The Purple Haze will consume you, it's already devoured me! It'll continue to reincarnate until we all die... it will consume all of us eventually... Farewell...
~ Susanoo's last words, describing the Corruptions destruction


A force that exists only the corrupt any narrative that may ever come into fruition. The Corruption is the evil of the Centraplex verse. It came from beyond the Plexus Novium, beyond infinite infinities, the Overvoid Calamitas. No one could have thought something would have lingered in there. A void deprived of creation. But in the midst of it existed The Corruption. A corruption that would consume any creation that came into fruition.

When coming across any sort of mass in space, it will form itself into something that can exist in such a place. In the case of the Plexus Novium, it became weird, inorganic orb, which spread oozing, purple goo over everything in existence.

The Corruption has made its way to the Plexus Novium many times, although, it has been defeated and pushed back every time. However, this time, it managed to pierce into the core of Plexium, the Centraplex and has already corrupted and destroyed many infinite realms.

The Corruption spreads at immeasurable speeds unquantified by normal equations. And can spawn Fiends to help its spread, making it capable of inter and outer dimensional travel. The Corruption is a force not to be reckoned with. And requires an insane amount of force to stop.

Tier: Varies, higher the more it absorbs. Will eventually become High 1-B Name: The Corruption, "The Purple Haze", Calamity, God's Coming Origin: Centraplex Gender: Inapplicable Age: Inapplicable Classification: Corruption, Purple Haze

Inorganic Physiology (Corruption is not but a force of unknown, unholy energy. It is anything but organic and functions completely different than any organism in the universe), Large Size (Varies. Corruption started out as little, but slowly corrupted its way into being universal in size through its mass absorption abilities), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2, and 3. Is not even an organism, nor life. Requires absolutely nothing to sustain itself), Subjective Intangibility (Can forcefully force its way through matter if it so pleases, but usually will stick to corrupting and destroying that matter), Non-Corporeal (Exists as nothing but a force unknown to matter or form), Immortality (Type 1 (Does not age, comes from the Overvoid Calamitas, in which time does not exist, and has likely been there for unfathomable amounts of time relative to humans), 3 (Its regenerative capabilities are unexplainable, and allow it to keep coming back from seemingly nothing, preventing it from ever seizing), 5 (Can not be traditionally "killed", existing outside of the concept of death itself. Requiring special abilities to be destroyed or erased), 6 (Can possess others to keep itself existing, can even come back from Fiends it spawns), and possibly 8 (Stated to have something preventing it from being erased, but this idea has not been explored further), Regeneration (Likely High-Godly. Stated that it will continuously come back as long as some form of creation exists, even if it is erased entirely on all levels of existence), Corruption (An insanely potent ability allowing Corruption to spread, absorb, and destroy. Corruption corrupts things through mind, soul, being, and physiology. After they are corrupted, the Corruption can do many things, ranging from necromancy to spawn Fiends, deconstructing them down to nothing, or just leaving them to be absorbed), Absorption (Corruption spreads through absorbing everything it comes into contact with, including empty space, matter, anti-matter, non-matter, literally anything, even attacks. It will continue to get bigger, faster, and tougher as it absorbs more and more, eventually breaking through the dimensions and devouring what exists above), Power Nullification (Absorption includes the absorption of all power and energy, draining those who come into contact with it completely), Matter Manipulation (Through the corruption of matter, will change its composition completely), Soul Manipulation (Corruption affects the soul of a being as well, in fact, on many occasions both Fiends and the Corruption have absorbed the souls of those who come into contact with them), Existence Erasure (Can forcibly erase those it corrupts, on every level of existence), Aura (Has a huge, distinct aura around itself. Those who come within this aura will begin to face its extreme effects, and may even be entirely corrupted or absorbed as well), Status Effect Inducement (Through its aura, can inflict a variety of weird effects, acting as diseases. Usually causing one to either go insane, slowly disintegrate or throw up their insides. Can also cause one to slowly become corrupt, decreasing their energy and willpower), Paralysis Inducement (Weaker minds may be put into a state of paralysis while in the Corruption's aura), Madness Manipulation (Those who come within its aura may find themselves to go insane, having mental battles with themselves. They might even sacrifice themselves by jumping into the Corruption), Death Manipulation (Being within the aura of Corruption will cause you to slowly die), Non-Physical Interaction (Through interacting with souls, energy, non-matter, etc), Life Manipulation (Can form life out of itself or things it absorbs, called Fiends, which are extremely powerful, sentient beings with minds of their own), Acausality (Type 4. Operates on a completely different system of time, as it comes from a place time did not exist, one where such causality can not be explained), Adaptation (Will continuously evolve and adapt to things it is put against for the sole purpose of being able to absorb), Reactive Evolution (Temporarily gains resistance to whatever constantly bombards it, but these resistances are usually not very strong), Adhesive Manipulation, Duplication (When splitting apart it will just absorb as both pieces of itself), Unholy Manipulation (Stated to be the concept of unholiness in the universe, and is regarded as being the devil itself, wanting to destroy what God created. Radiates unholy energy, which Angels are weak to, and produces unholy beings known as Fiends), Durability Negation (Through many of its abilities), Resistance Negation (Through many of its abilities), Extrasensory Perception (Simply "knows" where creation is and will seek after it. Can sense holy beings, such as Angels, and will actively produce Fiends to fight against them. Also stated to have some sort of Cosmic Awareness), Shapeshifting (Can manipulate itself into any shape, it doesn't matter), Body Control, and Healing (Fiends around it are instantly healed by it)

