earthen Key: Durandal

Cure-All: Panacea

Alchemy Rod: Staff of Hermes

Divine Blood: Deicite

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