There once was a time when a few nameless demons walked in the shadows, but did as they pleased. One such demon ran amok in a city that had been around since the early days of the United States. This made the government determined to stop this demon by any means necessary and end this shadow war. They sent a large team of a few hundred demon hunters after him in a top secret mission and all but one of them were killed by him. You see one of the hunters was a powerful psychic. He managed to seal him into the city hoping that would depower him, but he was extremely wrong. The being was quiet for the first couple of years, before coming back full force. At first it was just mere psychic signals but it progressed even further. One day suddenly everyone in the city dropped dead, their faces mirroring the pain they felt as their souls were torn ruthlessly from their bodies. The desperate government quarantined the entire city and claimed that there had been a nuclear plant malfunction. This was despite there being no radiation found at the scene of the city by private investigators years later. It was brushed off and forgotten by most of the people in the country except the top members of government who were all sworn to secrecy. The one survivor of the demon hunters was also sworn into secrecy, although they later died a mysterious death, possibly at the hands of the city. The city went seemingly dormant no longer causing its bizarre weather patterns. But in truth it was sending out beacons calling for people to travel to the city. Many wannabe paranormal hunters traveled to the city hoping to find proof of the supernatural only to reach their deaths. Their souls were added and used as a resource. The demon eventually grew frustrated with its immobile existence, so it came up with a plan to escape its prison. But in the meantime the Government kept sacrificing people to it constantly in an attempt to make it docile.

Powers and Stats (Alternatively could be named as "Combat Statistics")

Tier: At least 7-A, possibly higher

Name: The Abandoned City, Amalgam

Origin: Ars Goetia

Gender: Genderless

Age: Tens of Thousands for the demon, Hundreds for the actual city itself

Classification: Cursed/Demonically Possessed City

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weather Manipulation, Telekinesis, Possession, Non-Corporeal, Soul Manipulation (Contains tens of millions of souls, which he all ripped out and consumed at different times. Avatar Creation (Can create avatars to speak to people who visit the city.), Reality Warping (Is capable of manipulating the entire city in whatever way it likes, including shifting the geography.), Spatial Manipulation (Altered space making it impossible to run from a deadly hail storm.), Shapeshifting (For its avatars, it can shapeshift into any being it knows the face of.), Animal Manipulation (Can make animals calm or go into a massive frenzy all with a thought.), Dream Manipulation (Easily enters the dreams of others to subconsciously make them want to enter the city and be devoured.), Necromancy (Can make even rotting corpses rise up to torment other people with ease.), Darkness Manipulation (Has control over waves of darkness, which gives his power over shadows as well.), Body Puppetry (Forced one man to jump off a building by using his shadow and another to snap his own neck.), Body Control (Its hosts can alter its own biology in order to reinforce their muscles with energy.), Regeneration (Unknown. Is able to repair major parts of the city via its consciousness.), Biological Manipulation (Made a person die of choking via coughing up their own blood and lungs.), Transmutation (Converted a corpse in a swarm of flies.), Matter Manipulation (Turned the rain into large chunks of diamond.), Electricity Manipulation (Able to reduce others to ash with bolts of powerful lightning.), Time Manipulation (Able to slow down and even halt time.), Teleportation, Sound Manipulation (Creating noise loud enough to deafen is quite easy for him. He can also remove the noise in an area.), Curse Manipulation (Cursed one of the original demon hunters with every disease known to man at the time, yet also made it so that he died slowly.), Statistics Amplification/Power Bestowal (Can make others stronger, faster and more durable than before.), Memory Manipulation (Can dig through the memories of others with ease.), Mind Manipulation (Inflicted torture upon a lady that was all in her head.), Illusion Manipulation (Can create powerful illusions that feel incredibly real.)

BFR, Possession, Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Body Puppetry, Biological Manipulation (Made a person die of choking via coughing up their own blood and lungs.), Transmutation, Matter Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Even before being merged with the city he was highly resilient to pain.), Poison Manipulation (No poison on Earth can hurt him at all.), Disease Manipulation (Is immune to all known conventional diseases.), Death Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Blood Manipulation (His Blood couldn’t be controlled by other demons.), Radiation Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (Can swim through fire as hot as the sun, back before he was merged.), Ice Manipulation (A frost demon was unable to freeze him despite blasting him directly.), Precognition (His future cannot be seen by psychics.)

Attack Potency: Mountain level (The city can create all sorts of natural phenomena. It has generated powerful magnitude earthquakes [9]. Manipulating the weather to clear the skies and make intense thunderstorms is easy for it to do. It can even create massive tornadoes and hail storms across its borders. Before he was trapped he could easily cause the destruction of small mountains. As the city it caused the eruption of Mount St Helens in a rage.)

Speed: Unknown (While the city itself is immobile, the force behind it can make it move.)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Can shift the city around using its powers.)

Striking Strength: Unknown, Mountain Class In avatars and hosts (They are capable of channeling the raw power of the city and hitting others with the power of an earthquake)

Durability: Large Mountain level (It was stated that it could take a continuous dropping of all of the world's nuclear weapons and be fine. Can survive its many disasters and be at the epicenter of powerful earthquakes without taking damage. The city is reinforced with massive amounts of demonic energy. Even a top secret weapon ten times the Tsar Bombs maximum had a 50/50 chance of destroying it permanently.)

Stamina: Nigh Infinite (As a city it will rarely tire or need any rest. In fact the only time it slumbers is when either it wants to or has been drained.)

Range: Planetary with most attacks Although it is possible for it to affect things far outside its own borders, doing so drains the soul energy reserves that it can access. It was very briefly able to telekinetically crush and rip the soul out of the surviving demon hunter while he was thousands of miles away in another country. Could temporarily affect the satellites all around the globe.), Universal with Time Manipulation

Standard Equipment: The Abandoned City

Intelligence: Genius (The demon controlling the city has intellect beyond most humans, dabbling in politics and weapons creation. He worked on the Manhattan project as well as the creation of V2 rockets. Before being sealed away and losing his body he could create technological advancements far beyond their time.)

Weaknesses: Being sealed in the city weakens the full potency of his power over the world. Also, being sealed away has made the demon easily irritable, frustrated and even more sadistic than ever before.


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