I am the one above all,the true god of your world and the bridge of existence.

I have seen every insignificant thing that encompasses all worlds. I am you and everything around you. I am omnipotent. My own existence fascinates me. Now....what is your request,little one?

~ A runaway child asked the universe and it answered back.
Death,life,creation, everything dies. In your perseverance, there is no difference.

~ Were asked and told the scholar that their aspirations and achievements mean nothing in the end.

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Character Theme


The Amaranthus,The One True God or simply known as the The Creator of The Source, is the conscious,supreme and ultimate being in the Culminverse, that lies beyond the boundaries of existence.

The creator is also more of abstract force than being and are embodiment of the infinitely layered hierarchies in existence,while being outside of it.

Reality or rather everything that encompasses all existence are Amaranthus, while also being completely boundless from every life,restriction,existence,concepts and so on, are just pieces of Amaranthus.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 0

Name: The Amaranthus,The One True God, The All Encompassing Being,Creator of The Source,Eternal Immanence.

Origin: Culmiverse

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: Inapplicable

Classification: The All Encompassing Being,Eternal Immanence.

Powers and Abilities: Higher-Dimensional Existence, Dimensionless Existence (Type 3),Omnipresence (Encompasses every single thing in existence and is essentially embodiment of all transcendental abstract levels in existence,being pieces of Aramanthus.),Transduality (Lives beyond the distinction of duality and trans duality),Law Manipulation (Set the laws between the interaction of the source dimension and material realm as well the ancestral plane.),Reality Warping,Plot Manipulation,Causality Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Created the source, which is responsible for everything that inspired in creating the material realm and ancestral plane.),Immortality (Type 10,all existence is piece of him.),Acausality (Type 5, exists outside and transcend all boundaries while existing outside of causality.),Omniscience (Every single metaphysical sense is piece of Amaranthus.),Abstract Existence (Type 1,embodiment of all things and are pieces of Amaranthus),Telepathy (Have spoken to other beings across the lower layers of dimensions.),Non-Corporeal (Amaranthus doesn't have a form,everything that is created pieces of Amaranthus.)

Attack PotencyBoundless level (The Amaranthus is freed from all restrictions.)

Speed: Omnipresent (All existence is part of Amaranthus.)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant level

Striking Strength: Boundless class

DurabilityBoundless level

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: Irrelevant

Intelligence: Omniscient (The Amaranthus is conscious god that  can be interacted when one mortal,sorcerer or source entity discovered its existence,capable of answering their specific questions but evading questions that can further their malicious goals or cause unbalance.)

Weaknesses: None Notable.

Note: The Amaranthus represents the religion of pantheism, the transcendent  god that composes all things,viewing that everything is part of god.


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