Immunity to Mind Manipulation (Mindless, only acts on instinct built within itself), Soul Manipulation (Lacks a soul), Biological Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Its composition can not be considered matter), Sleep ManipulationLife-Death Manipulation (Is not alive, but is not dead. However, it does exist), and Time Manipulation (Comes from somewhere that time did not exist in). Resistance to Causality Manipulation (Due to abiding by a completely different causality system), Fate Manipulation, Precognition, Power Nullification/Sealing (Although many of the Fiends created by Corruption are able to be nullified or sealed by standard Angel equipment, the Corruption itself proves to be a different beast, as it is completely unaffected by such things), Information Analysis (Crashed scientist analysis systems when a small part of it was put under a microscope), Heat, Cold, Absolute ZeroPossession, Corruption, Magic, Petrification, and Purification (Has some slight resistance to being purified, however, it is not nearly as durable as its other resistances)

Attack Potency: Universe level, higher the more it absorbs (Absorbs all that would contact it, getting bigger and bigger the more it absorbs. Thus, becoming for potent in the process. Has devoured planets, stars, galaxies, etc over its rampage in Plexium. If left unchecked, it would eventually absorb the entire universe). Will eventually become High Hyperverse level (It would eventually begin to devourer every step in the ladder of dimensions, all the way up to infinity. The time it would take to do this is unknown, all though, it is implied it wouldn't take very long)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Has been observed to move at such speeds), higher the larger it becomes. Will eventually become Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Universe level, higher the more it absorbs (Depends on how large it is already. Unaffected by attacks from Mastema and Azrael), possibly High Universe level (Stated to contain an infinite amount of mass within itself). Will eventually become High Hyperverse level (Will end up becoming greater infinities bigger than it already was, and thus increasing its durability to infinite infinities above what it was before) Immortalities, Immunites, and Resistances make The Corruption insanely hard to get rid of.

Stamina: Unknown, likely infinite (Does not require any kind of mental stamina due to lacking a mind. Is not an organism or part of biology that requires energy to use its abilities, and simply consumes and absorbs everything and anything)

Range: Varies. It's aura extends far out from the area it exists in. Will eventually reach High Hyperversal

Intelligence: Mindless (Acts only on some kind of instinct to consume, corrupt, and destroy)

Weaknesses: It being mindless makes its actions extremely predictable. Being purified will stop it in its tracks.

