Tay666 is the prince of all demons and the son of Satan. He is stronger then high class demons. He ordered most demons to fight against WolfGang and killing off humans. His main rival is Awaken Akazukin who was so powerful he had to fight her. Everything that is sinful make him way more powerful. He reside in her where his father abusive him al the time. He really wants to get rid of his father. Also he secretly has feelings for Akazukin. He hates it to hides his feelings all the times.


Tayler666 looks like an human with red eyes,black wings and a black tails. He has blue hair and has 2 horns. Can completely transform into a real looking devil whenever he wants that.


mostly behave cold but deep inside he is a cares alot about others and is really shy. He hates it when his father is abusive towards him. A boy crying for help. He also gets very jealous when a random boy starts to talk with Akazukin.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Evil

Name: T666, tayler666, tay666

Origin: The Evil Entity within me

Gender: Male

Age: 666

Classification: Devil boy

Date of Birth: 6-66-6666

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Devil

Birthplace: Hell

Weight: varies (can change size)

Height: 'varies (can change size)

Likes: Sins, Akazukin, Fights, Anger, Hate, violence

Dislikes: His father, Demons, Humans, Wolf Gang, his feelings, being abused, Righteous, Virtue, Akazukin

Eye Color:Red Eyes

Hair Color:Blue

Hobbies: Doing Sinful stuff

Values: 666

Martial Status:

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Hell

Previous Affiliation:


Combat Statistics

Tier: 5-B

Powers and Abilities: Sin eating , Sin Magic, Sin Manipulation,Anger Augmentation, Hatred ConstructsAnger Magic,Gluttony EmpowermentSexual Inducement, Anger inducementEnvy EmpowermentLust MagicFraud EmpowermentBetrayal EmpowermentViolence_EmpowermentRegeneration(Mid godly can regen as long as sin exist), Immortality (type 8 he can exist as long as sin exist), Reality warp, Size Manipulation, Subliminal Messaging, Anger Empowerment, Overdrive, Devil soul, Devil hand, Devil Mode, Demon Creation, Chaotic Form(Limited can only wipeout humans and demons with it or characters weaker then him), Darkside View, Satanic Incarnation

Attack Potency: Planet level ( Has the strength to destroy planets and has the strength nearly equal as Awaken Akazukin)

Speed: Light speed ( Is as fast as awaken akazukin) ,Nigh Omnipresence ( Is present by any sin)

Lifting Strength: Planet level ( Grow so big that he was capable of picking up planets)

Striking Strength: Planet level ( When he gets anger he punch planets_

Durability: Planet level (Capable of surviving Awaken Akazukin attacks)

Stamina: Infinite 

Range: Planet level

Standard Equipment: Sin blades

Intelligence: genius 

Weaknesses: Righteous, Virtue


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Key: base

Note: Battle between him and akazukin


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