"For the honor of the Kogane Ryū!"


Takanushi Ryūjin (鷹主竜刃) is a character based off of the Assassin's Creed universe.


As a child, Takanushi was led a fatherless life, usually taught from his mother throughout his life. A son of a samurai, he soon inherited his father's killer instinct. Yet, instead of turning towards the path of the warrior, as expected by his village, Takanushi became what he was the best to categorize with, an assassin.

He is a founding member of the Kogane Ryu and eventually, becomes it's leader.


Soft to those he is close with, Takanushi shows this side only to his mother. Due to her death, Takanushi has become closed off to the world, which fuels his urge to kill and slaughter those in his path for his clan.

Power and Stats

Tier : 9-B | 9-A (With explosives.) | 8-C

Name : Takanushi Ryūjin

Origin : Assassin's Creed

Gender : Male

Age : 30

Classification : Human Assassin, Member for the Kogane Ryū Brotherhood of Assassins

Destructive Capacity : Street Level+ (Takes on trained guards for training.). Wall Level+ (Kicked down a giant gate.) | Small Building Level (Destroyed an entire armory with one explosive.) | Building Level (Has pulled down large towers with tightened rope. Used a tactic to destroy a battalion of troops.)

Japanese assassin s creed by txikimorin-d4agfmh

Takanushi killing a guard.

Range : Melee range, farther with blades, several meters with throwing knives and several feet with fire spells.

Speed : Subsonic+ (Combat and movement speed. Reaction speed a bit lower.) | Hypersonic (Combat, reaction and movement speed.)

Lifting Strength : Peak Human | Class 5 (Lifted a giant boulder during the escape from the prison.)

Striking Strength : Class KJ

Stamina : Superhuman

Durability : Peak Human Level | Wall/Tree Level (Took a hit from a giant tree.)

Standard Equipment : Twin Ninjato, Hidden Knives, Kunai, Shuriken, Tanto, Grapple Hook, Explosives

Intelligence : Trained as an assassin, made to survive at a young age through that same training. Is the Grand Master of the Kogane Ryū. He can solve almost any human problem, combat wise. He is a master of eavesdropping, hiding, adaptation, spells, interrogation and is a very adept user of swords, specifically the Ninjato.

Power and Abilities :

Superhuman Strength, Speed, Endurance and Stamina.

Enhanced Senses.

Highly skilled hand to hand combat and swordsmanship.

Adept at assassinating.

Weapons expert.

All-Seeing allows him to see through walls and read minds.

Expert parkour.

Weaknesses : Human weaknesses.


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Trivia : Takanushi Ryūjin means "Falcon Lord, Dragon Blade" when translated from Japanese to English.

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