Tier: Varies, usually 5-B to 4-B and up to 3-C. Can eventually become 3-B via absorption. Up to 1-B when the Corruption reaches it's peak

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Subjective Intangibility (Can phase through matter), Nigh-InvulnerabilityNon-CorporealInorganic PhysiologyAcausality (Type 4), Large Size (Varies up to Type 7. Can become larger through absorption. Can eventually become Type 10), Portal Creation (Can open portals to higher dimensions), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Outside of just drawing organisms into the corruption, Fiends are able to warp the minds of those who surround them. Controlling them like puppets), Flight, Self-Sustenance (All Kinds), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7. 4 and 8 while near The Corruption), Regeneration (Low-High. Can regenerate and reform from splatters of itself), Absorption (Consumes those who come into contact with them. Can absorb certain attacks to an extent), Attack Reflection with BarriersReality Warping (Some Fiends have been shown to be capable of changing their surroundings at will), Body Control (Has complete control over their form), Shapeshifting, Transformation, Natural Weaponry (Depending on form), Duplication, Elasticity, Extrasensory Perception (Like The Corruption, Fiends are drawn to organisms and can sense them), Enhanced SensesPossession, Energy Projection, Can combine with other Fiends to form stronger, more complex Fiends, and More depending on what powers and minds The Corruption absorbs. 

Immunity to Matter ManipulationSoul Manipulation, Sleep ManipulationBiological Manipulation, and Time ManipulationResistance to Mind Manipulation (Although Fiends usually do have minds, they still have some great resistance to mind-warping abilities), Heat, Cold, Power Nullification, and BFR

Attack Potency: Varies, usually Planet level to Solar System level (Most weaker fiends are easily able to blow up or corrode planets. This has been shown in multiple instances. Civilians were noticeably afraid of their planets being destroyed by them. Slightly stronger Fiends can consume entire stars and in some cases entire star systems), and up to Galaxy level (Some of the strongest Fiends can devourer and destroy constellations and galaxies. These beings are called Archfiends. They are usually formed when multiple Fiends combine, but can also be produced rarely by The Corruption. Has a higher chance to produce a Fiend after consuming powerful beings). Can eventually become Multi-Galaxy level via absorption. Up to Hyperverse level when The Corruption reaches it's peak (Has been stated that in the worst-case scenario, when The Corruption would be near its peak, it would begin to produce Mega-Fiends, capable of ripping apart entire dimensions)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Faster than the Corruption)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Varies, usually Planet Class to Solar System Class, and up to Galaxy Class. Can eventually become Multi-Galactic Class via absorption. Up to Hyperverse Class when The Corruption reaches it's peak

Durability: Varies, usually Planet level to Solar System level (Comparable to their attack power. Can take multiple hits from Angels like Susanoo and Princess. Survived in a black hole), and up to Galaxy level (Can take hits from Archangels. Can tank galactic explosions). Can eventually become Multi-Galaxy level via absorption (In the past there were Fiends who tanked universal destruction). Up to Hyperverse level when The Corruption reaches it's peak (Can seemingly live through the destruction of an entire dimension)

Stamina: Unknown, likely infinite (Does not require any kind of mental stamina due to lacking a mind. Is not an organism or part of biology that requires energy to use its abilities, and simply consumes and absorbs everything and anything)

Range: Varies

Intelligence: Varies depending on the mind given to them by The Corruption. Usually Anamilistic in nature (Loses most of its mind through corruption, acting like a dog to its master. However, definitely still has a mind, and can at least understand attacks and know what things are). Many Fiends have shown Average or even Gifted intellect. And Archfiends like Lucifer can even be prodigies blessed with extreme amounts of intellect, capable of outsmarting geniuses.

Weaknesses: Will die mindlessly for The Corruption. As they are like dogs. They are usually not too smart, and thus, easy to outsmart.





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