Before The Aurora of Time

There was The Waters

And The Waters were, Vast, and, Timeless, and Constant, and Unchanging, and Eternal in the truest of senses

And in-betwixt the maelstrom of shapeless forms and abominations, a Spark of Light arose

And The Spark was Small, and Ephemeral and had a beggining and an end

And The Spark unfolded itself, and the light exceeded the forms and the abominations, unfurling and stretching to the borders of infinity

And The Spark was Vast, and The Spark was without end, and it hovered over the face of The Waters with it's endless glory, entangling and vanquishing the forms and the abominations within it's majesty

Having developed the boon of self-awareness, The Spark emanated a Idea, and The Waters, who were once Timeless and Unchanging, were contaminated by Time, which filled it's vastness like Water would fill a pond

Then, The Spark made Space arise, And The Waters, who were Static and Constant, were contaminated by Movement and Change

And from The Heart of The Spark, Ten Aspects were born, filling what once was Vast and Empty with Life and Ideas

The First of The Aspects, The Primal Ones; The First and The Second, mightier and greater than the rest, began to sang, and they emanated from themselves Life and Death, Existence and Nonexistence, Good and Evil; And from them, a tree was being formed, and they emanated it's branches, and it's roots and it's foundations

The next aspects sang too;

The Third; wiser than their fellow siblings, gave birth to Shapes and Forms, and from him, Law and Structure arose, and the structures of the mighty tree, which were formless and aimless, gained shape and form, each one connected to each other harmoniously.

The Fourth; mightier than his twin, gave birth to Chaos, together, these three ideas, formed by the siblings, repelled The Waters from the forming tree, and kept it safe from harm

The Fifth; Gave birth to Chance and Possibility, and from her, everything that was, is, and could be, was emanated

The Sixth; Reclusive and Wise; Gave birth to Fate and Destiny, and settled the threads of Fate in each one of the possibilities generated by his sibling

The Seventh; gave birth to Unity, and guranteed that each one of the children did their work in the maintaining and creation of The Tree

The Eighth; Gave birth to Union, and guaranteed that each branch, root, and foundation of the tree, as well as the concepts that made it up, worked together harmoniously

The Ninth; Gave birth to Entropy and Destruction, and these two ideas kept the Tree safe, and destroyed any fragment of The Waters that could possibly pose a thread to the forming Tree

The Tenth; Gave birth to Creation and Origin, and from her own being, The Aeternus, Eternal and Immutable intelligences, were born, and at last The Tree was completed

And The Ten aspects, together with their Maker, sang, and they unfurled even more, spreading themselves to the horizon of Eternity and Infinity, forming the great Path of Sephiroth

And The Waters were pushed away by them, they contracted, coalesced into a single point, and they merged with the broken remnants of the forms and the abominations

The Waters were "pleased", they were free of the grotesqueries known as Concepts and beyond the reaches of The Aspects

But they wanted more

They wanted to be whole, be everything once again

This irrational and desperate "desire" to be everything once again drived The Waters into shattering themselves, splitting itself into countless fragments, all of which fell into The Aspects' vastness...

The Fragments merged with, and corrupted Four of the Ten Aspects, and this aspects who were once flawless and constant, became twisted, flawed, chaotic, and they had only a single goal in mind...

Returns all things to Oblivion...

Personal Statistics

Name: Tehom

Aliases: The Great Abyss, The Deep Waters, The Chaos

Birthplace: None

Date of Birth: None

Origin: Catland

Gender: None

Age: Innaplicable. Technically has always existed

Classification: The Abyss

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-A

Powers and Abilities: Immortality (Type 5. Lies beyond the Concept of Death, and is a void that is far more primal than even Nothingness itself), Conceptual Manipulation, Reality Warping, Void Manipulation / Nonexistence Erasure, Acausality, Transduality (Exists beyond The Children's sphere of influence, and the concepts that they represent can't be applied to it in any way), Time Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Godly), Non-Corporeal, Spatial Manipulation, Morality Manipulation (Mere fragments of Tehom could corrupt 4 of the Children of The Great Cat with it's own "desires", turning them into completely twisted abominations), Immunity to Void Manipulation (Tehom is something far more Primal than even the Complete Nothingness that Erebus is, being described as a "Not" devoid of anything remotely resembling a "Concept" or an "Idea")

Attack Potency: At least Multiverse level+ (Tehom is the The Great Abyss itself, and it is described as far more "vast" and "absolute" than it's fragments, whom were said to have the power to consume The Aether and The Ether, The Materia, The Children, and everything they represent and stand for, leaving only The Great Abyss and The Great Cat)

Speed: Immeasurable (It is the most Primal Void, which predated even The Children, and it is beyond of their sphere of influence even when weakenned, with the concepts that they represent being unable to be applied to it in any way)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown (it's nature makes it impossible to hit or harm by conventional means, as everything that interacts with it in any way - which includes concepts and ideas - will be devoured into nothingness)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: At least Multiverse level+

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Mindless

Weaknesses: None notable


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